Two Russian Dipteras Meet and Chat

by uksnowy

Copyright© 2017 by uksnowy

Fantasy Story: A very dirty fantasy, you don't have to study Diptera

Caution: This Fantasy Story contains strong sexual content, including Fiction   High Fantasy   Scatology   Water Sports   Menstrual Play   .

Being addicted to voyeur videos, which include females on toilets, there are some centred on the continental beach toilets, which are no more than an open row of squats over pits. Of course that means quite a few flies buzzing around and this story has grown out of those intimate scenes and my evil mind

“Where the fuck you been? You missed a great curly pile of shit down the garden. Fresh and hot, saw him do it and a few of us hovered and wow, was it tasty,” snickered Fly1.

“What old Vladimir, he’s getting regular,” replied Fly2, buzzing in and joining him and a friendly family of burly blue, horse flies on a large, runny, splattered pancake of prize Holstein Friesian cow poo. “Don’t think he can manage to get back up the dacha these days if he’s caught short. Anyway I had an ace time, got stuck in the nicest possible way.”

“Well they’re all pretty regular. It’s in their system heh,” joked Fly1. “We don’t give a shit, so to speak, do it anywhere and any time. Sorted. Any way where have you been hanging out?”

“Ah well, you know the beach at Sochi, really busy now and masses of food and stuff left everywhere. Just buzzing about round those fucking tourists is a great day out, you know, out of our daily grind, makes a change.”

“The beach? Fucking long way when we’ve got the dacha, the apartments, the store and that new toilet they installed in the square, bit posh that, too clean but it’ll deteriorate - hopefully.”

“Yeah I know, we can always find stuff there, the people are a bit posh too, city lot down from Kiev at their holiday homes. Stuff on their kitchen worktops some of the guys never heard of. Only two days ago I found a superb piece of steak, just left, I mean how fucking daft is that and they must have disabled that wall gadget that’s supposed to annihilate us. It was fucking bright blue, maybe spoilt their eyes, poor humans,” giggled Fly2.

“Never been down to Sochi yet, should do, might buzz in with you tomorrow, so what happened to you? Ace time you said?”

“Those beach toilets are something else. Open country, nothing around trying to deter or kill us, you’ve got to watch those ladies swatting, but with our multi eyes those women haven’t a chance. Never bothered with the mens There was even a fly gang down from Moscow buzzing around, can you believe that? Must have travelled with the humans. Call them selves Dipterans for fucks sake. How precious is that?”

Fly1 pondered that but didn’t comment other than, “What’s wrong with their own piece of shit. Thousands live there. I mean this is fucking seasonal, anyway go on.”

His mate buzzed closer and drew him nearer.

“The beach toilets like I said. Open air, basic construction all those perfect holes in the brickwork to hide in – just got to be aware of fresh urrgghhh paint – one of the Moscow ... or was it Kiev guys got stuck, still there poor bugger. Big hole in the floor straight down to the pit where we usually hang out, piles of shit, gooey stuff with the piss mixed in, fucking lovely.

Fly1 perked up his antennae on hearing about the shit and piss pit below the toilet base. “Yeah go on.”

“There was all sorts there, fucking brilliant, young and sweet, old and crusty, every bum and cunt you can imagine, it was great buzzing around, in and out of the pit, round their faces and annoying them, shit of all sorts including some of that vegetarian stuff...”

“ ... Oh shit yes, can’t beat good old meat can you – yeah so?” Fly1 interjected.

“Amazing how many of them are still hairy too. Thought that had been cleared years ago and not only the old gals.”

“Wow! Don’t get round much of that these days. Difficult to get round anyway heh heh ... especially if they don’t trim the length, get tied up if you’re not careful...” Fly1 snickered, fruitily. “Any good dumps of shit? That takes some cleaning for the ladies and ideal if they’re hairy for us to get stuck in there ... nice lumps, sticky like.”

“Well yes, that’s the point, not exactly stuck, but I was sort of in a trap...” giggled Fly 2.

“Oh no, a fly trap?”

“Nah, silly bugger, wouldn’t be here telling you would I?”

“Ooo get you clever shit, do go on. Got all day,” chuckled Fly1.

“Well this plump woman, mummy type, stepped up for a piss as it worked out. Not old, maybe 50’ish, usual ... you know, one piece swimsuit, a modern one actually, not those weird knitted ones you used to see. I buzzed up round her crotch after she hiked the gusset to one side, risky business for her, she could have pissed all over her hand, sometimes comes out side ways. Fucking gorgeous big meaty dangling flaps, gawd, love to eat those - and the classic piece of string – yeah! which before her piss started, was sort of stuck to her ring piece...”

“Wow! Stuck, she hadn’t pushed it in there as well had she?” snickered Fly1.

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