Sold as a Slave

by Ka Hmnd

Copyright© 2017 by Ka Hmnd

Science Fiction Sex Story: My life had been one of privilege. That did not mean it was easy or that I was soft. When I was taken and tortured it was payback for my father. Only they forgot about me and that was a mistake. Now I had one goal in life, get free and pay the bastards back and I was not going to let being a slave stop me.

Caution: This Science Fiction Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including mt/ft   .

I never woke when the sleep gas filled the building. When I did I was wearing a shock collar and restraints. That did not stop me from breaking the legs of two men and killing a third. It was only the shock collar that stopped me and even then the slaver knew he could never trust me.

My name is Daniel Fox and my father was a powerful merchant and he had enemies. My kidnaping and enslavement was meant to break him. They must not have known him well, I did and knew he would begin to hunt those that had done this. For the three week trip I was kept in a cage naked and whipped several times a day.

They used a neural disrupted and took vids to send to my father. By the time I was shoved out onto the stage in a port market I was bruised and battered. I wore ankle restraints and my wrists were locked in a restraint bar. The world was rogue and the men and women thieves and worse. I looked at the people through swollen eyes as the slave master started the bidding.

The people laughed and joked and even threw things. A large man bought me and I was shoved to one side. I was moved next to a stunning teenage girl who looked like she was in shock. A few minutes later the large man appeared and gestured, “time to go.”

The girl took a step to follow but I did not move. The man turned and frowned, “you think you have a problem boy? You wait until we get home.”

I snorted, “sooner or later I will get free. When I do you will die.”

He grinned and then laughed before stepping and striking. The blow knocked me down and I tumbled as he stalked after me, “you do what I tell you slave.”

He bent and grabbed me by the neck and yanked me up before he shoved me after the girl. When I did not keep walking he struck me again and then grabbed my hair and started pulling. In a shop he paid a man who created a metal brand. He heated it and shoved it against my left hip.

I screamed as the metal seared my flesh and they laughed. For the girl who was shaking they used a machine to tattoo the slave brand and she did not even feel it. I was thrown into the back of a vehicle and the girl climbed in before the door slammed. It was dark and cramped as I tried to recover and not sob.

The girl shifted and finally moved and helped me sit up, “I am Zara.”

I put my head back and tried to block the pain, “Daniel Fox.”

It was hours before the vehicle stopped and the door opened. The man gestured and the girl climbed out. He leaned in and caught a foot and pulled me out and dropped me on the ground. He gave me a kick before bending and yanking me up, “you might live a week or two if you learn.”

I glared but he grabbed my hair and pulled me after him, “come slave.”

All I saw was a fenced compound with a hut. To one side was a huge manor and all around were fields. He opened the locked gate and pulled me to the hut, “first we teach you to obey.”

He slammed me into the plastcrete wall and held me as he bent to unlock the ankle restraints. I held still and prayed and the bastard slugged me in the kidney before twisting me and unlocking the bar. I was in agony but I was sure I would never have a chance like this. I shifted and stepped to the side and he reached for me.

I only went the one step but leaned and snapped a kick across and into his far knee. He screamed as it broke and he fell. I staggered and then stepped and brought the edge of my foot down in a strike to his throat. I fell as he thrashed and began convulsing and gagging. I turned and moved to him and grabbed his hair, “I warned you asshole.”

I started slamming his head into the rocky ground until he went still. I checked and when I knew he was dead I let him go and struggled to my feet. The girl was standing in the gate with a white face and wide eyes. I knelt again and picked up the keys he had dropped. I got to my feet and moved to her and gestured, “your hands.”

They were shaking when she held them out and I unlocked the restraints. I looked around but did not see anyone. I staggered to the manor and the girl hurried to help me. We went through the front doors and I expected someone, a slave or someone but the house was silent. I went hunting for the kitchen and food.

Zara helped me and when we found it she pushed me to a chair. She searched and then pulled out large steaks, roots and greens. She kept glancing at me while she cooked, “what are you going to do?”

I had been thinking, “call my father and find a way home.”

We ate and then went looking for a comm. I found it but it required a password and a few lines of text below gave a system law code requiring all comms and comps to be protected. I shut it off and looked at Zara and finally shook myself, “I need a shower.”

She smiled and caught my hand and pulled me towards the stairs. We found the large master suite and the fresher. She turned on the water and pulled me into the shower. She looked down when she faced me, “they ... they used some type of neural thing to train me.”

She slowly wrapped her hand around my cock, “they used me right up to before they shoved me up on that platform and sold me.”

She stroked my cock, “I really love having a cock in me.”

I caressed her hips and pulled her close, “I will help you and take care of you. We can escape together and...”

