Aunty Jayne - My Last Shoot

by Aunty Jayne BBW

Copyright© 2017 by Aunty Jayne BBW

True Sex Story: I really enjoy my work, especially my last video shoot...

Caution: This True Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Mult   Heterosexual   True Story   Rough   BBW   Big Breasts   Size   .

“You seem to be enjoying yourself love?” My husband smiled as he asked the question, he noticed my look, one he knew only too well, “ Am just saying you look very good, I got some great shots of you deep - throating Tony, he’s your type of guy,”

“Yeah he’s doing a good job, hope Gerald will be happy with the end product,” I answered trying to change the subject, “ You know he’d be happy if you just sat there reading a book, hr’s smitten with you ... nearly as much as I am!” John’s voice brought our family discussion to an end, Tony finished his beer and stood up idly pulling at his cock, helping it back to a full erection, “ Right guys let’s take it from the tit-fuck, then it’s onto the bed OK?” We nodded agreement as I dropped back to my knees cupping them for Tony’s still hardening cock, he moved it in and out fucking them as if we had never had the break, “ On the bed you horny, fucking bitch,” Even swear words had a poetic sound as Tony spoke, as I clambered up he held me with his right hand pushing me roughly onto the bed, following up quickly he removed my skirt in a single pull, then gripping my knickers he tore them off my body unveiling my shaven cunt, his fingers found my slit and roughly pushed inside, “ What a wet little slut you are now let’s see how much of this cock you can take,” pulling apart my thighs he pushed his cockhead into my waiting pussy, gradually every inch was eaten up by my hungry pussy. It had been a while since I’d had such a hot cock, ( my husband’s excluded!). Tony knew exactly how to use it, he drove into me, withdrawing to the tip then plunging back into me as if trying to escape through my arse. “ Whoah baby! That pussy’s so fucking tight and you know how to grip my monster, “ his words seemed to be genuine, with my experience I hoped they were! The flashes from Stu’s camera lit up the scene intermittently as Tony pulled out and turned me onto my front, on my knees I felt his cock re-enter my sopping cunt, as it did I felt a huge orgasm soar through my body, “ Oh the little bitch cums and she’s not had it in her sweet rosebud yet,” his words passed me by as my orgasm subsided, only to feel another one rushing to the surface, my pussy gripping his thick cock as hard as I could. Feeling the orgasm Tony increased the ferocity of his fucking, the slap of his cum filled balls hitting my arse as he did. The noise was louder than I’d ever heard before, I just hoped the recording did it justice. My moans and whimpers added to the cacophony of the moment, the increased frequency of hubby’s camera flashes confirming the top class action that was happening.

“Bitch you are so good! But I have to try that pretty teen arse.”

“Don’t hurt me! “ My plaintiff whimper was not all for the filming, it was years since I’d accomodated such a huge prick in my tight asshole, “ You’ll be fine,” laughed Tony spitting on my puttered hole, he gently rubbed in the saliva, his two fingers eased inside my anus, he spat again and I felt the cool saliva being caressed into my hole, slowly lubricating me, he spat once more, onto his hand, massaging his angry, contrasting pink bell-end. Slowly he pushed into me, about 3 or 4 inches, I hadn’t felt so full up there for many a moon. “ Bite hard baby, here we go!” I gave a loud cry as he pushed in another 3 or 4 inches, slowly he began to fuck my ass with experience beyond his years, this was definitely the best ass fuck I had ever had, Husband included!

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