Wes Powell's Penis Perils

by Totzman

Copyright© 2017 by Totzman

BDSM Sex Story: To discourage her son from masturbating, Wes' mother decides to have him circumcised.

Caution: This BDSM Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Coercion   NonConsensual   Reluctant   Heterosexual   Fiction   BDSM   DomSub   FemaleDom   Humiliation   Sadistic   Spanking   Torture   Masturbation   Voyeurism   Body Modification   Doctor/Nurse   Public Sex   Slow   .

Wes Powell peeked down the hallway to make sure the coast was clear. The porn magazine was tucked into the back of his pants, with his shirt pulled down, concealing it completely. It was time to move.

He darted down the hallway and into the bathroom, shutting the door quietly behind him. He only had a few short minutes to do what needed to be done before his mother would get suspicious. After locking the door, Wes laid the magazine out on the floor in front of the toilet and grabbed a bottle of lotion from underneath the sink.

His balls were so full he was amazed he hadn’t burst yet. Kris Powell did not tolerate masturbation in her home, and the moment she knew her son was in a locked bathroom alone, Wes was going to have hell to pay. He quickly stripped naked and took a seat on the toilet. Working quickly, he flipped through the pages of the magazine; opening to a photo of a stunning large breasted blonde lying by a poolside. Carefully, he studied the form of the blonde’s naked body, memorizing every curve should he never see this photo again.

The blonde’s artificially enhanced chest teased him, tempting him to give in and do the one thing his mother forbade. Wes’ penis swelled, and grew to its full length and height while he imagined what perverted things he wanted to do to her body.

He pumped some lotion into his hand, and lubed up his swollen member. The cut on his shaft was nearly healed, and he knew his mother would be wanting to give him another fresh one soon, as she so frequently did to discourage this type of behavior.

Wes pumped his fist up and down, stroking his erect penis again and again. Pleasure overtook his body, pleasure that had been held out of his reach for far too long. His breathing quickened, his moaning grew more and more intense. He only needed a few more minutes, just a few more and he would explode liquid pleasure into his hand.

And then he heard the doorknob twist.

“Why is this door locked? Wes? Are you in there?” his mother demanded.

“Uh, yeah! Just taking a shower, Mom!” Wes shouted.

“You don’t take showers with the door closed! We talked about this!”

“Sorry! I’ll open it now!”

Frantically, Wes wiped his lotion-covered hand on his thigh, and tucked the porn magazine under a stack of folded towels in the linen cabinet.

“You’d better not be doing what I think you’re doing!”

“No Mom, I told you, I’m taking a shower!” Wes grabbed a bath towel and wrapped it around his waist.

“OPEN THE DOOR NOW!” Kris demanded.

Wes quickly unlocked the door and found himself face-to-face with his fuming mother. She immediately pulled the towel from his waist and grabbed his penis with her fingers. She recoiled at the feel of the greasy lotion that covered his still-erect member.

“You were masturbating! Damn it, Wes, what do I have to do to get through to you? I hold off on cutting you for a little bit, thinking you’ve earned a little trust, and you’re jacking off the second I turn my back!”

“Mom, it’s not fair!” Wes screamed. “Jennifer sells naked pictures of herself on the Internet, why can’t I jack off?”

Kris folded her arms. “I’m NOT having this discussion with you again. Your sister is making good money doing what she does. All you’re doing is being a disgusting pervert!”


“No buts! Now, since you obviously can’t be trusted to be alone with your penis, I think you and I will be showering together from now on!”

“WHAT?” Wes exclaimed.

“I think that’s an excellent idea.” Kris immediately removed her shirt and tossed it on the floor next to Wes’ clothes.

“MOM, NO!”

“Start the water and get it. I’ll be right behind you.” Kris unclasped her bra and her son winced at the sight of his mother’s naked breasts.

“Mom, don’t do this, it’s-”

“It’s what?” Kris asked, unzipping her jeans. She seemed genuinely perplexed by her son’s misgivings about showering with her. She looked at him as though she were expecting a response as she slid her jeans down. She was wearing a pink thong underneath; Wes was fairly certain he’d purchased that very thong himself a few weeks earlier when his mother had sent him to the store to buy panties for his sister and her.

