Grand Father's Day

by uksnowy

Copyright© 2017 by uksnowy

Incest Sex Story: An old man enjoys his 14 yr old gd for a day

Caution: This Incest Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/ft   Consensual   Fiction   Incest   Grand Parent   First   Masturbation   .

I read this story on another site and liked it, but it needed serious editing and revising.

Jeremy woke for Grandfather’s day. His fourteen year old grand daughter, Alison was sitting on his bed waiting for him to wake up. As usual, he was naked in bed, but the girl was used to that when he came and stayed with them. In fact, she was naked as well. It was how they grew up. And for the past three years, they did so without Ethel their grand mother knowing. Poor Grandma was in a respite care home after the second stroke in two years and was very frail. She was eighty, much older than Jeremy who was a sturdy, fit, sixty eight.

Their son and Alison’s father, Henry a divorced forty two year old Hampshire school headmaster was already at work, wrapping up end of term business before the family summer holiday in Cornwall, leaving Jeremy and Alison safely in charge of the roomy detached mock Tudor house in Hiltingbury, Chandler’s Ford.

He woke gently with a kiss on his lips, tasting toast but smelling eggs and toast and looked over at his side table. He knew his lovely granddaughter could cook well and grinned seeing Alison bring it to him.

“Surprise” she yelled. “Happy Grand Father’s Day!” “Why thank you darling,” he said with pride. Having such a loving family was a great boost for him, knowing he would soon be alone. “I love you so much!” “I love you, too Pops.” Alison said back to him, kissing him on the lips... “Now if you’ll excuse me, I need to take care of morning business before I eat.” She knew that just meant going to the bathroom. She chuckled to herself, hearing splashes and tinkling water, from the en-suite until he came back and got into bed where he eagerly ate his breakfast. “And now Pops, your best present ever.” Alison announced and to his sheer amazement and shock, she leaned over, pulled back the sheets to suck on his cock. “What are you doing, sweetie?” he didn’t know what to do, so he just watched.

“Poor Grandma. You haven’t had a woman around to take care of your sexual needs,” Alison replied knowingly, glancing up from his hairy belly. “I want to show you how much I can help you.” “Where did you learn it?” he demanded barely able to take his eyes off his not too pretty grand daughter. Her hand was firmly gripping his now hard erection. “I’ve been doing it for a couple of years with some friends about how to make boys happy,” Alison admitted. “Yeah well, I am surprised but I mean, it’s not like I’m one of them darling, but you shouldn’t be doing that, baby,” he tried to sound stern, that Thornden School had a lot to answer for, but there again the tiny skirts they wore there these days, how could they not experiment with sex, but Alison continued sucking his cock. At this point, enjoying it so much, not having had fellatio for years, even though she was under age and it was incest, he was no longer objecting.

Finally, he could take it no more, his jism bubbled, his balls contracted and Jeremy warned Alison that he was about to orgasm. Somehow, to his amazement, she was ready for it and let his sperm fountain into her mouth. She swallowed most of it, but some of it leaked out and was drooling down her chin. Seeing his young grand daughter with his cum on her chin was so erotic.

Jeremy coaxed Alison from his groin and licked his cum off her face and some drops on her chest, finding her nipples hard, licking them too, but they were on imperceptible mounds, hardly showing above the natural curves and contours of her child chest. He guessed, now at fourteen, she would be as flat chested as Ethel who had sported mere pin pricks and crumpled fried egg like tits. As had Alison’s now deserted mum, Sheena. Poor girl he mused, but she was damn good sucker...

Jeremy’s inhibitions were now negligible. His grand daughter had become a sexpot, no longer just an innocent girl. He made a huge decision and rolled her over, laying her down where he had been. He caught her slight glance of uncertainty, then spread her legs apart and lowered his head down to her virgin slit, was she still a virgin, with all her professed experience? Her aroma was intoxicating. Gently, he licked her delicate, slim and unfolded fanny lips from bottom to top along her slit. “Oooo ... Pappy!” she exclaimed, her lithe slender body shuddering.

“I’ll be very gentle darling,” he murmured, glancing up, expecting rejection and unsure, but there was a glimmer of a nervous smile, as if what was next. He went back down and licked more. This time, he gently eased her pearlescent lips apart to see inside of her immature sex hole. Her hymen was broken. Jeremy was disappointed but kids do so many activities these days, she might not have been fucked. He tensed his tongue and pushed inside of her. Alison moaned with pleasure. He located her tiny bud of clitty. It was well hooded and reluctant to pop up but he and started to play with it, wrapping his tongue around her sensitive spot. “Yeah! Ooh oooo,” she cried, pushing her hips into his face.

