Impressionable Teens

by Mike McGifford

Copyright© 2017 by Mike McGifford

Fan Fiction Sex Story: Two high school girls from a middle class neighborhood decide to go on an adventure in what could be a life-changing trailer park

Caution: This Fan Fiction Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including mt/ft   ft/ft   Consensual   BiSexual   Fiction   Fan Fiction   Incest   Brother   Father   Daughter   BDSM   Humiliation   Light Bond   Rough   Sadistic   Spanking   White Female   Anal Sex   Exhibitionism   Food   Masturbation   Spitting   Voyeurism   Water Sports   Amputee   Big Breasts   Public Sex   Small Breasts   Cannibalism   Prostitution   .

“I want to do it,” Tracey told her best friend at lunch.

“You’re crazy! You saw what they were doing. What if someone here saw you?”

“So what if they see? What can they do?”

“Well you could get suspended or expelled for a start. Then there’s the whole rape thing. You’d just be inviting that you know.”

“We talked about that. You can’t rape the willing. I think it’s just soooo hot. Anyway. It’d be on the weekend and the school can’t say anything about what I do on weekends.”

“Well maybe they can’t, but they sure as hell could tell your folks.”

“Shiiit, I haven’t seen my dad in a month and mom’s a bitch anyway. What’s she gonna do?”

“She could take away your cell phone again,” Mindy reminded her best friend.

“She could try. But I’d have it back within a day. She’s a bitch but she does what I say. So are you gonna do it too?”

“I dunno. Mark has seen the site. He’d think I was such a slut if he saw me on there.”

“Well duh! You ARE a slut! But if it was just about being a slut, we could just have another party and let the guys fuck us every-which-way again. This is about guys who know what they’re doing. You KNOW that the thought of being tied up and paraded down the street makes your pussy drip like a faucet.”

“We could just let Larry and Dave tie us up if you want? They said they wanted to.”

“Mindy. Would you really let Dave tie you up? He’s a fucking doofus. Either he’d tie you so tight that he’d cut off the circulation and your arms and legs would fall off, or fuck it all up and not do it right at all. What’s the point of being tied up if you’re not really tied up? And where would they get all the dildos, gags, whips and other stuff those guys on the site use?”

“So I’d be a quadriplegic? You know sometimes I wish I’d never told you my dad still spanks me.”

“You mean you wish you’d never told me you got off on it,” Tracey laughed. “Then I woulda never told you Theo fucked me in the ass and I liked it. And then we would never be having this conversation.”

The two sixteen year olds were sitting in the back corner of the cafeteria where their conversation couldn’t be overheard. They had been talking about a website they’d seen where a bunch of chicks were working as submissive prostitutes at a trailer park. Tracey was Theo’s sister and Theo knew a guy called Steve who said he knew a guy nicknamed ‘karate Dave’ or something. Theo wasn’t sure of the guy’s actual name but with Steve’s help, had pointed him out on the live-streaming website.

Steve had said that this Dave guy needed more girls to do a party and he’d just straight out asked him if he knew some girls, while he was getting his truck cleaned by bikini clad chicks at the same trailer park.

“Anyway, it could all be BS anyway,” Mindy said. “What if we turn up there and there is no party or Karate Dan...”

“Dave. Karate Dave,” Tracey corrected.

“Whatever. What if he’s not there? Then we’ve wasted a trip clear across town.”

“But we’d still get to see the actual place where they make the videos. How cool is that?”

“Yeah, well that would be kinda cool. Do you think we could see the pussy boys? One of them is really cute and he’ll do anything. I mean aaaaannnnyything.”

“So you’re in? I knew you wouldn’t let me down.”

“Well I kinda have to go don’t I? You’re already down two strikes, miss A-cup Cherry Lawn girl. At least I got me a set of natural double D’s to take their attention away from your bee stings. Do we tell ‘em we’re from Cheery Lawn or do we say we’re from some place else?”

“They’d be harder on us if they knew. I say we tell ‘em. And I thought you were officially an E-cup now?”

“I was on the rag and they swelled. I think they’re getting smaller again. You are one crazy bitch. They’re hard on you so you INTENTIONALLY tell them you’re from a place they hate? Do you have a death wish too?”

“Oh come on. They make money out of degrading trashy bitches. They wouldn’t kill one. That’d be bad for business,” Tracey reasoned.

“Yeah but what a way to go,” Mindy said wistfully.

Mindy had recently been obsessing over cartoons she’d stumbled across online. They were set in a world where women were regularly cooked and eaten as a normal fact of life. Wives just resigned themselves to their fate when their husbands told them they’d be the main course for a family barbecue. Neighbors would be invited to fuck the wife before she was spitted and put still-alive over a barbecue pit to roast. A few times, Mindy and Tracey had masturbated or licked each other to orgasm viewing the cartoons. All the cartoon women had fairly large breasts and that made it easier for Mindy to imagine herself as one of them.

