by Richard the Third


Sex Story: Chemistry Major Richard Baron, set up a Chem Lab in a portion of his family's three car garage. With the aid of his father's money, he was out to come up with a real world project that would duplicate the results from the movies. Here is a result of his experiment...

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Incest   Mother   Son   Brother   Sister   InLaws   Cream Pie   Pregnancy   Big Breasts   .

My name is Richard Baron, with a bachelor’s degree in chemistry, hopeful for a master’s degree, eventually.

I always wanted to make some fantastic discovery that will change the world, and possibly make me some money at the same time!

The University I go to is in the same town I grew up in and my parents allowed me to create my own Chem lab using half of the family garage. Dad doled out the money I needed. He was a big wig in the Financial Services industry. He made money in the World Stock Markets.

My younger sister, Debbie will be coming to the same university. She kind of idolizes me and plans to get into the field of chemistry as well.

Every great scientist needs a pretty assistant, I suppose!

My final project for my chemistry class was all about making things grow larger, like potatoes, tomatoes ... all the foods society needs to exist. I didn’t have access to the machine used in HONEY I BLEW UP THE KIDS, so I would have to do it chemically, if it’s possible at all.

I ordered online and received in a brown paper package of some very volatile and experimental chemicals that even the lab at school didn’t have!

My family includes:

Edward. Dad, 45
Mary. Mother, 47
Nancy. Sister, 26
Richard. 22, That’s me
Debbie. Sister, 18

Here is what happened!

Debbie came out into my garage Chem lab when I spilled the beaker down the front of my pants that I had just put both of my new secret chemicals in. I didn’t feel any burning, but I had the presence of mind to put down the beaker.

She quickly grabbed some paper towels and tried to fix the problem by herself. In the middle of that, she said, “Richard, what is happening to you?”

“What are you talking about, Deb?” I said back to her.

“You are getting hard and very long,” she said.

“That’s just because he doesn’t know the difference between my sister and other girls!”

She unzipped my pants and pulled me out saying, “I saw you naked just last year, by accident, and you weren’t nearly this big!”

I looked down and she was right. I’ve been 7 1/2 inches hard my entire adult life and now I’m clearly ... much bigger.

She grabbed a ruler that I had on my table and attempted to measure me. It was one of those 15 inch wooden rulers and wasn’t long enough to measure how big I had gotten.

What the fuck is going on?

I asked my sister to go back inside the house and not say anything to anybody, as I watched myself grow even longer in front of my own eyes.

Being a chemistry student, the first thing I thought of was whether or not I was in stasis, or I could get bigger or smaller or the effect could completely go away. Five minutes later, I determined that I had expanded all that I would.

I wondered to myself how any guy in the world would want this problem?

I put myself away and I walked into the house seeing my mom cooking what smelled like my favorite dinner, lasagna!

Grabbing her around the waist from behind, I said, “Is that the food or my hot mom that I smell!”

“Oh Richard! I love fixing this meal as much as you like eating it, because it’s so easy.”

“Could you back away from me a little, I feel you getting hard and that is not appropriate for a son and a mother.”

“Sorry, Mary Mary, quite contrary! You are clearly the most attractive woman your age in this house!”

“Try your moves on somebody else young man, and take care of that before you come down for dinner, please?”

I wondered if masturbating would help or not, so it was an easy decision to go up in my room, find some good porn on my phone and whack off!

Realizing the potential for an experiment, I grabbed a beaker from my bedside ready to fill, to see if my orgasm was a larger amount than usual, in proportion to my enlarged penis.

Debbie walked in unannounced as I had lowered my pants enough to begin my experiment.

She close the door quickly and gasped, “What are you doing? Can I help?”

“Lock the door, Deb,” I said to her as she dropped to her knees.

“Have you figured out why you have gotten so big yet?”

“No but I suspect it has to do with the chemicals you caused me to spill all over myself!”

“I’m sorry, OK! What can I do to help?” she asked now caressing my largess.

“Oh,” she said pulling something out of her pocket. “This is the measuring tape from mom’s sewing stuff. Is it OK with you if I try to measure you again?”

She looked ready to measure it and started sucking on the head, so I agreed to let her measure it, with her announcing I was 17 7/8 inches long.

“Can I suck on it some more, to see if it gets to be bigger, please?”

