Typical Teenager, to a Point

by uksnowy

Copyright© 2017 by uksnowy

Sex Story: A mature man has to stay with friends

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/ft   NonConsensual   Fiction   Bestiality   Voyeurism   .

I’m Theodore Dalrymple, know as Dal, a 63 year old, retired computer image artist and very active, self employed fine artist, in good shape, 5’10’’ and 94Kg. I also have a very high sexual interest, as had my illustrious father Augustus Cecil Dalrymple, a famed fine artists but not quite in the same league as his name sake Augustus John, who he sometimes painted with. Father had been a notorious lecher and child fancier although in the old days these things, tended to be hushed over and not talked about, certainly in the ress.

Staying at a friends - Terry’s ugly, 60s detached house in The Harrage, Romsey, Hampshire UK we’d been drinking and cricket friends for years, but I’d hardly met his family before. The first time I laid eyes, when I arrived, on his daughter Hilly, as it happened a close friend of my 15 year old daughter Claire, my heart stopped and I had to control myself, you know what I mean. She had visited us over the years and I’d never given her much thought and time, kids you know, and I was always wrapped up on my creations, full time in my purose built studio. She was short about 5’2’’ but she had this stunning little body for her 14 years. First I noticed her toned, tanned legs in tiny, tight little pink shorts, I could clearly make out her bum cheeks underneath. And what a bum it was, not big, being a small girl but perfectly shaped and no visible panty line. To go with that she had a gorgeous face, she was one lucky pretty girl. A not crowning glory was her shirt black hair cut in a modern, ugly to me style, like as if she’d been shaved over half her head and the other half left to drape over her face, partly obliterating her looks. She had a nose ring, but so did Claire, much to my annoyance, her mother let her do anything she wanted. Hilly sported great tits though. Quite full and heavy, but they looked firm. The structure of her brassiere, was clear to see.

I was staying there for 3 days, as my wife Kirsty and Claire had taken a short holiday while our home was being hacked around by builders to enlarge it, but on the second day, a Saturday, Terry had to go to work for a few hours on an overtime job and I didn’t, being able to work from home or wherever, being a painter as well as digital artist. So I hung around the house and was getting bored with the designs I was creating for the next community exhibition, so decided to go check out the gym they had converted in their garage, adjacent and connected to the side of the detached house.

I knew Terry’s wife June was out at her usual disabled club in The Hundred, in her all singing, all dancing wheel chair, being one half of a leg short and with a shattered arm, all due to a road accident.

As I walked towards the ex-garage, wearing shorts and a tee shirt, bare feet, through the well equipped modern kitchen and across the appliance heavy utility room, there was no sign of Pip their pet Dalmation, boisterous and friendly but somewhow aloof, rangy, lean, spotted hound. His rug was the usual tousled mess. I stopped in my tracks and listened. The wasing machine had ceased it’s spinning, but I could just hear these tiny little whimpers. I crept closer to the gym wondering what was going on. The gym entrance was only covered by a navy blue heavy curtain, probably to facilitate June’s wheelchair, knowing she used the machines in the gym. I leant up against the wall next to the entrance and listened. The whimpering was mixed with some panting and quiet tiny little moans.

I knelt down on the floor and peeled just the very edge of the curtain back and what I saw amazed me. My friends little teenager was down on her knees, her face was buried into a pillow on the floor, her arse sticking up in the air. Normally that would have been enough for me seeing that perfect thing in the air and bare - but it gets better. Her black lycra running shorts were around one knee and her black panties, most of the way down the same leg. But the biggest shock was Pip the Dalmatian, right behind her, licking between her legs. Her dog was licking her little pussy. My heart was pounding, my mind just kept repeating omg, omg, omg.

My cock rose quickly, so hard I thought it would explode. That was the hottest sight I’d ever seen, yes - on the internet but not in real life. The dog was licking and licking and she was moaning into her pillow trying to keep as quiet as she could. She must have thought I’d gone to work like her Dad. Her cute little feet were up in the air her toes curled with pleasure. I couldn’t resist any longer and pulled my cock out and started wanking it while I was watching this, all the while wishing I had a camera. My fucking phone was up in the spare bedroom, my temporary domain.

