Man With No Past

by Ka Hmnd

Copyright© 2017 by Ka Hmnd

Science Fiction Sex Story: Medals earned the hard way gave me a chance to be in special operations. The war had been going on to long and we found out one thing, I was good at killing the enemy. When the enemy surrendered I had made more than a name, I had a bounty on my head. Only now the military was being torn apart by those that had no idea what our cost had been. What made it worse was the emperor knew and could do nothing while we were hunted.

Caution: This Science Fiction Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/ft   .

I went into fleet at sixteen when the war started. I had no family and was an orphan so a city official had to sign the legal papers. The first two years were hard but during several battles I earned medals of valor, gallantry and heroism. That brought promotions until I volunteered for the special operation teams.

I passed the tests and my rank was taken when I went to the course. It had been abbreviated to six weeks and when I graduated I was commissioned a lieutenant junior grade. The number of special operation teams had gone from eight to sixteen. I was assigned to ninth which was mostly ground operations and direct combat.

Over the next seven years millions died and two more empires were pulled in on our side and three republics on theirs. Every one of our missions were a success but we lost people. I went up the ranks fast until I was promoted to a fleet captain. I was to valuable leading my team but I began to advise other teams.

The enemy and their alliance had a huge bounty on me. The end came with a strike by my team that killed all the senior officers in their alliance and destroyed their command comms. The enemy surrendered and before I knew it we were at peace. Only there were things I did not know until a month later.

The fleet was moving to decrease the number of ships and personal. I knew the Marshal of the fleet well and he had a officer that was an aid for the nobles doing the peace talks. They and the armed forces council were in constant talks. The bastards had demands now! One was to decommission half the fleet and the other was a list of names.

The Marshal of the fleet might have to put a few ships into mothballs but he reported to the emperor who was not going to decommission any ships. As for the list of names, it was names of those the enemy had bounties on. My whole team was on the list and so was every person in the special operation teams.

In the draw down those people would be put out and the enemy began to send men to create consulates in every system. Well in every system except the capital. We all knew what it meant, the bastards were going to hunt us. I had the idea and gave it to the Marshal of the fleet who told the emperor.

A week later and he had a couple of hundred new royal guards and the bastards could not touch them. I was another story and did not wait for them to put me out. I put in papers to retire, since I had earned three of the highest awards for heroism before I became an officer it was allowed. The credits would go to a numbered account I set up.

The Marshal of the fleet did everything else. I went to the Kimber system and the emperor copied my file and then personally erased it until there was nothing anywhere with my name on it. There was no birth record, no military record and every government system searched out and deleted my name on all civilian systems.

I had no past but I knew our former enemy would still hunt for me. The Marshal of the fleet and the emperor put all records and files for the special operations under imperial seal so only they could authorized them to be opened. Meanwhile the nobles were conducting the peace talks and were busy undoing all the work the emperor had done with our allies.

I knew a former team member that had been wounded and retired when I first joined them. I spoke to him and he got me a job working off the books as a cargo handler. He paid me in credit sheets and my ident to enter the port area was for his company. I rented a set of rooms under Jonathan Coal. They were just outside the port where I could pay using the credit sheets.

A month and things were happening in every system. Sudden murders or assassinations, sabotage and criminal gangs were springing up. The Marshal of the fleet caught a fleet captain hacking the special operation records. He passed them to a commander who sent them on to a duke on the peace talks.

I guess they thought the duke would protect them but they forgot the emperor was their direct commander. They had violated imperial secrets and committed an act of treason. They were arrested, tried and sent to prison for twenty years and that was just the warning shot. The emperor strode into the peace talks and dismissed the duke on the spot and sent him home.

I lifted the crate and turned until the loader was facing back the way I had come. I moved out of the shuttle hold and to the waiting cargo tram. I set the crate down and added the cargo ident to the tram list. I turned and moved to the side as the tram started moving and selected the comm, “hey Benny?”

“You still have another incoming shuttle.”

I smiled, “I know. I heard the port security has new procedures.”