Her question had enough of a scientific basis for me to say it was OK!

Also, I haven’t had a blowjob in six months even though this is my sister ... even a chemistry student has needs!

The exact moment she put me in her mouth, I started to come and handed her my beaker that she put over the end of my tip and we watched it slowly fill to three quarters full.

It was a 50 mL beaker and Debbie had determined I had produced 38 mL of sperm and semen!

“Is that a lot?” she asked, putting the beaker on the edge of the bed, but not letting go of me.

“Yeah it is,” I answered her.

“Some of my girlfriends tell me that it tastes really good, can I try it?” she asked, picking it back up, taking a sip before I could answer,

“It doesn’t really have much of a taste,” she said trying to critically think in the moment!

Before I could grab it from her she drank another sip!

“A little bit of cinnamon might help,” she said, handing it back to me.

She got off her knees and ran out of the room. I assumed that she finally realized what she had done and was embarrassed.

Nope, she came back having gotten the cinnamon spice from the pantry, telling mom I needed it for an experiment!

Her 18-year-old logic really is amazing. She shook out a very small amount into my beaker of cum, using my dick as a stirring stick and swirled it around to mix it all up. then she took a sip, said “yummy” then proceeded to drink the rest of it!


Before she left she said to me “Don’t do anything without me, OK.” She gave me a quick kiss and ran into her room.

Somewhat dumbfounded, I changed into all new clothes and picked up the cinnamon to take back downstairs!

When I glanced over at Debbie at the table, I swore her breasts looked bigger.

She caught me looking and smiled at me... “Mom I think I need some new underwear,” to which dad said “I believe she’s right, Dear. What she is wearing looks very tight.”

“Thank you, Daddy!”

“Debbie dear, I knew you would eventually become as beautiful as your mother!”

“That is really sweet of you to say,” our mother said to him giving him a kiss.

“How is your chemistry final project going, Richard?”

“It’s going rather good, Mom. Sometime tomorrow, would you have the time to help me with an experiment?”

“Of course I would, Richard.”

Debbie looked at me strangely and giggled,

“What was the cinnamon for?” she asked looking at Debbie.

Interrupting, I said “I asked her to drink something and she said it needed a flavor, and that’s what she picked.”

“Fascinating,” my father said taking a very large mouthful of lasagna.

After dinner I helped mom with the dishes. It was very quiet between us.

“Mother, are you mad at me because I walked up behind you before?”

“I’m sorry if I overreacted, you surprised me!” she articulated. “Do you have a girlfriend at school who gets to have fun with what you are packing?”

“Mother,” I said. “That is not appropriate for a mother and a son.”

She laughed at me and said a very strange remark, “With what I felt earlier, you must be making the girls very happy!”

Obligingly so, I surprised her by saying, “If you are that interested, I could make you very happy, Mary!”

I expected a slap from her, but instead she took her hand and tried her best to feel exactly what I was packing!

I slapped her on the butt and went up to my room, finding Debbie, sitting on my bed.

“Did my breasts grow because I drank your stuff?!”

“Could be, but I still don’t know if the effects are temporary or permanent! I have an idea for an experiment using Mom, if you will help me?”

“Sure, could I ask a favor first?”

“Anything for my little sister.”

“Good,” she said taking off all her clothes. “I want you to fuck me and try to give me every bit of what you have.”

Surprised, but willing, I took off my clothes while she watched me.

“It looks the same size,” she said as she lay back and spread open her legs

“Now be careful, big brother, I doubt I can take all of that,” she said.

“Is it safe to assume that you are on the pill, Debbie?”

“Yeah I am, but how do you know for sure if you’re super sperm can be stopped or not?”

I very carefully and tenderly placed the tip of my nearly 18-inch long penis at her entrance.

“Go ahead,” she said.

I did, only putting in a couple of inches so she could get used to it.

“More, please?”

I put in a few more, now having what used to be my entire length inside my own sister.

I had no idea exactly how much the interior of a vagina can hold.

“More, please Richard, pretty please!”

Worried that I may suddenly go too far and get up inside her someplace my dick doesn’t belong, I told her that I needed to stop!

She seemed disappointed but looked rather happy, if the smile on her face was any indication.

“OK with you, if I start thrusting?” I asked her.

“Go ahead, Rich. I trust you and like I said I’m on the pill.”

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