Old Church
Chapter 5

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Fantasy Sex Story: Chapter 5 - Justin tries to start a new life and ends up having a neighbor who holds a deep secret.

Caution: This Fantasy Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Coercion   Consensual   Drunk/Drugged   Hypnosis   Magic   Mind Control   NonConsensual   Reluctant   Lesbian   Heterosexual   Fiction   Fairy Tale   Horror   Science Fiction   Cousins   Sadistic   Torture   Harem   Interracial   Black Female   White Male   Oriental Female   Anal Sex   Cream Pie   Fisting   Oral Sex   Pregnancy   Squirting  

Waking up by being rocked gently back and forth was something Justin had not experienced since he was married. But there Julie was rocking him back and forth. “Wake up, baby. You have work and your food is getting cold.”

Justin could only answer half awake and scratching at his eyes. “What ... what time is it?”

Julie’s comforting voice answered, “It’s seven and you have to get up.”

Justin finally woke up as Julie quickly left before Justin could even see her leave. Lena was still on the bed next to him snoring loudly. She looked peaceful and a little bit stronger as her snoring could frighten most adults.

Walking out of George’s bedroom was a little weird on the senses, but he remembered why he was there, and then walked back to his house where Julie was waiting for him with food on the table.

Julie was putting the pans in the sink, and Justin could see she was wearing grey yoga pants that hugged every tight curve of her supple ass. It was enough of a view to bring life back into his morning erection that just died from the walk over.

Julie then turned around to show off one of the new shirts he bought her from his credit card spending spree. The black vee neck shirt was loose fitting and showed her ample cleavage as the tops of her breasts were clearly exposed for all see.

“I wanted you to sleep, but I knew you had work. I made leftovers for Lena, but I am going to have to go shopping for you because I used the last of what you had in the fridge.”

“I will go after work today,” Justin answered as he thought Julie sounded like more of a loving wife than a girlfriend who did not even live with him. Although Justin knew she pledged her soul to him, he did feel the deep relationship as well.

“I am sorry, but I have classes all day today and then work. I won’t be back until about ten or eleven,” Julie replied as she looked worried that Justin was going to be upset.

“It’s okay your...”

Julie interrupted him quickly. “Promise me you’re not mad. I really do have to work tonight and it’s the end of the semester so I can’t miss classes.”

Justin breathed heavily as he thought about what Lena told him about Julie’s mental state when it came to him being upset at her. The only thing was he could consider wrong was brewing the potions that changed him and her, and that he now doubted as being bad.

Justin closed the distance and wrapped his arms around her. “Look, you have to stop this worrying. I already knew you have classes today, and that you have a job. I know about medical school too and planned on maybe getting a place close by whatever place you choose.”

Julie strengthened her arms around him, and then leaned her head against his chest. “I will make it up to you, I promise.”

“I want you to do what makes you happy. I am not going to stop you from becoming a doctor,” Justin added as Julie pulled away from his chest and looked at him with eyes that could melt his heart they were so loving and tender.

As he felt Julie’s hand on his soft cock, Justin responded quickly, “Ohhh.”

Julie then quickly knelt down as her hands now reached for the drawstring that held up the shorts. Justin knew that this was not a good time. “You got to go or you’re going to be late, and I have to get ready.”

Julie’s head glanced up and he saw the determination in her face and heard her strong demanding tone. “I am not leaving here until you cum. So don’t argue, and just let me suck your dick.”

Justin opened his eyes wide as Julie’s soft hands just pulled down his shorts to reveal his limp member as it hung between his legs. With her right hand, she raised it up and then quickly engulfed the tip.

The utter amazing sensation made Justin breathe heavy and exhale a moan as Julie’s one hand was cupping his heavy balls as her other hand firmly grabbed the base of his shaft. She had her soft lips gently sliding back and forth bringing quick life to his manhood.

