It Started With Panties

by Jack Spratt

Copyright© 2003 by Jack Spratt. ALL Rights Reserved

Erotica Sex Story: For the last year Mike's wife Alicia had been neglecting him for her career. Having to take his sexual desires into his own hands so to speak he often dreamt of his young fifteen year old daughter Paige. All it took was a pair of her panties to start Mike on the road to sexual bliss. Enjoy.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/ft   Consensual   Fiction   Incest   Anal Sex   Oral Sex   .

Date of first publication: Monday PM, September 01, 2003

Special thanks to Pete ‘the old fart’ 2017 for his expertise in reediting and reproofing.

Life was starting to catch up with me. My wife and I had settled into a plutonic relationship. My sexual life was currently minus six and dropping rapidly. Yes it had been six months since I’d been between a woman’s legs, any woman’s legs. I surely missed the taste of pussy honey. But I was way ahead of myself.

My wife was a wonderful lover for the first fourteen years of our marriage. Alishia was a beautiful African American. For years I thanked the powers to be for allowing us to meet and fall in love. It was love at first sight for me. Alishia took a lot of persuading; hell I won’t even mention her dysfunctional family. The fact that I was white didn’t help. Her peers suggested it wouldn’t last. After two years of pleading Alishia finally relented, agreeing to marry me much to the horror of her crazy parents.

Life was a dream. Alishia loved sex as much as I did. Early in our love making Alishia discovered she loved anal sex. For years we couldn’t keep our hands off each other. My favorite pastime was licking her honey pot at every opportunity. Her skin tone was a deep chocolate, however when spreading her huge pussy lips it exposed the softest pink interior that was always so moist and with a very little encouragement her juice flowed like a small stream. We played all kinds of daring games, most of them resulting with me between her legs enjoying eating her; our goal was to do it public or semi-public without being discovered. Fortunately we had never been caught. However there had been many very close encounters and that made it all the more exciting. At that time in our lives I would have done anything to taste her heaven. Even when she was pregnant with Paige, we enjoyed a very close relationship; actually the bigger she got the hornier she became. We enjoyed oral sex two days before she delivered Paige. Her pussy was stretched out of shape and her breasts were nearly double the size of her usual 34C.

Now everything was different. After Paige started middle school, Alishia put all her energy into her work at her law office. She was a key figure in a prestigious law firm, being designated to the more difficult cases. Evening after evening she was in the study researching for her numerous assigned cases. When she finally came to bed she passed out from sheer exhaustion. It had come to a point of I slept in the guestroom downstairs so as not to disturb her. Now the only way I had of releasing my constant sexual pressure was self-indulgence, a very poor substitute to the magic between Alishia’s legs.

A little about me, my name is Mike Brandt. At forty six I had everything I dreamed of years ago including good health and a hellva need for sex. My wife Alishia was always there for me. Unfortunately her desire for sex had waned considerably; actually it was currently at the square root of nil. As I mentioned her job gets most of her attention. I was a software designer by trade but currently was involved with virus eradication for some of our firm’s major clients. The fact that I am good at my job keeps me in demand and very well remunerated.

Currently my young daughter Paige was my pride and joy. Now fifteen, she was a young version of her mother with a light coffee colored complexion. She had her mom’s face and a smaller version of her body a place for everything and everything in its place. My life now centred on her enjoying my time with her. We went everywhere together.

I often daydreamed about Paige when I was taking care of my personal urges. Two months ago while in the bathroom my quick eyes noticed Paige had left her bra and panties on top of the clothes hamper, retrieving them then feeling the softness imagining how they looked tight against my daughter’s young teen body had me trembling. Her bra, with its 32a cups, smelled of her favourite fragrance, actually her mother’s. Her panties had a blended scent, her sexual musk, perfume and urine. The scent really had an effect on John Thomas. The combination of the scents and feel of her panties against my face had me rock solid. Holding her panties at my nose I experienced one of the strongest climaxes in months but then the feeling of guilt after the deed. Paige shouldn’t be in my thoughts while masturbating but she was!

