Thoughts of Being in the Wrong Place

by uksnowy

Copyright© 2017 by uksnowy

Humor Story: Pure fantasy inspired by watching too many voyeur videos

Caution: This Humor Story contains strong sexual content, including Mult   High Fantasy   .

Pure fantasy inspired by watching too many voyeur videos

Up I go, adjusted, patted smooth, swivelled a touch then another pat, another tweak and still until darkness falls. My pal Gus down below sighs, limbs move up and down then side to side, I am made to wiggled several times and it’s suddenly extremely dark. My pal and I giggle, but it’s all the usual motion.

Later I was slightly overwhelmed by a warmth and I feel stuffed into soft layers of perfumed layers of my usual companion. The sensation repeats, subsides and repeats many times accompanied by noises, voices, buzzes and beeps. Silence returns for a while. Gus speaks probably to remind me she’s still there. Funny name Gus for a female but that’s how I know her.

“Cor! That’s better, bloody tight ... big difference, smooooothh ... aaahh, she doesn’t do that often,” she sighs. “You realise we are rejections Labby. Was next to an old pal of mine the other night, Ms ... you know her.” I didn’t react, knowing the story Gus had spouted on from the day we met. “Ms tells me we aren’t cheap, just the wrong place at the wrong time...” Gus in her superior status and who can blame her having the prime position, intended to go on.

“ ... Bu told me the same thing Gus, same thing as Ms, she sees more and knows these things,” I interjected, “When her and I were together.” “Bu is cheap anyway, compared to me ... and you of course. That’s the difference in us, I mean her and me, not you and me. She’s very different, being round there, bit thicker and she can’t hear us,” snickered Gus. Thank goodness, I mused, she’d be really shitty.

“Did you meet that stranger over the weekend?” I queried. “Very different ... what’s her name er... ?” “Oh you mean Sel. Yes I did, bit of an old sort of interloper on our patch.” Gus giggled. “Oh ho. hang on. Here we go.”

The light changed, there was less surrounding noise. She found herself roughly handled, creased then scrunched to one side. Something hard cramped not only her but her style, which was pretty and delicate. “Ouch, that hurts,” as a sharp edged slightly grubby crudely blunt object, started a regular push and shove, settling her into a rhythm she knew well - I unfortunately didn’t. Fucking Orientals. She ceased her chat, so I thought back to the short term encounter with Sel.

She arrived quietly, slowly and carefully, I could see she was elderly. Nudged against her, I think by mistake, we got talking and her plummy tones were very different to me, Gus and Bu. She had a nice safe perfume, I guessed more Johnsons Talc than my usual Chanel 5. Gus’ perfume could vary hour to hour. Sel had a very much lived in appearance, frayed round the edges, some knotty lumps and a distinctive built in worn smooth countenance. She was extremely surprised to find me. I knew what she was going to say straight off, but however she tried to hide a bit of a sniffy attitude to my initial approach, well I did slide up to her from behind.

I confessed I knew I was in the wrong place, but she assured me that I would be more than capable of doing my job. Sel had never met one like me before, but she had heard on the grapevine about a rogue group on the rails, who because of their size, shape, designs and more importantly price they had left for places far and wide within days. I confessed I was a rogue too, but had found a nice niche and how had she found it.

Sel told me it was short urgent visit, she’d arrived desperately short of time with no preparation and as I’d noticed to my surprise on her own. She’d interrupted the flow of conversation, complimenting me on the cute decoration I wore, once again it would have been stand alone without my support, but the highly decorated skim of pink lace and I became firm friends.

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