Justin just watched as Julie never really sucked hard on his shaft, but just let it slide in and out of her mouth. Julie was making sure her lips as well, were pleasuring every inch of his shaft. Her spit was liberally coating his member as she made a point of using her tongue and lips on the tip of his cock as if she wanted him to feel the most ultimate in pleasure she could give.

Justin now had to hold onto the countertop as Julie’s lips were making his body weak with the blissful feeling of getting head. It was not like a quick blowjob either, as Julie was not using her hands to stroke his shaft. It was only her lips and tongue bringing pleasure to his male organ. It was like she was using her mouth to make passionate love to him.

Julie continued with her pace of gliding back and forth on Justin’s slick shaft only reaching the halfway point each time. Although not able to deep throat, Justin could not get over how it felt as he looked at her beautiful face sucking on his manhood.

Not slowing down, changing technique or varying speed, Justin felt Julie’s mouth work back and forth on his now pulsing member. Her lips were like a machine meant only for getting off, as she knew exactly every right thing to do.

When he did moan and tighten up his body he thought about last night and how Julie was so perfect in pleasing him. The feeling of release was upon him and he knew it was only a few more strokes of her mouth away from total release of his warm load.

“I am close ... I am going to cum,” Justin warned as he wanted Julie to know that she was doing her job perfectly.

Julie’s hand gripped his shaft hard, and her mouth moved to the tip of his cock and clamped down forming a nice tight suction. Stroking hard, Justin felt his body scream for release of an orgasm as his male seed surged out of his shaft with force. Julie was not moving either as Justin felt his cock deliver its massive finish right inside her mouth as she seemed willing to take it all.

Julie finally let go of her tight suction and gently stroked up and down, licking the last few drops from the tip. Justin felt weak and joy as Julie was finishing off her task of sucking his male seed from his body.

“Did you like it?” Julie asked as she stood up licking her lips.

“OH, God yes. You did not have to do it though. I mean you’re going to be late,” Justin countered as he really did not want Julie to get in trouble.

“Oh, I will be fine. I just wanted to have the taste of your sperm in my mouth when I am in class.” Julie smiled as she grabbed her book bag.

“You are really dirty sometimes,” Justin joked as he was pulling up and adjusting his shorts.

“I like it being dirty, and that spell Lena put on you worked out just right. Your cum still tastes really good.” Julie giggled back as she kissed him on the cheek ready to leave.

“Never said anything about not liking it.” Justin laughed as he gave Julie a loving smack on her ass forcing her to turn around with a smile.

Julie was at the door when she turned around again. “You better be awake when I get back tonight. If you are asleep when I get here, I will wake you up with my pussy in your face.”

Justin laughed and watched Julie leave, and then finally sat down to have his coffee. He heard Lena walking up to the door, and saw her smile as she walked in naked ready to eat. Although he was hungry and the morning coffee was amazing, the sight of Lena walking nude instantly took his attention. Her perky breasts and tight ass brought blood flowing right to his groin.

“Morning Master. I can see Julie left. Do you want to take off of work and fuck my ass today?”

“As fun as that sounds, I have to find a way to look different at work so people don’t ask me a million questions. That and Julie kind of took away my morning erection”

“Master, you look better though,” Lena replied as she began pulling food out of the refrigerator.

“I need you to stay inside today and not cast, or do anything magical. When I get home, I am going to head back into the city to the old bookstore. I also don’t want you mentioning anything to Julie about what I am doing or where I am going. I don’t want her thinking I am upset with her, or worried at all. I may have found another person to help us with summoning.”

“Master, Julie has already summoned a spirit. I heard her last night talking with it.”

Justin’s eyes grew wide as a concern came across his face. “What does that mean? What spirit, and what is she doing summoning a spirit?”

“We can do a séance Master. Although we would need more people and I cannot help, being succubae are not good communicating with the other side.”

Justin took a hefty swig of his coffee and pushed his plate of food to Lena as she was just about finished with hers. “Fuck. That’s all I need now, is more problems.”

“Master, not all spirits are evil ... although if you want something good, the evil ones offer more. Since its Julie, and she is Chinese, I think it’s a relative. You are worrying too much Master. You can fuck me if you need to relax.”