“It’s- oh forget it!” Wes said, realizing the longer he tried to think of an answer, the more clothes his mother was going to take off in front of him.

Quickly, he turned around, and scampered towards the shower. If his mother was going to do this, if she was really going to get into the shower with him completely naked, he was going to have to figure out how to shower with his eyes closed.

He cranked the shower on and got in before even checking if it was warm. The cold water was a shock, but not as much of a shock as when the curtain suddenly yanked open revealing his fully naked mother waiting to enter. He took a step back and she promptly entered. The tub wasn’t large; there was barely enough space for the two of them, and as they proceeded to wash, their bodies bumped into one another quite frequently.

Wes shut his eyes, but it was far too late. There were many things he’d learned just now that he didn’t want to ever know. He didn’t want to know that his mother had tits nice enough that had he not known they were hers, he would have masturbated to them. He didn’t want to know that her trips to the spa apparently included Brazilian waxes. He didn’t want to know that her trips to the tanning salon were done in just a thong, as evidenced by the tan lines around her private area but not her breasts or butt cheeks.

He clenched his eyes shut and faced away from her; trying to block this moment from his memory.

“Wes! Get washing. I expect you to get out when I’m done.”

“Okay, okay.” Wes squirted some shampoo into his palm and proceeded to wash his hair. His mother grabbed a bar of soap and lathered up her palms.

“I’ll be washing your privates. So you’re not tempted to spend more time than necessary cleaning that area.” She grabbed his penis and scrubbed it with one hand, making Wes wince. She lifted his penis up and with her other hand grabbed his balls. He squealed as she fiercely scrubbed his scrotum before abruptly releasing it.

“There. All clean. See, it doesn’t take ten minutes to wash that.”

Wes sighed. He wanted nothing more than to stroke his penis to eruption, but his mother seemed determined to ruin even the idea of sexual release for him. She took the shampoo and lathered up her hair while Wes washed the rest of his body.

“Wes, be a dear and wash my breasts for me,” she said, scrubbing her hair.

“What? Why?” he asked incredulously.

She opened her eyes and looked at him. “Because it will make it easier for us to shower together if we help each other. Now come on. These boobs fed you, the least you can do is wash them for me.”

Wes groaned. Somehow he actually felt this was a worse punishment than having her wash his penis. Begrudgingly, he lathered up his hands and planted them on his mother’s breasts.

“Wash them,” she urged.

Wes rubbed the soapy liquid across her mounds, feeling the bump of her nipples against his palms as he did. Kris moaned, and Wes shifted uncomfortably. He was uncomfortable, because of what he could never in a million years admit.

His mom had great tits.

They felt good under his grasp, and he enjoyed the feel of them. He washed them thoroughly, then rinsed his hands and wiped away the soap from both her breasts and her belly.

Kris proceeded to lift her leg and rest her foot on the tub ledge. Without saying a word, Wes washed her thigh with both hands, before continuing down to clean her entire leg. She set it down and raised her other leg and Wes washed it as well. He didn’t wash her nether regions, but she didn’t seem to expect it. He breathed a sigh of relief when she washed it herself, and he finished cleaning his own body before Kris shut off the water.

To his horror, Wes realized as his mother was getting out of the tub that his erection had returned in full force. He glanced at her to see if she noticed, but all he noticed was her dripping wet naked body and his cock throbbed even more. Cheeks flushed, he stepped out of the tub sideways and kept his back to his mother while he grabbed a towel.

She eyed him suspiciously as he dried himself off, noting that he was keeping his private area covered. She yanked the towel away.

“Wesley! Why do you have an erection?”

Wes had no idea how he should answer that question.

“Were you touching yourself with me standing right next to you?”

Wes frantically shook his head, hoping against hope she didn’t realize he’d gotten aroused by his own mother’s body.

“All right, that’s it, OVER MY KNEE!” she demanded.

Kris sat on the tub’s edge and yanked her son over her lap. Before he could muster a reaction she smacked his bottom with her palm once, twice, three times, making him holler in pain. His still erect penis hung right between her thighs, and he noted that each time she smacked his bottom his penis rubbed slightly against one of her inner thighs or the other.

“I’m sorry, Mom!” Wes yelled half-halfheartedly. He couldn’t admit to her that he didn’t want to move; the feel of her mother’s thighs was the most stimulating touch his penis had gotten in weeks.

