The Rape of Rogue One - a Star Wars Story

by dodgynubian

Copyright© 2017 by dodgynubian

Science Fiction Sex Story: Jyn Erso searches the Imperial base on Scarif and discovers a Dark Lord with dark powers and dark intent.

Caution: This Science Fiction Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Mind Control   Fan Fiction   Science Fiction   Aliens   Rough   .

Flitting from shadow to shadow the renowned thief-turned-rebel Jyn Erso made her way thru the corridors of the Imperial data record centre on Scarif. Andor and K-290 were off searching somewhere else in the complex but Jyn had just hacked into an Imperial computer to finally locate where the Death Star plans were.

Her heart was pounding and she felt herself tingling with excitement as she neared the room that was her goal. She’d burst in, deal with any enemy soldiers, grab the plans and be gone.

A quick glance and then she skipped across to the door. To be honest Jyn had been pleasantly surprised about how lax security was in this place. Storm-troopers, flight crew and other Imperial troops seemed to wander around in an unseeing daze, completely unaware of any rebel commandoes operating in their midst. Sheesh!

An old man with a stick could access the sensitive areas of this base!

The door seemed to have no locking mechanism. Surely it couldn’t be this easy...


With a sudden noise the doors parted and Jyn found herself looking into the target room. A surprisingly normal looking room. There was a bed, a table with a computer monitor and a chair. In a recess of the far wall was a shelf containing various garish-colored drinks. Off to the left was a wash basin.

Jyn was non-plussed – surely her computer hacking skills hadn’t failed her?


There, to the side of the bed, was another door.

Slowly drawing her blaster Jyn moved gingerly into the room.


As soon as she fully inside the door had slammed shut even faster than they had opened.

‘A trap!’ was the thought that flashed thru Jyn’s mind.

“Well what have we hear?” said a deep voice from who-knew-where, “Is there an intruder in my boudoir?”

Jyn spun round repeatedly levelling her gun at every conceivable hiding place. But there was no-one.

“Just you an’ me,” taunted the voice.

‘Hidden cameras!’ thought Jyn as she anticipated the ominous thud of approaching storm-troopers.

“Who are you?” she asked with as much confidence as she could muster, “And where are the Death Star plans?”

“The plans?” came the response, “Still on mission, eh? Well they’re in the drawer of the table.”

Jyn looked over to the table. There was the drawer.

“Don’t worry,” said the voice, “They’re definitely in there. I want to be able to torment you by letting you see how close you came. Before you failed.”

Jyn’s mind was whirling as she struggled for a plan to get out of this predicament.

“As for my name ... it’s Darth Salacious.”

This gave Jyn a jolt.

“Darth... ?” she whispered, “But that’s a...”

“Sith name?” barked the voice, “Why yes, my little rebel babe. I am a member of that dark order.”

“The Sith Lords are a legend,” protested Jyn, “And the Force is merely hocus-pocus magical tricks!”

“Technically I’m a Sith apprentice,” said the voice with a hint of tetchiness, “The Sith Lord is my master Darth Vader.”

The name of Vader caused a knot of fear to form in Jyn’s honed stomach. The prospect that this mission would fail – that she would end up in a small cell while Vader loomed over here deploying an Imperial interrogation ball – was the stuff of her nightmares.

“Let’s talk about you instead,” continued Salacious brightly, “Retina scan reveals you to be one Jyn Erso, a low-level thief. Criminal record for forging Imperial documents, possessing stolen property, aggravated assault and resisting arrest. My, what a naughty girl!”

Jyn had taken in the facts that no klaxon had been sounded and that the expected Storm-trooper squad had not burst thru the door to shoot or arrest her.

“And let’s have look at you,” continued Salacious, “Remove that tacky scarf.”

In response Jyn pulled away her neckerchief to expose her face. She scanned the walls. There was a line of little red lights about head height – surely the cameras that were used to watch her.

“Oh yes!” said Salacious with glee, “What a pretty little thing you are! I’m pleasantly surprised! This will go well!”

Jyn wasn’t quite sure what ‘This‘ was and she wasn’t keen to find out. Slyly she checked her pockets. The knife, small pistol and knuckle-duster were all there.

Wssst! Wssst! Wssst!

