What Comes Naturally

by Sprat Gilfish

Copyright© 2017 by Sprat Gilfish

Coming of Age Sex Story: A boy who has lived completely alone since early infancy meets a girl who is similarly ignorant.

Caution: This Coming of Age Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including mt/ft   Consensual   Heterosexual   Fiction   First   Masturbation   .

I don’t know who or what or where I am.

I live in a bush filled valley with a rocky ocean cove to the West, mountains to the East and high spurs running down to the sea on the North and South. The spurs extend right out into the ocean and end in great rocks and cliffs with no easy way round or over them. A little stream falls from the mountains and runs down through the valley into the cove. The bush extends right over the spurs and up the mountain.

My faint but terrifying earliest memory is of being on a large thing floating on the ocean which was extremely wild. There were many beings like me except that they were all very much bigger. The one I called Mama held me in her arms. There were great bangs and screams and then I remember struggling in Mama’s arms in the ocean before washing up with her in this cove. For a while she looked after me here. There was nobody else. I can only just remember that time. We slept in a shallow cave. She gathered fruit and leaves from the bush and caught little animals and things for our food.

My next memory, from not very long afterwards, is of watching Mama go out on to the rocks in the ocean to prise off shellfish for us to eat as she sometimes did. A large wave unexpectedly came over the rocks and took her away.

Since then, until recently, I had never been out of this valley and had never seen any being anything like me. I have had to look after myself.

I survived by drinking from the stream and feeding myself from berries and edible leaves that grow in the bush here. I found I could kill little lizards and other animals with a stick, catch little fish in the stream and gather shellfish from the rocks, although I am wary of the ocean when it is rough.

When we were washed up here Mama and I were partly covered in some material and she used to keep me wrapped up in it but it eventually all wore out. There is nothing like that stuff in the valley so since then I have not had any. It gets cold here sometimes but not too cold.

I see the moon in the sky and have noticed how it fades away to nothing over a number of days and then grows back to a ball again. I have noticed how over a number of those moon cycles the weather goes through a season cycle. For a few moon cycles the sun rises higher each day and the weather gets warmer and then after a few more moon cycles the sun rises lower each day and the weather gets colder. There have been many of those season cycles since I have been in this valley. During that time I have been getting bigger and stronger.

The largest animals I have seen in the valley are lizards and frogs on the ground, birds in the sky and furry animals which live mainly in the trees. They are all much smaller than I am now. Except for the birds none of them run around on two legs like me so when they are on the ground I can see further than they can. There are no living things here which present any danger to me.

I have used branches and other bits of the bush to extend the cave to give me more shelter from the wind and rain when it is colder and to protect me from the sun when it is hotter. I put branches and leaves on the floor to make it more comfortable to sleep.

When I have had plenty to eat and have nothing else to do I like to play with my willy where my water comes out. I discovered that when I do this my willy gets longer and thicker and quite stiff and I get a warm feeling. A few season cycles ago I found that if I rubbed it more and more it would get very exciting and suddenly some white thick stuff, different from my water, would come spurting out the end. After that happened I always felt good but relaxed and tired. I liked doing it and I used to do it almost every night before I went to sleep and often other times too.

I like to explore the valley looking at the different plants and birds and animals. The mountains at the back of the valley and the high spurs to the sides are high and steep and covered in bush so until recently it was beyond me to get out of my valley. In any case the valley was all I knew and provided what I needed so I had no reason to get out of it.

However I have become strong enough to walk and climb larger distances and I became restless and curious as to what might be elsewhere. I started making little expeditions up the valley into the mountain and up the sides of the spurs to the North and South. As I got stronger and faster I started going further and further.

On one expedition I made it right up to the top of the spur on the South side so that I could see over it. What I saw was another valley, smaller, but not very different from mine. I determined that on another day soon after I would set out and climb right over and down and explore this other place. Perhaps it would have things in it I had never seen before.

When I did finally make it over into the next valley a few moon cycles ago everything was pretty much what I was used to until I got a big surprise. As I came out from the bush into a glade near the stream that ran down that valley I saw some distance away a strange creature larger than any of the animals in the area. It looked rather like me. The only creatures which I had ever seen which looked anything like me were my Mama and the other beings which had been with us before we had fallen into the ocean, and I had only the vaguest memories of them. It had been such a long time before and they had all been huge compared to me. This creature was nearly my size but certainly no bigger than me and looked just a little smaller and lighter.

As I stared at it in wonder it looked up and saw me. It obviously became very frightened. I had just time to notice a couple of differences from me before it turned and ran off. Where I had little nipples on my hard chest it had soft looking swellings with nipples bigger than mine in the front. Even stranger, it didn’t seem to have anything where I had my willy. I had no idea what a girl was, or even that girls existed. I tried to follow to get a better look but she disappeared into the bush and I couldn’t see her anywhere. Not knowing what she was I was a little frightened myself. I went home not knowing what to make of what I had seen.

Although I had got such a brief look at her I could not get the vision out of my mind. That night when I lay down to sleep, still thinking about her, my willy got bigger and harder and the urge to stroke it was greater than ever before. As I stroked I was thinking about her shape. I found myself getting even more excited than usual until my semen came squirting out. I didn’t feel relaxed afterwards as I normally did and couldn’t go straight off to sleep because I kept thinking about her. Soon my willy was hard again. As I visualised her I found myself thinking particularly about her soft looking breasts and I wondered what it would be like to touch them. I wanted to touch them. Then as I rubbed my willy I was thinking about the patch between her legs where she didn’t have a willy and I wanted to touch her there and I came again.

During the night I had dreams about her. I dreamt about her running away and then I dreamt she was running towards me but not getting any closer. When I awoke in the morning my willy was hard and I rubbed it till I came but I didn’t feel satisfied. I couldn’t think of anything but the girl. I had to see her again.

I climbed back over the spur. It was easier because I was getting to know the way. Impatiently I made my way to the glade where I had seen her. Initially I was disappointed until I saw her just a little way into the bush to one side. She was jumping up to try to pick some fruit from a bunch hanging from a branch above her head. She was not quite tall enough. Then she turned, saw me and once again ran off. I chased after her but she was too quick for me. I guess, too, she knew the area and I didn’t. I hunted round but eventually gave up.

I was feeling hungry so I went back to the tree where I had seen her. I must be slightly taller than her as I jumped up and was able to pick several of the fruit. Then I sat down in the glade and started eating them. I was feeling quite despondent at having lost her.

After a while, as I sat there eating and looking around, I suddenly noticed the side of her head and her eye peering at me from behind a tree. When she realised I had seen her she ducked back behind the tree but after a short time she peered around again. Obviously she was as curious about me as I was about her. I wanted so much to get closer to her but I didn’t want to scare her off again.

I got up and began to walk towards her. She started to run away so I stopped. She looked back and also stopped. We looked at each other. I could tell that she was frightened as well as curious. I felt wary too but the need to get closer was overwhelming. I still had a couple of the fruit so I held one out towards her as I took one or two paces. She looked at the fruit and stayed where she was though I could see she was still ready to run. I walked very slowly up until I was close enough for her to reach the hand I still had out in front of me. She hesitated and then watching me intently she reached for the fruit and took it from me. I started eating the one I still had and she began eating hers. As we ate we stared at each other. From her look of wonder I don’t think she had ever seen anything like me. I sat down on the ground in front of her and after a little while so did she.

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