“How do you know all of this by the way? Did you know all of this before you were summoned? Shit, I really need to read more of that book.”

“I spent a lot of time reading Master. Time under the church can be boring sometimes. I did not know everything before I was summoned. Succubae can sense certain things that nobody can sense. Like I can feel when a girl is ready to conceive a child, and when a girl is already pregnant. Succubae can help this along in some cases, and change sensation of sex. I can also feel the sensation of love as I can see a human’s aura change around another person they love.”

“So, you can see that Julie is in love with me?”

“Master, Julie has pledged her soul to you. She will willingly do your bidding to no end and without fault. So this spirit she summoned will not do any harm if it was summoned by Julie.”

“You think so?” Justin asked, taking the last swig of his coffee.

“Master I think you should be happy that she is gaining power. We just need her to have more help in casting and your power will grow.”

“I have to get ready to go to work and handle that. I will leave you my number at work in case of an emergency. Just so we are clear about this. The only thing you are doing is watching TV, reading or sleeping. When I get home we can go shopping for food together, and I will let you use your own shopping cart.”

Justin let Lena finish her food, and got ready for work. A baggy dress shirt and a pair of pants that might hide his real appearance were put on in hope that people would not really notice him. He could see that his face looked really young, and he just hoped the straggly beard might throw people off as well.

On the way to his desk, Justin tried to hide his face and body as he made his way through the small crowd. He was thankful he was not close to anyone and nobody other than his boss. Justin just quickly thought about telling people the wonders of plastic surgery, with the hopes people might buy it.

The day was going by without an instance and he realized that people were looking at him, but not questioning the sudden transformation. It was a few office girls that let their stares last longer than normal.

Justin looked down to see he got a text from Julie. “Give me your email so I can forward you information about colleges.”

Justin opened his email to see that he got an email from Lihua Chen. Assuming it was Julie’s Chinese name, he read about medical schools that were close by, and a few that were hours away.

Julie texted again. “Professor at college is into the occult. Friends said they heard about her casting spells and talking about it.” Justin read her message as it was followed by hearts and love emojis. He now thought another person could be interested in joining the startup coven.

Justin then realized that he needed to text Deirdre and see if she was still available after he got out of work. Justin sent a quick text to see if she was viable and got back a response saying she was.

Thinking that if Deirdre was free, he could go there and convince her that she and Julie should join together in summoning. The only issue was Julie finding out they had sex. The question with Julie might not be joining with Deirdre, but her not killing Deirdre, as he knew Julie would fight over him. Justin realized that he would have to tell Deirdre to keep their one time fling to themselves.

The day dragged on and Justin got to look at the colleges Julie picked out. He saw that one college was an hour away on the outskirts of the city. It was not on her top pick list and Justin saw why once he looked at tuition. The only other ones in her range were four to five hours away.

Justin texted Julie and asked if she would be interested in the college that was close and she said it was too expensive. Justin replied only with a smile emoji. Julie replied back with a picture of her nipple which Justin stared at with a big smile.

Justin left work an hour early and was able to get on the road before traffic into the city started. The time saved would help him get home sooner to tend to Lena who was home alone still. Justin had a sudden feeling that Lena left alone would cause trouble in some way. He also thought about money and how his winnings were not the amount needed to do what he wanted to do. He sighed heavily knowing he was going to ask Lena to catch another fairy.

Justin opened the door to the bookstore to Deirdre hugging him. “I am so glad you made it. I was afraid I would not see you again.”

Deirdre was wearing an all-black dress that hugged her chest and waist, showing off her ample breast size. The bottom of her dress was flowing and moved with every movement. Justin saw that her hair was pulled back and her face and neck were more accented with more of her caramel skin showing.

“I am glad you decided to help me out,” Justin replied as Deirdre held his hands and stared at him.

“Let’s talk about this downstairs.”