“You will be sorry!” she yelled, spanking him again. “You will stop masturbating! I mean it! Never again!”

She furiously smacked his cheeks; so full of rage she apparently didn’t notice just how much her son’s penis was rubbing against her.

“I can’t help it! I have to, Mom!”

“You! Will! Not!” she screamed, and smacked him faster and harder. It hurt, it really did, but the pleasure he felt against his penis seemed to give him an almost superhuman tolerance to it. The faster she smacked him, the faster he rubbed against her, and he felt his excitement grow.

“I won’t stop! I’ll never stop!” he taunted, and she only spanked him faster. God, it felt so fucking good. As she got angrier, her thighs pressed closer together, and Wes could now feel both sides of his penis rubbing against her two thighs. Precum was leaking out the tip, but Kris seemed oblivious to everything but her son’s defiance.

“You think you can outlast me? Your butt is going to be in far more agony than my hand!”

“I won’t stop. I’ll never stop,” he repeated, quietly. He was getting closer. Any second now.

She smacked him again and again and again, never even slowing. The rage she felt towards her husband for leaving her, the anger she felt upon learning about his mistress, and his porn addiction, all spilled out of her hand and onto her son’s naked bottom. Wes breathed steadily, channeling the pain into pleasure.

You! Will! Stop! You! Will! Stop!” she repeated, and smacked him and smacked him, and smacked him, and-

“Oooohhhhh!” Wes let out a moan.

Kris gasped.

Cold, gooey semen gushed down her leg. Her jaw dropped open in horror. She pushed her son off of her lap just in time to see the last remnants of his ejaculation emerge from his penis and spill out onto her thighs.

“Oh my God!” she screamed. “You were... enjoying that?”

Wes covered his privates with his hands sheepishly, but said nothing.

Too mortified to even berate him another second, Kris reached into the linen cabinet and snatched a fresh towel. She grabbed fairly hard, which cause the porn magazine Wes had so carefully hidden underneath to come spilling out onto the bathroom floor.

Kris stared at the magazine, and then up at her trembling son.

“Sorry, Mom,” he said.

“Come on babe! Let me see ‘em! Pleeeeeease!”

The balding, 40-something man on Jennifer’s screen was furiously masturbating while staring up at her, pleadingly. Jennifer giggled as she turned her back to him and wiggled her butt. She wore a cupless red see-through negligee with a thong underneath, but kept her arm covering both of her breasts whenever she faced the webcam. Helplessloser59 hadn’t earned the right to see them yet.

“Tell you what, honey. You get out a sharpie and write ‘Jenny’s little payslut’ on that fat belly of yours, tip me another $50, and I’ll show you the goods,” Jennifer said, bending over and giving him a great close-up peek at her cleavage.

She’s already made him write “bitch boy” on his forehead, but Jennifer was far from done with helplessloser59. He’d spent over $700 on her the past week, and given that today was his payday, Jennifer intended to squeeze him dry again.

She watched as he scampered off screen, wearing nothing but his wife’s nylons on both legs, while she continued to sway her hips despite not having an audience at the moment. Helplessloser59 returned shortly afterward, with Jennifer’s requested message scrawled across his bulging beer belly. He tapped his mouse several times, and Jennifer saw her balance go up by $50.

“Good boy!” she commended him. Slowly, she pulled her hands from her breasts and flashed her nipples at her captive audience.

“Ohhhhh Goddddd!” helplessloser59 moaned. He stroked his cock furiously, until it erupted a burst of semen onto his keyboard.

“Hey! Did I give you permission to cum?” Jennifer snapped.

“Oh, sorry Goddess, I couldn’t help it...” he moaned.

Jennifer folded her arms.

“$150 cum tax. Pay up NOW!” she demanded.

“Yes, Goddess,” helplessloser59 replied.

“JENNIFER!!!” Kris Powell screamed from down the hallway.

Jennifer cursed silently to herself.

“What, Mom?” she called.

“Bring me your shears!” Kris shouted.

“I’m WITH a CLIENT!” Jennifer shouted.

“NOW, Jennifer!”

“Mom, no!” Wes shouted.

Jennifer’s bedroom door was closed, but to her annoyance, it was far from soundproof. She looked back at her webcam.

