You Give Love (and Filipinas) a Bad Name

by George Foxx

Copyright© 2017 by George Foxx

Romantic Sex Story: Jonnie has Uncle George twisted around her little finger, or does she?

Caution: This Romantic Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/ft   Consensual   Mind Control   Romantic   Heterosexual   Fiction   Interracial   White Male   Oriental Female   Cream Pie   First   Lactation   Oral Sex   Petting   Pregnancy   Safe Sex   Small Breasts   .

There are some telepathic conversations in this story. In order to make these conversations easier to follow, each character’s thoughts are in italics.

Jonnie looked at me confidently. “You like to look at me. I don’t care, and I won’t complain to my mom as long as you buy me some of the things I want,” She said.

Jonnie was the daughter of a friend. She was fifteen, slim but not skinny. She had long, straight black hair and a face that was somewhere between pretty and breathtakingly beautiful.

Jonnie didn’t look like most cute Filipinas. She had an exotic look, perhaps more typical of a beautiful Chinese girl. She was tall for her age, about five feet, five inches. That gave her lovely long legs. They looked spectacular when she wore short shorts. I’d never seen her in a really tiny mini-skirt, but I often daydreamed about what it would be like to caress her slender thighs and work my hand up to her honeypot.

Jonnie often spent her school vacations at my house because her mom worked two or three jobs. Her mom was never home, and often didn’t buy groceries.

Jonnie had gotten used to spending her vacations with me, and she had also gotten pretty adept at getting me to buy her things.

Unfortunately for her, she had ignored me after I sent her money for school, and I realized she just paid attention to me when she wanted something.

I have to confess to perving out over her. While we often pretended she was my adopted daughter, I was definitely in lust with the teenager. When she was out of the house to go to the mall, I had gone in her room and checked out her clothes. From the tags on her bras and my trusty tape measure, I had figured out her measurements were about 29 B – 20 – 28. I love slim, trim, girls, and I wished I was a hunky guy a year or two older than Jonnie so I could chase and more importantly catch her.

“So you buy me something nice, and I let you look at me and take pictures of me in my bikini. Buy me something nicer, and I let you see me in my sexiest bra and panties. Buy me a ticket to see Justin Bieber, and I will take off my bra for you and let you take pictures of me topless. Take me to the concert, buy me some Bieber stuff, and I’ll let you see me naked and I’ll pose any way you want me to and you can take all the pics you want,” Jonnie said.

Jonnie had gotten really good at pretending she liked me, cuddling up to me, and giving me just enough affectionate daughter type body contact to fuel my fantasies.

Jonnie smiled at me and said, “When I’m eighteen, if you agree to take care of me the way I want to be taken care of financially and give me the life style I want, I’ll let you kiss me, fondle my tits, suck my nipples and go down on me. If you can make me cum from eating me out, I’ll let you put your cock in me. If you can live with yourself for buying a girl, you can use my body. I have to warn you, I think I’m frigid. I’ve never had a sexual desire in my life, and no amount of masturbation brings me any pleasure or even sexual feelings. That bi girlfriend who was crushing on me nearly got suicidal because when I finally let her eat me, she couldn’t even get me excited, let alone make me cum.

“So are you tough enough to tolerate total failure, and do you have enough money to afford me?” Jonnie taunted me.

I was so angry because of her hard, mercenary attitude, that I was shaking inside, but I controlled my face and body so she couldn’t read me. My rage triggered something inside me, and suddenly I was in Jonnie’s mind, hearing her thoughts as she had them.

Jonnie: He’s so big, I better be careful and not ridicule him. If I push him too far, he could hurt me. Besides, it would be totally worth it to let him paw me if I don’t have to work and can have all the pretty clothes I want, new phone every year, and maybe even a car someday. I really do appreciate him helping me afford private school. I don’t have to be in love with him to enjoy having him hug me, kiss me, and treat me like his daughter.