Justin agreed and she led him past the rooms in which he recalled consummating their deal and to a door all the way in the back. It was a very plain wooden door with a very elaborate design of a pentagram on it. The door handle looked out of place as it was a very ornate, an old wooden door handle that looked hundreds of years old.

Justin still said nothing as Deirdre led the way to a candle lit stairwell that descended almost fifteen feet. The redbrick stairwell had small enclaves with lit candles that showed the dreary descent. The basement was well lit with candles, and Justin could see a large room that had a lone hallway that went off about ten feet. There were doors on opposite sides of the hallway that almost looked like small rooms of some kind.

The large room had a waist high black clothed table with black candles lit in a circle around an empty bowl. Justin now regretted not bringing Lena as he knew nothing of the occult and did not want to make a mistake.

“Why down here?” Justin asked, still wondering if Deirdre was on his side or just took him down here to kidnap him.

“More power down here. This is where I cast and brew. I wanted you to see it if we are going to help each other.” Deirdre gave Justin a look as he still felt uneasy. She smiled and threw his senses off still not knowing. “What did you want to ask me?”

“You know I have a Succubus. I also have someone that is interested in becoming a spell caster. I was told that if a few casters get together they become more powerful.”

Deirdre smiled she walked around the table so she was now facing Justin on the other side. “You want me to join a coven?”


“So you have one other girl and a succubus so far. You know the succubus cannot cast, so all you have is one girl, which is not enough for a coven.”

“I know, but if I have you on board we can at least start looking for another girl to join us.”

“Okay, but on a few conditions. First is that I want to meet your succubus. Second is that you help me find a place of my own.”

“What’s wrong with this store?” Justin asked, wondering if there was a conflict between her and her aunt. He knew that she was somewhat forced to be with him and was reluctant to have sex at first.

“Covens always have their own place. This store has spirits in it and I don’t want any interference.”

Justin replied knowing that she was in and could start looking for one more to begin the coven. “Well, we can use my place for now, and I have an old church in the back that is currently abandoned.”

Deirdre walked around the table and placed her hand on Justin’s chest. His eyes went to her hand and then back to her eyes. She moved in close as so her soft voice could be heard. “Since you’re here, would you like to fuck me?”

Justin could feel the energy in her hand and in his groin as the urge to spill his seed came back to his revitalized body. He knew Lena’s little trick of making his libido strong was the cause of his need to have sex now. “On one condition.”

“Anything. Did you want to fuck my ass now?” Deirdre answered as she had a smile of lust.

“No, not that. I need you to keep our thing quiet around Julie, the other girl in our little group. I don’t know how she is going to take it if she finds out I am fooling around with someone else.”

“Is she your girlfriend?”

“I don’t know what she is, but she is very special to me now. She pledged herself to me and I don’t take that lightly, so hurting her is the last thing I want to do.”

Deirdre smiled and kissed Justin on the cheek. “Then let’s do this. I will keep our little secret, but I want you to fuck me more than this one time.”

Justin smiled and Deirdre’s hand went to his groin feeling his bulge. She smiled as and whispered, “I think he wants to come out and play too.”

Justin decided to go for broke and leaned in to kiss Deirdre’s lips. Once committed to the embrace, he felt her hands wrap around him and grab his ass. She was moaning into the kiss as her hands groped his body like he was a piece of meat.

Deirdre moved back so her ass was pressed against the table and she lifted her dress so it was now bunched up between them. Breaking the kiss she looked at him with carnal desire. “Fuck me. I want to feel you bang the shit out of my pussy.”

Justin undid his pants and let them slide down to his ankles while Deirdre pulled her panties down as well. Once his manhood was free, Deirdre grabbed his shaft and began stroking it with a firm grip. “I am going to love fucking this big white dick of yours all the time now.”

Justin did not have to do anything else as Deirdre now sat on the table with her legs open and aimed his flesh rod right at her entrance and guided him right to her pink opening. The sensation of her tight sex as it enveloped his shaft was amazing as was the look of ecstasy of her face.

