Poachers in the Mist

by Ka Hmnd

Copyright© 2017 by Ka Hmnd

Science Fiction Sex Story: Change to the world of Mist is not always safe and my family knew about not being safe. When my father walked away it was just mother and I. I stepped up and began to make changes and it was just in time. The first attack was straight into the heart of our farm. Only they missed and I did not.

Caution: This Science Fiction Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including mt/ft   Heterosexual   .

A lot of credits came from tourists and isolated lodges. Well that and the fur trade from a lot of insect farms. So much so that the poaching laws were becoming a lot stricter. Something that has begun to happen involved poachers raiding Miam beds. Now those of us that had been raising Miam had to watch out for raiders besides all the other risks.

My family raised Indigos and Emeralds and fed most of the scraps to the Crista and Bearcone in the large lake. We were not a tourist lodge and did not get a lot of visitors. I was seventeen and due to all the raids I had been doing a lot of extra work. I had managed to move our adult Miam bed down to the bottom of the lake where it was over seventy meters deep.

It had taken a lot of work and I had even carved a tunnel in the rock down to the old bed location. There were no ropes or cable going down the tunnel and with the Crista and Bearcone being fed scraps nearby ... lets just say it was not safe going down any other way. We had also set up scan systems in case the raiders tried to hit one of the colonies.

It was the beginning of summer and this year my mother had invites a lot of teenagers from one of the schools. It was just her and I now and I guess she was lonely. She had me set up tents and create safe areas inside our sonic barrier which was a little much. It would be months before we did any harvest of the colonies.

I would have to return to the bed to move the smaller Miam and the seeds deeper. That would go on for awhile until no more appear. Hopefully they would like the new area since it had a lot of deep water plants they could feed on. I was with my mother when the kids arrived and climbed out of the transport with cases and bags.

They were wide eyed and looked around as if they had never been in the forest before. There were twelve girls and ten boys and I led them to the line of four white canvas tents. They were all on a wood platform a meter off the ground and each looked like a cabin with its own heater. Mom split the girls into six per tent and five per tent for the boys.

I headed out while they went into the tents to unpack. I had to double check my hard suit and then headed for the old Miam bed. I glanced at one of the girls my age when she tried to run after me with her own hard suit. I stopped and frowned and waited until she caught up, “it is not safe to go into the water.”

She grinned, “you can teach me.”

I sighed and shook my head but she was wearing this extremely tiny bikini. I turned and started walking again, “okay but if a Bearcone eats you do not blame me.”

She giggled as she followed, “I do not mind being eaten.”

I blushed and glanced back and down at her groin. When we reached the tunnel in the rock I set my suit down and moved the cover, “this is a solid tunnel. There is no rope so you have to feel your way. It comes out by the old Miam bed and there are a lot of Bearcone and Crista around. Stay low and in the weeds.”

I stripped and began to put the suit on and glanced at her as she struggled. I shook my head and moved to help and got more then one good feel of breast or butt. I checked her suit comm system and set the frequency to the one we used. I secured the net bag and dropped to crawl into the tunnel.

It was a lot better when I reached the water and the tunnel became slippery, “are you okay?”

She was breathing a little hard, “it is dark.”

I kept going, “did you switch to enhanced vison?”

It was a minute before she answered, “that is better.”

I reached the other end and peered out and around before I slipped out. I waited for the girl and then went to where the first row had been. The smaller Miam or seeds were not that hard to find but I had to force them to release the rocks they held onto. Each time I saw a Bearcone or Crista I froze and watched until it was gone.

After the last row I touched her and moved to the path leading deeper. Once we reached the new bed I took her to the last row and we started another with the seeds and young. From the look of the deep water plants the Miam seemed to like them and had settled into place. Finally we finished and I led the way back.

I let her go into the tunnel first and followed her up and out. I began to strip off the suit and the girl took her helmet off, “that was awesome!”

I smiled, “and you did not even get eaten.”

She grinned, “you can do it and then fuck me.”

I looked at her and then grinned, “as soon as we clean the suits.”

Once we were out of the suits I put my pants on and led her to my work shed. I checked with mom before we started cleaning. After we finished we hung them up and I led her out and to the lodge. Everyone was in a barn or looking at the insect colony map or live vids. I pulled her through the house and into my bedroom.

I closed the door and turned to see her dropping her bikini onto the floor and I pushed my pants down and off. She grinned as she backed onto the bed and I stalked after her. I caught her on the edge and lifted and spread her legs as I bent. I licked through her pussy and she shivered and tilted her hips, “mmmm!”