That scenario was the cause of my current mess. One night while enjoying the scent of my daughter panties while my hand was pumping away on John Thomas, Paige walked in on me as strings of thick white cum shot into the toilet. The lock on the bathroom door didn’t catch. My nose was covered with Paige’s moist and aromatic blue lacy panties. I didn’t know who was more shocked, Paige or I. Surprisingly Paige just smiled then turned around and left for her bedroom with me standing looking stupid with my wilted dick in my hand.

Waiting for the axe to fall, I envisioned a raging Alishia coming in and really blasting me; or perhaps carrying a very dull knife ready to castrate me. After waiting fifteen minutes in terror nothing happened; getting dressed I peered out of the door to make sure the coast was clear then left the bathroom. To my surprise all was quiet. Paige had gone to bed and Alishia was in the kitchen getting a glass of milk before going to bed.

“Good Night Mike. I have another heavy day tomorrow. I will be home very late so you and Paige will have dinner without me. If you are available will you pick me up at the courthouse at eight tomorrow evening?”

“Ok Alishia. Put a note on the frig so I don’t forget. You know how good my memory is.”

Alishia chuckled then wrote the note. I was famous for forgetting appointments. Alishia went upstairs to bed. My eyes followed her body, so firm, so beautiful and oh so very desirable. But now it was usually tired and didn’t want to be loved as before. How I longed to enjoy her as my lover as we had done for years.

Heading for the family room on the lower level, turning on the TV, lost in thought about how was I going to face Paige in the morning was on my mind for the longest time. I must have fallen asleep in my chair. The next thing I heard,

“Daddy, you are going to be late for work if you don’t come up now.”

It was Paige; her mother had already left for work.

“Ok Paige. I am heading for the washroom.”

I didn’t want to face her this morning after last night’s exhibition with her scented panties.

“Daddy I am off to school. Sarah is here to pick me up. See you tonight.”

“Okay Paige. See you tonight. If I am not here when you get home, it is because I stopped for dinner with a client, your mother will be late also. I have to pick your mom up at eight.”

“Ok Daddy. I can fend for myself.”

The door closed as Paige left. Well the confrontation was put off at least till tonight. How could I face her? She saw me sniffing her panties and cum shooting out of my much engorged cock. Even at fifteen Paige knew the reason my nose was buried in the crotch of her panties.

The bathroom door was open. A surprising discovery, there’s a different pair of Paige’s soiled panties; they were laid out on the counter. Close examination revealed they were still damp at the crotch with some crusty areas as well. They smelled of Paige’s musty pussy juice. After enjoying them as often as I had, her distinctive refreshing smell was easy to identify. They had to be the ones she wore to bed last night. The crusty white part was her dried pussy excretions, my daughter must have been masturbating ... There was a lot of it. Paige had a very wet dream last night. What I wouldn’t give to know the subject of her desire. My morning erection appreciated the aroma. Making sure the door was locked before relieving the pressure, I had another enjoyable climax thinking of my daughter, then came the guilt.

That evening was a carbon of last night. Paige did her homework. Alishia researched and I was frustrated as usual. I did notice Paige looking at me a number of times during the evening, then smiling twice; she licked her lips with her sexy looking tongue while staring at me eye to eye. Hell, I thought everything about her is sexy. She certainly wasn’t showing any signs of embarrassment after catching her dad sniffing her damp scented panties while he pulled his chain. It was the usual race at shower time. Alishia went first, then Paige and finally me. It had been that way since Paige was eight. Finally going for my shower, there on the counter was Paige’s bra and soiled panties laid out in full display. Now it was obvious she did this on purpose. Hopefully she was she telling me she approved of her Daddy enjoying a bit of her being. Not wanting to kick a gift horse in the mouth I just enjoyed her desirable scent and a forceful climax.

This ritual went on for three weeks. Every morning and every night Paige’s panties were on the counter for me to enjoy. Last night she surprised me by having Alishia’s laid out as well. I don’t fight success.

