Vickie-dickie, the Pissy-panty-sissy

by Victor E

Copyright© 2017 by Victor E

Erotica Sex Story: Victor is about to enter 9th grade where, he's heard, all freshmen have to go through Hell Week. Weeks before school starts, he is cornered by three female students from the upper grades who intend to start initiation rituals ahead of time.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Teenagers   Coercion   Reluctant   School   DomSub   FemaleDom   Humiliation   Spanking   Masturbation   Water Sports   Nudism   .

All throughout grade school, Victor had been teased and picked on, called a sissy and laughed at for his high-pitched voice, shy manners and disinterest in the manly art of rough-housing. But the other kids would have had a field day of torment with him had they known what lay beneath his mild mannered exterior, the real Victor who lay hidden beneath his clothes. Victor hoped to keep it that way ... hidden.

From kindergarten through eighth grade kids played some sports in the schoolyard, but it wasn’t until high school that they shared communal showers or swam naked ( boys did, girls wore swimsuits ) The boys in Victor’s elementary school even had a common piss-pool next to the gym ( an 8 foot diameter urinal that flushed once every five minutes ) but Victor always managed to cup his hands in such a way that no one would be able to see his most private parts. Anyway, the male code demanded you not look.

But beneath Victor’s underpants there were two untold secrets. In his youngest years, of course, the first secret would be no big deal. But Victor, who had turned 14 by year’s end, was still as bald down there as a billiard ball. Not a wisp of hair there nor on his arms, legs, chest or armpits. He was as hairless as a little girl’s pussy.

The second secret, one that horrified the lad, was that despite being puberty-hormone challenged in the manly hair growth way, his cock was doing just fine. What made that horrible for Victor was that he was totally ignorant of some basic facts of life and teenage development. He knew boys over 11 or so started growing hair in places like that, but he still remained smooth.

But he knew nothing about the prime puberty change. How could that be? For one thing, he had few male friends with whom to discuss such important matters. More importantly, his mom and dad had thought him as much a sissy as the kids at school did. But his parents lived in fear that that meant young Victor was a homosexual ( this was the mid-50s when such suspicions were too shameful to openly recognized and were felt to be best ignored... ‘maybe he’ll grow out of it’ sort of thinking. )

But growing was something Victor’s cock was doing quite well all by itself. Yes, Victor at 14 was well hung, a self-starter in the erection department ( no manhandling necessary ) and he never masturbated. He didn’t have to. His erections were so active that he would experience near-cum leakage on a daily basis. The first time this happened he was at home and just threw his underpants and shorts ( they too were showing a cum-splotch ) into the wash. He found an easy, but not altogether perfect, remedy. He slipped a handkerchief into the front of his underpants and he changed that cotton blotter at need.

But all of that was going to change when Victor hit ninth grade in the new high school. He was dreading the boys’ gym locker room where they’d all change and need to put on jock-straps. He expected utter humiliation when they would see his hairless body and freakishly large pee-pee ( that was his name or it ) which seemed to get bigger at the oddest times. But humiliation came to Victor sooner than that.

In August, just weeks before the start of school, Victor was walking by his lonesome ( as usual ) along one of the many walking trails in Franklin Park. He was wearing his Keds over his socks, his khaki shorts over his white underpants and just a tee-shirt over his bare chest. That’s what he wore. But not for long.

Victor hung around girls at school for years. His quiet, deferential behavior and his quick-to-blush shyness had marked him for some time. Older sisters of his classmates, who were now in in tenth and eleventh grades, were going to get a head start on his Freshman Hell Week ( an initiation ritual of which he’d heard tales, but were actually just stories to frighten both boys and girls entering ninth grade. Victor assumed they were true as were the warnings about accepting your fate OR ELSE...

So when on this sunny, hot and humid day, Victor gave a sigh of resignation when he found himself confronted by five rather tall and well-built girls on a secluded park path. These girls did not march menacingly toward him; they didn’t have to. The smirks on their faces and their cruel stares riveted the 14-year-old and turned him to stone. His cock, on the other hand, turned rock hard and pressed, bulge-tenting his shorts. This did not go unnoticed by one of the girls as they surrounded him.

“For such a little boy,” sneered the observant ogler, “ you’re packing quite a pistol.”

Victor blushed crimson as, in his mind, his secret perversity and the unnatural state of his body state was exposed. Not as exposed as it was about to be, but shameful, nonetheless. All the girls noticed his ‘growing concern’, shall we say, and looked to their clique leader to make the most of it. (so to speak)

Lynn, boss bitch of the bullying bunch, smiled and nodded to her cohorts, “ We’ve been looking for you, Vic. Yes, we know your name. My sister used to call you Vickie-Dickie ever since she saw you get wood in your pants last year in class. I didn’t believe her at the time, thought she was exaggerating or bragging. But now I see she wasn’t.”

“What do you want from me” Victor stammered, still feeling that his hard-on was a point of derision and not of desire. His damned erection got even greater and a small drop or two of pre-cum was making his white underpants moist. He had a handkerchief in his back pocket, but this was hardly the time to apply a boner-blotter.

“Now is that any way to talk to girls who are trying to do you a favor?” replied Lynn in a fake sympathetic tone.”

“What kind of favor?” asked Victor who was beginning to get hopeful.