I nibbled on her inner lips and then sucked on her clit. I teased it with the tip of my tongue and she shuddered and lifted her hips. I kept it up as she squirmed and shook and after awhile I turned her on the bed. I moved over her while she was panting and slowly sank my cock into her. She groaned and put her arms around me as her tight pussy clenched.

I began to grind and press and hump until she was shaking and her pussy was wet. After awhile I pulled back and started to fuck her with deep thrusts. She gasped and clutched me when I buried my cock again, “fffuuucccckkkkk!”

Her pussy kept squeezing as I fucked her slowly with deep strokes. After several minutes she was thrashing around and bucking and I was fucking her long, hard and deep. She twisted and jerked and spasmed while clinging to me, “yyyeeeesssss!”

After a few more minutes I shoved into her and held her as I gushed and spewed cum. She squirmed and wiggled while hugging me, “aaaahhhh!”

When I was finished I relaxed and tried to catch my breath. I shifted and rolled and caressed her hips, “your turn.”

She giggled as her tight but slimy pussy squeezed. She sat up and shifted before she began to thrust back and forth. It was awhile before we stopped and got dressed, this time in long pants with long sleeve shirts. I led her out and went to look at the property sensors and then the insect colony nest sites.

I sighed and looked at mom before I called all the kids and loaded them onto the bed of the Spider. It was more a giant cage I used to transport the bodies when we harvested. I headed through the sonic barrier and into the forest. It was to show the kids around and replace a couple of old vid cameras.

We went northeast first and I stopped beside a colony nest hole. I was careful when I got out and went to exchange the camera. The kids talked and that drew in the colony who formed up to protect the nest entrance. When I was done I got in and turned and moved away. Paige shook her head, “it must be hard to harvest them.”

I shook my head, “we do not harvest at the colony entrance so they do not act like that.”

I pointed out a high nest in the top of a tree, “that is a tree fly nest. There are several hundred eggs. Once they hatch we will keep baiting a spot. A month after that we will trap them and harvest them. Probably thirty percent will survive and grow to adulthood.”

We went to several colony nests before heading back. When the Spider came out of the forest by the barrier I saw the transport. I pulled my comm while opening the barrier, “stay here.”

I grabbed my rifle and jumped out and started to run as the comm was answered, “peace...”

I growled, “this is Owen Daniels. We have a transport of poachers and need assistance...”

The comm signal died as I entered range of the transport and a jammer was turned on. I stopped and knelt as I brought the rifle up. Two men ran out of the house and another from the front of the transport. They all had weapons and lifted them and I turned, aimed and fired. One of the two by the house spun and dropped and the other dove to the side.

The one by the transport fired but it missed as I turned back and aimed. I fired and gore sprayed from the back of his head before he fell. I turned back as the other man leaped to his feet to run back into the house. I fired and he twisted and fell screaming as his guts exploded out his stomach.

I moved to the transport and saw diving equipment. I ran for the house, if they were underwater I had time to check on mom. I hoped she had time to get into the safe room or hide. I ran through the door and yelled, “MOM!”

I stopped with my heart pounding and finally she peeked out of the closet, “Owen?”

I relaxed, “I shot three but there is a jammer.”

I spun and strode out and headed to the old line down to the Miam bed. I could see where they had entered the water and went to check the wounded man. He was whining and begging which I ignored to move his weapon away. I went into the transport to shut the jammer off and then came out.

I waved to the Spider and Paige moved over and drove it in. She stopped and turned the sonic barrier back on and everyone got out. I used my comm as they came closer and turned to watch the lake. They answered right away, “peace officers.”

The others stopped beside me, “this is Owen Daniels. I called about poachers. Two are dead and one is wounded with a sever abdominal wound. The others went down into the water hunting for our Miam bed.”

The dispatcher growled, “do not touch anything, a response team is on the way. I will dispatch a medical unit for the wounded man.”

I glanced at him, “I do not think he will survive that long.”

We heard the peace officer take a breath, “I will talk you through providing emergency medical assistance.”

I snorted, “his guts are spread out all around him and half are missing. The best I can do is put the bastard in a stasis bag.”

He sighed, “that would be great.”

It took mom and two of the others helping to do it and several got sick and vomited. The first peace officer response arrived with its lights flashing and siren blaring. Mom had taken the kids into the house to help make dinner and call parents. The two peace officers took vids and checked the man in the stasis bag before going to the lake.

I followed and cleared my throat before they got close to the water, “that is far enough.”

They looked back and I shrugged, “any closer and a Bearcone might try to beach itself and eat you.”

One pointed to the rope and I shook my head, “we throw all the refuse from the insects in right here. We can wait but I doubt they will be returning.”

They grinned and the other cleared his throat, “how do you harvest the Miam?”

I looked at him before answering, “we go in somewhere else.”

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