One morning Alishia advised me and Paige she and three other lawyers had to go out of town for a week to handle a large case for one of their local clients. She wondered if Paige and I could handle being alone, offering to call her mother. We both advised her we could get along without the benefits of my mother in law. She still hadn’t forgiven me for marrying her daughter. Paige smiled at me. She knew how much I detested the old battle-axe. Alishia left that day.

That evening, I got home early and prepared dinner. After Paige left the table I cleaned up. I could hear the water running. Paige was in the bathroom enjoying a shower. When I went for my shower her current scented panties were on display on the counter. Picking them up to have a good inhale a small piece of paper drifted slowly to the floor. The note said. ‘Why not come to the source?’

What did it mean? The source was between my teen daughter’s legs, a place I hadn’t seen since Paige was eight. She and I had many a fun time in the bathroom when she was small. Paige insisted that Daddy bathe her. I watched her young body change from a small child to a young girl, appreciating how she was developing noting the change from a featureless child to a curvy young girl. Paige’s body evolved early with her breasts starting to develop at six or seven. Not large mind you, the changes were very subtle but noteworthy to me. Her nipples were very prominent and appealing, something she inherited from her mother. I couldn’t help but notice her peach change from just a slit to prominent puffy luv lips. It was a joy to spread and her bum cheeks nightly making sure everything was spiffy clean. Alishia noticed Paige’s changing body and suggested she was too old for Daddy to continue to bathe her. Paige didn’t like it but very reluctantly I agreed with her mom.

Now this note suggested I come to the source. I had wondered how Paige’s naked body had changed as she approached becoming a teenager. Remembering Alishia showing me the gifts we as mom and dad gave her on her fifteenth birthday. It was new lingerie. A number of panty and bra sets along with the current fashion low rider jeans and numerous tops. Of course my imagination was running in top gear. For the last six years I had watched Paige’s breasts change from to bumps to two very prominent protrusions topped with her sizable nipples. One of my concerns was would she know how to handle herself when the wolves came calling.

Paige’s complexion was a combination of her mom’s and mine. It was a beautiful shade of coffee brown and she had long very dark brown hair. Her hair always shone from the continuous brushing it received. When she wore lip gloss and eye shadow her beauty radiated. It also made her look much older than her fifteen. My body was tingling thinking of what prompted Paige to leave the note. Did the fact that her mom was gone for a week bring out something in her she had been considering for some time? Was she sexually active already? Alishia never mentioned if Paige started menstruating or was on the pill. Alishia used super tampons and there were no junior types in the family bathroom.

While showering, the thought of actually seeing the source of my favorite scent had me shaking. Just how was this going to play out? There was no time like the present to see what Paige had in mind. Dressed in my robe I stood in front of her closed bedroom door. My nerve was starting to wane when Paige commented.

“Come in Daddy. I have been waiting for you.”

Paige was on her back wearing a very shear red set of baby doll lingerie. She had been reading and doing some research as there are a number of books spread out on the bed. She looked so angelic. My eyes ran down her body and stopped at her crotch. I was sure that there was a trace of tight curly brown hair framing her love lips. John Thomas wanted to join the conversation, pushing against my robe as he stiffened. Careful adjusting kept me decent.

“Paige I read your note. What did you mean by it?”

“Daddy I know you have been jerking off using my panties to get you hard. After seeing you cum that night I wasn’t sure what to think.”

“I am sorry that you had to see that Princess. Daddy’s aren’t supposed to think of their young daughters like that.”

“Like how Daddy?”

The heat of my blush ran through my body. How do you tell your daughter that you find her sexually attractive? Paige moved her knees up and slightly spread her legs. All this did was expose more of her wonders between her legs. Yes she did have a fair amount of dark hair framing her pussy. Her mom only trimmed her pussy and for years I had relished parting the curly hair and enjoying her moist fruit. My desire for pussy fruit was the reason for this dilemma. If Alicia was available my actions would not been a reason for suspicion. For the last four months my thoughts had been about how my daughter would be in bed.

“Like the way I think of your mom. It is not right but it is the way I feel.”

“Daddy that is so nice that you think of me as you do Mom. You know how much I love you Daddy.”

“Yes Princess and you know I love you and would never do anything to hurt you.”

