Time Traveling for Love
Chapter 7


Time Travel Sex Story: Chapter 7 - My name is Martin, call me Marty. I stumbled upon a Time Machine, but I used it for very nefarious reasons.

Caution: This Time Travel Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   mt/ft   mt/Fa   Teenagers   Consensual   Romantic   Heterosexual   Time Travel   Incest   Brother   Sister   Aunt   Nephew   White Couple   Cream Pie   Masturbation   Oral Sex   Petting   Pregnancy   Safe Sex   Sex Toys   Big Breasts   Small Breasts  

She gave me absolutely no signals to stop what I was doing, so after getting into my room, I lay her down on the bed, and pulled off both of my shirts.

“You still look so hot, big brother!” she said. “I’m sorry about the losing weight remark.”

She took off the dress, leaving her in a blue bra and panties, as I gave out a low whistle, confirming to her how beautiful I thought she was. I went to the door and closed it, picked up and turned off my cell phone, and got back to the bed, with Linda having taken off her bra and panties.

I dropped my pants where I stood, and took down my boxers, causing Linda to giggle as she saw my firm erection waving at her. I crawled into bed, lightly touching the closest tit, as I saw it plump to my touch. I moved my hand to the other one, causing the exact same reaction.

“It’s been a while for me,” I heard my beautiful sister softly say.

“I have never been this hard before, it’s all you Linda. I didn’t even have to take one of those purple pills, like I do for Jen...”

“Ssshh, Martin – make love to me?”

Actions speak louder than words, so I took her legs and opened them wide, gazing at her lovely partially shaved mound. I didn’t know if her husband ever went down on her, so I did the safe thing and just got on top of her, pushing myself all the way inside my sister’s wonderful wet honey box.

She moaned and said, “Yes” over and over as I plunged myself inside her then came back out just as lovingly. I just was so in love with this moment and my sister. I didn’t realize how close I was to filling her with my DNA.

She must have sensed my eagerness, because she said, “Please fill me with your seed, Martin? Oooohhhhhhhhhh Yeeeeeeeesssssssssss!”

I was so overwhelmed with the hardness of my erection and the softness of her inner-workings that I just couldn’t hold back any longer. I groaned as I felt spurt after spurt exit my dick filling her up. I quickly said, “I’m sorry for how quick that all happened – give me fifteen minutes and I’ll be ready to go again,” I said breathing terribly hard.

“Again? My god Martin, that was unbelievable! My jackass of a husband would roll off and throw away his rubber, and go take a shower, making me clean myself up. It also made him hungry, so I had to get up and fix him something to eat. He was easily satisfied, but I ... never was. You have ruined me you know?” she said.

“You say that like it’s a bad thing,” I got up saying, “Be right back – gotta pee.”

Getting back into bed I said, “Seconds, anyone?”

“I’m still recovering from the first, Martin, we have got to fix our problem, I want you so much,” she said.

The second time, I was going to focus on her face and breasts, and after getting hard again, I plunged back into her depths. This time I also started to kiss and suck on her breasts, squeezing and licking them both all over, occasionally putting her nipples between my teeth. The combination of these things caused Linda to buck like a bull who just got spurred by its rider. I moved my mouth to hers as we reconnected and kissed each other like it was going to be our last kiss.

About fifteen minutes later we orgasmed together, my second and she had ... lost count. My wife and I had very satisfying sex, but it never felt like this did, I think my heart is in it for different reasons.

I rolled off, this time getting a moist towel to clean her up a little. She thought I was preparing for a third time and said, “No, Martin – I’m done.”

I cleaned myself up, put on some boxers and crawled into bed, spooning up behind her. “Oooooooohhhhh, that feels nice!” she said.

We fell asleep.

I got up, letting her sleep, and left the room to check my phone for messages. There was one from Jennifer, “Hi – Sorry I missed you. I was just checking in, like you asked me to. Call me to let me know you got this, Love you – bye?”

I redialed, she answered, “Hey there lover – missed you last night?”

“Hey Doll, how are you doing – is business good?” I asked.

“Yes, I have made a bunch of new contacts, I want to thank you again for letting me get into this. I really enjoy selling this stuff. I have got eighteen of my contacts to come to this and we are all having a blast.”

“That’s awesome, Jennifer, my physical was all good. I have even got Doc Huckabee a new patient,” I said.

“Who dear?”

“My sister Linda, did you know that William left her?”

“Yes, I did – but she didn’t want me to tell you, thinking you would say something disparaging about him.”

“You mean, something like ‘he’s a no-good, full of himself, arrogant pompous ass.’ I wouldn’t say anything like that in front of my dear sweet sister. Have a great time – you still won’t be back for ... how much longer?”

