Time Traveling for Love
Chapter 11

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Time Travel Sex Story: Chapter 11 - My name is Martin, call me Marty. I stumbled upon a Time Machine, but I used it for very nefarious reasons.

Caution: This Time Travel Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   mt/ft   mt/Fa   Teenagers   Consensual   Romantic   Heterosexual   Time Travel   Incest   Brother   Sister   Aunt   Nephew   White Couple   Cream Pie   Masturbation   Oral Sex   Petting   Pregnancy   Safe Sex   Sex Toys   Big Breasts   Small Breasts  

A week later, we went back, for one last visit with our ‘past’ loves. Dad had a conference in Burlington, so he wasn’t there. This time I finally made the Ranger Cookies, and everybody loved them. Lorraine wrote down the recipe as we went. I even flirted with her a lot, and she seemed to love it not once mentioning Dad.

We stayed long enough; to each make love with our partners. We weren’t in quite the rush this time, but due to the fact that Mom was there, we moved things along. After all of us hugged everyone else goodbye, Linda and I came back to 2012.

Back at my place, we made plans for our next trip in time. Having witnessed my dad holding and singing to me, we decided to go to August 18th, 1953, our parent’s marriage.

“Marty, they got married in Green Bay at George and Sarah’s, while living in Fond du Lac, we’ll need a car or something, won’t we?” Linda said.

“I’m doing pretty well, sis – so we just take a taxi to Green Bay, watch the wedding and come back, again by taxi.”

“All right, don’t forget to bring cash, there weren’t any ATMs in ‘53.”

After first going to an ATM, each of us getting plenty of cash, we went to Doc’s. They were home, with Clara Huckabee greeting us at the door. She was a schoolteacher before marrying Doc.

“I understand you two have been using the ‘You-know-what,’ and it seems to be working out for you. Martin, I have never seen you looking so happy. Linda, you seem to be glowing, are you...”

“Clara, yes she is, and it is mine,” I said shocking her. After setting her down, Doc came up the stairs and said, “What’s happened, are you alright, dear?”

The lovely brunette said, “Yes, I’m fine. Not sure what just happened. These two are here to see you, I believe.”

“You two go ahead, I’ll be down in a bit,” Doc said.

We headed to the basement, did some last-minute figuring, and then waited for Doc.

He came downstairs shaking his finger at us, “You two told her that your sister is carrying your baby?”

“Doc, it the baby is viable, we’ll be here for regular visits with you – it just seemed necessary to quickly explain it all to your wife. Is she going to be OK?” I asked.

“Marty, you know that expression ‘Crazy in Love,’ well you got the crazy part down pat,” Doc said. “Clara is fine, just bolted out of her world for the moment. You have something to talk about?”

“Yeah, if we go to 1953, but take a taxi to Green Bay to ‘crash’ a wedding, then come back – will the Time Machine stay put all of that time?”

“How far away is that?” Doc asked.

“One hundred and thirteen miles one way,” Linda said.

“Should be no problem, you realize you only need the taxi to get there, use the controller to get back and save some money in the process.”

“Is that OK to do, with our baby inside Linda – use the controller?”

“Oh, I see what you mean, well yes, it will stay put until you get in it or I call it back here.”

“Whoa, just a minute – call it back, what’s that mean?”

“I have added a safety feature, so I can call the machine back to 2012, from whenever it is,” Doc said proud of himself.

“Excellent, Doc – see you in about seven minutes,” I said as Linda and I got into the machine, put in our date and time and vanished.

Average Cost of a New Home - $9,550
Eisenhower becomes the 34th President of the US
Ethel and Julius Rosenberg are refused clemency
Jonas Salk announces his polio vaccine.
The first James Bond novel, Casino Royale is published
Rocky Marciano KO’s Jersey Joe Walcott
Elizabeth II is crowned Queen at Westminster Abbey
The Korean War ends.
Earl Warren is appointed Chief Justice of the Supreme Court.
Major League Baseball given Anti-trust exemption
The first issue of Playboy Magazine came out.

We left the Time Machine and walked to where we could get a cab, surprising the cabby with a fare from Green Bay. After quoting us $180, we paid him in twenties and sat back and enjoyed the trip.

We would be Daniel and Linda Hilts, a married couple, cousins to Lorraine. We pulled up to the address we had given our driver. It says something about the era when I mention that our cabbie was an Irishman. We told him to wait for us. He smiled and said, “No problem, boyo. Who’s getting married?”

I was slightly dumbfounded but my ‘wife’ responded, “Our cousins, who were originally from Green Bay.”

Knowing you don’t come to a wedding without a present, Linda had convinced me to purchase a nice necklace for the bride.

We got out, gave Michael, our cabbie a tip and walked into the backyard with a good deal of people noise, along with some of the sounds of 1953 music, including some Bing Crosby, Patti Page, and the incomparable Doris Day.

We saw a few youngsters wandering amongst the swarm of adults, including a thirteen-year-old pigtailed blonde that could only be our Aunt Susan.

She came up to us, and in boundless energy asked, “Who are you?”

