The Breeder and Lil Massa

by ChrisCross

Copyright© 2017 by ChrisCross

Erotica Sex Story: Big strapping black bull slave Big Sam had been brought to the Mississippi River Duval plantation to cover slave women and increase the size of the slave force. He'd done that, but he likes chasing down fourteen-year-old slave boys even better. He's seen with stable boy Joshua by the fourteen-year-old son of the plantation owner, John. John wants what Joshua is getting.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/mt   Consensual   NonConsensual   Rape   Slavery   Gay   Fiction   Farming   Historical   DomSub   MaleDom   Light Bond   Rough   Interracial   Black Male   White Male   Black Couple   Anal Sex   First   Masturbation   Oral Sex   Voyeurism   Size   .

Lil Joshua were bitin down real hard on the stick and lookin at me with bugged-out eyes as he lay on his back on the hay bale in the stables with me holdin his spindly little legs spread in my big hands and standin between them and fuckin him hard and deep, takin my pleasure from watchin the root of my pecker, thicker than Lil Joshua’s wrist at the root, movin in out of the boy’s hole what weren’t no larger than just nuff to let my pinkie finger in before I done begun the hard work of spikin him. From time to time, I stop pokin and grab his hips and pull him on and off the pecker--back and forth, pleasuring myself by lookin down to see that big bull cock of mine get longer an thicker as I pull him off it and then down to the root to feel him shudder and hear him moan.

Not many females can take it in to the root like Lil Joshua does. He done groan real good at this, tellin me how bad he like it. All the time I be stuffin him, him cryin out and groanin that I’m killin him, but him wantin me inside him so bad he tellin me not to stop, to hurry, to fuck him good. And I do fuck him good. His cryin out getting so loud, though, that we have to have him bite on the stick to shut him down.

Despite Lil Joshua bein only fourteen and right small for his age, I could get it all in him--he now could spread his ass walls to take it all--and I can fuck him good. Thas one reason I like fuckin the boys more than the women. I is so big I have to be careful with the women not to bang ‘em too deep so I don’t ruin ‘em. With a boy, I can bury it as deep as I like and he can take it. It take time and lots of bangin, but, with time, he can take it. He will do a whole lot of yellin about being killed by it and all, but that lil hole is gonna take it all, down to the short and curlies. An he gonna beg for it once I start fuckin ‘em hard and deep.

“Hey, Lil Joshua,” I call out to him, huffin and puffin because it’s work openin a boy’s ass up--harder work then pumpin’ a female’s snatch. Course sometime I do them in the ass too, and some be of a free mind and sassy mind and be lovin that. “Hey, Lil Joshua, lookee here at the root of my cock spreadin your hole from here to kingdom come.” I put a hand under his back and lift him up so he can see the pecker in the hole. He moans real deep and lays back again, with his head over the back of the bale, and I swear I can see the whites of his eyes there for a minute. But he loves it, he does. When I ask him why he don’t run from me, why he lets me pick him up, carry him in here, lay him on a hay bale, and stick it in him, he says the same I do--that he loves thinking that a small hole like his can swallow a big bull cock like the one I got.

So he just lay there amoanin while I pump his ass in long strokes, seein if I can get it in deeper, open him up wider, work him longer than I done the last time. He jus lay there lovin it all.

Sometime them females, they pass out with my pecker deep inside ‘em. Well, sometime the boys do too, but they take it deeper than a female before they do. I like the feel of my short and curlies ticklin against the smooth, tender skin of one of them boys. Like it better than fuckin babies into female bellies.

Big Massa John says that’s what I’m here for--to put babies in the bellies of his women darkies. Darkies--field hands and house workers bring in more money on this Mississippi plantation south of Natchez than the sugar cane do. Big Massa John bought me off the block over in Charleston cause of my size, he said. Not just how tall and broad shouldered I be and how muscled up I am--and, if I do say so myself, how handsome I be--but because I got a dick as thick and long as the trunk of an oak tree and big balls full of juice and perfect for makin babies. I was bought as a breeder and thas my main job on the Duval plantation--in addition to workin the cane and drivin the carriage and keepin myself in muscle. I is here to breed the darky women and provide a crop of seven or eight babies every year. A darky baby is money in the bank Big Massa John say after fifteen years or so. I is Big Massa John’s breeder bull.

