Gran's Sexual Awakening

by Grandad1950

Copyright© 2017 by Grandad1950

Erotica Sex Story: Annie was an innocent with little knowledge of sex until her young grandson came to visit.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including mt/Fa   Coercion   NonConsensual   Heterosexual   Fiction   Incest   Grand Parent   Masturbation   Oral Sex   Petting   .

I was a teenager in the Sixties, a time we were keen to learn about sex. It was an era, maybe the first, when it was easy to learn. Not as effortless as now with the internet, but censorship laws were relaxing, so the knowledge was available. It was the decade of Masters and Johnson, Playboy, the reprinted Kama Sutra and The Joy of Sex was only two years away. Our fathers, by comparison, were largely ignorant of their wife’s needs, hence foreplay was rare and the missionary method was the norm. Annie’s lack of experience and sexual satisfaction was commonplace...

For the first time in her life Annie felt old. She hoped it was only a post operational reaction which made her feel that way. Even though she was now approaching her eightieth, she’s always felt so vibrant, so young, but now, lying in bed, she felt frail and sore, she wondered if the joie de vivre would ever return.

She looked in the hand mirror and studied her features. Not only do I feel old, but look it, she thought. She tilted the mirror down, undid the top two buttons of her nightdress and studied her bust. She recalled how, only a few months ago, the occasional man would appraise her, in particular her breasts. Maybe they sagged a little, but the men didn’t know how her bra came to the rescue, pushing them together, emphasising her cleavage. But now, her self-esteem was at its lowest. She remembered how she’d often caught Chris, her grandson, looking down her blouse when he was younger. She’d been offended, disgusted, a family member could behave so badly, but now her self-esteem was so low, she’d welcome any attention, even his.

She did up the buttons, recalling the many times she’d caught him, the times she’d threatened to tell his parents if he didn’t stop. She hadn’t seen him for over a year and doubted he’d show any interest now. He was no longer a pimply kid and probably had a girlfriend. She sighed. Any attention would be appreciated.

Despite her ambivalence toward him, she couldn’t help but smile, knowing he would soon arrive. ‘Sweet boy, ‘ she whispered, ‘coming so far just to visit me.’ Boy! He’s sixteen, no seventeen. She checked her watch just as she heard the key in the front door.

‘Gran, its Chris.’

A she heard his feet on the stairs, she quickly checked in the mirror how many buttons to undo. She decided on two, enough to tempt his gaze, but not enough to suspect her motives. Annie knew it was wrong, but she was desperate for attention. Just before he was in the doorway, the mirror was back on the bedside cabinet.

‘Oh, Chris, darling, it’s wonderful to see you.’ Annie was amazed at how handsome he’d become and so tall. He wore a suit that was a perfect fit on his lean body. She’d never seen him in one, but she loved a man in a suit, so professional, so suave.

He came to her bedside, removed his jacket and leaned over her. He kissed her on the cheek and smiled. ‘Good to see you, Gran.’ He looked around for a non-existent chair then back to the bed. ‘Can I sit here?’

‘Yes, of course.’ She patted the bed and he sat.

Maybe it was because she wore a loose fitting nightie and it was trapped under his backside that caused her nightdress to pull down a little. Only a tad, however sufficient to expose a little more of her right breast than she knew. She didn’t notice, but Chris did.

‘How you feeling Gran?’

Apart from the nurse who visited every morning, she hadn’t seen anyone for a couple of days, so Annie took pleasure in answering him, telling every detail of the operation and the brief spell in hospital before she was released. While she chatted, he began a deliberate attempt to pull the lower part of the material to expose more of her boob. She’d only been talking for two to three minutes before he glanced down and saw the top of her areola was already in view. When he gave another tug so her nipple slipped from the confines of her nightdress, she was so engrossed in her story she didn’t notice his grin.

Its likely Chris was so excited at her exposed nipple he decided to dispense with secrecy and openly gazed at its sweet pinkness, contrasting with the darker areola. It took only a few seconds before she looked down to see what had suddenly taken his interest.

‘You disgust me, ‘ she growled. He hands moved to cover herself, without success as Chris restrained her wrists, careful not to harm her. ‘First time I’ve seen one naked Gran, but as beautiful as I’ve always anticipated.’

Annie hid her surprise at his choice of ‘beautiful, ‘ even though it gave her a jolt of pleasure, however it was mixed with revulsion. ‘I’d assumed you’d grown up, Chris. This is disgusting.’

‘Gran, I’ll release your wrists, but please keep your hands away. You know you can’t stop me.’

‘What? Stop you doing what?’

‘I’m going to open your nightie.’


Chris undid a couple of buttons, baring her other breast. ‘Mmm!’ he sighed as he studied it for a moment before leaning forward to unfasten the remaining buttons. Her hands attempted to stop him at first, but he brushed them aside and continued to undress her. She stopped fighting, let him do what he will, mainly because of the unexpected delight as he slowly hastened her full exposure. With the last one undone, he pulled open the halves and revealed her nakedness from neck to belly button. He sat upright and gazed at her while she blushed at her body being exposed to a boy, naked and vulnerable.