“Yes, Daddy, please come and sit down beside me.”

One part of my brain, the intelligent part, told me to kiss her on the forehead and say nighty night. Unfortunately that part was overruled by the horny part and my growing erection. Now being this close to Paige, her scent and her magnetism had me breathing heavily. It took willpower not to reach out and touch. The soft material of Paige’s top moulded over her breasts, accenting her obviously excited nipples. This was the same perfume that did me in with her mother. My desire to bury my face between her breasts was so strong.

“Daddy I know you and Mom are not doing very much sexually. Mom doesn’t seem to have time to make love with you anymore. I used to hear you just about every night making Mom squeal with pleasure. I haven’t heard that for a long time.”

“You listened to us?”

“Yes Daddy, then after I realized what you and Mommy were doing I used to feel funny between my legs. It is you and Mom’s fault I masturbate every night.”

That little bit of information was the icing on the cake as far as John Thomas was concerned. He was extended and hurting. My body seemed frozen in position, making sure I didn’t do anything foolish. Paige didn’t help. We were eye to eye and then she gave me her soft smile licking her lips.

“Daddy should go, Paige, before I do something we both will regret.”

Paige took matters into her hands grabbing my arm and pulling me, catching me off guard and making my body fall uncontrollable towards her. My face ended up just below her belly button, my chin was resting on her pubes. Breathing heavily, her sexual scent mixed with perfume filled my nostrils and my mind was playing tricks with my body. Next, Paige’s hands were at my ears pushing my face downwards as she raised her hips. My face was now buried in her moist muff. The hair framing her pussy pushed against my lips through her thong type bottoms. My lips found hair that had escaped its confines. Kissing her luv lips brought a sigh from Paige and more pressure on my head pulling it deeper into her pussy. Moving upwards, trying to take control, Paige still had a bit of advantage as I was still off balance.

“Paige we can’t do this.”

It took all my strength to move my face from the comfort of Paige’s soft teen pussy. Paige used my spurt of conscience to lift her hips and lower her thong exposing her luscious now swollen fruit. Her juices glistened on her luv lips. Then she grabbed my ears and pulled me downwards, lips met lips. Lips kissed lips, tongue searched for elixir. My senses were not disappointed. Paige’s honey pot was gooey with her juice. My tongue was like a bee to honey, lapping. Paige tasted as her mom tasted, great! My common sense was lost.

Her juice flowed freely. With my lips attached to Paige’s pussy I was able to actually syphon her flow. If memory served me even her mom never had a sustained flow as great as Paige. In my dazed state I could feel Paige reposition her body, knees bent, using their strength to lift her pussy upwards. Her body trembled as she came. Then the realization kicked in that I was having oral sex with my teen daughter. Committed to her pussy, my manipulations brought her to the brink several more times then over the top. Then her hands were on my head pushing me away.

“Daddy that was wonderful but my pussy is so tender. No one has ever done anything like that for me. Even masturbating has never made me feel like you do. How come Mommy doesn’t like this?”

“Your mommy is very busy with her career honey. All she seems to be interested in is working but she still loves you and me very much.”

“Oh Daddy I love you so much too.”

Moving beside her, she cuddled into my arms. Her small frame looked so minuscule compared to mine. Her eyes were closed with a very beautiful smile on her face. Although my cock was engorged and unsatisfied the rest of me felt great. Paige’s scented juice was crusting on my face; her body was now curled into mine. Closing my eyes, a peaceful wave flooded my body. Paige stirred.

“Daddy what does Mommy do for you to make you feel good?”

“Not much recently Princess.”

“No I mean when you and Mommy slept together. After you did the things you did to me what would she do for you?”

“Well we cuddled and rubbed against each other’s naked bodies.”

“Like this?”

Paige sat up and removed her top. The view of her young titties had me mesmerised. All that my imagination had conjured up in my mind was dwarfed by Paige’s beauty. Her nipples were a deep brown perched on two small mounds of soft flesh. Kissing both tips caused Paige’s body to tremble with exhilaration.

“Daddy that feels so good but it doesn’t do anything for you.”

