Just Following Orders

by Ann Douglas

Copyright© 2001 by Ann Douglas. All rights reserved.

Fan Fiction Sex Story: Yeoman Tamura had her orders from Mr. Spock. She was to prevent Mea from heading for a disintegration chamber and becoming a casualty in a computer war. The tactics she would need to follow her orders weren't anything taught back at the Academy.

Caution: This Fan Fiction Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Fa/Fa   Consensual   Lesbian   Fan Fiction   Science Fiction   Aliens   Oral Sex   .

“Yeoman Tamura, you stay here and prevent this young lady from immolating herself. Knock her down and sit on her if necessary. This is a killing situation. Do what you must to protect yourself.”

Commander Spock’s orders echoed repeatedly in Kyoko Tamura’s thoughts as she stood guard at the diamond shaped door to their detention room with her captured disrupter. Only an inch over five feet, the one hundred pound Asian woman was hardly an imposing image to the woman she had been ordered to keep watch over. Still she was part of Starfleet and would do whatever needed to be done to carry out her orders.

Less then twenty-fours before, Tamura had been part of a landing party led by Captain Kirk and Mr. Spock down to Eminiar VII. Soon after they had arrived, Captain Kirk was informed that the Enterprise had been classified as being destroyed in a computer-simulated tri-cobalt satellite explosion during an attack on the planet. Evidently, the planet had been at war with the neighboring world of Vendikar for over five hundred years.

A war fought by computers in which casualties once cataloged, were required to report to disintegration chambers where their deaths were recorded. The people died, Anan 7, the head of the High Council had declared, but the civilization endured.

Captain Kirk had understandably refused to order his crew to simply beam down and be killed when they landed. As a result, the landing party was then taken hostage in their place. After the Captain had been taken away to meet with Anan 7, Mr. Spock effected the landing party’s escape and had, after warning the Enterprise, gone off to rescue Captain Kirk.

Spock had left Yeoman Tamura behind in their room, reasoning that their captors wouldn’t expect any of them to be in the room they escaped from, to guard Mea 3. Mea was the daughter of Anan 7 and had been listed as killed in a previous attack. She had been on her way to a disintegration chamber when Spock and the landing party intercepted her.

“You really don’t think you can keep me here,” Mea said, breaking the silent indifference she had exhibited toward the young woman guarding her since they had been left alone.

“Those are Mr. Spock’s orders,” Tamura said with all of the authority she could muster, tightening her grip on the hand disrupter.

The problem was, the weapon she had been left with had no stun setting. Killing Mea to prevent her from going to commit suicide pretty much defeated the purpose. Tamura had her basic Starfleet training, but it wasn’t like she was a member of Security or anything like that.

The reality of it all was that she was a glorified clerk and that Mea was both bigger and stronger than her. The only real advantage to the situation, the Yeoman believed, was that Mea didn’t exactly strike her as the physical type but one rather more suited to a life of gentle amusements.

“Well if I must stay here,” Mea said as she rose from the chair she had been sitting on, “Perhaps we can find a more pleasurable way to pass the time.”

Tamura felt her guard coming up as the tall blond haired woman stepped up to her. The Yeoman didn’t have all that much deep space experience but figured that if she were in Mea’s place, she would try and trick her way out of here.

Personally, Tamura felt that if the Vendarian had so little love for her life that she could so casually throw it away, well then let her. But Mr. Spock had ordered her to prevent just that, so her personal feelings didn’t really matter.

Stepping over to a small table, Mea picked up a bottle of Trova, a native liquor, and poured herself a drink. She held the decanter over a second empty glass and looked up at the woman in red, asking with her motions if she would join her. Kyoko declined the offer, thinking she had to keep her wits about her.

“Very well,” Mea said as she put down the container and raised the drink to her lips, quickly draining the contents of the small glass.

The blond haired woman stepped back over toward her guard, stopping a few feet in front of her. Although the deadly disrupter was still aimed at her midsection, she took careful note that the Federation woman didn’t have her hand on the trigger.

“You are a very attractive woman,” Mea said unexpectedly, “so different from the others in your group. I’ve never seen a woman with features like yours.”

“I’m Japanese,” Kyoko replied, explaining that humans were further subdivided into various races.

“Well I don’t know what Japanese men are like,” Mea said, “but I think I like Japanese women.”

“Is she coming on to me?” Kyoko asked herself, thinking that it was exactly the kind of trick she herself might try on a male guard. In her short career, she had met a lot of security types that thought with the wrong head and might fall for something like this.

“Do you think you like Vendarian women?” Mea then asked, confirming Kyoko’s theory.

“I haven’t seen enough to really make a decision,” Kyoko replied, thinking that would end it.

Of course she could’ve simply said she wasn’t into women period, but that thought didn’t occurred to her because it simply wasn’t true. The petite Asian had enjoyed a brief, fiery affair with another Yeoman when they had shared quarters when she had first come aboard the Enterprise. Much younger than the woman standing before her, Kyoko’s roommate had also been a blonde.

“Well then, I guess we should correct that so you can have your answer,” Mea said.

Before Kyoko could ask what she had meant by that, Mea took the younger woman’s reply quite literally and made sure she could see more than enough to make up her mind. Mea’s outfit was a collection of draped clothes, held together by a square metal clip just below her left shoulder. Sliding off that clip caused her ensemble to slide off her body with the greatest of ease, leaving Kyoko to wonder if it had been designed that way. Beneath the garment, Mea had been totally nude.

Mea had a fine body, there was no denying that. Small rounded breasts capped by dark pink nipples drew Kyoko’s immediate attention, seconded only by the thick patch of light blond hair between her legs.

“Can you decide now?” Mea asked with a wide grin, just before she stepped forward out of the pile of clothing at her feet and quite unexpectedly kissed the Federation woman.

The press of her lips against Kyoko’s might’ve been unanticipated, but it was nonetheless very enjoyable. Kyoko found herself responding automatically as she opened her mouth to admit Mea’s tongue and caressed it with her own.

Mea wrapped her arms around Kyoko, pulling their bodies together and crushing her breasts against the smaller woman’s chest. Beneath the material of her red uniform, Kyoko could feel her nipples hardening.

“How does this come undone?” Mea asked as she fumbled with the seam in the back of the Starfleet dress.

Kyoko paused a long heartbeat before answering, deciding that perhaps this wasn’t really an escape attempt after all. She could feel a wetness forming between her legs and her mind beginning to succumb to the temptations of the warm flesh pressed against her. Still, she had just enough experience to consider the possibility that she might be wrong in her assumption.

Backing out of Mea’s embrace, the Yeoman took the hand weapon, set it to it’s lowest setting and fired the energy beam at the locking mechanism of the door. Once fused, no one was going in or out of this room without a cutting phaser or the Vendarian equivalent.

Then she shut down the disrupter, having learned enough about it to know that once shut down in that mode, it took a minute long recharge cycle before it could be used again. If anyone attempted to cut their way through the door, there was plenty of time to recharge it. In the meantime it was now useless to Mea as a weapon should she somehow gain hold of it during Kyoko’s distraction.

“Now that we have some privacy,” Kyoko said as she placed the now dormant hand disrupter out of reach, “shall we continue?”

The short black haired woman was pleased to hear Mea eagerly respond in the affirmative. She reached behind herself and undid the self-sticking hooks that held her uniform tight against her body. In only a little longer than it had taken the older woman, Kyoko was down to a pair of simple white fleet issue panties. Removing both them and her high black boots, she was quickly naked as well.

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