“I have to go,” she said.

“Wait, Goddess, please show me your pu-”

Jennifer closed the session, stopping helplessloser59 in mid-sentence. She opened her bedroom door to see her mother standing on the other side, dressed in only a bath towel.

“I need your shears. The really sharp ones. Wes has done it this time!”

“Can this wait?” Jennifer asked.

“Your brother- pleasured himself- onto my leg, Jennifer! Give me your shears, now! He’s LONG overdue for his cut!”

Jennifer nearly choked with laughter at this. She peered down the hall at her brother, as he dried himself off.

“You actually masturbated on your own mother’s leg?” Jennifer exclaimed in bewilderment, then paused. “I should make one of my clients do that,” she said to herself, thoughtfully.

“Your SHEARS, Jennifer!” Kris repeated, holding her open palm out expectantly.

Jennifer grabbed her shears from her desk drawer and placed them into her mother’s hand. Kris took a seat on Jennifer’s bed.

“Wes! Get in here!”

Knowing it was useless to argue, Wes trudged into his sister’s bedroom. He paused for just a second when he saw what was waiting for him in his mother’s hand. Jennifer nudged him forward, until he was close enough that his penis was within snipping distance.

Kris pulled the towel from Wes’ waist.

“Let’s see, where should I give you your cut today?” she asked aloud. She ran the blade of the shears up and down the shaft of his cock, passing the many scars from cuts she’d left before.

“Hey Mom, why do you always cut the shaft? Don’t you think he should get cut on the head this time?” Jennifer asked.

“JEN!” Wes shouted.

“I think that’s an excellent idea. It’s a lot more sensitive, isn’t it?” Kris asked.

“Mom, don’t cut the head! Please!” Wes pleaded.

Kris rolled back his foreskin, exposing the head of Wes’ penis.

“Look how smooth it is! No scars here. I think we need to change that,” Kris said.

Wes pulled his penis from his mother’s grip, only for her to respond by grabbing his balls. He froze.

“Wes,” Kris said sharply. “Do NOT fight me on this. I can make this a lot worse. Do you understand?”

Wes needed only to feel the very subtle movement of her hand that clutched his balls, just hinting at twisting them a bit more, to understand the seriousness of her statement. He nodded.

She released his balls and rolled back his foreskin once again. Wes braced himself.

“Now, where should I give you the cut? Top side, maybe?”

Wes gulped as his mother held the blade against the upper side of his glans.

He shook his head, not daring to jerk away but desperately hoping he could convince his mother not to cut him there.

“Or the underside?” Kris asked. She held the other shear blade directly against his frenulum.

Even if Wes had been given a choice, both options seemed too awful to choose.

“What do you think, Jen?” Kris asked.

Jennifer thought for a moment.

“Well, you’ve got shears. Why not both?”

“NO!” Wes screamed. “NOT both! Please Mom, that’s going to hurt like hell!”

“Good. Maybe you’ll finally get it through your brain that your penis is not a toy. So where shall I cut it! Topside or underside?”

“I-” Wes stammered. “Top side!”

Kris arched an eyebrow. “Really? You want a cut across the topside?”

“No!” Wes corrected. “I- uh-”

“Just put it where you want, Mom!” Jennifer said. “Why should he get a choice?”

“Would you like me to decide, Wes?” Kris asked.

Shaking, Wes nodded.

“All right. I’ve made my decision,” Kris said.

Wes shut his eyes.

Before he could even brace himself, he felt the cold shear blade slice directly into his frenulum.

Wes trudged through the hallways of East Valley High School with his head hung low. He could hear his classmates laughing as he walked past.

“Hey Wes, how’s the penis?” a girl asked.

Wes’ face turned bright red. He wasn’t sure how his classmates had found out. More than likely Jennifer had told her best friend Ariana about the previous night’s incident, and Ariana had told her sister, who attended Wes’ school.

The unfairness of his mother’s insistence of cutting his cock ate at him every day. She tolerated absolutely no sexual gratification without a partner, and Wes had never been good with the girls. Even when he had to submit a semen sample for a biology assignment, Kris had forbidden him from expunging his seed.

