Lunch At Lombardo

by Margot

Copyright© 2017 by Margot

Drama Story: A feminest believes she can make it in a mans world but how much humiliation is she prepared to suffer to reach the top?

Caution: This Drama Story contains strong sexual content, including Coercion   Exhibitionism   Voyeurism   Leg Fetish   Public Sex   .

Ms Mason placed down her phone and looked out from her office across Sydney Harbour.

It was a gleaming new morning and she felt elated having received news that she’d been selected as an Account Executive for the new Samsung Australia Account!

It was a massive step up for her career with Stride & Stride.

As she looked out across the sparkling harbour she felt a gratifying pride in what she’d achieved since graduating from university.

She’d been the first female to manage important accounts for Stride & Stride; and had steadfastly made her way up from the bottom to what would soon be an upper executive level.

She had clawed her way over many a man too. She knew some of her underlings now despised her ambition.

Later that morning, she’d received a very formal packet from the mail trolley. It was from Samsung International and contained a lot of documentation but at the top was a short letter introducing an agent she was to be vetted by shortly:

Dear Ms. Mason:

We will be sending a representative for a feasibility study of ratings. Our representative will be Calvin Bentley who will contact you for a convenient time to meet for our initial suitability assessments.

Signed : Euston Baltimore : MD of Samsung International.

“Oh Jesus!” thought Margo, could it be the same Calvin Bentley she’d dated at university?

She felt her heart jabbed with steel and tried to dismiss the idea.

But after lunch came the phone call.

“Ms Mason; Good afternoon! I’m Calvin Bentley of Samsung International;

I’m calling to set up an appointment to carry out the initial feasibility assessment with you.”

Margo’s heart fell, his voice was unmistakable! It was him!

After some cordial conversation they had set-up a meeting for the following week. Then Calvin Bentley asked; “Ms Mason; I believe we were at Melbourne Uni together a decade ago?”

“Oh it’s you Calvin; what a surprise. Yes, I think we knew each other! Well it sure has been a long time.” Margo said cheerfully.

Calvin grabbed the opportunity this gave him;

“I think this calls for an upgrade to our meeting Margo and providing your in agreement I’d like to call for you and take you out for lunch; get things off in a civilised fashion; what do you say?”

It sounded like Calvin was offering her an olive branch; wanted to get things onto an even keel and so she accepted his idea!

After their the conversation ended she’d pondered on her chances, because their time together had not been good.

Margo had been a freshman and he a senior. She’d dated Calvin for a while; until she discovered he had two other girls on the go!

She’d scorned him for cheating on her and then blew his cover by informing the two other females. They in turn had dumped him.

The affair became a campus joke; and for a while after her had even stalked her!

Now Calvin Bentley had resurfaced in her life!

Margo hoped that “bygones would be bygones.” and there would be no hard feelings?

She would treat him with respect that’s for sure; even humour him if necessary!

When their lunch date arrived, she was apprehensive.

The arrangement was for him to call for her at her home in the Sydney suburbs.

She’d fussed over what to wear. It was summer, she’d chosen a shortish colourful dress that buttoned down the front. And over that a brightly coloured bolero jacket that had no buttons. Her long brown hair was pinned back.

Margo was just about ready when she heard the unfamiliar car pull into her driveway.

Her cell phone bleeped. “I’m here.” It read.

Margo picked up her small clutch purse along with her brief-case and shutting the door behind her turned to see Calvin standing beside a Jet-black slope-nose Porsche.

Calvin grinned as he opened the car door for her.

The seating was a few inches from ground level and Margo struggled down into the padded racing style squab which had five-point seat belts.

Calvin took her brief-case and purse and set them in the back.

With a chuckle he knelt beside her to buckle her up; his face almost touching hers.

The shoulder straps pinned her shoulders back and forced her breasts out. He brought the two lap buckles together and snapped them together just above her crotch.

Calvin shook his head. “Now how to get this one buckled with a dress?”

He simply reached down and began unbuttoning her dress! Margo was startled but what could she do? The day had just started and her promotion was in his hands. Dumbfounded, she simply sat there!

Calvin reached the last button just below her crotch, “Mmm, pretty pink panties! Very sexy Ms Manson.”

Tugging her dress aside, he brought the last strap up between her legs and snapped it to the lap belt.

Margo sat with her long shapely legs on full display each side of the seat belt.

Calvin put his hand on her her crotch mound in order to stand. “There; your all fixed now, Ms Mason.”

Calvin got into the car and made for the main highway and then drove out to Lombardo’s; one of the most elegant restaurants on the Harbour. It was a place to see and be seen.

The restaurant’s porter who opened Margo’s door was slightly surprised to see her crotch on full view; her legs helplessly splayed.

Calvin ordered the porter to help her out of the restraints.

He sat and watched as the porter’s fingers went between Margo’s legs; fumbling past her cunt to unbuckle the clasp. Margo saw Calvin’s sneer.

Once out of the car, Margo went to button-up her dress but Calvin hand gripped her wrist saying, “Please Ms Mason, just leave it be; would you?”

It was a decisive moment. There was no doubt now that Calvin was out to humiliate her.

Should she risk her future and simply button herself up – or humour him?

Margo humoured him and walked into the restaurant, her dress hanging openly each side and people starred.

They were led to a table on the patio; over looking the Harbour.

She tried to cross her legs and fold the dress across her lap, but Calvin wagged his finger at her. Margo allowed it fall open once more. Margo put her briefcase on the glass table for cover.

The waiter did not know how to react. He tried not to look at her crotch, and focused on making eye contact with Calvin, whose expression seemed to be telling him it was all OK.

The waiter’s eyes shifted bravely between making eye contact with Margo and ogling her legs.

Calvin ordered wine and some food for the two of them. The waiter scurried off.

“Lets go over my proposal Calvin shall we?” suggested Margo.

Calvin starred coldly at her for a while,

“I haven’t forgotten how you really fucked me up back at Uni. I also know this project means a lot for you. So today Ms Fucking Mason I’m going to make you pay for it.”

It was finally out in the open! Margo and decided to defend herself.

“Look Calvin, I’m genuinely sorry you got hurt back then; but remember, you were pretty bad to me too! This project is too important to let our differences get in the way. So lets just do business in a civilised fashion shall we?”

Calvin’s expression was impassive. “We will see. It depends on you and what you are willing to do for it.”

Margo’s anger showed, “What the hell do you want from me Calvin?”

“Well for starters, I think you are over-dressed. First you can take off that little jacket and then I want you to take off your bra!”

“What! Are you crazy!!”

“No Margo; not crazy: Just getting even; so if you want the Samsung Account, simply get your jacket and bra off; it’s not a difficult thing to do, surely?”

Margo turned white with fury. She was trapped. There didn’t seem to be any way between loosing the Samsung account or allowing Calvin to humiliate her.

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