All of a sudden the dog jumped up onto her back. ‘No way’ I thought to myself. It skittered up behind her humping the air. She was moving her butt around. Then I heard a big gasp and I knew he was in her cunt, fucking her. I could hear slapping and slurping noises and a really loud wet sound. Now she was really moaning and panting like a bitch herself, into the pillow. Pips rear paws were clicking and scratching on the floor. Daringly, I crept into the room knowing she couldn’t see me as she was facing away with her face in a pillow. I needed a better look. I got just a little bit closer and looked under, between the Pip’s legs. His big dark grey balls were tightly pouched and wobbling below his dark puckered anus. His tail was erect, so was I. I could see wetness, I didn’t know who’s, probably both theirs, dripping out between her legs. This dog was really pounding her, I’m surprised he didn’t move her across the floor. He certinly didn’t clock me in their presence, which might have spooked him.

His knot, I’d seen this on Beast Forum videos, was nudging against her pussy as if the dog was trying to get it in but she was just too small for it. I wasn’t surprised. After a few more minutes the dog stopped thrusting and just stood there. She was still going crazy under him, shaking and jerking, her hands gripping at the pillow. Her bald cunt was a gape, sluicing juices and looked very inviting, especially her exposed clit peeping out of its hood. I could hear her mumbling the word ‘cum and hot’ or something like that over and over. When the dog slithered off her back and his huge penis slipped out, long, pointed and mottled red, I never knew dogs were so big! I could see straight into her hole it was so stretched. Then this flood of what I think was pre-cum flowed out of her. Running down her thighs soaking into her shorts around her knees and her panties, then dripping onto the chequered black and white vinyl tiled floor. Before she moved I took my chance, unearthed my dick and slipped in behind her, aiming my raging hard cock to sink it into her. She pushed her butt back against me and I heard her say again? She thought it was Pip. I grabbed her hips and the edge of a Nike sweat shirt pulling her back against me, pumping into her. Her head swivelled round after a few seconds with a terrified look on her face.

“What are you doing ... doing in here Dal?” she whimpered, but not trying to get up.

“I saw everything and now its my turn or everyone will know what you did. You’re lucky I didn’t have my phone with me.”

Hilly looked like she was going to pass out but already she was starting to moan as I shunted.

With that, she put her face back down into her pillow. I started pounding her for all I was worth. I could feel all the cum, both hers and the dogs making everything so wet and I was just sloshing in and out of her so easily and I’m not small. I was close before we even started, so it didn’t take me long until I was shooting my cum into her. I knew she could feel it, she jerked underneath me and gasped again. I remained high up to soak, that wasn’t difficult, before I slipped out of her and stumbled onto the floor, exhausted. She jumped up, yanked her soaking messy cum filled shorts back up, left her panties round her ankle and ran. I watched her leave, her lower half was literally covered in cum, it was an incredibly hot sight.

I went to the spare room, my short time domain and had another shower, noticing the lack of water pressure when Hilly was showering also. Not long after I heard her scampering donwstairs and a slamming of the front door and the house fell silent. Later I drifted downstairs for a coffee and Pip the Dalmation was lying in the utility on his rug and lazily slapped the floor with his tail in welcome. I got my coffee and retreated upstairs again, intending to work on my AppleMac, but I had to pass Hilly’s bedroom. The door was closed but I went in. What a fucking mess, no better than Claire’s to be honest.

Putting my coffee mug on the dressing table, having to make space Tsk Tsk! I roamed across the deep carpet, checking the posters, photos, the girly stuff on the full dressing table. I peeped into the wardrobe and pulled a few drawers from a large pine four drawer chest. The scents were exquisite, I adore good perfume and this wasn’t bad, but of course there were loads of enticing female adours. I checked an open carton of Tampax, they were the Compak Pearl Regular, whatever difference they maybe. One was missing but that could have been anytime. I even sniffed the umpteen pairs of shoes and trainers on racks in the corner of the room, trying to get a good sense of Hilly and her world, but I saved the best till last.

I perched on the edge of a surprisingly firm bed which was cluttered with her clothing. Skirts, dresses, blouses, tee shirts, you name it, tossed indiscrimately, her mother must go ape shit when and if she enters this girl’s domain. A pair of black sheer tights, were hanging to the floor and I sorted out the crotch and sniffed. Perfume yes, twat no. There was a white brassiere and I checked the label. M&S 34A, nice, junior handfuls I mused. A purple, Adidas sports bra was almost lost between the duvet and wall. Then in the corner behind the wardrobe, I spotted the prize I was seeking, I’d have gone to the family bathroom otherwise.

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