When all the other guys in class were able to easily masturbate into a plastic container Mr. Prigmore had provided, Wes was forced to ask his mother’s then-boyfriend for a sample, who had provided him with a used condom he’d used to have sex with Kris the morning the sample was due. Wes had emptied the condom into his plastic vial before coming to class, but he still had to write his mother’s boyfriend’s name on his lab report under the line marked, “name of provider.”

He took solace in the fact that it was only a few short months until graduation. Wes had put in an application at Watkins University, and he prayed he would be accepted. Not just because they had the best Engineering program in the state, but also because it was a five-hour drive from home. If he lived on campus, no more dick snips every three days! There was just the question of how he would pay for it.

Wes stopped at his locker and began turning the lock. He was interrupted by the touch of a hand on his shoulder.

“Hey Wes!”

Against his better judgment, he turned around to see who wanted to humiliate him now. Natalie Blume, one of the most beautiful girls in his school, was talking to him. And she was smiling. And not a mean smile, but a how-nice-to-see-you smile. Wes didn’t know how to respond to that.

“Uh, hi?” he uttered.

“Hey. I- um-” she leaned very close to him, and looked around to make sure no one was listening in. “I’ve got a favor to ask you.”

Wes couldn’t fathom what a gorgeous girl like Natalie would want from him, but he was intrigued.

“What do you need?”

She stuffed her hands into the pockets of her jeans. “So, I’m taking Bio with Mr. Prigmore this semester. And we have to bring in a sample of sperm to look at under the microscope for our lab today. I’d ask my boyfriend, but he’s sick today. Do you think ... you could ... possibly, maybe, fill my vial for me?”

She held up her plastic container and twiddled it between her thumb and middle finger.

Any other guy would have jumped at the opportunity, yet all Wes could think of at that moment was the stinging gash on his frenulum.

“You’re asking me? Of all the guys here?” Wes asked.

“Yeah, why not?” Natalie asked.

“You- haven’t heard the rumors going on about me?”

Natalie stopped.

“Oh! Oh right, I totally forgot. I’m sorry. I’ll ask someone else.” She turned and walked away.

Wes sighed and opened his locker. Immediately, he saw his own reflection staring back at him in his locker mirror and he said to himself, you idiot!

“Natalie, wait!” he called out.

Natalie stopped. She turned to face him.

“Yeah, I can do that for you,” he said coolly.

“You sure? I don’t want you to get hurt.”

Wes shrugged and smiled. “I’ll be fine, don’t worry.”

“Okay, well, let me get you some healing salve. And if you promise not to tell Jordan...” she leaned very close to him again, “I’ll be happy to give you a hand.”

Wes’ jaw dropped.

“You’d do that?”

“Sure. Whatever you need to get me what I need.” She giggled.

Wes looked around the hallway, now clearing out as class was about to start.

“Meet you at lunchtime. Under the bleachers,” he said.

She was waiting for him right where they’d agreed.

“Thanks for doing this for me,” Natalie said, as Wes stepped over the metal girders until he was out of view of the students on the football field.

Wes unzipped his pants and dropped them along with his underwear to his ankles. He sat down in the grass and Natalie took a seat beside him.

“Wow. I’ve never seen an uncircumcised guy before,” she said.

“Yeah, my mom wanted it done when I was born, my dad didn’t. Lucky for me, he wasn’t the one stuck in a hospital bed and got to make the call.”

“Jordan got his snipped when he was thirteen. He said it hurt like hell.”

“That sucks,” Wes said.

Natalie shrugged. “I like the look of it.” She looked at Wes’ penis. “So where’s your cut?”

“Right here,” he said, rolling back his foreskin and turning the underside of his penis towards her.

“Ouch! She really snipped you good! Let me get that for you.” Natalie opened a tube of healing salve and applied a few dabs to her finger. She softly rubbed the cream on Wes’ cut. It stung for a moment, but within minutes a soothing feel overtook his penis.

“Feels good, huh?” she asked.

Wes nodded in agreement.

“You ready to do this?” she asked.

Wes nodded again. Natalie laughed.

“Of course you are!” She lifted her shirt up to her chin and puled her bra cups aside, exposing both of her breasts.

Wes’ eyes went wide. Her tits were magnificent.

“Give them a feel,” she encouraged.

Wes grabbed Natalie’s breasts and squeezed them in his hands. She put her hand on his penis and gently tugged on it.

