Fleet Veterans

by Ka Hmnd

Copyright© 2017 by Ka Hmnd

Science Fiction Sex Story: With the end of the war came the draw down of the fleet and military. It also became a chance for those that fought to build new lives and become something. Once I was out I used the medals and awards that meant little while I was in the service. Now they helped pay for a newly surplus armed cargo ship. The only problems we had now were pirates and rogue worlds that wanted to take what we had.

Caution: This Science Fiction Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/ft   .

I joined the fleet marines as soon as I turned seventeen. Four years later I was a gunnery sergeant and the war ended. Everyone that had brains knew the fleet would get a lot smaller. The war had been going on for seven years. Hundreds of thousands had died and many times that had been wounded.

The empire had gone from eight standing fleets to sixteen, now it was going to shrink. I began to plan and make contacts in support and supply depots. I also began looking for others that would be getting out or put out. Most were fleet and not marines but I needed engineers and navigators and people with working skills and knowledge of ships.

The first draft offers came for those that wanted to separate and I put in my papers. I had several medals of valor and gallantry and one for heroism and planned to use them. I had done a lot of research on military regulations regarding fleet surplus. I made the calls as I took my separation bonus and went to Henderson.

The largest fleet salvage yard was there and any ships or equipment they deemed surplus would have to come here first. I took a part time job working security and checked in with my contacts. A senior master chief in logistics called two weeks after I got there. A Ella class fleet collier was on the way in and it was scheduled to be surplus.

An Ella class collier was the latest fleet auxiliary ship. They were freighters and they were armed with six turrets. Each had three fold space guns and they were completely automated. Of course fleet had never trusted that and it had crew quarters for two hundred. I began the star comm calls and got a pension letter from the military credit bank.

Slightly used marine battle suits we got for only a few credits each. There were rations and huge data storage drives filled with tens of thousand entertainment vids. Supplies came in crates and water in huge tanks. The day the ship arrived I waited for the crew to leave and the captain to officially sign her over to the yard.

I resigned and went to the logcom office and pulled up the updated surplus ship list. I grinned at master chief Denny when I saw the Lady Merced on the list. I entered the pension letter and my service number. With the highest military medal awarded that was all I needed. The ship was worth billions of credits and I got her for a few thousand and a promise for recall.

I watched the processing and then accepted the command wand. I had one day to move the ship out of the yard. I made calls and arrangement for passes and went to rent a shuttle for a couple of hours. (Actually we just borrowed it and paid for the air and fuel). Lieutenant commander Jones was the first to arrive and grinned, “you did it?”

I nodded, “her name is Lady Merced and she is a Ella class.”

He slapped my shoulder, “alright captain.”

I gestured to the airlock, “we only have the shuttle for a couple of hours.”

He nodded and went through and I turned to wait for the next one. They came together, lieutenant Kent(fleet), captain Alex(marine), sergeant major Moore(marine), senior chief Pender(fleet), senior chief ... Two dozen men and women that were all veterans and ready to start a new life.

We took the shuttle out to the ship and docked and split up. Most went to engineering and got the reactors started and the engines warmed up. Once we were ready I went to the huge bridge and grinned at the lieutenant commander, “ready when you are first officer.”

He nodded to senior chief Gregory who contacted station control and it was several minutes before we had clearance. The senior chief shut the grav anchors off and lieutenant Kent started us moving. We did not go far, just out of the fleet area and around to the civilian side. We returned the shuttle and took one of the four huge freight shuttles to the station.

That was where we started loading everything I had been collecting. Six hours and we were tearing the living quarters apart and refitting them for a single person in each. I had a hundred fold down double wide beds from officer quarters to replace the two bunks in each cabin. It was more than we needed but we could take passengers now.

A week and master chief Denny reported aboard as our bosun. With her came a teenage girl. The master chief gestured to her, “this is my daughter Sandra. She is a horny bitch if you want to fuck her.”

I blinked and looked at the girl who grinned, “um...”

The master chief chuckled as she pulled a float after her, “she takes after her mother.”

I laughed and the girl giggled and followed her. She was the last of the crew and I went looking for the cargo master. That was former marine captain Alex and he glanced at me when I entered the small office, “I have our first cargo but we could have trouble.”

I leaned against the hatch, “why?”

He snorted, “it is going to a grey world and there are reports of pirates and raiders.”

I straightened, “is it worth it?”

He nodded and I gestured, “do it.”

I spun and headed out, “send the information to the bridge.”

I touched the ship comm badge I wore, “Jones we have a cargo. I am on my way to the bridge.”

He chuckled, “not wasting time.”

I smiled, “time is money.”

The ship was still intact. Almost full fuel cells, full water tanks, loaded ammo magazines, the kitchen only had rations but after this first run that would change. I called for everyone to come to the bridge. I went over our course and cargo and the danger and ... ten hours of constant work and we were loaded and had a schedule and were moving out of the system.