She shifted and bent to put the head of my cock into her mouth. I groaned and shivered, “okay.”

She licked and bobbed her head but could not take my whole cock. She was rubbing her pussy and still fucking my cock with her mouth. Finally I pulled her up and off and turned to shut the water off. She pulled me out and I dried her and caught her and lifted and carried her into the bedroom.

I tossed her onto the bed and stalked over her and sank my cock into her. She sighed and hugged me as I buried my cock. I kissed her as I pulled back and started to fuck her using long strokes. Her pussy was very warm and kept squeezing as she shivered and lifted her hips. Several minutes and I was fucking her firmly and grinding.

Her pussy clenched and she spasmed and thrashed around, “fffuuucccckkkkk!”

I fucked her hard and deep and kept kissing her. I knew I was going to cum and wanted it as I shoved into her hard. She howled and clutched me and her pussy gripped my cock. I gushed strong spurts of sperm and she wiggled and jerked with each one, “yyyeeeesssss!”

When I was done I let her pussy milk my cock for a minute and then pulled out. I rolled her and lifted her hips and sank my cock back into her. She shoved back which buried my cock, “mmmm!”

I fucked her for an hour before I pulled her out of bed to wash again. I wanted to sleep but did not know how long before someone would come. I went searching and found clothes that were a little large. I also had to fix some for Zara and then I hunted and found credit sheets in a study. It was not a lot but it was better than nothing.

I led Zara out and back to the vehicle and then had to search the dead man. I found the key card and started the vehicle and lifted. I followed the nav guide directions back to the port. I stayed in the designated traffic lane and Zara moved closer, “what are you going to do?”

I glanced at her, “find a way to steal a ship and escape.”

That was my thought but I did not know how to plot a course or run a ship or ... one step at a time. If the asshole with the cargo ship was still here I would ... I shook myself, “one step at a time.”

I went all the way to the port and set down in an area with warehouses. We left the vehicle and I started looking for a way onto the port. It took several hours before I saw a way in. We used an emergency ladder up to a fire door on the second floor of a warehouse. From there I led Zara along a narrow ledge and over the fence and sonic barrier.

At the far end of the building was a set of stairs for an officer door. We walked down and I peeked around the corner before leading Zara away. It was dark and only a few lights were on at the warehouses. I found an open door and pulled Zara in and searched. In one corner was a break area with food machines and I used a couple of credit sheets.

We ate and drank and even used the fresher before we left. It took a few hours to work our way through and out of the collection of warehouses. Once I saw the huge tarmac and the distant ships in the dark I started for them. A check of a port cart showed it would need a password to start.

We started walking and two hours later we reached the first ship but kept going. It was a small warship and there was no way I could take it. Beside each large landing area was a slit and stairs down to a pad marker room. That allowed port workers to manually set the marker size for the ship which created a beacon.

The next ship was a huge freighter and we needed to rest so we went down and into the marker room. In a back corner we sat and Zara leaned against me. The brand on my hip hurt but there was nothing I could do. I was exhausted and finally fell asleep. It was a long time before I woke and Zara was missing.

I looked around and stood, “Zara?”

I heard her before I saw her as she came through the door. She smiled, “I was trying to see the ships.”

I crossed the room and followed her out and up. I peeked over the edge of the tarmac and could see several ships in the distance. The closest looked like a cargo ship and it was loading four kilometers away. I caught her hand and pulled as I climbed the rest of the stairs. I headed for the ship and looked for someone.

If they were using auto loaders we had a chance. If there was a person we would be seen ... maybe. When we were a thousand meters away I saw the personal lift up and by a hatch. The loaders were drones which was good and I did not see the person controlling them outside. I pulled Zara to the tram the drones were almost done unloading.

We slipped along the far side and I looked at the cargo lift. I shook my head and turned to look at the personal lift. It was up but out and that meant we could call it down and use it. I pulled Zara after me and waved my arm under the lift and stepped back. It dropped and we got on and I touched the controls to bring it up.

When it stopped I led the way into the open airlock. I peeked out and looked both ways and the smell told me this was the same ship that brought me. I thought and then grinned as I pulled Zara after me and I went in and up. I peeked around every corner and listened and we made our way to the ship med bay.

There were emergency rations and I pulled them out and we ate and sat on a narrow bed. After we were done I went looking and found stims. I also found sleep meds and in a closest were enough stasis bags for twice the number of crew. I loaded a med injector with sleep meds and searched the med bay data comp for cabin override codes.

We napped on the beds with a couple of the self warming post surgery blankets. I could barely wait for the ship to lift and it was almost two full days before it happened. We ate the emergency rations and drank from a sink and used the tiny fresher. I watched the ship time and eight hours after it lifted I led Zara out.

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