“Oh yes it does Paige. I can’t believe how beautiful you are. You certainly take after your mother in looks.”

Paige moved her body to mine, getting full contact, then she kissed me; not a little daddy kiss but a passionate kiss reminding me of her mother when we first started dating. When she reached down and grabbed John Thomas I nearly lost it. It felt like a butterfly’s touch then she gave me a squeeze.

“Oh Daddy it is so big. Can I see it?”

After turning on the lamp I laid on my back, John Thomas standing up in his full glory. Precum glistened in the light. The look on Paige’s face was of wonderment and excitement. Her fingers traced the length and girth then she grasped me, pulling down the loose foreskin. When she found my testicles her soft touch had me moaning. Hefting my balls in her hand she looked at me questioningly.

“They are my testicles Paige. They help produce sperm.”


“That is what Daddy ejaculates during sex. Something like the liquid your pussy drips when you are enjoying sex but mine is much thicker.”

“Can I see some?”

“I don’t think it is wise Paige we have gone way past what we should do now. I feel a bit guilty for doing what we did already.”

“Don’t Daddy. Since Mommy doesn’t have time to do it for you I want to take her place. I know Mommy likes sex; she masturbates all the time. She should be doing it with you.”

“Oh Paige that is such a wonderful offer but I don’t think you realize what you are saying. Mommy doesn’t really masturbate does she?”

“Every night in the bathroom. She has three dildos in the cupboard in her Mom’s old sewing basket. I know she uses them because they are always wet after she is in the bathroom. I have checked. One of them is awful big.”

Paige was still holding my cock in her hand, slowly massaging. It had been a while since someone other than myself had made me feel this good. Although not shocked that Alishia was masturbating it did surprise me since she was always too fatigued for sex with me. Paige looked so angelic, so innocent. The next step wasn’t something even to be considered.

“Paige we should forget what has just happened. You don’t know what you are suggesting.”

“Yes I do. I want this inside of me. I know all about it because we take it at school. Some of my friends are already doing it.”


“You know having boys put their thing inside them. Lots of guys have asked me to do it but I won’t.”

Paige was still a virgin, what a relief. All this revelation had me wondering just what the hell goes on in school these days. Remembering my early school experiences I might have thought of girls but I had no idea of what to think about. Once I started to masturbate at thirteen things like sex come into focus. I could remember the first time that cream shot out. It shocked the hell out of me. My first thought was something bad had happened or something had broken.

The next day at school after a discussion with a few of my peers it became clear that I had experienced my first climax. That evening it was followed three more, only the fact it wouldn’t get stiff again stopped me from having the fourth one.

Paige sat up still pumping. Her legs were spread, giving me a view of her open very moist pussy. Hair framed and so pink, it was very desirable so John Thomas was throbbing. Would my cock actually fit into something so small? Shit why was I even thinking about something like that? The smart thing to do was to get up and leave the room and take a very cold shower. Just as I was about to make the break from this dangerous situation; my urge to cum hit me. Opening my mouth too tell Paige to stop pumping was too late. String after string of hot cum hit her from her mouth to her tummy. Thick white cream was now running down her nose onto her lips. Watching her tongue flick out tasting a glob made tingling run up and down my spine. Would she like it?

“You don’t taste too bad daddy. Does Mummy like it?”

“She used to suck me regularly. Many times we would go to sleep with her sucking me like a soother. I really miss that.”

“Daddy I can do that for you. I want to. Mommy won’t know.”

Paige leaned over and had my stub in her mouth sucking. All my good intentions were gone down the drain John Thomas ruled. This act, a blowjob, did me in. Watching my daughter willingly suck deeply on my shaft was a sight of pure beauty. How could I say no to something that felt as wonderful as this? The next thing I remember was waking up as Paige’s alarm rang. She was cuddled up beside me, her hand still at my crotch. Remembering last night and her sucking gave me a real large feeling of guilt. I had violated my Princess.

“Oh Daddy I love you so much.”

“Princess what we did is wrong. We have to talk about it tonight. But now is time to get up and get ready for the day.”