“You need it, don’t you Min?” Tracey asked her friend in a hushed voice even though they both knew no one could hear them.

Mindy just nodded. It had only been four days since she’d had ‘it’ last, but she really did need it again already.

“Tonight, then. But only on your ass and I’m only using my hand, okay?”

“How about the belt then? Just a dozen. Pleeeease?”

Mindy wanted her friend to whip her ass with an old leather belt she’d shoplifted from a thrift store the summer before. She really wanted her friend to whip her ass, thighs, back and tits. She positively wanted her friend to slap her around some and she was dying for her friend to do what she’d only done one time before.

Mindy wanted to stand naked with her thighs parted and have Tracey kick her pussy with the top of her foot until she came. The crushing blows to her labia and clitoris gave her an orgasm like she’d never had before but Tracey flat out refused to ever do it again. They were both masochistic in nature and Tracey would have let Mindy do it to her as well, but now she was stuck. As a natural submissive, Tracey had been horrified she’d ever been talked into being so sadistic even one time, so she could never ask Mindy to return the favor.

“If you want it, you’ll take what I’m offering. I know I don’t spank as hard as your dad does. Maybe you should just go tell your dad that you’re going to be bad and he needs to spank your bare bottom to stop you before you do it?”

“Yeah, riiiight. I could just put on a short skirt, leave the panties off and fall over his lap before suggesting it. Maaaaybe I should just come out of the bathroom naked and tell him my boobs have been bad and they need spanked too?”

“And maybe he’d stick his cock up your ass for you afterwards then cum in your mouth so you could enjoy your shit on his cock too?” Tracey giggled, causing Mindy to as well.

“I wonder if he ever fucks mom’s ass. She’s got a looooot of ass for the plowing.”

“Eww gross! Your mom has to go through doors sideways. How could your hunky dad have married that big fucking blimp in the first place?” Tracey asked, curbing her giggles for a moment.

“She used to be skinny like me,” Mindy said, referring to the fact that some of the girls at school called her bulimic. “I think he fed her chocolate ice cream for every meal to make her tits bigger. She’s got a freaking H-cup now. Daddy must be in turbo-titty heaven even though he probably has to lift her fat rolls to fuck her ... unless he does her from behind so he can hold her boobs like massive stereo dials, that is.”

“Can you imagine fucking someone that fat?” Tracey asked.

I dunno. I haven’t got a dick so I’d have to lift the fat rolls to lick her pussy. Maybe I’d asphyxiate or something getting her to cum? I guess I wouldn’t mind going that way either,” Mindy said with a grin.

“Damn girl, you need help. Okay. We both do. But we’re not going to geeeeet iiiittttt,” she sang happily.

“So you’ll whip my ass and boobs with the strap tonight and I’ll go with you to the trailer park tomorrow?” Mindy asked, trying to get her friend to agree without thinking about it.

“Not this time, Min. Once my bad, twice your bad. You already got me like that before. Tell you what. I have a couple binder clips at home. Mom thought I should have them for when I turn in my reports. Like I’m ever gonna turn in something with like fifty pages that need to be clamped together. Anyway. You get to choose whether they go on your nipples or cunt lips. Fair?”

“And you’ll spank me till I cum?”

“Sheesh. Okay.”

“On the field out behind my house?”

“Mindy Alexandra. Come ON! Don’t turn this into a production. All I’m getting is your company tomorrow and you woulda gone anyway. Tell ya what. You figure it out so your dad sees me naked and I mean really naked this time, like laying on your bed with you under me sucking puss and I’ll bring over the biggest fucking cucumber you’ve ever seen and put half in your cunt and half in your ass before I spank you. Deal?”

“Naked, I’m sure I can do. Again ... Fingering yourself I could probably figure out. But if I’m sucking puss WITH you, how am I supposed to get dad to see that? Be reasonable. I’d have to lead him to wherever you are. And I already told you, he’s a boob man. You’re all ghetto booty and no tits.”

“I plan to make your daddy an ass man. Fuck the boobs. Or rather ya can’t fuck boobs, but I got me an ass that’d take his meat stick any time, any where. I just got to get his attention more than I’ve been able to so far. I AM going to fuck your daddy, Min. So onto Option two. Blindfold me, gag me and set me up on your back porch with a broom handle up my ass. Ring the bell and run. He answers the door and gets to ‘save’ me from some awful school girl prank the cheerleaders pulled. I thank him with a bj and a little anal. Ta da!”

“And while all this is going down my mom is sitting quietly in front of the tv ignoring you two, right? And I’m not getting my pussy, ass and titties strapped.”

“There ya go again, Min. Getting me all sexed up and goopy by making me come up with a grade A fantasy just to make it worth my while and then you turn around and blow holes in the idea. F you very much.”