He snorted, “something from the damn capital. They want every name and history of all employees. They even sent it planet wide.”

I hesitated and he chuckled, “your name is Mudd.”

I grinned, “thanks.”

He sounded serious, “on another note nineteen Jonathan Cole’s were killed in six different systems.”

I frowned as I started towards a descending shuttle, “any here?”

He sighed, “one yesterday.”

I trudged back and forth as I unloaded the shuttle and loaded another tram before I called for a cart and returned to our warehouse. I shut down the loader and cleaned it and then went to shower. I took a walk to the exit and then caught a public transport. I got off a few minutes later and started down a side street.

The buildings here were all old and more than one gang was hanging out selling drugs. When I got to my building I saw a neighbor’s daughter on the street. She was barely dressed and looked scared as she looked around. I knew I should walk away, “Cara?”

She turned and smiled, “hi Jonathan.”

I gestured, “what are you doing?”

She reddened and looked down, “I need credits. Dad was arrested and mom left.”

I shook my head as one of the neighborhood thugs started for us, “you do not need to do this.”

She bit her lip and the guy growled, “pay for her time or leave.”

I was frustrated and things had built up and I snapped. I slugged him and then went after him and yanked him up and spun to slam him into the wall, “you shit birds do not speak to me.”

I struck and broke ribs and then his jaw and finally I caught a hand and twisted and broke the wrist, “if I catch you on my street again I will bury you.”

He had been screaming and everyone was watching as I let him fall and turned. I looked at a white faced Cara, “go to my rooms.”

She nodded quickly and ran into the building and I looked around, “the next drug dealer I catch I am breaking their arms and legs!”

I walked inside and climbed the stairs and found Cara at my door. I unlocked it and gestured and she slipped in and I followed. I closed and locked the door and then moved a wedge that was a grav anchor over in front of it. I set it and then looked at Cara, “strip.”

Her eyes widened, “but...”

I started for her, “do you want to be a whore?”

I caught her and pulled her after me and to the small bedroom. I spun her when we reached the bed and pulled her blouse off. She crossed her arms and covered her breasts but I knelt as I yanked her tiny skirt down and pushed her back. When she fell on the bed I pulled the skirt off and stood.

I bent and grabbed her panties and pulled them down and off and then stripped. She tried to cover herself and when I was naked I moved onto the bed. I turned her face, “do you want to be a whore?”

She was almost crying and shook her head and I relaxed and cupped her face, “that was what you were doing.”

She turned and hugged me and whispered, “I did not have a choice.”

I caressed her bare back, “there are always choices.”

I turned and moved until I was over her and used my knees to spread her legs. I settled and kissed her, “have you let them fuck you?”

She was stiff and shook her head, “it is set for tonight.”

I shook my head, “no.”

I moved down and she shifted, “what are you doing?”

I looked at her pretty pussy and licked through it and she gasped, “ooohhhh!”

I nibbled and licked and then sucked on her clit. Her hips lifted and she shuddered as she moaned. I flicked my tongue on her clit and squeezed it and she gasped and spasmed. After several minutes I moved up and over her while she panted. I slipped the head of my cock into her, “can I fuck you?”

She groaned as she grabbed my hips and pulled. I sank into her until my cock was buried and I settled. She shifted and wiggled and her tight and very warm pussy squeezed. I began to grind and press and she hugged me and moaned, “I am so full.”

I gave her another kiss and pulled back and started to fuck her. I used long, slow thrusts and it was not long before her pussy was wet and I was sliding in and out. She lifted her hips and her pussy clenched each time I buried my cock and pulled back. Several minutes and she wailed and struggled, “yyyeeeesssss!”

She wrapped her legs when I started to use firm thrusts. She spasmed and jerked and kept pulling on my hips, “ooohhhh!”

Five minutes and she was bucking and yelling and I shoved into her and spewed sperm. She gasped and clutched me again as her pussy tightened, “fffuuucccckkkkk!”

When I finished she sighed and sagged to the bed, “maybe a whore is not so bad.”

