Ajbbw - Fiona S

by Aunty Jayne BBW

Copyright© 2017 by Aunty Jayne BBW

True Sex Story: A night out leads to a blossoming relationship with a friend.

Caution: This True Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Fa/Fa   Reluctant   Lesbian   True Story   Oral Sex   BBW   Big Breasts   .

Fiona S. was a good friend of mine. We would meet up in the pubs and clubs around town and, usually, get bladdered together. She was 11 years younger than me and almost a foot taller. She was definitely a BBW! She also had an unfortunate reputation for being an easy lay, a reputation that was not totally undeserved, even I had had to step around her outside the pub whilst she was giving some guy or other a blow-job or wank.

On this night back in July,1994, I was 33yo, Fiona S. 22yo. We had been to a hen-party for our mate Rachel, and to not put too fine a point on it ... we were well pissed! “God look at the time 2.38!” Fiona exclaimed as we staggered down the road, “ I can’t go home, I haven’t got my keys, mum and dad’ll kill me!” She began to get a little tearful, “It’s OK babe you can stop at ours tonight,” I offered,

“What about your Simon? Will it be alright?”

“Coarse it will, come on dry them tears, Si will be snoring away by now anyhow!” I gave a laugh and put my arm around her waist. She was, as I say a tall girl, 5ft 10” or so and weighed around 17stones with huge boobs and a large stomach that strained against her red silk shirt. Her checked skirt reached just below the knee, showing off her thick calves that were clad in black seamed stockings, and her 4” heels added to her height, even in my 5” heels we must have looked an odd pair.

Five minutes later I was unlocking the front door, Neelix the cat hurried out past us, I guided Fiona to the living room, “ Let me get the kettle on then I’ll sort out some blankets and a pillow, you’ll be OK on the settee?” I asked filling the kettle and getting two cups, “ Thanks A.J. you’re a real mate, phew it’s warm in here!” she answered, I finished making the coffees,” Milk, two sugars isn’t it?” I asked, “ Yeah that’s fine,” she called back. When I entered the room with the drinks Fiona was sat on the settee with her shirt unbuttoned revealing a black lacy bra that barely enclosed her boobs, “ make yourself at home,” I laughed as placed the cups on the table, “ I am don’t worry,” she smiled back. “ They are impressive, no wonder you get so much attention!” I said a little jealously, Fiona cupped them in her hands, “ They might attract some but I can never hook one!”

“Aw babe Mr Right’ll show up soon enough, what size are they?” She idly jiggled them with her fingers, “38F,” she replied, “ reckon they’re too big sometimes!”

“Nonsense,” I retorted, “ they are beautiful! As you’ve no doubt been told many times,” once again Fiona cupped them, her right thumb and fore-finger idly rolling the nipple through the lacy bra, “ Yes the randy fuckers paw at them, suck my nips then fuck me ... never hear from them again, destined to be a spinster I reckon, “ Sensing her upset I moved by her side putting my arm round her shoulder, “ Now stop that silly nonsense right now!” I strictly told her, “ you’re a gorgeous girl with a pair of great looking tits!” She stopped her sniffles and looked at me, “ You really think so?” She asked, “ not droopy bags like some say,” I shook my head,

“Not at all, they are perfectly lovely,” so saying I reached across her and gave her left boob a gentle squeeze, instantly I froze, through the booze and the late hour I had acted without thinking, I looked at Fiona, “ Erm sorry babe didn’t mean...” She stopped me speaking then slid her shirt off, then reaching behind herself unclasped the bra, the weight released her boobs fell forward and she pulled the bra over them. She stared at me intently, my eyes had never left her boobs, they were creamy white with large areolas. Her nipples stood out a good half-an-inch, even with the booze and the late hour I had to lean forward and take one in my mouth suckling like a baby, Fiona moaned softly, I removed my mouth, a streak of lipstick had smeared her nipple. She moved her hand and unfastened my white blouse, her hands then caressing my bra clad tits, “ God A.J. you are lovely, so soft,” her hands moved around me beneath my blouse and I felt her unfasten my white silky bra and slip it from my shoulders freeing my own tits. Fiona’s mouth found my buds in an instant her tongue and lips gorging on them as her breathing increased, “ Oh A.J. I haven’t done this for years. Our mouths came together, tongues exploring each others mouths as our hands continued to knead each other, Fiona’s mouth tasted of cider and tobacco, but at that moment it was a wonderful taste, the scent of her femininity filled the room as it mixed with my own. Suddenly I felt her hand under my skirt, her fingers inching under my white, silk knickers.

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