It had cost everything I had to get the cargo bond so if this cargo did not pay we were finished before we started. Once things calmed down I headed to the captain’s quarters and found Sandra at the hatch. I hesitated and then opened it and waited as she stepped in. I crossed to the inner hatch on the left, it went into my sleeping cabin, “undress.”

She was quick to strip as she strutted through the hatch. I followed and undressed slower while looking at her body, “anyone use you yet?”

She climbed onto the bed and laid back, “not yet.”

I bent and pulled her to the edge and pushed her legs open, “from now on you wash after you fuck.”

She grinned and nodded and I looked at her pussy. I bent and licked and looked at the tiny neural simulator pierced on her clit hood. I turned it on and she gasped and lifted her hips, “oh fuck!”

I flicked my tongue on her clit and squeezed it and then turned her as she shuddered and squirmed. I moved over her and sank my cock into her very tight pussy. I gave her a kiss as she clutched me and her pussy tightened. I began to grind and after a minute I pulled back and fucked her. Her eyes were wide as she jerked and spasmed and started to howl, “fffuuucccckkkkk!”

She thrashed and bucked and I rode her and used firm strokes. Several minutes and her eyes were rolled up as she constantly convulsed, “aaahhhh!”

A few minutes and the neural simulator shut down. I was still fucking her long, hard and deep and she twisted and hugged me tight. I shoved into her and gushed strong spurts of sperm and she gasped, “yyyeeeesssss!”

When I was done I pulled out and moved and rolled her over. I spread her legs and pushed back into her messy pussy. She groaned and tilted her hips as I started over again, “mmmm!”

Several hours later I held her as she slept peacefully. I had to admit she had made me relax. I closed my eyes and woke to the morning chime. I rubbed Sandra’s bare butt and she shifted and turned her head and looked at me and smiled, “one more before you go?”

I laughed and rolled and moved between her legs. After we were done I helped her wash and we got dressed. I went to check the bridge and she went to find her mother. All systems were green and I went to eat before I came back. I nodded to senior chief White, “ready to learn senior chief.”

He grinned and brought up a holo, “this is the basic nav system...”

We had pilots and navigators and engineers but if I was going to be the captain I needed to learn how to do all of it. It was noon when master chief Denny stepped in. I finished the problem I was working on, “master chief could you make sure everyone is up on the weapon system?”

She grinned as she looked at the holo, “sure.”

She gave my arm a pat, “not to bad Cole. Watch the distance between skips though.”

I watched her walk out as lieutenant Turner glanced back. She looked at me and I blushed, “she took three to bed last night. Lucky for me there were plenty left.”

I grinned as I started the program over, “her daughter was more than enough for me.”

She laughed and senior chief White snorted, “pay attention.”

I glanced at him, “you did not get any?”

He sighed, “no.”

The lieutenant smiled as she checked her display, “wait for shift change and I will take care of you.”

I grinned as my fingers flicked over the controls and he nodded, “very good.”

I finished and expanded it, “my team mostly did ground fighting so I am just rusty. Now Nav is going to be hard and engineering worse.”

He chuckled as he finished checking my plots, “the lieutenants or lieutenant commander can help with nav plots. Senior chief Pender can teach you the basics for engineering and captain Joy can do the advance stuff.”

Lieutenant Kent relieved Turner and senior chief Gregory relieved White. She slipped her arm through his and they left as lieutenant commander Jones arrived. He grinned and checked my work, “not bad. Before you know it you will be a pilot.”

I grinned as I stood, “I am already a pilot. I just need practice and to learn everything else.”

He sat, “captain Alex said to go to war time running before we jump out?”

I nodded, “correct and that means an extra man on the scan displays each watch.”

He nodded, “just like in the war.”

I headed for the hatch, “only with fewer people shooting at us.”

Each day I spent a shift in different areas. Each night Sandra would be waiting and I found out the minx was not seeing anyone else. I did not mind, if she wanted to share my bed it was fine with me. The crew was divided almost equally men to women. Now that we did not have fleet or marine regulations ... lets just say everyone was getting sex.

Nine days after we loaded the cargo and left we were jumping into our target system. I was on the bridge early and looked at master chief Denny on scan. She jerked up and turned, “two Imp class ships.”

I nodded and looked at lieutenant Kent, “accelerate and begin your skips when ready.”

I looked at the master chief, “general quarters.”

She grinned and sat back and the ship alarms went off. A moment and several people ran onto the bridge. I gestured, “captain Alex take turret six. Lieutenant Turner five, senior chief Nelson on four...”

I went down the line and they moved to the weapons consoles. I looked at lieutenant commander Jones, “could you do the...”

Master chief Denny turned, “they just sent a warning to stop or be fired on.”

I nodded, “send the scan tracks to the weapons please. Commander could you run the counter measures?”

He grinned and moved to the station, “do we give them a warning?”

I snorted and looked at the master chief, “are they in range?”

She nodded and I sat back, “weapons hot, fire at will.”

Imp class ships were only the size of a corvette. Eighteen cruiser size fold space guns fired and the two ships were blown apart. I looked at my repeater holo, “any signs they survived master chief?”

She laughed, “not a chance in hell sir.”

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