Fuck Buddy

by Jaded Lady

Copyright© 2017 by Jaded Lady

Sex Story: Although Jade is married she unexpectedly reconnects with her rascal randy father. It's every ageing Dads dream really!

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including True Story   Incest   .

I’d only been driving my husband’s new car to the mall for kicks really; while my Ford was being serviced. But it was that old mistake of parking alongside a post; then forgetting it was there when pulling away.

The sound of the car’s offside grinding against the steel post had filled me with dread.

‘Oh Christ! I had wrecked Richard’s big new car!’

Taking his new car out for a spin had been an act of rebellion; but it had back-fired on me and Richard did not fall into the hen-pecked hubby category; no sir.

He would have hit the roof simply learning I’d even taken it round the block! But I had one saving grace; he was away in Seattle on business.

My husband’s new car could be made beautiful again before his return. He need never know how stupid his little lady wife had been.

There was just one problem; it would show on my credit card bill which Richard checked out each month. Yes sir; he sure did.

So I decided to do something unthinkable; ask my Father for money ~

~It wasn’t called child abuse when I was a young girl.

The age-old pedo-sex ritual was coyly referred to as being ‘interfered with’.

But Dad always rewarded me with a dollar or so; saying we were special buddy’s.

I’d broke free of him by sixteen but I found the boys who dated me slow and frustrating; it was older men I now found exciting.

That’s how I came to be with Richard.

I’d been an eighteen year-old promotions-girl at a Formula One when he’d taken me out; ‘to dinner’. The sexy tricks Dad had taught me, sure paid off that night. My ‘reward’ was generous and he ‘dated’ me for a couple of years before eventually making me his trophy wife.

I had married Richard; but not for love. I could have pretty much what I pleased; providing he approved; Richard had me on a leash.

Meanwhile my parents divorced. Basically father had ditched mother for a wealthy widow.

At the time I’d had to swallow the shameful fact that we were two of a kind.

But right now I needed some ready cash to keep my own marriage on an even keel. I decided to swallow my pride. I’d given Dad a call and he’d invited me over.

His place was in a classy residential district and when he answered the door it surprised me how good he looked! He was still a hunky guy, even approaching 50 the scoundrel!

His hair was salt and pepper now but his body was in really good shape. He flashed an expensive smile saying simply “Hi ya Jadey.”

I smiled openly at his old name for me and went inside. We had drinks and I asked where my step-mother was. He laughed and said she was in Florida visiting her sister. He looked at me admiringly, “Remind me Jade, what age were you last birthday?”

“I was twenty-five Dad; why?”

“You’ve kept yourself well Jade; a comfortable home and husband; no kids to pull you down. And you’ve got yourself looking great to see me; so tell me what this is all about?”

The villain was right; he could see I was after something, so I came right out and told him. “ I wrecked Richard’s new car Dad. I need some ready cash to get it fixed; before he gets back.”

He was silent for a while then he smiled a devilish smile. “Jadey, we’re two of a kind. We both know nothing in life is free. So; I have something you want and you know you have something I want.” He laughed at what he’d said.

I had taken care with my appearance; lipstick, eye make-up, my dark hair hanging down my back; my teal sun-dress showing off my skin. I had dressed to seduce my own father. Shrugging my shoulders as excitement stirred in my stomach, I said timidly, “But what is there I can give you Daddy?”

He smiled appreciatively and picked up his phone. In a trice he’d snapped me as I’d stood there all seductive.

He quietly said, “ I’d like to see more of you Jadey; please ... take your dress off for me.”

I swallowed hard. My heart was pounding as I reached up and untied the dress at my neck, a slowly sliding it down until my breasts were exposed.

I heard his intake of breath and his camera click.

I slid the dress farther down and turned around, letting it fall from my hips exposing my thong panties. The camera clicked.

“Very nice; come over here.” he croaked discarding his phone now.

I walked over to him and he pulled me into his lap. He buried his face in my neck and inhaled the scent of my perfume.

“You still smell adorable Jade.”

His hands covered my breasts and playfully he pinched my nipples as his lips found my ear. I leaned against him, feeling both pleasure and guilt.

His hands slowly slid down my belly and inside my panties, his warm fingers teasing my pussy lips.

I whispered seductively, “Daddy, no ... this is wrong.”

He let out a giggle at my acting.

My nipples were hard, my thighs spreading without any effort.

His middle finger slipped between my pussy lips and he rubbed up and down.

My hips moved to give more access, his finger dipped inside my wet pussy.

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