The inexperienced girl was obviously an orgasmic virgin and after a few minutes of expert cunnilingus, she was overcome and flooded her grand father’s mouth with her girl cum. Jeremy eagerly lapped up her sex juices. They tasted so sweet, he thought. Sweet and salty, but unbelievably delicious. He glanced up from her sweet spot after sucking it all, his grand daughter’s orgasm ending.

“You taste so good,” Jeremy whispered, not able to find his voice. “Thank you Pappy.” she cooed with a big smile on her satisfied face. Alison slithered up to him and kissed him on the lips, tasting her sister off his lips and tongue. “Will that happen every time?” she queried. “You know that cool sensation...” “Depends who does it my love. You’ll see.” “Can ... er can you do it. Do it again ... please?” she whimpered. Licking his lips, he went down on her again after kissing her, sucking on her pussy slit. This time Alison giggled in a throaty way. Prodding his fingers into her pussy he opened her up. He looked into his grand daughter’s pink pussy, admiring her virgin opening, hoping his dick would eventually be the first cock in there. He tongued her, realizing how much tighter she was but of course he hadn’t had sex in any way for several years and the last time was a Jamaican lady at the Bowling club who was desperate. She was slack too.

Alison was gasping with an almost adult sexual tone. He looked up at his youngest grand daughter, her head rolling side to side with the intense pleasure he was giving her. “Play with your breasts, that will help make it more cool,” he suggested, not sure about using teenagers terms. She smiled and he watched while she nipped her unripened, flat nipples. He dove back down and tongued her pussy again. It was deliciously warm and moist. He unearthed Alison’s little clitty and he started to rub it softly.

“Ohh” Alison gasped in immense pleasure. Her hips were bucking and he could sense that she was about to cum - again. “Aahhh!” she screamed as her second Pappy-given orgasm washed through her body. Jeremy had to hold her hips steady just to keep his mouth attached to her. When she came he was surprised at how much sex juice she produced. More than the previous orgasm. After taking in all of Alison’s sluicing fluids, he slid up, joining her on the pillow and kissed his grand daughter, sharing their mixed taste.

“Oh sweetie, this has been the best grand father’s day ever” he chuckled. “But remember, we cannot discuss this present with anyone else, OK?” “Oh Pappy, I know that” Alison replied. “You would get into a lot of trouble and we don’t want anything to happen to you. And plus, this was just part of my special day present for you.” Alison chortled with a devilish grin. “Well, it’s going to be hard to top this,” Jeremy answered back, giving her a kiss. “Now take this breakfast stuff back downstairs, we’ve both got things to do. I’ll clean up if you like and let’s start the day properly.”

They got on with chores, Alison finishing some class work for a few hours. She mused over her further plans. He took her to Fleming Park for a walk, then Eastleigh library, then they had a Big Mac lunch, which he’d never experienced and didn’t much care for. The two were just like normal innocent Grand dad and grand daughter, not as sex lovers they were earlier in the day. Back home, Alison, after seeing Jeremy take a seat in the large airy garden room meaning to watch some horse racing on TV. She went to the kitchen to get some lemonade to drink. She joined him with her IPad. During the advertisements he asked her “So what else are you going to do for me for grand father’s day, if that was not enough this morning?” as she settled on the couch.

“Oh, anything you want, Pappy.” Alison grinned. “And maybe even more.” “Well, you don’t mind if I have a little kip and then we’ll see eh?” He snored, she went to her room. Henry called to check if they were OK. Alison assured him but her dad wanted confirmation from his dad and got it, grumpily being woken from his usual afternoon snooze. She made some calls and texts. They were both happy Henry was having a few pints in Winchester and dinner at The Vine with work colleagues and wouldn’t be back for hours.

Two hours later, Jeremy woke and made a cup of tea, wandering around looking for his fourteen year old sexpot. He found her sat on the toilet upstairs, the door wide open as she’d assumed he was still asleep. He grinned lewdly at her hearing the merry tinkle of her urine. She was actually embarrassed being caught like that, but he assured her it was OK, he liked hearing ladies in the toilet and would wait in his room for her – in high anticipation, telling her also not to pull up her tiny yellow patterned knickers. She joined him carrying the panties as an offering which he gratefully took. but felt getting her into sniffing them would be too early in her adult sexual education. Sniffing knickers was definitely an adult thing. He popped them on top of a bedside table.

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