I do my job, I do, but truth be known, I like fuckin the boys more than the females. I like the fourteen-year-old boys about to turn into men, but on the small side, like Lil Joshua I got under me takin my cock real deep on this here hay bale, bitin on his stick to keep him from screamin, lookin all bug-eyed, and takin me to the root to where my black short and curlies give his smooth balls a good brushin. Lil Joshua be special nice, he be, because of the size difference. The difference of him bein so small and me bein so big, and, most especial, me having this big bull of a dick that I got and him with such a small hole. Gives me a thrill, it does, to see this big dick of mine pushin at that small hole of his and him, groanin and gruntin as the hole opens for me, takes all of me in as he squirms under me, sobbin for it, wantin it, and I give it all to him. Stretchin him, fillin him up. The thrill of putting this big bull dick in him, all the way to the root and then pumpin him good, makin him splash my belly with that sweet boy’s jism of his and then laying there, all quiet and surrendered like, sighin and moanin to hisself while I finish him with a big explosion.

Today was just like most any day until Lil Massa John done found me in the stable on top of Lil Joshua, the stable boy, holdin him down on the hay bale, with him squirmin under me, bitin on his stick so as folks not hearin me fucking the stuffing out of him. Then Lil Massa John come lookin for Joshua, the two of them, one white and one a darkie, raised together. Same age. Lil Massa John fourteen too--just the age I like to fuck ‘em--findin us makin slap-slap on the hay bale. Made the rounds last night, I did, just as is my job here, ridin on four or five of the ripe females, then sleeping the morning away, workin the cane in the early afternoon, runnin down this darky boy or that in late afternoon to go slap-slap with, fuckin them good. Then rest in the evening before makin the rounds at dark with the ripe females again.

Today I had my favorite under me in the stable, fuckin Lil Joshua hard and deep on the hay bale, when we hear Lil Massa John callin for his playmate. Lil Joshua and me, we go really quiet so’s he won’t find us, me with my dick buried to the hilt in Lil Joshua and Lil Joshua breathin real hard and moanin and groanin at the effort to take my big cock. But Lil Massa John, he done find us anyway.

Lil Joshua and me both, we’re panicked at Lil Massa findin us, but Johnnie boy? You think he done be shocked and run off to tell his papa on me? Why, no, not at all. He do threaten to tell his papa--but only if I don’t go on slappin my balls on Lil Joshua’s tender ass and continuing to feed him the dick hard and deep. So I do. And Lil Massa John, he sit there, he do, and he watch me fuck Lil Joshua hard and little Joshua squirm under me and bite on his stick and moan at me stretchin his insides to the limit and goin hard a pumpin in his ass.

And while he sit and watch, Lil Massa John, he take his own pecker out, he do, and he pulled on it, matchin the beat of me pumpin in Lil Joshua’s ass. I can’t help but watchin him beatin his pecker, jus as I can’t help achin to put my cock inside him, like I now doin to Lil Joshua. And then Lil Massa, he shoot a load out over the floor near the same time Lil Joshua and I shoot ours. And then he stood up, pulled his britches back up, said what a nice ebony bull of a darky I am and how lucky Lil Joshua is, and he done left the stable.

For a week or more, both Lil Joshua and I walk around careful and real scared, as Lil Joshua not here to lay on a hay bale band be poked and I not here to breed boys. I here to breed female darkies and to fuck babies into their bellies. Same time, I dream lots of Lil Massa laying on the hay bale sted of Lil Joshua, and with me with my bull cock buried in him and the white boy moanin for me while I pump him. I dream he wants that too. I don’t really think that be a dream, though.

But Lil Massa John he don’t tell on us. He just follow me around and look love sick. Lil Massa John a handsome little piece in his own right. Small like Lil Joshua, all white and soft. No workin the fields or anything else for Lil Massa John. He walks around knowing he own the plantation one of these years, walking around lookin so pleased with himself, all pink and small and curly blond haired. I knowd one thing, though, from the way he look at me and how he jacked hisself off watchin me fuck Lil Joshua. That there Lil Massa John wants what I give Lil Joshua, yes he do. And he a sweet little piece, yes he is. I bet he got a little puckered virgin hole just like Lil Joshua do before I unvirgined it for him, and I’ll bet he be done real good for me to stuff what I got between my legs in his sweet little hole. I bet he have to bite on a stick like Lil Joshua do to take it without screaming the county down. But I seed his lookin at me and following me around. I think he wants a big black bull dick inside him. And I think I’d want to put my big black bull dick inside him and make him cry--ifin I wanted to hang from a tree with my pecker chopped off, of course.

“Sam. Big Sam.” The big black, standing up from where he was bent over in the field, chopping sugar cane stalks, turned toward the source of the voice. He was stripped down to the waist of his tight-fitting calf-length cotton breeches. His body, glistening in the sun, was magnificently muscled. He rose more than six and a half feet tall, broad shouldered, bulging biceps, and narrow waisted, his abs like slabs of Roman armor descending down to the low-rise dip of his waistband, showing the crease of his underbelly descending into his groin on either side. The basket barely containing his manhood bulged. The palpable sex of the young buck in his prime, which gave him willing access between the legs of all the child-bearing age slave women on the plantation, was on full display. The nostrils on his strong-featured face flared when he saw who was addressing him.