All around Jyn parts of the walls suddenly flipped round. Where once were empty walls were now objects hanging. The first had manacles, gleaning with evil intent. The second had whips and a branding iron. Jyn felt her heart beat faster. The third and final wall had what at first appeared to be a collection of small artillery shells – shells with an odd bulbous end.

‘Surely not... ‘ gasped Jyn.

“What the hell is this place!” she roared, “What sort of depraved monster are you!?”

“This place has many names,” replied Salacious smoothly, “Boudoir, playpen, torture chamber. Now you’re here I’ll call it my sex dungeon. I’ve provided the dungeon. Your hot body will provide the sex!”

Jyn spun round and hurled herself at the door. Desperately she tried to claw it open, but to no avail.

“I was planning to use this room to humiliate and then slaughter that stuck-up royal bitch Princess Leia,” said Salacious as he ignored Jyn’s forlorn escape attempt, “Now you’ll be the warm up act for her.”

“Whatever your sick mind has planned won’t work!” yelled Jyn, “I’m armed and I’ll fight!”

“You really haven’t been paying attention have you?” chuckled Salacious, “Why did you show me that pretty face?”

Jyn frowned for a moment.

“Because ... because you asked me to,” she stumbled, confused.

“Let me repeat the demonstration!” said the Sith apprentice, “Disarm yourself!”

Jyn had a moment to think that was such a ridiculous thing to say before she put her blaster back in its holster. Wide-eyed she could only watch as her hands undid the cord clasping the holster to her thigh. Her hands then shot to her belt buckle, unfastened it and let the holster and her weapon fall to the floor.

“What’s happening!?” she gasped in bewilderment.

Her hands were now rummaging thru her pockets, finding her radio and all sorts of weaponry and then casually tossing them to the floor.

Jyn stood still staring down in bafflement and mounting panic at her discarded weapons. She wanted to reach down and pick up one of her guns but her body simply refused to comply.

“Witness the power of the Dark Side of the Force on your pitifully weak bovine mind!” sneered Salacious, “You are my puppet!”

“This is not happening!” exclaimed Jyn in affronted shock, “You cannot ... will not control me!”

She was shaking and very frightened.

“Enough prattling!” barked Salacious, “Strip! Strip for your master!”

“NO!” Jyn spat thru gritted teeth.

But she could feel her arms moving...

“NO” she shrieked.

But she was pulling off her sleeveless jacket and throwing it away behind her. Hopping on one foot her hands were easily able to tug off her boot and sock before she hopped onto the other foot and repeated the process.

Her dainty bare feet could feel the cold metal floor beneath her.

Jyn’s hands reached to the front of her blouse and rapidly undid the buttons.

“No! Stop it! No!” she yelped.

Concentrating with all her might Jyn tried to regain control of her body.

Off came the top and it was flung against a wall, accompanied by the sound of Salacious laughing.

“You’re a user of a lady shaver I see,” Jyn heard him say, “It’s so nice that in this masculine universe you take care to appear so feminine.”

“Fuck off!” screamed Jyn.

“Will down below be neatly trimmed, I wonder?”

Jyn wailed in abject despair as her nimble fingers loosened the top of her pants. Down her slim bare legs the pants slid, to be kicked away by her foot.

Jyn Erso now stood standing in just her black bra and panties. She was shaking and blushing with a mixture of embarrassment and anger.

“I will KILL you for this!” she managed to say.

“Empty threat,” was the retort.

For what seemed like an age there was silence. Jyn knew that she was been leered at. She was disgusted.

“Nice little tits,” Salacious finally said, “And your butt is more pert than I was expecting. With all the running around you do I was expecting the body of an athlete. But you’re more ... juicy.”

“Why are you doing this?” she asked.

“For the simplest reason of all,” replied Salcious, “Because I can! My master, Lord Vader, has no confidence in me. Thinks I’m too frivolous. Dumped me here in the edge of the universe. Leaves me alone. So what am I to do? Think of ways to indulge my interests!”

“Your interests are perversities!”

“Let’s play a game which I call ‘Reality or Hope’. You’ll like it!”

“Pick up your blaster.”

Jyn complied with alacrity. The order the same as her wish. But once the weapon was in her hand she was stunned to find herself sticking the barrel into her mouth. In wide-eyed terror Jyn could only watch as her hand moved round the handle until her thumb was lightly resting on the trigger.

The barrel felt cold in her dry mouth. Jyn swallowed hard.