“Ohhh, fuck ... Ohhh yes. Fuck my pussy ... God I want you to fuck it good too,” Deirdre moaned as Justin grabbed her hips and began thrusting.

Not wasting any time, Justin plowed his white member deep and fast through her convulsing vaginal muscles. The feeling that she was enjoying herself was there as her mouth stayed open, moaning with each pump of his body.

“That’s it, right there ... Oh fuck ... right ohhhh!” Deirdre cried out as Justin slammed his hard erection inside her dark body again and again like a machine. He could feel her spasming sex just give way and take his prick. Her hands were now grasping at his body, feeling his strength as he took her.

Justin continued to slam his body against hers, feeling her pussy just accept what he was giving her. He saw her dark skinned breasts sway back and forth from pumping his organ inside of her, loving how her body just took what was given to her.

Deirdre pushed away and Justin slipped his girl slime covered cock out of her. She turned around still holding her dress. “Fuck me from behind now.”

Looking at her dark skinned ass reminded him of a black girl he stared at in school. The taboo of interracial dating back then forced him to give up on his fantasy of fucking her. Now Deirdre’s naked dark ass was in front of him and he was about to slip his erection into her love hole. Not only was he going to fuck her hard and rough, he was also going to make her take his warm sperm up into her womb, which probably was already impregnated with his child.

Justin felt the meat on her ass cheeks as he opened them up to push in his white male organ. It slipped right in her wet snatch with ease too. Grabbing her hips, he began to rock back and forth feeling her tight pussy clench down on his shaft. Deirdre’s pussy felt amazing and Justin once again began plowing his body into her.

“Fuck, you feel so good,” Justin moaned as he could not help himself. The sensation of her twat was making him enjoy fucking her so much.

She looked over her shoulder at Justin and called out to him, “You like my pussy? You like fucking it.”

“God, it’s so good,” Justin answered as his hips thrusting into her with his waist slamming into ass as it ripped slightly absorbing his thrusts.

“You better like it cause I want more babies from you,” Deirdre moaned and smiled.

Justin could feel her body just taking each thrust as he knew the tip of his prick was hitting her far reaches. He did not know he needed to cum so bad, but he felt his body begin to tell him that he was ready. He gripped her waist and grunted from knowing he was going to explode inside of her.

“Going to cum in me again? Going to ... Ohhhh fuck I feel it,” Deirdre cried out as Justin could not hold out any longer. His cock throbbed quick as he pushed in and exploded a hearty stream of his warm cum deep inside her sex. He pushed in one more time deep, knowing his tip was almost spurting directly into her womb.

“Ohhhh, fuck ... that’s it ... shoot it in me,” Deirdre cried out in pleasure as Justin grunted louder as his orgasm was spurting deep inside of her.

Justin pulled out and watched as Deirdre let go of her dress covering her naked form. He stepped back from her to collect his clothes and fix himself. Deirdre did the same as she turned to him and smiled as his cock disappeared into his pants.

“Love that cock of yours. Can I come by tomorrow and see this place of yours?”

“Okay, but can you come by during the day? That way you can meet Lena, and talk with her alone. When I get home from work, we can discuss what we need to do to move forward.”

Deirdre walked up to Justin and placed her hand on his chest again. “I can do that. I am trusting you though, please don’t betray me.”

Justin could see the sincerity in her face and that she was honest about her intentions. “I won’t, I promise.”

Justin left the store and knew that he had something with Deirdre beyond their agreement to help each other out. He knew she was going to play a part in helping Lena and Julie, and she was not interested in hurting him. Something in his gut told him that she could be trusted.

During the drive home he thought about Lena and how she would react to having Deirdre on their side. Knowing Deirdre was more experienced around magic seemed like a good choice, but he did not know everything.

Justin walked in the door to Lena grabbing him in a bear hug like she was lost on a deserted island for years. “Master, you’re home. I missed you so much.”

Justin picked her petite body up as she wrapped her legs around his waist so he could not let her go. “I have good news.”

“You going to stay home tomorrow and fuck me all day?” Lena said with a smile, but still being serious.