“Big Sam,” Master John Junior said, “I want you to go to the stable and have Joshua saddle three horses and then I want you and Joshua to go to the Parnell tract with me.” The Parnell tract was a remote piece of property bounded by the Mississippi river that had recently been added to the Duval plantation. It was unimproved property that had no buildings on it yet and had not yet been cultivated.

“Mista Proctor, he said this cane had to be chopped today,” Sam answered young, fourteen-year-old John Duval, son of the plantation owner, who was standing on a berm running alongside the cane field. Charles Proctor was the plantation overseer. Sam kept his voice reverential. Proctor wasn’t a plantation god like the owner’s son was, even if he was only fourteen.

“My father is off in Natchez for two days,” young John answered. “I have work needing to be done for him too, and my needs come before those of Mr. Proctor’s. Go along and get those horses saddled up now. I wish to see the Parnell tract.”

The Parnell tract indeed was undeveloped and it was hard going for the horses to get through the undergrowth.

“The river’s over there and the bank is cleared,” Master John Junior called out to the other two. “Let’s make for that and rest a while before going back to the home plantation.”

They were off their horses and, at John’s direction and despite Sam’s muttered, “We’s not being here long nuff for that,” the saddles were taken off the horses and laid out on the side of the slope down to the river. The horses, hobbled, were sent off to graze in a nearby meadow.

Sam was reclining on the slope and John and Joshua were on either side of him crouching against saddles, watching the Mississippi roll by, when John’s face took on a mischievous look and he said, “I can’t forget watching you fucking Joshua on the hay bale in the stables the other day.”

“Best to try to forget that, Massa John,” Sam said, his voice guarded.

“I don’t want to forget that,” John responded. “I want to see more of it.”

“Now, Massa John, that’s nother world. That’s darkies doins. Don’t have nothin to do with you refined white folk. Best you jus go to thinkin bout something else. You go off to New Orleans for school soon, don’t you? You how old?”

“I’m fourteen. Same age as Joshua here. I heard you muttering how nice it was to fuck a fourteen-year-old. You said that, didn’t you?”

Sam sucked in air and looked away. “Them’s not matters for white folks like you.”

“And we want to keep them from matters needing to be reported to my father, don’t we?” John said. “So, it’s something to keep between ourselves. You be nice about it and nothing need be said to my father.”

John gave Sam a few minutes to mull that over before he went on to say, “I want to see it, Big Sam. I want to see your cock. Take it out for me.”

Sam hesitated.

“Take it out now, Big Sam.”

With a sigh, Sam unbuttoned the fly of his breeches and rolled his big snake of a cock out.

“Bejimmie, it’s big, Sam,” John said, his voice tremulous.

“Yes, it is,” Sam said, not without pride.

“Make it hard for me, Big Sam. I want to see it hard. I want to see it as big and hard as it was inside Joshua.”

With a sigh, Sam played with the cock, make it slowly engorge.

“Help him, Joshua, like you must help him before he fucks you,” John demanded.

Joshua, scared, looked to the big black. “Big Sam?”

“Best do as he says, Joshua. It ain’t like you ain’t done it before.”

Joshua moved closer to Sam and took the big cock in one of his hands. He moved the other hand to sheath it too. It already was long enough, though, that he couldn’t cover it all. John gave a little moan, fished out his own cock, and started to slow stroke himself. “Suck it, Joshua, like you do before Big Sam fucks you.”

Obviously John had been seeing more of what went on between Sam and Joshua than he’d seen in walking in on them in the stables the other day.

“Here, I’ll help.” John reached over and wrapped a hand around the root of Sam’s cock, holding it up for Joshua, who leaned over Sam’s midsection and took the cock in his mouth.

“You go on and lean back and enjoy it, Big Sam,” John murmured, and Sam did as directed, leaning back against the upslope of the river bank, propped up a bit on his elbows, and looking down the length of his muscular ebony torso to the two fourteen-year-old boys, both handsome and perfectly formed, one black and one white, playing with his erection.

“Me now, Joshua. I want to taste it now,” John said after a few minutes, his words a bit slurred with want, and Joshua pulled his mouth off the cock. John lowered his head and took the huge bulb of the shaft in his mouth. Sam gave a deep moan.

“You don’t wan to be doin that now, Massa John. This gone too far. This can’t lead to nowhere good.”

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