“Well, Vickie-Dickie...” smiled Lynn and her buddies giggled, “ You must know about Hell Week for freshmen.” Victor nodded and looked down at his shoes in embarrassment.

“Usually it’s older boys initiating younger boys and older girls initiating younger girls. But I’m going to be Chair of the Hell Week Student Committee next year and I’m going to reverse that rule. It will be big girls doing little boys and big boys doing little girls. And you, Vickie-Dickie, are going to be an example of how to be properly initiated by a member of the opposite sex.”

At the word ‘sex’, Victor gulped and started breathing heavily and was almost shaking. Lynn had hit a nerve and she knew it. This was going to be much more fun than even she or her bitchy friends had imagined. She laughed as she looked at the front of the lad’s shorts. And that’s when Victor, who had been preoccupied with his shame and dread, first noticed that he had peed his pants.

Lynn and her four bitch-buddies were laughing hysterically, slapping their knees, bending over in convulsions of mirth and derision. Finally, Lynn composed herself and put her arm around Vic’s shoulder in a friendly, consoling manner. This was not out of kindness, just a way to gain the lad’s confidence and direct Victor’s humiliation in a new direction which Lynn was rapidly formulating in her mind.

“Well, I guess Vickie-Dickie is too manly a name for you,” she said. “Let’s see what me and my friends can come up with instead.”

Lenore, also known as Lenore-the-whore, who dated older boys and gave them all hand jobs in the back row at the movies, said “ How about pissy-panties?”

Sally, the youngest girl of the group, pipped in with this gem, “ Maybe pissy-sissy.” Chuckles all around, except from Victor.

A third comment came from Francie, “ Before I had been thinking ‘boner-boy’, but his pee-pee accident seems to have blown that idea.” All the girls laughed at her dirty pun.

Barbara, or Bitch Barb, as she was known to boys whose pants she’d pulled down, suggested they see how much damage was done underneath the boy’s shorts before coming up with a suitable nickname. And with that, she grabbed the hem of Victor’s shorts and underpants and in one quick tug pulled them to his feet. Smiles and giggles followed.

Now Victor had been prepared for this as soon as he knew Hell Week initiation was to be carried out on him by girls. But that was before he pissed his pants. He knew he’d be embarrassed, but not to such a degree that he’d be frozen on the spot, stone-still in shock and, most humiliating, looking to everyone ( himself included ) that he was submissively accepting it.

The girls were not only giggling, they were gawking. They figured Victor’s penis shriveled when he peed his pants. But they were not prepared for what they saw next: 14-year-old Victor had not a single public hair to be seen and his balls were totally bald as well. The girls’ eyebrows arched and smiles appeared on their faces when all of a sudden, Victor’s cock began to stiffen and rise.

The girls were dumbstruck. Lynn was the first to speak, “ It seems pissy-panty-sissy-vickie is a boner-boy after all. But maybe baldy-bonner-boy would be a better nick-name.”

Sally wanted to find out if Victor had no chest hair either, as his legs and arms were smooth skinned.

“Good thinking, Sal.” said Lynn who turned to Victor and, in a drill sergeant tone of voice commanded “ Take off that T-shirt now, boy. It’s inspection time!”

To Lynn’s delight, Victor did not put up a fight or even grumble. But tears were slowly dripping down his cheeks as he complied with her order. Of course, that just encouraged Lynn and her mates.

When Victor handed Lynn his shirt, Barb the bitch quietly said to him, “ Take off the rest of your clothes too and then clasp your hands behind your head.”

“And stand up straight with your feet far apart!” shouted Francie. “ This is a full Hell Week inspection.”

To their delight, Victor did as he was told and, although he was not bawling like a baby, he was sniffling and the tears kept welling in his eyes. But he did as he was told.

Now buck naked and on full display, it was obvious Victor had no body hair at all ... not on his limbs, armpits, chest and he was completely bald where, at 14, most boys have at least some hairy covering. His rising cock was the only thing masculine about him, but even this, as important as it was to his manliness, was not enough to balance his sissy, wimpy, prepubescent, submissive, little boy demeanor.

Lynn was beginning to think they’d stumbled on the Perfect Pussy-boy to torment ... and maybe good for humiliation all year, not just a one-off like she’s originally intended. But she needed to test his submissiveness first, just to be sure.

“I think Sally’s suggestion combined with Lenore’s idea for your nickname makes the most sense.” said Lynn to the naked lad before her. “ Pissy-Panty-Sissy you shall be, at least for this week.” As an aside to her four friends she added, “ Maybe we’ll come up with something more fitting later.”

“For now, you must finish what you started,” she continued, now standing nose to nose to Victor, “ and finish pissing your panties.” With that Lynn pulled the boy’s underpants apart from his discarded shorts and lay them on the ground in front of Victor then ordered him to his knees. Lynn was smiling as the naked boy obeyed.

“Now I want you to piss on your panties ... yes, from now on boy underpants are a thing of the past. You are to think of yourself wearing little-girl panties. Don’t worry, we’ll be supplying you with several pairs to wear this week. But for now your own ‘panties’ will have to do, since you have anointed them already like a dog marking territory, you are going to complete the task at hand. Piss away and soak your panties, Pissy-Panty-Sissy!”

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