“I’m Daniel and this is my wife Linda, we are the Hilts’ – cousins on Lorraine’s side – and who are you, besides being so pretty?”

She blushed and said, “My name is Susan McTavish, and George is my brother. Come on Danny, will you dance with me, please?” she said grabbing my hand and pulling me away. Just then Nat King Cole’s ‘Unforgettable’ came on. She was so cute and excited, so I let her put her arms on my shoulder as we danced together, until Linda tapped Susan’s shoulder and cut in.

With a little pout, Susan walked away finding something else to do.

“That was cold, Linda – she wasn’t hurting anything, we were just dancing?” I said.

“Butterfly Effect, Lover – think ahead for a minute, OK?” she said.

OK, I met her in 1953 instead of 1957 – maybe she remembers the name Daniel – she promised to wait for me ... oh shit, that’s the problem.

“I am glad I have you here with me Linda, or I might just fuck everything up that we’ve worked so hard for.”

“Please be seated, the wedding will begin in five minutes,” was announced.

We all sat down as things settled.

A beautiful instrumental piece of music started as the wedding party started up the aisle, with Susan waving at me as she passed by. Linda glared at me as we saw Dad, seventeen and in a tuxedo, looking quite dapper. After he got up in front of the flowered trellis, the music changed to ‘Secret Love,’ by Doris Day - Mom appeared.

Her beauty took my breath away, as tears started pouring from my eyes. You couldn’t tell she was pregnant with me, the dress was magnificent, fitting her trim figure as she slowly walked up to the minister, as Dad took her hand and the music stopped as the wedding itself started.

The minister didn’t speak loud enough for us to hear clearly, but the backyard was the perfect place for this ceremony. When it was over, we did hear, “Ladies and Gentlemen, I present to you, George and Lorraine McTavish – you may kiss the bride.”

“Oh, yeah,” Dad said causing us all to laugh. He went for it, actually giving her a great big kiss.

She came up breathing hard and blushing, as Patti Page started to sing, ‘I Went to Your Wedding’ as they walked arm in arm back down between the chairs of people.

We all got up and many gathered around the newly married couple. I walked up to the only man there that could have been my grandfather in a suit, looking very proud and very much like Dad does now.

“They certainly look happy, don’t they?” I said to him.

“Yes, they do. I’m his father, don’t tell anyone, but I have set them up in an apartment in Fond du Lac,” he said surprising how open he was to a stranger.

“I saw you dancing with my youngest Susan, be careful with her, she has a way of wrapping young men around her little finger.”

“I’m here with my wife, Linda. My name is Daniel Hilts. We hope to have a little girl very soon ourselves. I just found out my wife is pregnant. I can only hope she may be as cute and your Susan is.”

Putting out his hand, he said, “Nice to meet you Daniel, beautiful ceremony, wasn’t it?”

“Yes, it was, Sir – they certainly make a beautiful couple don’t they,” I said.

“Yes, I see a bright future for the both of them, Daniel. Is this your beautiful bride?” he said as Linda came up to us.

“As a matter of fact, it is, Linda, this is George McTavish – Senior!”

“Wonderful to meet you Sir – I must say that George gets all of his good looks directly from you, doesn’t he?” Linda said causing grandpa George to smile at her.

“Danny, we need to get back to Marquette,” Linda said.

“Oh, you came here from Marquette, Wisconsin?” George said.

“Yes, Sir – the south side of town off Lyons St,” I said.

“I’m looking at buying some investment property in Marquette, probably over by the high school,” George acknowledged. “They are developing south of the cemetery, I have on good authority.”

I glanced over and saw our cab had gone, damn Irishman!

“Very Good, Sir. Well, we need to get a cab, can I use your phone?” I asked, almost going for my phone in my pocket, then realizing no towers yet...

“Certainly Daniel, there’s a phone book by the kitchen phone. See me before you two leave, please?”

We walked to the kitchen together, wondering what that was all about? A rotary phone – I haven’t seen a rotary phone in so long.

Linda found the listing and we called and were told it would be about thirty minutes. We walked back outside, and Susan came up to me and grabbed my hand again, as Linda chuckled at the two of us.

The song, ‘Tennessee Waltz’ was starting and Susan got up on my feet and we danced to it. Her eyes never left mine; I am so screwed, until I had a mini-epiphany.

“Susan, I have a cousin, also named Danny, that is your age. His parents are moving to Marquette next year. Maybe someday you’ll end up at the same school or even meet. He’s better looking than me too,” I added.

“Thank you, Danny, that’s awful nice of you to say all of that. You sure do know how to dance, thank you.”

She stepped off my feet and I leaned over and gave her a kiss on the cheek, making her giggle loudly and blush quite a bit.

The honk of a horn caused me to get back over to George.

“I know you have to leave, but you’ve made an impression on me young man. Here’s $100 to help on the taxi you got. You’ve got quite the young lady on your arm, take good care of her.”

He put out his hand, but I grabbed him and gave him a big hug, this gentleman who I never got to meet while he was still in his prime.

“Goodbye Sir, wonderful to have met you,” I said as I grabbed Linda and walked out to the cab.

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