“You sure your boyfriend won’t mind?” Wes asked.

Natalie shook her head. “Jordan can NEVER know about this. I just really need this sample today, and he let me down. So promise me you won’t tell ANY one.”


“Good!” Natalie coated her palm in lotion, and as soon as his penis was fully erect, she gently applied the lotion.

“Does it hurt?” she asked.

“A little,” he said.

She rubbed the lotion up and down his penis.

“Why does she do this to you?” she asked.

“She thinks masturbating is a disgusting habit She thinks cutting my cock will stop me from doing it.”

Natalie kept pumping his penis.

“What if you get a girlfriend? How are you supposed to be intimate with her?”

“She doesn’t think I’ll be able to get one. And so far, she’s been right,” Wes grumbled to herself.

Natalie looked at Wes sadly as she continued stroking him.

“If I- told your mom I was your girlfriend, do you think she might stop cutting you then?”

“You’d do that for me?” Wes asked in surprise.

“Of course!” Natalie said. “You don’t deserve to be treated this way. I’ll stop by your house every once in a while, until you can get a real girlfriend.”

“Oh my God, you are a saint!” Wes exclaimed.

Natalie giggled.

“I’m also pretty damn sexy, aren’t I?”

Wes laughed, and played with her bare breasts a bit more. He let out a sigh, and semen burst from the tip of his penis. Natalie had her vial at the ready, and let Wes’ baby batter dribble down into the container.

“Mmm, look at all that cum!” She let Wes’ penis empty before sealing the container closed. “Thanks a bunch!”

She pulled her bra back over her tits and let her shirt down.

“So, can you stop by my house tonight? Maybe have dinner with my family?” Wes asked.

“You got it!” Natalie said. She planted a kiss on his cheek and jumped to her feet. “And remember, you can NOT tell Jordan about this!”

“Hey Mom?” Wes began, trepidatiously.

“Yes, honey?” Kris said. She came to the front door where she found her son waiting with a girl she’d never seen before.

“This is Natalie, my girlfriend.”

A smile unlike one Wes had seen on his mother’s face in years shot across her face.

“Well, hi there!” Kris said, extending her hand. Natalie shook it enthusiastically.

“It’s so nice to meet you, Mrs. Powell!” Natalie said. “I’m glad Wes finally decided to introduce us!”

“I had no idea Wes was seeing anyone!” Kris said.

“It’s not a big deal, Mom,” Wes replied sheepishly.

“Don’t be silly, she’s the first girl you’ve brought home! Come on in, Natalie, we’d love to have you for dinner!”

Natalie dropped her book bag by the door and followed Kris into the dining room.

“Oh Wes, there’s a letter here for you,” Kris said, handing her son an envelope.

Wes looked at the envelope and his pulse soared. It was from Watkins University. He tore the envelope open and unfolded the letter. Kris and Natalie watched him expectantly.

“Well?” Kris asked.

Wes smiled.

“I got in!”

“Yes!” Kris shouted. She wrapped her arms around her son and squeezed him tightly.

“Congratulations, baby!” Natalie said. She hugged Wes and kissed him on the cheek.

“But how are we going to pay for it?” Wes asked.

“We’ll talk about that later. Come on, let’s have dinner,” Kris said.

Having dinner with Natalie and his mother was nerve wracking to say the least. Natalie followed his lead, saying everything they’d agreed upon to give the impression they’d been dating for some time and that this wasn’t some impromptu ruse they’d both decided to pull this very day.

Kris laughed at all of Natalie’s funny stories, gave her advice on school, and Natalie made sure to return some compliments to Kris as well. Neither of them seemed to notice Jennifer seated across the table from them, watching Natalie like a lion scoping a gazelle. Wes kept his eyes locked on Jennifer; desperately trying to think of a way to end the dinner early in the event that he felt it was necessary.

Natalie’s cell phone chimed, and she checked it. “Oh, Jordan wants to know where I am...” she looked up at Kris, and added, “he’s my brother. May I use your bathroom for a moment?”

Kris pointed Natalie to the bathroom and Jennifer immediately excused herself.

“So what do you think, Mom?” Wes asked.

“I think it’s about time,” Kris said. “You deserve a nice girl. I’m glad you finally had the gumption to go ask one out.”