Although her face was scarlet, Annie was pleased, no more than pleased, thrilled this handsome boy wanted to see her naked, was so obviously enjoying her body. She felt so alive. Maybe she wasn’t as unattractive as she thought. She was aware her boobs were large and she had always known Chris was thrilled by their size, but they sagged. Despite that he wasn’t put off. Soon she found he liked them that way as he lifted them one at a time. ‘Wow, Gran, its heavy and a two hander. Such an incredible turn on, the way they jiggle as I bounce them.’

She was mesmerised as he continued to handle her, sliding the tips of his fingers over her flesh, cradling them. Jack, her long deceased husband, had never shown any interest in her breasts. All he wanted to do was push inside her so he could unload himself. By contrast, Chris studied them, stroking long fingers over the skin, so gentle, so tender.

She wondered why he ignored her nipples, curious as to how it would feel. She used to touch herself and recalled how good it was, but no-one had ever done it to her. That was until Chris cradled both boobs, forcing them together as his thumbs began to caress her nipples. She groaned and immediately regretted it as Chris looked up into her eyes and grinned at her giveaway. She attempted to scowl at him, but her body was in turmoil as his thumbs pushed her sensitive nubs back and forth, exciting her in a way she never achieved when she played with herself. His thumbs stroked her to and fro, continuously massaging her into a rapturous abandon. At that moment, she was lost. She gave in. In her mind, he could do whatever he willed to her breasts.

And he did! She couldn’t believe what this youngster did next. She watched in amazement as his face lowered onto her left breast and captured her nipple. His tongue was even more tender than his thumbs had been. It smoothed over her nipple, licked it, kissed it, rubbed it and finally, Chris suckled her. She couldn’t stop herself, she groaned, realizing he would acknowledge this as her agreement. Not that he would take any notice of her wishes either way, but she didn’t want him to know how much she loved the way this wonderful boy pleasured her.

When he finished with that nipple, he moved to the other and she groaned once more as he sucked on it. Annie studied the slight movement of his lips as he suckled on her, then her gaze fell on her exposed nipple. It was saliva wet and firm, standing erect so she didn’t recognise it as hers. She’d never seen it so swollen with lust.

Annie closed her eyes, arched her back and allowed herself to luxuriate in the sensations derived from her grandson’s seduction.

Annie lost track of time until he stopped. She opened her eyes to see Chris smiling at her. ‘Hi, Gran, ‘ he whispered. She couldn’t bring herself to reply. Her disgust, though unseen, still burned deep inside. She couldn’t fight him and, even though he’d ignited an unknown passion, she couldn’t escape the fact it was wrong.

Next moment his mouth was on hers. It wasn’t anything like the way he’d kissed her before, nevertheless it felt innocent, so she returned it. His lips were fine, they kissed her with a tenderness that made her feel wanted. When he pulled back, then immediately kissed her again, she began to feel a little uneasy. His kisses shouldn’t be that good, shouldn’t thrill her the way they did. Nevertheless, she couldn’t see anything wrong in it, so she wrapped her arms around his neck and abandoned any misgivings while his hands continued to lift and fondle her globes. With the next kiss, his lips were parted and his tongue licked her lip. It was different and even more exciting. When his tongue pressed against her lips, wanting entry into her mouth, she had no hesitation in allowing him access. After all, his hands all over her breasts was sex, but the kissing wasn’t, despite how naughty it made her feel. Chris’s hands closed harder around her breasts, his palm reawakening the passion in her nipples. OK, so it was sex, but she’d allowed it once, so why not again?

Both hands petted her boobs as his tongue explored inside her mouth. This was all so new to Annie. Every so often she pressed her tongue against his and trembled at such intimacy with her grandson. When his hands left her breasts, the loss of pleasure almost made her pull them back, but she knew this would admit to her need, so she struggled to come to terms with the disappointment.

The reason for removing his hands was soon obvious as she heard the sound of his trousers falling to the carpet. Panic engulfed her as she guessed what that meant. She pushed him away and glanced at his underpants. He stood with an undeniable bulge. Just before he tugged them down, she closed her eyes and even covered them with her hand. Why, oh why, couldn’t he be satisfied with playing with my breasts? Annie mussed.

‘What you scared of, Gran? It won’t hurt you to look.’

She shook her head from side to side. This took her back to the arguments with her husband when he nagged her to look at the ugly thing, but she always made it clear, if you want sex, the bedroom light is off. She always won.

Annie felt the bed sag as Chris sat on it. There was a tenseness in the room, but she ignored it. If he didn’t like it he could leave. He’d done enough harm already.

‘Give me your hand, Gran ... please. I want you hold it.’

She shuddered. ‘No, never. Please go, Chris. Thanks for coming, but I need my nap.’

She groaned as he took her hand and pulled it from her eyes. Annie fought for a moment, but knew she hadn’t the strength. He may have my hand, she thought, but he can’t open my eyes. Chris un-balled her fist. Just as she’d dreaded he put her open hand on his cock head and pressed his own hand around hers, making her grip it. She was surprised at hard it was, and yet, the skin so soft and smooth. Even more was the unexpected wetness that dribbled onto her hand. Chris sighed, ‘Oh, Gran.’

There was something inexplicable about the sensation that swept through her as she grasped him. A sense of power and excitement as she held the most private part of her grandson. It was so taboo and wrong, it was exhilarating, so when he took her other hand, she made the minimum resistance. He forced her grip around the lower part of his shaft and somehow she didn’t have the will power to remove her hands after he released them. That left his hands free to pull on her nipples.

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