“Now, Miss Erso, pay attention,” said Salacious, “In a moment I will permit you to regain control of all of your body. If you wish you may avoid all of my obvious evil intentions by pulling the trigger and ending your life!”

Suddenly Jyn became aware of her thumb on that trigger. She could feel it’s structure and it’s ability.

In a flash Jyn pulled the blaster out of her mouth, spun round and fired at the door.


Laser fire hit the door and bounced back. Jyn ducked as bolts of fire flew widely around the room. One of the drinks was hit and smashed. A hole was burned into the bed covering. Finally the power of the bolts waned and faded away to nothingness.

“Interesting,” mused Salacious, “Your reality is that you are the pawn of a evil maniac who intends to sexually abuse you until you are dead, yet you choose the cling to the hope that you will get out of this predicament.”

Jyn hated the repeated threats of sexual violence she’d had to endure in her life. As she been bouncing along on the prison truck on Wobani even the stormtroopers had made it clear that there would be no working in the mine for her – she’d spend her life on her back or on her knees servicing the guards.

“Come and face me!” yelled Jyn as she waved the blaster around, “Face me and fight me!”

“No,” came the calm reply as Salacious compelled the hapless Jyn to throw away the blaster.

There was another long silent pause. Jyn knew that Salacious was not only leering but laughing at her.

“You need to think of a way out of here, my dear Jyn,” said Salacious, “Perhaps we could reach an accommodation?”

“What sort of accommodation did you have in mind?”

“Strip off completely, pick a dildo and fuck yourself senseless for my amusement!”

For a moment Jyn was too shocked by this bluntness to respond.

“I will never consent to my own violation!” she eventually said, “I’d rather die!”

“You’re so feisty!” chuckled Salacious, “Utterly adorable! Can you imagine how hard my dick is right now?”

Jyn’s mind drifted back to what one of her companions had said to her before the mission started.

‘What will you do if they catch you? What will you do if they break you? What will you become?’

Ending up as an Imperial fuck-toy had not crossed her mind.

“Wanna meet my friends?” said Salacious.

The door whished open and two creatures walked, or rather lumbered in. Each looked like a fat green pig walking on two feet. When their beady red eyes alighted upon Jyn they halted. She was appalled by their ugly faces – a huge snout dominating above a slobbering mouth full of mis-shaped protruding teeth.

“They’re called Gamoreans,” Salacious informed, “The Hutt crime lords use them as bodyguards. Dull, brutal and with no grace whatsoever.”

As if to confirm this description one of the newcomers let rip a mighty fart.

Jyn tried to assess them. Powerful and strong judging by their muscular arms, but clearly ponderous. In a fight she was confident that she’d be able to evade their attacks and hit their flabby bodies with sharp jabs.

“They do however have one feature that you may find of interest,” Salacious was saying, “I believe that their genitalia may be compatible with a human female. Compatible, yet bigger.”

These words and their implication hit Jyn with all the force of a brick wall. Her brain seemed to shut down – incapable of further thought. Her eyes registered that the two Gamoreans in front of her were removing their ragged clothes to reveal their ugly, flabby bodies. Both were drooling in the most disgusting manner as their beady eyes were fixated on her. Guttural sounds of lust were emerging form their foul mouths.

Jyn had seen that look of dull lust before – Saw Gerrera had looked at her like that as her body changed from that of a girl to that of a woman. Deep down Jyn knew that was why he had abandoned her – shame at his lust for his friend’s daughter. In an idle moment on the trip to Scarif Jyn had wondered what would have happened if the Death Star had not fired. Would she have been forced to warm Saw’s bed?

“Y-You can’t be-be serious... ,” Jyn finally managed to stammer, “This ... this is insane!”

Her shaking was uncontrollable, she felt her stomach turning over and over with the urge to vomit becoming manifest. She suddenly felt the cold, acutely aware that she was standing in a metal room wearing nothing but bra and panties.

“I’ve just remembered that I haven’t introduced you,” smirked Salacious, “ Y’know what? I didn’t bother learning the names of these boys myself. Let’s call the one on the right Hughie and the one on the left Louie. Nice to get acquainted with people you’re gonna be intimate with, eh?”

Jyn frantically looked around. There on the floor she could clearly see her blaster and the small pistol. Either would be sufficient to gun down the two porcine freaks. But though her mind was screaming at her limbs to seize those weapons her body remained still and rooted to the spot. The Dark power of Darth Salacious was holding her in thrall.

