Lonely Gem

by Lady Jade

Copyright© 2017 by Lady Jade

Erotica Sex Story: Gema's side of the sordid affair between herself, her Uncle Dan and Buddy her dog. Sequel to Little Gem.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Incest   Father   Daughter   Bestiality   .

There comes a time in life when you have to face up to things you’ve avoided and even though I am now twenty-one, the memories of what Uncle Dan got me to do with my dog as a teenager, doesn’t actually disgust me.

There; I’ve said it.

You see, to be honest dear reader, I’d already developed a taste for dogs when I was around fifteen; before Dan came to stay.

I was the only child of a working mother; living way out in the suburbs. There were no amusements and by the time I was fourteen, so mother had finally given-in to my pestering for a dog.

I remember the bright sunny day we drove out to some dog kennels where unwanted dogs could be paired up with a new owner.

We were shown round the place by old Ken Barker who ran the place.

Mother was charmed when he had shown her some cute and cuddly pedigree pooches but meanwhile I was attracted to a handsome two year old brown mongrel.

As soon as I stroked him he was wagging his tail and trying to lick me where he shouldn’t!

Then old Mr Barker saw and winked at me saying, “Well now Miss, you certainly know how find a dog worth ‘aving!”

I sensed he wasn’t the kind of dog mother had in mind but I was enraptured. “Oh mother look! Isn’t he simply gorgeous!

Mother frowned disapprovingly.

“Oh please mother”, I exclaimed, “he’ll make a great buddy! ... Oh mother, that’s it! ... I’ll call him: Buddy!”

Marcel scrutinised the dog; noting his conspicuous cock and felt her face flush. Lurid memories from her own early doggy-sex days flashed through her mind!

“Well Gema, you must realise, he’ll be quite a hand-full before long!”

Mother never spoke a truer word!

From that day it seemed Buddy and I were made for each other and with the coming of summer it was a perfect time to explore the nearby countryside together. I’d run with Buddy until I was exhausted.

Then we’d hunker down and hug while gasping for air! Our hearts beating against each other while my hands fondled his loins.

His big cock snuggled in its sheath and seemed to have a life of its own!

At any time it could peep out provocatively; and when it did I would take it in my hand and massage it bigger; my snatch would juice-up with desire!

I dreamt of sucking Buddy’s juicy red cock and realised I had a real crush on Buddy!

He was my one true love; but it had to be kept very secret; because even then I knew it was unnatural; and people wouldn’t approve.

Then it was that summer that Uncle Dan had come to live with us.

Mother had accommodated Dan in the small bedroom alongside my own; giving him the job of looking after me while she was at work; which was most of the time actually.

What ‘Uncle Dan’ had meant to mother, I knew not at the time but I’d found Dan quite fun around the house and h made me feel like an adult.

I changed my hair for him; to a loose brown bob which I set off with tiny studs in my earlobes.

I was beginning to feel some of the confidence that comes with being nearly sixteen. ~ ~

For my sixteenth birthday, mother allowed me to shop for a new dress and stuff; and charge it to her store-account.

When mother was having one of her ‘weekends away’ Dan and I went out on a date to the movies.

I don’t remember much of the film because we were putting the double-smooching seats through a test run.

But I do remember Dan’s cock being in my throat when he shot his load; before the end of the film.

I felt wonderfully liberated and sexually charged. The world was becoming mine andI was falling in love with my uncle.

Now I was in love with both Dan and Buddy; But Dan didn’t know about Buddy ... yet. ~ ~

One day while mother was at work, Dan began explaining to me about photographic portraits and how he loved taking them,

“Take yourself for instance Gema; your an ordinary looking girl; but I could make you look really special!

“How do you mean Dan?” I asked.

“Well, your green eyes have a photogenic quality that would stand out in a portrait and your small breast could be made to appear more prominent”.

I was hooked and without realising and I asked him to take my portrait!

While he was explaining how the light and shade falling on my breast would create an artistic symphony of contrasts he’d unbuttoned my blouse and then taken off my training bra!

My tits were in the early stage of forming and I felt embarrassed.

But he fondled one them while explaining that a little physical stimulation would bring an all important bloom to the skin.

“Although your breasts are petite, they hang in a beautiful pointed curve, see?”

He then worked on my other tit!

I felt myself juicing-up below.

I was bewildered but felt it was expected of a photographic model so I went along with the procedure.

“Beautiful” he whispered, almost satisfied with me.

He’d lined up his camera but then decided my nipples were too flat; so he tweak out my nipples before finally taking the shot!

Suddenly I felt aroused and awkward by the whole procedure; so I’d grabbed my clothes and left to cool myself off in the shower.

Buddy was lying on my bed and he wagged his tail in welcome.

I cooed to him as I shuck’d off my clothes; ready to shower.

Buddy’s moist snout nudged into my damp snatch and his tongue rasped my clit.

He’d then lain out luxuriously on my bed, his doleful eyes glued to mine.

I knew what the devil wanted.

The invitation to stroke his loins was irresistible; and I quietly sat beside him.

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