Time Traveling for Love
Chapter 14

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Time Travel Sex Story: Chapter 14 - My name is Martin, call me Marty. I stumbled upon a Time Machine, but I used it for very nefarious reasons.

Caution: This Time Travel Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   mt/ft   mt/Fa   Teenagers   Consensual   Romantic   Heterosexual   Time Travel   Incest   Brother   Sister   Aunt   Nephew   White Couple   Cream Pie   Masturbation   Oral Sex   Petting   Pregnancy   Safe Sex   Sex Toys   Big Breasts   Small Breasts  

We got back to the house, this time stripping one another. She got on top this time and satisfied us both rather quickly. She got off and started to lick me up, getting all of our juices together. She stopped to lick her lips saying, “You’re the first I ever decided to do this with, and I’m glad, so very glad. Whether we have a day, a week, or a decade together ... I want you to make love to me every single day, would you do that for me, David?”

“To quote the Artful Dodger, ‘I’ll do anything, for you dear, anything, yes you mean everything to me.”

“What’s the plan for tomorrow?” she asked.

“We’re going back three separate times, with three days between them. Each time, you distract Lorraine, while I seduce you!”


“And, we keep going back until I can convince Susan that I love her enough to make love to her ... you. I need to explain my love, explain falling in love, tell her that I’m in love with her and express my love to her. She’ll either understand the consequences, or we simply won’t do it. I love you now too much to force her into anything she isn’t walking into with both eyes open.”

“Oh, David – that’s marvelous. So, am I going back with you every time?” she questioned.

“At least, the next two times. I may need to get her out of the house eventually,” I explained.

After having a good night’s rest, we got up and changed. We headed over to Doc’s. The house was empty, and we let ourselves inside.

We went back to five days after our last visit – July 1st, 1958 at 3pm!

Our research found out that Nixon, the Vice-President at the time, was really disliked by most of the McTavish family. We would use that liberally, if necessary.

We knocked on the door, with Susan opening it and yelling, “It’s Douglas and Julia, Lorraine!”

She came out of the kitchen, where else, as we walked into the house, getting a hug from Mom. She loved to hug.

“So, you are back on schedule. I was worried that we took too much of your time the last time you were here,” Lorraine said.

“I have some home-made snicker doodles cooling off. I’ll get you some in a minute. How are you two doing?”

“Well, Lorraine. With Vice-President Nixon running against John Kennedy, we’ve made major inroads. We expect the election to be close ... but feel confident that John will win in 1960. We’ve generated a lot of buzz; hopeful the momentum will take the White House from the Republicans,” I said.

“Let me help you check on those cookies,” Susan/Julia got up and taking our mother back into the kitchen. It was kind of obvious, but we all enjoyed each other. I got next to Susan and gave her a kiss.

“I couldn’t stop thinking about you, Susan – especially at night, when I was alone in bed,” I said.

She gave me a giggle and a slap on the shoulder, “What exactly were you doing all alone in your bed?”

“I don’t think that I should tell you. You might hit me again,” I said.

“If you don’t tell me, I may hit you even harder. I have been missing you as well,” she said running her finger inside my ear lobe. It’s all connected, and I got hard as a rock, instantly.

“You are a naughty girl, Susan,” I said.

“And you are a naughty boy, Douglas,” she said turning my face and giving me a great big kiss.

The moment seemed rife – “Would you like to be naughty – together?” I questioned.

“I thought you would never ask, Douglas!” she said placing her hand on my groin. “My, is that big ole thing for me?” she giggled.

“Only if you want to – I don’t want to pressure you into anything, you don’t want!” I said.

“Cookies are ready!” Lorraine and Julia came out to say.

I got up, taking Susan by the hand. We went into the kitchen.

After we filled ourselves with Mom’s famous snicker doodles, Susan got up and said, “I want to show Douglas my room. He had been asking about it. We might listen to some Bill Haley and the Comets. You can stay for a while, can’t you Dougie?”

Her eyes glistened, as Julia said, “Show me that recipe for these cookies would you, Lorraine? I would love to get home and feed my family some of these for dessert sometime.”

Susan took my hand and we went up to her room.

She closed the door behind me, turned on her radio and stripped herself naked. I got myself the same, as she said, “I have been waiting for just the right young man to give up my virginity to!”

My mostly hard erection went to full mast at that declaration of hers. She lay on her bed as I finished my undressing.

“Have you ever screwed anybody, Douglas?” she said.

“No,” I lied. “You’ll be my first. Susan, are you protected?”

“No, but I don’t care! I want to have a baby, and I want you to be the daddy,” she said.

“I leave town in a week. I may never see you again, after today?” I said, with feelings washing over me for this sexy naked girl in front of me.

“Then you only have right now to get me pregnant, don’t you? They’ll be busy in the kitchen for a while. Lorraine knows how much I want a baby. She is even willing to take care of the baby, and me if I get pregnant. When you showed up a week ago, I thought that Julia was your girlfriend. After finding out that she’s your sister, I decided that you would be perfect as a daddy. Come on fuck me, Dougie-boy!”

I got on her, poised to press inside my own Aunt Susan. She was ready for me as I went all of the way inside her without stopping.

“I took care of my maidenhead with a pickle,” she said with a giggle. “I ate the pickle in a salad, afterwards.”

I grew inside her with those remarkable words. My era Susan never told me how deliciously sexual she was as a teenager. I started to suck on one of her breasts as I started to fuck my Aunt!

She wasn’t just lying there either. She was an active participant. She was whispering nasty things in my ear.

“Come on, Doug – fill me with that big boy you have. I want it – I want it deep. I want you to fill me with your seed ... give me a baby, please?”

I was thrusting and bottoming out inside her, as the next song came out on the radio, ‘Jailhouse Rock’, by Elvis Presley. My rhythm adjusted to the song, as I was intent now to give her what we both clearly wanted.

The second verse had started and was invigorating me while still inside her. She was pulling me closer, trying all should could to get me deeper inside her. The next song, ‘Trouble’ was perfect as I started to cum inside her as this jazz classic was going strong.

Although still connected, I got up off her chest, so we could breath. I saw a flush of color cross her chest. She was orgasming, and really enjoying it. I was watching her as she twisted her own nipples and biting her lip.

“Can you come back, in another couple of days? I want to do this again – with you?” she said.

“Sure will. Do you want me to come by myself next time?” I asked.

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