Justin gave Lena a quick kiss on her lips before he told her. “Noo. I have another person for the coven. You know the lady at the book store? Well her niece is interested and is going to come by tomorrow.”

“You fucked her?” Lena said with her head tilted in a questioning way, still being held up by Justin at his waist and inches away from his lips.

“Does it matter?”

“No, but I want to know these things. Did you fuck her good?”

“If you must know, I had sex with her twice now. Please don’t tell Julie. I don’t know how she will handle it.”

“Master, she will flip the fuck out. Oh my, I was waiting to use that term. I just heard it on the T.V,” Lena said with a laugh as Justin knew she was not really focusing on the big issue.

“I want you to make sure Julie does not find out.”

“Master, Julie will not leave you or get mad at you for fucking this other girl. She will just most likely kill her.”

“We can’t have that. I need you to find a spell that stops jealousy.”

“Let me handle this Master. I know just what to do. I will make sure Julie and this other girl get along great.”

“What are you going to do?”

“You’re going to just have to trust me Master.”

“Well, if things go bad, I will not let you watch porn, and I will not fuck you for years. Total abstinence from sex and that includes masturbation.”

Lena’s mouth dropped in horror. “You wouldn’t.”

“I would. And it would be only vegan food too.”

“Please no master. I will make sure they get along. I promise.”

Justin smiled and replied, “Good, now let’s go shopping.”

Lena covered her horns with a hoodie and pushed back her wings the best she could. She looked like a girl rapper wearing baggy clothes, but everything was covered. Her petite figure was now hidden under the baggy clothes, but her beautiful face could still be seen.

Justin walked into the only shopping center around and began loading up with all the bulk items he could find. Letting Lena go shopping was the same as letting a kid go wild in a candy store. Justin’s thoughts now turned to making sure all the bags were going to fit, and investing in a separate freezer for all the extra food.

Justin got back home and saw that he had multiple texts from Julie. He knew she was at work and wondered if she was bored or wanted him to come by. He just did not know where she was working tonight though. Turning on his phone he just saw pictures of Julie’s breasts and shaved pussy. Each picture had a message of missing him, and Justin smiled at each one as it caused his dick to grow.

Putting away the food, Justin watched Lena pull out what was just put away to start feasting. Leaving an open box of cereal, she moved to the snacks in the cabinet. Justin walked over closing the box of cereal. “This has to last for at least a month.”

Lena frowned with her response. “I am hungry. If I am not going to eat, I might as well have something else I like.”

Justin gave a look and before he could react, Lena was on her knees pulling his zipper down. “Wait, I have things to do.”

Lena pulled out Justin’s soft prick as he stood in disbelief she could be so brazen. “I will be quick Master. I am hungry for your cum now.”

“Let me at least ... OHH fuck.” Justin stopped as Lena’s soft lips wrapped around the tip of his manhood.

Lena pulled her mouth away with a slurp. “Master, I taste pussy on your cock. You fucked this girl today.”

“I did, let me shower then.”

“I like it though Master. I get to taste pussy and suck your cock at the same time.”

Lena wasted no more time and engulfed Justin’s soft member once again. Her mouth easily took in his limp tool as her hands continued to undress him so his pants and underwear were at his ankles. Justin’s ball sac was not alone from the pleasure as Lena’s hands were quick to hold and caress them.

As more life pulsed into his dick, the more Lena had to move her mouth so it all could fit down her throat. Justin moaned softly as he enjoyed the sensual feeling of Lena’s lips on his member as her tongue pressed hard along the underside of his shaft.

Lena was an expert at giving head and Justin loved how her mouth caved in and formed a tight seal as she increased her tempo. It was like her mouth was something to fuck, but only it was her that was going back and forth at an ever increasing rate.

Lena did not just let her mouth give all of the pleasure, as her hands were caressing and pulling Justin’s scrotum, almost massaging out the white reward they held. The more her hands and mouth worked on his cock, the more Justin thought about erupting as she glided back and forth on him. His moans began softly as the intense feeling grew.

