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Fantasy Sex Story: A sensual yet frustrated mother takes an unusual lover! But she's fucked up her daughter's reputation and mariage prospects in the process!!

Caution: This Fantasy Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Analingus   Bestiality   First   Voyeurism   .

Mrs Margo Richmond relaxed in her bath-tub after a trying day at the university office; her head rested back; her eyes closed as she softly sponged her shapely breasts while her thoughts roamed freely.

She’d had an important staff meeting with her underlings and at 39 she still enjoyed the lecherous admiration that emanated from male colleagues, for there was no doubt she was still a sexy looking vixen.

That’s what had frustrated Margo; she could so easily have an affair; get some proper cock inside her once again.

She was bored with her dildos. She longed for a hot throbbing cock!

But she had worked her attractive butt off to reach the top; while other able females had fallen by the way-side; bogged down in affairs.

No! she was not going to throw it all away on an affair with a man!

Some men she came into contact with socially, at the country-club or at concerts, occasionally indicated they were up for a fling with her; seeming to sense she was in a sexless marriage?

It was true; she and George no longer shared a bed; or had sex.

The medication he takes since having his heart bypass gradually drained him of any sexual appetite.

So George had got himself a dog to share his affections; a chocolate coloured Boxer.

It was a ‘proper man’s dog’ according to George; muscular intelligent and strong.

He’d wanted to call it ‘Nigger’ after the dog from his childhood; but Margo had persuaded him to compromise and name him Rambo.

George was still OK with his business and golf buddies though.

He was an independent financial advisor dealing largely with fellow Country Club members. That’s where he was now and Margo didn’t expect him back home before ten this evening.

As for Alice, she was coming along just fine. Her boyfriend Gerald had rang this afternoon to say they were going to the Valentine Hop.

If her daughter played her cards carefully, she would in time, become Mrs Alice Fairweather. She’d be the envy of her peers.

But tonight was also Margo’s special date and her mouth struck a wicked grin; ‘ A dinner-date with a dog; candles, napkins the lot! ‘ she’d giggled.

Margo rose out of the bath and stepped onto the bath-rug.

After mopping herself with a fluffy towel she slipped into her large white terry-towel bathrobe and stood by the hand-basin, brushing her teeth. It was a habit she’d had since her honeymoon; a pre-cursor to love-making.

Then she put on some tasteful jewellery; a pair of drop diamond earrings and a matching chocker necklace.

You see, when Rambo reach puberty it was much the same time as her daughter began her periods! The scent of Alice’s snatch during her periods was as nectar for Rambo.

When coming-in from school, Rambo’s snout would poke right up her short skirt and his Todger would come sliding out! ‘Jesus! that was some cock!’

The sight of it really turned Margo on and it wasn’t long before Margo had began masturbating at bath-times over an outrageous idea.

Then had came an opportunity to be alone in the house with the big chocolate-brown dog. But would Rambo be attracted to her cunt in the same way as her daughters?

The excitement of those first steps, of sitting naked on the bidet and making herself available to Rambo had been almost unbearable; and then Rambo began responding to her encouragement.

Even on that first session his Todger had emerged beautifully! But she resisted actually touching it; thrilled by the sight of it while her thighs shivered in ecstasy from Rambo’s nibbling action on her pussy! She had swiftly reached a climax.

The experience left her in a turmoil of discovery and guilt. And part of that guilt was having left Rambo sexually unfulfilled. His engorged Todger pulsed while he looked at her with saddened eyes.

She stroked his head saying, “ Would you like me to bring you off Rambo?”

He blinked and gave a soft grunt of accent.

Margot knelt beside him and began stoking his belly; then her hand went into his loins and softly onto his Todger. “Oh your such a big boy here! “ she cooed, “ Can you do it for Momma Rambo?”

He was panting quickly now!

Within in short while Margot witnessed the magic of seeing his jizz spurt out onto the floor! A wild yell escaped her!

Since then Margo had carefully groomed Rambo to go further; to perform a canine 69!

She taught him to get right inside onto her clitoris while she softly sucked out the jizz from his cock. That was absolute heaven!

But before long she wanted to go the whole way with Rambo! And that’s what she was about to do.

She entered her bedroom and stood before a mirror. She pulled on a pair of long satin dress-gloves; and felt ready.

She called for Rambo. “Rambo darling! Mommy’s ready for you!”

He padded in from the hall-way where he’d been patiently waiting.

He came into her room and lightly sprang onto her bed; slowly licking his thick seven-inch Todger in anticipation.

“My word Rambo! You sure are in fine form tonight!”