Paige’s nude body gave John Thomas a morning woody. Recalling her manipulations that got me off last night brought a blush of embarrassment. How could I have taken advantage of my daughter last night? Grabbing my robe, I noticed Paige combing her hair before the mirror in the nude. She wasn’t embarrassed in the least at me staring at her.

“Thank you Daddy. Remember, I love you.”

Every time there was a lull at work my mind recalled Paige’s young luscious teen body. Each time my resolve was bolstered to end it in the bud only to hit the rock bottom when the vision of her manipulating my cock to make me cum surfaced. Totally perplexed, I left the office. Driving by the mall I pulled into the parking lot. There was a Victoria’s Secret store just inside the main door. After handling Paige’s panties and bra so often I knew her sizes by heart. A very willing clerk showed me a number of bra and thong combinations. Picking out two very skimpy sets, one white and the other red, I headed home with my gifts of guilt. My guilt was surrendering to my sexual fantasies with my teen daughter. Walking into the house, I wondered how giving Paige some very revealing lingerie would appease my concerns.

The odor of something cooking reminded me of no lunch today; my mind was totally absorbed in the fight between good and evil. In the kitchen, Paige was proving that all the time she spent at Girl Guides and at the home ec classes at school hadn’t gone to waste.

“Hi Daddy. I got home early so I made dinner. I think you will like it.”

Paige was wearing very short, shorts that looked like they were two sizes too small; every nook and cranny was shown. The t-shirt she was wearing was so thin her braless dark nipples were very obvious. She was a walking wet dream. Paige hummed while she was serving both of us. Sitting down she looked at me smiling.

“I thought of you a lot today at school Daddy. I have come to a decision.”

“And what is that Paige?”

“While Mom is away I am going to replace Mommy. She told me to take good care of you when she left. I will be your surrogate wife. I want to do everything she does for you.”

“Well that won’t be hard she hasn’t done much for me in months.”

“You know what I mean. Remember what it was like when she wasn’t the top attorney at the firm? Every night you made her scream.”

Memories of that period of my life were still very vivid in my mind. Every night was a discovery. Alishia tried to do or wear something most nights knowing she would be eaten until she screamed for me to stop so we could get some sleep. I must have been lost in my thoughts.

“Daddy quit daydreaming; eat your dinner while it’s warm. Tonight is the first night of the rest of your life and I am going to be a big part of it.”

Helping Paige with the dishes didn’t help my condition. Her young titties moved every time she did. With the vision of her young body still fresh in my mind from last night all sorts of scenarios presented themselves, none of which I should even be considering. Paige was acting like everything was normal.

“Daddy we are just like Jaleesa Rhoden and her dad.”

Jaleesa, the same age as Paige, was her best friend. She and her younger sister Melissa live with their mom and dad three doors down. Jaleesa was a young knockout but her sister Melissa was a fourteen year old flirt. She often swam in our pool and every time she saw me she made a point of being close to me. Her young body was starting to flower. To this point she had flashed her young pussy at me four times. She wore summer dresses rather than jeans and tops like her sister. Many times the vixen didn’t wear panties and when I was near and made a point of giving me an unbridled view of her appealing young body and fantastic young moist peach. I had often wondered just how far this young nymph would actually go.

Was Jaleesa and her Dad lovers? I certainly could understand if her Dad was enjoying her young lush body. At fifteen she was very similar in features as Paige. Shit I wondered if Paige told Jaleesa what happened between us last night? After a quick shower and avoiding touching Paige’s panties and bra, I tried to formulate a plan to end this madness. In the family room watching a ball game I tried to boost my resolve to tell Paige I insisted this end today.

“Daddy there is a bag of Victoria Secret lingerie on the table, is it for me? They are all my size.”

Shit! Seeing the way Paige was dressed when I came in, I pushed the bag and its contents it from my mind. Paige must have noticed on the small table at the front door.

“It is a small gift for you, an apology for being so un-Daddy like last night.”

“There is nothing to apologize for Daddy but thanks for the lingerie. You know all I want is to please you.”