Wes hung his head. “Thanks, Mom,” he said, trying to fill his voice with faux pride.

He excused himself to see if Natalie was out of the bathroom yet, and instead he found Jennifer rifling through Natalie’s book bag.

“What are you doing?” Wes demanded.

Jennifer looked up at her brother.

“You may have Mom fooled, but you haven’t fooled me.”

“What does that mean?” Wes asked.

Before she could answer, Natalie emerged from the bathroom. Jennifer zipped the book bag closed just before Natalie entered the room.

“Well, I have to get home. It was so nice to meet your family, Wes!” Natalie wrapped her hands around Wes’ face and kissed him on the lips. Jennifer rolled her eyes while Kris watched in admiration. “I hope to see you again soon, Mrs. Powell!”

“You too, Natalie! Stop by any time!” Kris said.

Natalie grabbed her book bag and hurried out the front door. When she was gone, Kris turned to Jennifer.

“What do you think of her, Jen?”

“Wes is up to something,” Jennifer said.

“Like what?” Wes demanded.

“Look what I found in Natalie’s backpack!” Jennifer held up Natalie’s lab report. Under the entry for “name of provider,” the name “Wes Powell” was written. “Wes gave Natalie a semen sample. He’s been jerking off, Mom!”

“She’s my girlfriend!” Wes shouted.

“Jennifer! What Wes does with his girlfriend is none of your business!” Kris snatched the lab report from Jennifer’s hands. “Why can’t you be happy for your brother? He has a girlfriend and he’s been accepted to a pretty illustrious college too.”

“And how’s he going to pay for his tuition there? Delivering pizzas?”

Kris folded her arms. “I was thinking, since you’re making so much money taking your clothes off for men on the Internet, that maybe you could pay for it!”

“WHAT?” Jennifer screamed. “Why the fuck should I do that?”

“Watch your language! Because we are a FAMILY that’s why! We help each other! Wes will become an engineer and he’ll be providing for us financially when he’s able!”

Wes stopped. He honestly didn’t know his mother expected that of him, but he was too happy watching Jennifer’s panties get in a twist to argue.

“This is BULLSHIT!” Jennifer screamed, and stomped off to her bedroom.

“I don’t think she’s going to do it,” Wes said.

“I’m not giving her a choice,” Kris said. She hugged her son once again. “Congratulations, sweetie.”

The next two weeks were a breeze.

Kris didn’t cut Wes’ cock once after Natalie came by for dinner. She no longer required Wes to shower with her, so once Wes’ cut had healed, he was free to masturbate privately without his mother becoming suspicious every time he was in a room with a closed door.

The difficulty came in creating the illusion Natalie was an active part of his life. Kris was constantly asking Wes to invite her over more often, and inquiring what she and Wes were doing on any given day. Natalie was only occasionally able to stop by the Powell household to make friendly talk and fabricate stories about her and Wes’ relationship, and Wes could tell Natalie was growing tired of maintaining the facade as well as keeping it a secret from her boyfriend.

Wes had had nearly three weeks of free reign of his cock when he received the best news he’d gotten since being accepted to Watkins. His art teacher announced that a live figure model would be posing for their class. Miss Gillian had hired a young female model for the class to draw, and this model would be posing completely nude.

Wes felt his cock swell the moment he heard the news. He found himself counting the days until the model would arrive. He would take in every detail of the girl’s naked body and masturbate to it the second he got some alone time.

In fact, Wes had been taking every opportunity he had to masturbate now that he wasn’t getting regular penis cuts. One afternoon, Jennifer’s friend Ariana came over, and from the sounds of it, Ariana had joined Jennifer for a two-girl show for Jennifer’s clients. After listening to the two of them giggle through Jennifer’s bedroom door, Wes got online and searched for their channel.

It didn’t take much effort to find. Wes watched the two of them undress each other on his screen, while listening to them through his bedroom wall. He watched as Jennifer peeled a pair of golden silk panties from Ariana’s ass down to her ankles, and spanked her naked bottom.

Wes stroked his cock while he watched Ariana squirm around; her ass jiggling about as Jennifer smacked it with her palm.

“Mmm, let’s go in the hot tub!” Ariana moaned.