He gave a soft excited bark.

Margo sat beside him; stroking and cooing to him; one hand going to his glistening cock; her breasts and nipples tingling.

“I’m gona fuck you strait away Rambo; you screw Mommy long and strong; OK?”

Margo knelt doggy-fashion and spread her thighs so he could find her cunt more easily.

He whined excitedly, and smoothly mounted her! His paws gripping her waist; his hairy chest upon her skin. Margo was trembling with excitement already.

Her hand found his cock and placed it in position and Rambo slid his cock powerfully into her snatch without any hesitation.

“Uhhh God!” she groaned, “Good boy Rambo!”

Margo was thrilled! She’d been hot and ready for it! His shaft would have hurt sliding into a dry cunt but once his cock touched her wet hole; he slid his Todger in; all the way to his balls! It was wonderful!

Margo soaked up the penetrating lunges; her earrings and long tits swinging wildly.

He had a rapid rhythm, driving deep into her cunt with every stroke, hunching his back so that his balls swung into Margo’s thighs; it was heavenly!

Eyes closed, face turned upon her forearm, Margo took his hard cock and the jolts of it against her cervix and the grinding gristly shaft across her clit!

“Uhhh!” she grunted, and swung her arse furiously, grinding her cunt around the dog’s driving prick, not giving a damn about anything but the hot, blazing excitement of being screwed by a big brown nigger dog!

Margo came in a violent spasm that shook her beautiful tits. Her clit and cunt muscles squeezed down on churning cock that was quaking her.

Her pussy rippled, let go, clamped again, and the flashes of juicy, hot feelings radiated through her.

“Uhhh! Rambo you horny bastard! Aaarrhhhh you ... big fucker!!”

George’s large brown dog suddenly pounded even more savagely into Margo, mixing growls with whines, deep in his chest as he climaxed!

Margo began sobbing with relief as his sizzling dog juice sloshed into her flexing cunt. ‘Oh ... my ... big darling ... doggy!’

Alice Richmond was discreetly sunbathing in her new polka-dot bikini; in a spot of the large garden that was hidden from the view of neighbours.

Their house stood in a select part of town where Alice’s father ran his financial consultancy practice and her Mother ran a department at the university, which before long Alice would attend as a student.

Alice’s teen-aged thoughts roamed freely while the sun scorched her pale untanned skin.

She’d had the same boyfriend since being fourteen; Gerald Fairweather. He was a bit boring really. He was a little too respectable to be any romantic fun. When they did get to necking, the nearest he ever came to any penetration was a French kiss!

Gerald’s parents were old family friends and planed for them to marry after graduating.

It was like a bloody arranged marriage she thought lazily; but a long way off and she’d enjoy life some before getting tied down with little ‘ole Gerald.

After all she was sixteen and had been told she was pretty cute by more than a couple of college guys; one saying she put him mind of Princess Diana; which was half-way true!

One of the guys is Steve Crudmore who according to her friend Jennifer was, ‘a real common lout’.

Alice knows Steve would fuck her given half a chance; but then it would be out all over campus; she would be branded a slut and her future as Gerald’s wife dashed.

What Alice wanted in a secret lover, besides passion and sex, was loyalty, trust and discretion; something Steve Crudmore was incapable of.

Steve Crudmore delights in showing her obscene stuff on his cell-screen at college.

She’s usually disgusted; which delights Steve; but sometimes Alice get’s turned on by certain things which makes her feel like a slut. That’s what Steve Crudmore is aiming for; because he knows she sort of fancies him in a strange sort of way.

As she sunbathed she recalled how Steve had recently cornered her; wanting to show her another of his dirty porno vids. “ See what this dirty young bint’s doing with her dog; she’s almost your double too!” Steve bragged.

Elane refused to look at it. But he’d grabbed her wrist and twisted her arm really painfully. He’d forced her to watch a video clip of a dog fucking a girl! ... and that girl actually looked a bit like Alice!

It had really shocked Alice ... It’s cock was huge and the girl was moaning and climaxing on it! She’d felt her pulse pound with excitement; her throat had dried; her snatch had drooled; her face had coloured up.

Yet she’d watched it through while Steve leered on.

Finally she’d pulled away, calling him “ A fucking little pervert!” but but even so, she’d creamed her knickers over that video.

Recalling it as she lay sunbathing, had her snatch juicing-up even now!

Her thighs were also smarting against the heat of the hot sun which was also making her feel rather dizzy; she mustn’t dose off ... as she sat up, she was startled to discover Rambo’s head right between her thighs! “Rambo!” she cried.

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