Justin held onto the countertop now as Lena was acting like a piston as she was going back and forth on his member. All his thoughts were now on Lena and how she was the absolutely the best at giving oral sex. The more his thought drifted to Lena’s mouth and how his male organ was being serviced by her mouth, the more he felt the intense urge to finish.

Not being able to hold out any longer, he felt the twinge of pressure of his impending orgasm. “Ohhhh, Oh God,” Justin moaned loud as Lena was not slowing down and Justin could feel that he was so close to finishing.

Lena’s mouth slowed do to an almost stop as she focused all her efforts right on the mushroomed tip of his cock. She twirled her tongue around the bulbous head while sucking hard. She knew exactly what to do to please, and when to please. Justin could not hold out any longer as Lena was hitting the most sensitive spot of his erection.

Justin grunted hard as Lena held fast with her lips still wrapped tightly around the head of his erection. It was almost too much as she began pushing her tongue into his piss slit as it was ejaculating. The sensation was on the verge of pain, and yet extremely pleasurable at the same time. Justin could feel his orgasm as cum was gushing out and yet pleasurable as Lena was tongue fucking the slit on his cock.

Lena moved away with a slurp. “You still had a lot of cum Master.”

“Holy shit Lena,” Justin cried out as he held onto the counter for support. His body felt weak from the intensity of her blowjob.

Lena walked to the table and grabbed the box of cereal on her way. “You liked that Master?”

“I did,” Justin sighed as he let out a groan of satisfaction.

Lena smiled as she began eating right out of the box. “Well, in the morning when your cock is hard, I can do it again. But I think Julie might want some cum too, I am guessing we might share.”

Justin just remembered Julie and how more money was needed. “Thanks for reminding me. I need you to catch another fairy.” In his mind another win would provide him the funds to keep Julie close by, and support any endeavors. He also then thought about how Lena and Julie were like two over sexualized porn stars fucking him every chance they got.

“I can Master, but it might not be as easy this time. That fairy I caught most likely told every other fairy about how I caught him,” Lena answered with a mouthful of food.

Justin now felt conflicted in his decision to let the fairy go. He just wished there was an easier thing to do. “I am sorry about that, but killing him just seemed wrong.”

Lena closed the cereal box and walked over to Justin so she could grab his hand. “We could keep one as a pet if you like Master.”

Justin looked down at her hand holding his and then at her warm eyes, knowing they could turn black as the devil when she was focused. “We can’t keep one as a pet. I am not going to lock up some poor fairy in the basement for you to play with.”

“Master, not all fairies are the same. Come let me show you.” Lena smiled as she pulled Justin out of the house.

Justin followed Lena to the basement of the church and down to where she was hidden away by George. The whole time he thought about how the pastor and his people combed through this building and never found the secret hiding spot. He thought about how George planned the church around the hiding spot under everyone’s noses.

Following Lena to where she was kept, he just kept quiet and watched her pick through some books she had on a makeshift shelf. Lena thumbed through one book before putting her finger on a page and showing it to him. “Here Master. This is the fairy we need to get.”

Justin quickly read about a small species of fey called Twilight Fairies. They stood only three to four feet in height and looked like an oversized Barbie doll with all their feminine features. Unlike other fairies, they did not have wings or the magical ability to go invisible. What they lacked in magic they made up for in their curiosity to design, and make things.

Justin could not help but laugh as he realized these fairies reminded him of Santa’s Elves. “Why are you laughing Master?” Lena questioned, not realizing the joke.

“You want to keep one of Santa’s Elves as a pet. Oh, my fucking God, it is too much. What are we going to do, keep the thing in the basement making toys?”

Lena scowled. “I always thought the fat guy should have fucked his elves instead of giving away the shit they made. But they are not elves, nor do they have a Christmas spirit. Someone took the story of these fairies and made it into a myth that dumb kids believe in. They are also not friendly and playful either. They drink and fight often.”