Frustration was boiling into despair. Jyn could feel her eyes becoming moist.

“I-I’m a rebel!” she jabbered, “A member of the Rebel Alliance. I can tell you lots of things. Like where the main rebel base is!”

“Tish and Pish!” spat Salacious, “Misery Guts Vader can find the base himself. Probably using a homing beacon or something.”

Both Gamoreans were now naked. The more they stared at Jyn the more the volume of their drooling increased.

“Give Hughie your bra!”

The instant Jyn felt her hands moving to her back Jyn gritted her teeth, closed her eyes and concentrated with all her might to stop them. Briefly she felt herself regaining control. Her hands paused. Inside her head Jyn could sense the presence of Darth Salacious. His power was growing against her. Her mouth was frothing with effort, sweat erupted upon her brow.

“Ahhhhhh!” she gasped as the mind of Salacious compelled her hands to unclip her bra.

As the flimsy garment fell forward her hand caught it. Taking a step towards the Gamoreans Jyn flung it at Hughie. With surprising dexterity the hulking brute caught it, raised it above his head and then dropped it into his cavernous mouth.

“Bawwwppt!” he burped after swallowing.

“Tits in view!” roared the watching Salacious, reminding Jyn that she was now topless.

Instinct almost made Jyn cover her exposed breasts but the demonic mind control of the Sith apprentice kept her arms by her sides.

“Small titties but I bet they’re juicy!” smirked the watcher.

“Louie looks hungry!” chortled Salacious, “Perhaps your rebel panties will satisfy him!”

For Jyn the shakes now reasserted themselves with renewed energy.

“Remove your panties, you Rebel scum!”

With a wail of anguish Jyn watched helplessly as her determined thumbs stuck themselves into the back of her panties and swiftly pushed them down. Down her bare thighs, past her knees and then dropped to the floor. Deftly Jyn’s dainty right foot kicked the panties up towards Louie. The beast caught the flimsy, frilly item and noisily sniffed it. Guttural noises conveyed his approval before he greedily stuffed it in his mouth and chewed.

“Vader disparages this power,” breathed Salacious, “He believes that the ability to control a person’s body is frivolous. He has clearly never experienced the pleasure of watching a beautiful woman undress.”

Jyn struggled to contain her fury. Anger mixed with embarrassment was making her blush crimson.

“Let’s have a look at you,” continued Salacious oilily, “Neatly trimmed at the front, pert at the back. A little scrawny. Don’t you Rebels eat well?”

“You fucking pervert!” yelled Jyn, “Come and fight me!”

“Noisy little thing, aren’t you?” came the sneering response, “You’ll scare Louie and Hughie.”

The two bulky green aliens did not look like they were not scared at all.

“I honestly didn’t know if they’d fuck you or eat you,” continued Salacious, “Pretty obvious that they want some fucking now tho, eh? Look at the size of those things!”

Jyn had been trying to avoid looking at the two naked Gamoreans. She’d took in their hideous faces, their bellies, their big hands and feet with dirty nails. But she’d studiously avoided the groin region. Dimly she was aware that something lurked there.

Biting her lower lip and with a growing empty feeling in the pit of her stomach Jyn awaited the inevitable – the two Gamoreans would surge towards her, drag her onto the bed and rape her.

“Wha-!?” she exclaimed as Salacious used his power over her to move her left foot forward.

The right now moved, then the left again. To her considerable consternation Jyn was walking towards the green monsters.

She swallowed hard, gritted her teeth and mentally fought to regain control of her body. The two somethings that she was trying to block out intruded into vision. Jyn tried to avoid focusing upon them.

“Ahhh!” Jyn gasped in surprise as her knees suddenly buckled and she found herself almost slamming her face into the hard floor.

Breathing heavily Jyn was aware that both Gamoreans were advancing on her. She tried to stand but Salacious would only permit her to rise so far. She was compelled to remain on her knees.

“NO!” Jyn cried out in shock and horror as she saw that both Gamoreans had their cocks in their right hands – big hands round big cocks – and were slowly stroking.

“NO! I won’t!” Jyn jabbered, “Don’t make me! Please! I know where the rebel base is!”

“Relax boys,” Salacious said as he ignored her, “Let the little bitch do the work.”

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