Wes watched as Jennifer picked up her cell phone, which she’d apparently been using to film the show, and the two girls hurried stark naked from the bedroom and out the back door to where the hot tub was. Jennifer set up the phone to film them jumping into the tub, where they smeared bubbles all over their bodies.

Sensing an opportunity, Wes crept out of his bedroom and into Jennifer’s. Ariana’s golden silk panties still lay on the bedroom floor. He grabbed them.

They were still warm from being around Ariana’s ass. Wes smelled the crotch, and inhaled the sweet aroma of her pussy. Returning to his room, he wrapped the panties around his erect penis, and stroked himself with the soft, silky material. He watched on his screen as Ariana stuck her naked bottom up above the surface of the water so Jennifer could continue spanking her.

He pumped hard, and before he could stop himself, he filled the feminine garment full of cum. He almost spilled cum onto his own pants, and had to quickly use the panties to wipe up all of the semen that was spilling from his urethra. When his orgasm had subsided, he wiped his cock clean, but the panties were soaked.

With no place to discretely dispose of them, Wes stashed the panties in the back of his closet to discard another time.

Wes’ heart was pounding when he arrived in the classroom the day the nude model was set to arrive. Although Natalie was in his art class, he saw no reason she might be jealous if Wes spent a little too much time admiring the model’s body. If anything, she might be jealous of what her boyfriend did, as Jordan was in the class as well.

“All right everyone, get your materials out,” Miss Gillian said. “So you know, our model today is a former student here, and some of you may know her.” She looked at Wes and winked. “Everyone give a warm welcome to Miss Jennifer Powell!”

Wes’ heart sank. The class erupted in applause as Jennifer entered the room wearing a white terrycloth robe. She gave Wes a devilish smile before untying her belt and dropping her robe to the floor.

Wes was likely the only boy in the class whose attention was not transfixed on Jennifer at that moment. Even some of the girls watched with astonishment as she walked with fearless confidence to the center of the classroom without a stitch of clothing on. Wes however, felt all of his hopes perish.

It wasn’t just the prospect of having to draw his sister nude. He shared this class with Natalie. And Jordan. And they sat side-by-side across the room from where Wes sat. Frantically, Wes tried to think of an explanation. Assigned seating. Of course. They’d been assigned those seats since the first day of class. Now he just had to pray Jordan did nothing to give away that he and Natalie were a couple.

It was the most uncomfortable fifty minutes of Wes’ life that didn’t involve a blade touching his penis. Gazing at his sister’s body. Hearing the giggles from his classmates who knew their relation. Recreating the image of his sister’s breasts and pubic region on paper.

He kept looking at Natalie, who appeared to become increasingly uncomfortable each time Wes glanced her way. That left him with nowhere to look but at Jennifer, who was still naked and still his sister.

Begrudgingly, he sketched away, lamenting the loss of seeing some other attractive babe in the nude instead of her.

Wes breathed a sigh of relief when Jennifer finally put her robe back on. Some of the guys moaned in disappointment, to which Jennifer responded by opening her robe once again to give them one last peek.

Wes rolled his eyes. As he gathered up his art supplies, he debated whether to confront her outside the classroom, or at home, or not at all. He knew that she knew exactly what she was doing, and letting her know that she’d upset him would only give her satisfaction.

As he packed up his bags, Miss Gillian approached him.

“Wes, can I talk to you for a second?” she asked.

“Uh, what?” Wes asked, stopping in mid-step.

“I had no idea your sister was interested in modeling,” Miss Gillian said.

Wes looked to the floor. “Yeah, she’s being doing- stuff like that lately.”

“That’s good. Nude modeling is very good money. I thought you might be interested in knowing I teach a night class at the women’s college down the road. I could use a male model for an upcoming project for the girls to draw. Are you interested?”

“Uh, no thanks. Modeling- isn’t really my thing.” Wes stirred uncomfortably.

“Oh. Your sister said you were looking to get into modeling. I guess she was mistaken.”

Wes bit his lower lip.

“No. She’s just messing with me.”

Miss Gillian shrugged. “Well, let me know if you change your mind. The pay is forty dollars an hour.”

Wes shook his head. Why would Jennifer tell his teacher that? He went to hurry out of the room, only to glance behind him and see Jennifer was still in the classroom.

And she was talking to Jordan.

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