The sound of her rushing upstairs told me to forget trying to get her attention until she returned. Later there was a sound behind me, it was Paige. She walked in front of me and twirled around wearing the white combination of bra and thong. She looked fantastic. The thong was drawn deep into her ass crack so it appeared her butt was bare. The bra hugged her enticing boobs. The total effect made Paige appear older and more mature. Her Mother had taught her many the tricks of make-up which she was practising on me tonight. She had her hair piled on her head in a large swirl. All my body was stirring with desire, so much for my resolve. Trying to avoid looking at her didn’t help as she crawled into my lap rubbing her soft bra covered titties on my face.

“Let’s go to your bedroom Daddy. Remember I’m your wife till Mom gets home and I want to do my wifely duties tonight without rushing.”

Protesting didn’t deter her as she dragged me upstairs. Bypassing her bedroom we entered the master. She had drawn the blankets down. Hopping on the bed she sat with her legs crossed her thong pulled into her young moist pussy. She looked at me questioningly.

“Daddy, get underdressed. Don’t be shy, I saw everything last night.”

Beaten by my desires and the fact that Paige was more than willing to join me in bed I complied. On my back, John Thomas was standing proud. Paige quickly manhandled me, licking her lips as she stroked me. This could be a repeat of last night. Having Paige massage me was a dream come true but I knew we shouldn’t be involved physically like this. What would her mom think if she ever found out? That was a scenario I really didn’t want to contemplate. Paige was leaning over me with her tasty titties hanging down in front of me. They looked so small, so delicate, and so tasty. When she leaned over and engulfed John Thomas that killed what little willpower I was trying to generate to stop this nonsense. Her deliberate movements of her mouth slipping up and down my shaft and the feeling of her warm hand on John Thomas had me totally lost and in her control.

“Do you like this Daddy? Does it feel like Mommy?”

To be truthful it actually felt better then Alicia. Paige was using her tongue on little slit which in turn was providing me this wonderful sensation. Absently mindedly my hips were lifting to match her sucking and stroking. Drifting off to never, never land, the telephone rang brought me back to earth. Paige continued to suck and stroke.


“Hi Mike Alicia here, just wanted to touch base with you. My team arrived with no problems. We have a big day in court tomorrow. How are things with you and Paige?”

Alicia! Her voice was like ice water poured on John Thomas, his shaft shrinking it to a soft stub in my daughter’s moist mouth.

“We are fine, actually Paige made dinner tonight. She is quite the homemaker.”

“So she is filling in for me?”

Shit I wanted to say how much but kept my mouth shut.

“She is around here somewhere do you want to speak to her?”

“Yes please if it’s no bother.”

Making sign to Paige that her mother wants to talk to her, my limp cock flopped out of her mouth as she reached for the receiver. She grasped my shaft and slowly pumped my stub.

“Hi Mom. How are you?”

“Good Paige. How are things there?”

“Like dad said I cooked dinner and he enjoyed it.”

“Are you enjoying your dad like I told you?”

“Actually I was.”

“My call interrupted you?”

“Yes Mom.”

“Did he put up much of a fight?”

“A little but I have it in hand.”

“You have his cock in your hand?”

“Yes, Mom.”

“He has no idea what we are talking about?”

“No, of course not.”

“Good. I want you to take good care of him. Remember he loves anal sex so if you feel up to it, let him enjoy your pucker. There is a large tube of K. Y. Jelly in the drawer in the night table. I have been neglecting my wifely duties but I have to make sure I get the recognition I need to get the partnership at my law office. Can you handle everything that is necessary?”

“I will be able to tell you that next time you call.”

“So you are going to fuck your Dad tonight?”

“That is my plan.”

“Your Dad is always gentle. I know after the first time you will enjoy it. With the both of us we should be able keep him happy.”

“Okay Mom. I hope you win your case.”

“Knowing you are on the job Paige will help me immensely.”

“Do you want to talk to Dad again?”

“Yes please, just to say goodbye. I love you Paige.”

“I love you too Mom. Dad, Mom wants to say goodbye.”


“Paige says she has everything in hand. I know she will do her best filling in for me.”

“She takes after her Mom. Win in court.”

