by ChrisCross

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Erotica Sex Story: Fourteen-year-old Jason is seen being fucked by an assistant football coach by a man in a Jeep. Jason then hooks up with the man in the Jeep without a word being spoken.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/mt   Consensual   Gay   Fiction   School   DomSub   MaleDom   Anal Sex   Oral Sex   Public Sex   Teacher/Student   .

Rob was walking past the gap between two buildings at the back of the high school and middle school complex, where the athletic fields poured out from the gym and locker rooms of the two side-by-side schools, when he was pulled into the alley space by a strong hand gripping his wrist.

“Coach Hopkins,” he exclaimed. It was the hunky assistant football coach.

“You’ve been avoiding me, Rob,” Hopkins hissed, pushing the fourteen-year-old student up against the brick wall of the side of the high school gym.

“I haven’t. I swear I haven’t,” Rob said, beginning to pant, remembering the last time the two of them had been alone.

“I’m sorry. I told you I’m sorry,” Hopkins whispered, bringing his face in close to Rob’s.

“I’m not,” the boy answered. “And I’m not avoiding you. If you want to do me again, you can.”

“Of course I want to do you again,” the coach said. He came in for a kiss, which Rob opened his mouth to receiving and his chest pressed in on Rob’s shoulders. The man was a head taller than Rob and twice as heavy, all muscle.

“Yes, yes,” Rob whined when they came out of the kiss. He’d reached down and traced the coach’s hard cock through the material of his athletic shorts and jock strap.

“I’m hard for you,” the coach murmured.

“I can feel you,” Rob answered. The coach teased at the waistband of Rob’s shorts and the boy pushed them and his briefs down to his calves and stepped out of them. Breathing hard, the coach buried his face in the hollow of Rob’s throat. It was as if he didn’t watch what they were going to do--what he proceeded to do after Rob had slid a hand under the coach’s waistband and closed his hand over the man’s hardening cock. He pushed the man’s shorts and jock to below his balls with the other hand.

Hopkins grabbed the underside of Rob’s leg on the side of the narrow opening out onto a parking lot with one hand and hooked the boy’s leg on his hip with it. The other hand put his cock head into position.

Rob gasped and jerked as the cock head entered him, but he took it. His hands went to the back of the coach’s head, his fingers running into the man’s hair and holding the man’s head close into his throat. The coach gave him three more inches and rocked back and forth against the slight body he’d pinned against the wall.

Rob’s eyes narrowed, he moaned softly and turned his face to the gap in the wall, toward the parking lot. There was a Jeep Wrangler parked there, in the only space with a line of sight on the gap in the wall. A bearded man was sitting in the Jeep, watching the coach fuck Rob. Rob’s eyes slitted and his tongue darted out of his mouth, licking his lips as he held the gaze of the man sitting in the Jeep. The coach gave Rob two more inches and moved into a rhythmic stroke. Rob’s pelvis started to rock in coordinated motion. The inevitable had been put into motion.

Still, Rob’s gaze remained locked with the eyes of the man in the Jeep.

“Fuck me,” Rob broadcast out from the depths of his brain. The coach was fucking him, but the message wasn’t for the coach.

Coming back from the Jeep was the message, “I will. I will fuck you. Take a run in Murphy Park tomorrow after school.”

The coach was thrusting deep. Rob arched his head back and gave the man urgent encouragement--”Yes, yes, like that. Deeper. Give it to me. Shit you’re big.”--the boy’s eyes fixed on the sliver of sky at the top of the buildings, all of his sensations locked on the cock stroking him deep. He let loose of the coach’s head, and Hopkins turned his face up to Rob’s, taking him in a kiss. He was stroking Rob’s cock with one hand and still holding the boy’s left leg raised and hooked on his hip. They both tensed. Rob jerked, bit the coach’s lip, and came in the coach’s hand. The coach jerked, pulled his dick out of Rob’s passage quickly and shot off in Rob’s pubes.

Hopkins moved his face back from Rob’s, licking his cut lip, and giving the boy an “Oh, shit, I did it again. I can’t resist him. I fuckin’ did it again” look.

Rob reached down for the man’s cock, guided it inside him again, and whispered, “Do it again. Come inside me this time.”

He turned his head toward the parking lot. The Jeep was gone.

Rob, in athletic shorts, a jock, and running shoes was loping along on the path running beside Branch Creek Road in the back quarter of Murphy Park when he saw the Jeep coming at him, slowly, from the other direction. The Jeep slowed down more as it came beside him and Rob’s eyes locked on to those of the man in the Jeep Wrangler the day before. The Jeep kept on going. It turned a bit down the street, though, did a U-turn, and came back to beside where Rob had stopped his run and turned frontal to the street. The passenger door of the Jeep popped open.

“Well?” Rob thought after a few seconds of standing there. The man was good looking. Sexy. He had to be in his late twenties or early thirties. Wearing just shorts and sneakers. He was hirsute, the hair dark and swirling in curls. He was olive skinned. Italian? Greek maybe?

“Get in,” was conveyed to Rob without the man doing more than staring at him expectantly. “Get in or walk away. I won’t come after you. It’s your choice, your responsibility.” Nothing verbalized. All clearly conveyed to Rob, though.

Rob got in the Jeep and pulled the passenger door shut. The Jeep started up, headed into the woods at the back of the park.

Rob reached over and put a hand on the man’s thigh.

“I wonder how big it is,” he thought.

“Big enough,” came back at him across space. The man took Rob’s hand and moved it back to the boy’s side of the gearshift. “Not yet. Not while we’re moving,” entered Rob’s mind.

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