I grinned as I pulled out and rolled her over. I lifted her ass and pushed back into her messy pussy, “lets see.”

It was hours before I stopped and she had a smug expression. I pulled her out of bed and into the fresher and we washed. We got dressed and I made dinner and then sent her to bring her things to my place. I thought of the gangs and went to open an old chest. I looked at the weapons and shook my head before I pulled out a few things that were non lethal.

I went into the hall to wait for Cara and saw a guy at the bottom of the stairs. It took her an hour and then she was back with two large travel cases. I smiled and let her go in and closed and locked the door. I set the grav anchor and gave her a push towards the bedroom, “make room in our closet.”

She grinned and nodded and strode into the bedroom. I went to look out the window and saw more of one gang as they gathered in the street and stared at my building. I sighed and went to the door, if I did not come out they would do something dumb like try a bomb. The guy at the bottom of the steps was quick to leave before I reached him.

I walked out as the gang was spreading out and moving towards the door. I guess they thought they would get in a few bluffs and threats before acting. They were in for a surprise as I continued to stride and pulled a stun wand and a stun bag pistol. I shot one guy in the chest and stabbed the wand into another as I turned and kept moving.

I fired into those to far away as they tried to pull large knives or pistols. Only now I was mixed in with them and that made things harder. I struck out into one’s groin with the wand as I twisted and aimed before firing a few paces away at one with a plasma pistol. I spun and avoided one lunging with a knife and shoved the wand into his neck.

Not even a half minute and ten were down and I shot another as the wand was knocked out of my hand. I kicked into the guy’s knee and broke it and pulled a collapsing wand and snapped it down. It locked with a loud click as I fired twice into two guys trying to aim old chem pistols. I lashed out and across and the baton struck a guy slashing with a knife.

Bones broke as the baton hit his face and he screamed. I stepped and turned and shot and hit and they went down. Finally I walked through them and bent to strike and break each ones knees. I shut the stun bags off and took weapons and walked back into the building. I made a call to emergency services and dumped all the weapons into the entrance recycle bin.

I tucked my weapons away and returned to my apartment. A couple of minutes and emergency services and Guards were on the scene. They never even came up the stairs and took all the weapons I had dumped in the recycle bin. Everyone in the neighborhood got my message and not just the gangs.

When we went to bed I slept lightly and woke before my timekeeper went off. I kissed Cara until she opened her eyes, “school and keep your eyes open.”

She nodded and I went to shower and dress. On the public transport I used the public comp to look at the system news. Two more men with my name had been killed. I hesitated before I used my comp to do some checking. Not only had the enemy republic added a couple of dozen soldiers to their embassy but all three republics that had joined them had too.

When I got to the port it was to see a Guard standing beside the bio scan array while a tech worked on it. I walked through and touched my company ident and the Guard shifted, “use your ident.”

I stopped and looked at him, “I am not required to.”

He moved towards me, “you are now.”

I smiled, “in that case you can provide the required imperial law that says that.”

He frowned, “this is from the duke and the peace couc...”

I snorted, “show me the ducal law that I have to provide my ident in the imperial starport.”

He growled, “you are required to show it when any Guard requests it.”

I nodded, “that is true and you are required by imperial law to state the reason I am being stopped and any crime I am suspected of violating.”

His eyes narrowed, “the duke is looking for someone the peace...”

I sighed, “officer if I had my way everyone on the peace council would be forced to give an oath of loyalty to the emperor and the empire under truth scan. The bastards are allowing the enemy to dictate terms and they are hunting those that fought them. You can tell his grace to go to hell if he is going to help the enemy and commit treason.”

The officer’s mouth dropped open, “what are you...”

I turned, “look at the enemy embassies. The bastards have brought in assassins.”

I walked away and he did not follow. I knew I had said to much and should have just used my ident. Of course it had my real name which was not in the system and even if they did not have my bio from my files they were killing anyone with my name. I told Benny before I started and he had me on the far side of the port unloading a steady stream of freighter shuttles.

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