Paying the Price

by Mark Cane

Copyright© 2017 by Mark Cane

Erotica Sex Story: Caroline Masterson is a successful career woman with everything except a fulfilling sex life. A night at a hotel with a spa massage facility provides the ideal solution for her. She discovers that it well worth paying the price.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Fa/Fa   Consensual   Lesbian   Fiction   Masturbation   Oral Sex   Sex Toys   .

Caroline Masterson was successful. Of that there can be little doubt but life had not always been easy for her. It had been hard to make her way to the top in a male dominated profession. But after years of hard work she was the company’s top negotiator.

Caroline had all the trappings of success that might be expected of a lady in her position: Fine clothes, a nice apartment overlooking the marina, a top of the range jaguar car, in fact everything you could wish for. There was perhaps one small problem. One thing that she did not have - a lover.

Oh yes, there had been boyfriends and girlfriends along the way, but all her relationships had ended, some amicably and some not so friendly. The fact was that Caroline was immersed in her career. She had no time for relationships. Getting to the top and staying there was a constant battle. A battle that left no time for personal friendships of any sort, let alone something so demanding as a lover.

She had made it a personal rule not to have intimate relations with others in the firm. She had seen too many such friendships turn nasty. No, it was best to stay aloof from the men and women at work. Getting involved was just not worth the risk.

To be honest Caroline could manage without relationships. The satisfaction she got from her high-powered job was enough for her. Except just one thing - Caroline had a high sex drive. Often she just wished that she could have a one-night stand with someone she fancied. A good, hard sex session then finish, forgotten. Not to be repeated. But Caroline knew that such things were either too dangerous or just not possible. She had been there before when she was younger. They always telephoned her a few days later. ‘Can we meet for a meal?’ they would ask. Before you knew it another ill-fated relationship would start. So Caroline managed without.

Her job took her all over the country, taking part in meetings with other professionals. They were often in committee rooms in large hotels. The distances involved usually meant that Caroline had to stay the night. In her overnight case she always carried a vibrator for the lonely evenings in her hotel room. She would relax and think of the men an women in the meeting she had attended. She fantasised about them: Did the property developer from Manchester have it off with his gorgeous PA who seemed to look at him so knowingly? I bet the dirty bitch sucks his cock at every opportunity, thought Caroline. Dirty lucky bitch.

What about the older woman from PR. She had been looking at Caroline in a funny way. Caroline was sure she fancied her. Not too bad either for an older woman.

Caroline’s mind ran over all the lewd possibilities as the vibrator pleasured her.

I wonder if her pubic hair matches the hair on her head, Caroline mused. It would be nice to try a bit of carpet munching with her. Get my face into her nice thick, mature bush and lick her clit.

Of course the players in Caroline’s fantasies were probably all very respectable people, faithful to their partners and would not dream of entering into the sort of scenarios that Caroline’s febrile imagination conjured up. But for now they were Caroline’s playthings in an imaginary orgy of lustful games.

Caroline held her vibrator against her swollen clitoris. Her mind full of erotic images she orgasmed again and again.

This pattern continued as Caroline attended meetings around the country. She worked hard during the day, making good deals for her company, adding to her bonuses and in the quiet of her room enjoying a solo orgy populated with people she had met during the day.

Then there was a change. The meeting in a small Midlands hotel was particularly arduous. The other negotiators were devoid of humour and bargained hard, quibbling over every last pound. It was a dark, damp foggy day in November and the hotel seemed to be trying to cut their heating bill. The meeting room was chilly and Caroline was glad when the meeting finished and she could get back to her room which, mercifully, was quite comfortable. Caroline was conscious of a nagging pain in her neck and shoulder. Not too surprising she thought, what with the chilly room and the chilly demeanour of the other people in the meeting. As she approached the lift to her floor in the hotel Caroline spotted a notice on the wall advertising the hotel’s massage spa offering relaxing therapeutic massage treatments.

Caroline paused. Perhaps that is what she needed. She felt tense and that pain in the neck was getting worse.

On entering the spa the first thing that Caroline noticed was the subtle aroma. A sort of musky, spicy scent that was quite pleasing. The lighting was a dim pink that was soothing on her tired eyes. There was the sound of a gentle summer rain shower from a wall-mounted speaker.

The attendant in the spa was a pretty lady wearing a white clinical coat.

‘Good evening madam,’ she smiled. ‘How can we help?’

Caroline explained that she had a pain in her neck.

‘Oh I am sure we can help with that madam. A relaxing massage can work wonders after a stressful day. You would be amazed how many stressed ladies come to us for a soothing hour or so after business meetings. We use a special lotion we blend ourselves from a variety of essential oils’

‘Oh well’ responded Caroline. ‘What have I got to lose? I need to be fighting fit tomorrow. Let’s go for it.’

The spa lady, who introduced herself as Sylvie, guided Caroline to a softly lit room with a massage table in the centre. Scented candles gave the room a pleasant ambience. Sylvie passed Caroline a fluffy towel.

‘If you would like to undress and lay face down on the table and cover yourself with the towel. I will return in a few moments and give your your massage.’

Left alone in the room Caroline began to undress. Then, naked, Caroline lay on the massage table and draped the towel to cover her bottom and waited for Sylvie to return.

Sylvie gently began to massage Caroline’s neck and shoulder.

‘Ah Caroline your neck is knotted up, but if you just relax I can ease all that tension away and you will feel a new woman’

‘Oh yes Sylvie. I can feel you doing me good already.’

Caroline closed her eyes and relaxed as Sylvie’s magical fingers eased the muscles in her neck.

‘Mmmmmm’ she breathed contentedly.

‘Is that nice?’ queried Sylvie.

‘Oh yes, Sylvie, it’s wonderful.’

‘Would you like me to continue, Caroline and massage the rest of your back? You have a lot of tension.’

‘Yes Sylvie. That would be nice. It has been such a stressful day. I need something to ease the tension.’

‘Shall I pull this towel away now Caroline?’

Without waiting for a reply Sylvie flicked the towel away in one deft movement. She started to move her hands lower down Caroline’s back gently stroking the stress of the day away. When she reached Caroline’s bottom she began to knead the flesh in firm but gentle squeezes.

‘Aah that’s nice,’ sighed Caroline. ‘I’m afraid my bum’s a bit big.’

Sylvie laughed softly. ‘Nonsense Caroline, you have a lovely bottom.’

‘I bet you say that to all the girls,’ laughed Caroline. As she chuckled at her own little quip she realised that the pain in her neck had completely gone and she felt better than she had for ages.

As if reading her mind, Sylvie asked ‘How is your neck now Caroline?’

‘Oh much better Sylvie. That’s marvellous. You have done an amazing job.’

‘Oh good, I’m so pleased,’ responded Sylvie. Then her voice dropped to little more than a whisper. ‘That completes the standard massage therapy, Caroline. But if you wish I can provide some extra services.’

‘Oh,’ said Caroline. ‘What do you mean exactly?’

‘You haven’t been here before have you Caroline?’

‘No, never. I have never stayed at this hotel before.’

‘Well Caroline we have a standard range of therapies that are agreed with the hotel management at a fixed fee.’ She hesitated for a moment. ‘But the girls who work here in the spa will provided extra services at an extra fee.’

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