Hanging up the phone Alicia’s words ‘she will do her best filling in for me’ struck me as odd. Paige was still manipulating my stub that was starting to show some interest. When Paige managed to put my entire stub in her mouth sucking it grew to full length in seconds. When she released me I watched as she removed her bra and then her thong. Her pussy was all puffy and moist. Smiling she moved her body to the head of the bed and then straddled my face with her pussy on my lips. Her scent and her taste had me a prisoner. Paige pushed her pussy into my mouth rubbing her clit up and down on my nose to get the maximum effect.

The sensation of Paige enjoying oral climax filled my heart with wonderful thoughts. Looking up past her flat stomach gave me a view of her budding breasts and hard nipples. Grabbing her bum cheeks I spread them and pulled her into position so I was enjoying the view of her tight pucker. My tongue pushed against the snug opening.

“Daddy what are you doing?”

My assault on her tight anal opening was relentless. Not that there was much chance of entering but I did enjoy the taste of her. She was squirming then trembled as climax after climax rippled through her body. Her essence flowed freely as her juice floods into my throat. This reminds me of the first time I ate Alicia. Like Paige, she enjoyed my tongue. My action on her butt hole had had an interesting effect. Reaching back Paige spread her cheeks giving me a view of her opening that my tongue filled.

“Oh Daddy, that feels so different. Doesn’t it taste bad?”

“Paige you just had a bath. Your body is squeaky clean.”

“Enough Daddy it is time to take care of you like Mommy used too.”

Just the thought of what she was suggesting had me in knots. Paige, as beautiful as she was, was so small and delicate. My engorged cock was ready and after what had happened over the last two days my sexual relief was a priority. I should get up and relieve myself in the bathroom with her panties at my face. That action had served me well for months.

“What do I do Daddy?”

Paige had John Thomas in her hand, rubbing while staring at me, her big brown eyes shining. She was doing her Daddy like her Mommy had done in the past. You could see pride and determination in her eyes.

“Are you sure you want to try this? You could just rub me.”

“Daddy that isn’t what Mommy would do, is it? I want you to think Mommy is at your side.”

My daughter assumed the familiar missionary position. Her legs were slightly spread, opening her peach, inviting me to enjoy her body. She looked so innocent and so vulnerable. Her look of determination reminded me of her mom many years ago. Paige wasn’t going to take no for an answer.

“Come on Daddy I know you need to fuck me. Please get on top of me.”

After positioning my body over hers, John Thomas was more than a willing participant. Here I was about to fuck my fifteen year old daughter, taking her cherry. If this really happened everything in our lives would change. Hell how was I ever going to face Alicia? Deflowering my princess was not one of the acts of a good father.

“Daddy, quit thinking and start doing. If Jaleesa can fuck her father I certainly can fuck mine.”

Slowly lowering my body we made first contact. My cock was at her moist opening, pushing. Paige felt my cock and lifted her delicate hips upwards, pushing against, me forcing my cock to penetrate her virgin pussy. She gasped as her small opening accepted the first inch, losing her cherry. The heat on me was searing. Slowly she accepted more of me. The determination on her face never left. Feeling just a slight resistance at first, I was now buried deep in my daughter.

“Oh Daddy, that wasn’t so bad. I feel like something big is in me but I like it. How do you feel?”

“Like, I am raping my little girl.”

“Daddy it isn’t rape when your little girl wants it, besides I am not a little girl any more. I am your wife, remember.”

Deep inside of Paige, it was hard to remember she was my fifteen year old princess. The natural urge to start pumping was strong and automatic. Her small arms were around my neck, pulling. My face was in her hair, my body performing the motions to complete the ultimate goal. Paige was now fully absorbed in the act.

Like her mother, she was enjoying it to the fullest. In the beginning, Alicia and I couldn’t get enough of each other. As soon as possible she was on the pill. We never missed an opportunity to fuck, sometimes in very exposed circumstances, the more dangerous the better. Alicia always wore clothes that allowed us to fuck at a moment’s notice, me always hard, and she always willing.

“Oh, oh, Daddy, keep doing it.”

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