“Six days from today, see you then?”

“Not if I see you first – love you!”


I hung up and turned around seeing my naked sister standing right there.

“Look what you did to me?” she said pointing to my sperm running down her leg. “I demand ... that you fuck me some more – right now!”

She stuck her hand inside my boxers and pulled me back onto the bedroom, where I took off my boxers and we fucked three more times that morning. I may have had very little sperm actually flowing by the final fuck, but that didn’t bother Linda at all.

We finally took a shower together, generating another erection for me and we cleaned each other up. She got back into the outfit I originally picked her up in. We took a quick trip to get some things from her place and came back parking in front of Doc’s.

Knocking first, I got the hidden key and let us in, as we traveled down to the basement. I pushed the fob and it appeared. We got in finding the remote with instructions for it on the passenger seat. There was a note taped on the touchscreen:

“Hello to Marty and Linda. My entire family and I have left for the next couple of days to visit a pregnant cousin about to give birth. There have been some updates to the software; press the PLAY button when you are ready to learn.”

“There it is, press it, Linda?”

She did.

A movie screen came up filling the entire touchscreen. Doc was in front of a whiteboard. It was a quicktime movie; I recognized the faint white arrow in the middle of the screen. Linda pressed it.

“Hello, as you can see there have been some improvements to the screen interface. The Time Entry Screen is now Black lettering on a white Background, making it easier to read all the data. Pressing the top right corner of the screen you will see that entire screen becomes an Internet connection, using Firefox as the default Browser. If you prefer to use Safari, press any key.”

An oversized touchscreen keypad appeared, ready to use. I saw some extra buttons, including one for Safari and one to toggle back to Firefox. I didn’t press anything, and it went back to the Quicktime Movie. Linda and I looked at each other and we both said, “Far out!”

“No matter what you’re doing, entering time, or looking something up, the display will always include either the descending or ascending time! If you don’t want to type, I have emulated the Siri interface and you may request the same sort of information from the built-in Internet, using your voice.”

“I have also included a record feature, voice only, on the keyboard. It looks like a microphone. Pressing it once will bring up your record sub screen, allowing you to make an audio note if necessary.”

“Look, our ascending time-used-display now shows 5,259:35:22 used. I was worried about what we’d used, so far,” I said to my little sister.

“To put it another way, Marty, of the 112,000 minutes this started with, just a little bit over 4.7% has been used, so if we are as careful as possible, we can get a lot done before even 10% has been used.”

“I love it when you talk math to me, Linda – it gets me so hot,” I replied.

“Oh, pshaw,” she said.

“My god – nobody uses that expression any more, pretty girl?” I replied looking into her eyes.

OK, we’ve decided to go back to Susan’s birthday May 1, 1957 at 10am, about two years before she met Darren, which would make her 17 and my sister and me 18 years old.

Average Cost of a New Home - $12,220
The Frisbee was introduced.
First commercial Black Airline pilot.
Ghana declares independence from the UK.
Post Office restores Saturday mail delivery.
Larry King’s first radio broadcast.
I Love Lucy last original episode airs
Paul McCartney and John Lennon first meet.
Jack Paar’s Tonight show premiered.
The Civil Rights Act of 1957 passed.
The Brooklyn Dodgers are moving to LA.
US first Vanguard Rocket blows up.

Susan was a student at the same high school we both went to, so our plan was to get to the school, and pretend to be students. I was still Daniel Hilts, but Linda was my girlfriend Jennifer Moore. We planned to locate Susan, and then have a loud fight with Linda slapping me and walking away. We figured Susan would come to my aid, because we both remembered stories that she always had a ‘project’ boyfriend, or a guy that needed her help.

We arrived early enough to catch a school bus. I had the time to look at the money in my pocket and it had become the appropriate era coin and paper money. We got on the bus and took it to school.

After getting off the bus we both started to look for Susan separately. After looking for almost ten minutes, Linda found her and we closed ranks and walked by her getting her attention first, then the play-acting began.

“Daniel Hilts, what do you mean you just want to be friends, boys don’t break up with me, I break up with them?” Linda said in a loud voice.

She gave me quite a smack, harder than we had rehearsed, but I sold it by falling on my rump, and raising my arms saying, “So, it’s my fault, OK – I didn’t mean to lead you on, I’m looking for a nice girl, and I’m sorry you’re not it – I just want someone who can help me become the kind of guy that a girl can love.”

I saw that Susan had been watching, although a lot of people stopped to watch. Linda tromped off and I took my time getting up.

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