“Weeeeell...” Mindy said, voicing a half thought out idea. “What if my daddy were to turn up at the trailer park tomorrow? Maybe he thought he’d get to see a bunch of free, jiggly, nude boobs bouncing around. Hell, he might see you taking it up the ass by a pussy boy or something. For that matter, he might see me getting a black cock in my puss while I’m face fucking karaoke Dave. He’d surely take me home and give me the spanking I’d deserve!”

“Karate Dave, you ditz! But yeeeaaahhh...”

“Alright, that’s worth two whole cucumbers. But I’m eating the one that’s been in your ass till I puke on you.”

“And you’ll lick all that puke back up and feed it to me!” Mindy demanded.

“We are soooo bad. They’re not gonna know what to do with us tomorrow, are they?” Tracy replied, laughing so hard heads began to turn in their direction.

That afternoon, Deborah Johnson was in the living room watching Judge Judy on tv when Tracey got home. From the kitchen, where Deborah assumed Tracey was making a snack, Tracey told her mom that she’d be staying the night at Mindy’s place so they could go to the lake early the next morning. Deborah wasn’t too pleased, but before she could think of an excuse to stop her daughter going, she heard the kitchen door slam.

Deborah knew Mindy wasn’t good for Tracey. She’d tried the best she could to shelter Tracey but something about Mindy just raised all sorts of red flags and made alarm bells ring. Deborah just didn’t know what was wrong with the girl. She was pretty, well beautiful really, not smart in the school book way but certainly not stupid and probably street smart, and her family was well off. She just saw something in Mindy that she didn’t want Tracey to uncover. What she didn’t know was that there was indeed something about Mindy and that Tracey had long ago uncovered it.

“Where’s Tracey,?” Theo asked an hour later when he got home from work.

“She’s over at Mindy’s ... Again. Why?”

“Just some stuff I need help with,” he said, turning for his room.

Theo needed help all right. He’d been working all day with a new girl. Lifting, stacking and arranging things where he worked. The damn girl wore a gaping top with no bra underneath, just because she had little boobs and didn’t think they needed support. But those little boobs with long fucking nipples had been in his face a dozen times. Every fucking time she bent over he’d have to look right down her top at the twins. He needed a blowjob and his sister did it better than anyone. And his sister had tits so much like the new girl. He’d need to suck and bite on Tracey’s nips too, he realized.

As soon as he shut his bedroom door the phone came out of his pocket and he pressed the button to call his sister.

“Get your ass back here this minute, slut,” he said into the phone as soon as she answered.

“Come ON Theo. I’m busy. I can tell what you want. Just jerk off for once, pleeeease.”

“This is an emergency, Trace. If you don’t come back right now, you’re cut off for a month. Come on. It’ll only take a minute.”

“Then you come over here. I told you I’m in the middle of something. Min is cooling down while I’m wasting time on the phone with you. You know how she gets if I let her go too long. Tell you what. Text me when you get here and I’ll meet you next to Min’s garage. I take it you need a bj?”

“Yeah. Okay.”

“As soon as the word ‘okay’ left his lips, Tracey hung up.

“Brothers!” She said expelling a breath she didn’t know she’d been holding. Luckily she was still dressed even though Mindy was nude, gagged with three pairs of used panties and bent painfully over the worked tube-steel foot board of her bed, secured to the bed-legs with pantyhose. “I should have just asked him to come in and do this. He could have done us both.”

Tracey was holding the strap. She’d already delivered half a dozen swats and she knew she’d have to start all over again now. She really wasn’t into whipping girls. She wanted to be the whipee, but once again, Mel had talked her into it with the promise of a good bladder full of piss to add to the puke party they were soon to have.

Tracey set upon her best friend with a vengeance, taking her brotherly frustrations out on Mindy the best she could. Min had barely gone into the orgasmic convulsions her friend knew so well when her phone pinged with a text message.

“Damn, Theo must have been pretty desperate to get here that quickly,” she said to Mindy, although Mindy probably couldn’t hear her as lost in her world of pain and pleasure as she was. “Be right back, whore,” she said needlessly to her friend.

She was almost right back. Theo had set upon her in the narrow, private space next to the garage. He’d simply yanked her tee shirt up, hooked it behind her head and grabbed her bare nipples, twisting and pulling on them painfully for a few moments before pushing her to her knees. Understanding his desperation, Tracey quickly unbuckled and unzipped him, pulling jeans and boxers to his knees and letting his already hard cock slap her on the cheek. She took him straight into her throat, hardly gagging at all before vacuuming his prick with everything she had. He lasted about two minutes and she swallowed quickly.

She cleaned him off properly with her tongue then pulled his boxers back up, quickly followed by his jeans, which she buckled and zipped. He pulled her to her feet, kissed her cheek and thanked her, finally relaxed. She shooed him off, suggesting to his retreating back that next time he should ask their mom if Tracey wasn’t there. Theo chuckled and kept walking. Tracey finally fixed her top and went back to Mindy. Under five minutes, bedroom to garage to bedroom. A personal best, Tracey congratulated herself.

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