“So you want to capture one and keep it as a pet?” Justin once again thought of keeping a little fairy in the basement making shit for them.

“We would have to tame the thing, but they are easier to handle than most of the other fey.”

“Okay, but I don’t want you killing the poor thing.”

“I won’t Master. I am going to work on this tonight.” Justin turned to leave, leaving Lena to do her work in the basement of the church.

Once back at the house Julie texted him with a sad face as she said she had to do deliveries tonight and she would not see him until very late tonight. Justin did not mind, and texted Julie to just come over when she was able. He was too busy thinking about how he was going to keep one of Santa’s elves in the basement of the old church.

Waking up to the sound of Julie’s voice was something both soothing and yet erotic. Her kisses were on his neck and chest as the morning light was still trying to break through the window. “Wake up Baby. You have work today.”

“I did not hear you come in,” Justin groaned and stretched.

“I came in late. You were passed out so I did not wake you.”

“What time?” Justin grabbled out as his body was adjusting and stretching out.

“I came in after midnight, and it is six thirty now. I have coffee made and I will cook you some eggs real quick.”

Before Justin could answer back, he watched as Julie’s thong covered ass swayed as she made her way towards the kitchen. She was only wearing a t-shirt and panties, and he felt a morning erection push up the sheets from it. The thought of seeing her semi naked form never grew tiresome.

Once Justin began to relieve his bladder he noticed his bathroom loaded with female products. Since he did not buy any of them for Lena, he knew that Julie was slowly moving her things to his place. Once back to the bedroom to put some clothes on, he saw that Julie had her makeup, hair products, and an assortment of other beauty things spread across the room.

Justin walked out and Julie was by the stove flipping eggs. Her hair pulled back as she smiled as he walked in. Justin could not help but kiss her and wrap his arm around her to feel her warm body close to him.

Julie asked as Justin was focused on how cute she looked half naked and cooking for him. “I don’t have class today and will be working at my Aunt and Uncle’s place tonight. Do you want to come by?”

“Sure, but I thought we were going to meet that college professor who is into the occult?” Justin asked as he sat down and looked back at her staring at her ass and how the thong fit so perfectly on her.

Julie walked over putting the food in front of Justin. “We are going to meet her Sunday. She is really flaking from what I have been told now. She may not be right for us, but she might give us a name of someone who is. Another friend of mine took a class of hers and said she was full of shit with most of what she said. We might want to bring Lena with us.”

“Okay. Text me when you want me to stop by. I also wanted to talk to you about medical school. I want you to stay close by,” Justin answered as he thought about how Julie wanted to be fucked in the backroom.

Julie answered quickly as Justin thought about how Lena was going to capture another fairy. “If I stay close by it will be more money. I decided to skip medical school so I can just stay here and work and be with you.”

Justin smiled as he knew his plan would work. “You are not throwing away medical school. I want you to apply and let me worry about everything else. Besides, Lena has an idea to solve any problems with money.”

Julie’s face lit up with joy as Justin answered her. “Are you sure? I mean it’s no problem for me to get work and stay close by.”

He had a feeling Julie wanted more time with him, but he also wanted her to finish what she started before she got tangled up with him and Lena. Justin felt that her going to medical school could keep something of her dreams in place.

“I want you to go, and I can deal with any issues that come from it.”

Julie smiled wide again and leaned in to kiss him. “I love you so much, and I know I am keeping you from being on time. But can you fuck me really quickly, or at least let me suck your cock?”

Justin looked at the time and knew that he was already going to have to rush, and that was without taking a morning shower. “Can I make it up to you? I am already late.”

“Tonight then, I am going to tell Lena to make sure you’re ready for me.”

Justin laughed before going to the bedroom to fix himself for work. He left Julie with a passionate kiss and a promise to please her every need tonight.

At work Justin did his best to be invisible and just answer the calls that he received. It was boring and tedious work, and the day could drag on sometimes. Before his transfer he recalled spending a lot of time having fun and talking with his coworkers; now he did not want to be noticed.

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