It was interesting to know she wasn’t totally sociopathic. I reached out from my place in her brain and whispered, Uncle George: “There’s no need to fight him. You don’t have to act so hard to him. Let him touch you and make love to you now. Hell, you might enjoy it, and it will motivate him to take you to see Bieber.”

I watched Jonnie’s face closely. Her expression softened, and she cuddled up to me. She took one of my hands and guided it to her breast.

“I’m sorry Uncle George. I shouldn’t act bratty with you. Let me show you what a loving daughter I can be. You’ll have fun making me happy, and I’ll be a good girl and let it be lots of fun for you,” Jonnie said.

I smiled as a puzzled and then a hostile look came over her face.

Jonnie: How the hell did he do that to me? I really planned to torture him and make his life miserable while giving him what he’s wanted since he first saw me when I was ten. Ever since I read that FemDom story, I’ve felt like being a royal bitch, and because he’s in love with me, and he’s not supposed to be, it’s like there is a target painted on him. Why do I want to torture him, when he’s been nothing but nice to me, aside from being kinda pervy?

From my perch inside her brain I spoke to her calmly. Uncle George: Jonnie, this is Uncle George. You were about to do bad things that would make you very unhappy for the rest of your life. I’m going to help you learn to be a good girl. You will not do or say any of the nasty bitchy things you think of. If you do, you will feel very sad and unhappy, plus you will have a headache so bad, it will feel like your eyeballs are bleeding. Every time you are a good girl and do something kind for me or make me happy, you will feel happier than you have ever felt before. You will know I’m guiding your thoughts. You will try to fight me at times, but you will soon stop trying, because you will never win.

Jonnie: How in the world did you get control of my mind?

Uncle George: Don’t worry about that, it will just give you a headache. Just think about how much more fun we can have when you are a good girl than if you try to be a naughty bitch.

“Let’s go buy you some pretty, sexy clothes so I can really enjoy looking at you, and especially undressing you. You’ll like it too because it will make you feel pretty, grown up, and sexy to wear them for me,” I said.

“I’d like that a lot,” Jonnie said, giving me a smile and a hug.

I took her to MegaMall, just off EDSA in Manila and we picked out very sexy lingerie for her at Victoria’s Secret and a few totally risqué pieces at an independent lingerie store in the mall.

I took her to some upscale teen shops and we bought her some pretty clothes to wear to go out with me and some sexy clothes for her to wear around the house, solely to show off her body for my enjoyment.

When we got home I planted the thought in Jonnie’s mind: Jonnie: It would really make Uncle George happy if I modeled all the pretty new clothes he bought me. I want to see if my pussy will get wet if I take off the bra for each matching set and show off my body in just my panties. I think it would be pretty exciting to make Uncle George get hard for me. I’ll just strip right now and start putting on things to model. After all, I will be making love with Uncle George no later than tonight, so why be shy and waste time with changing in another room?

“Uncle George, why don’t you sit on the couch, and I’ll model the pretty things you bought me,” Jonnie said.

Jonnie stripped naked and got a pretty bra and panty set out of the VS bag. She wiggled into the translucent, sunny yellow, semi-sheer panties and cradled her firm breasts in the cups of the push-up bra before she deftly fastened the two rows of hooks and eyes behind her back. She adjusted the shoulder straps, then turned to me and said, “Is it as pretty on me as it was on the mannequin in the store?

“There’s no comparison dear. On the mannequin, it shows potential. On your lovely body, its potential is fully realized.”

Jonnie: You are going to be sweet to me, even though you control my mind? No making me do degrading things, no humiliating me? If I’d been able to dominate you, I would have humiliated you. I would have made fun of your cock and made you watch me fuck a guy with a huge dick and ridiculed you about how your little thing couldn’t possibly satisfy me. I might have made him fuck your ass, or at the very least I would have pegged you with a brutally big dildo.

Uncle George: I don’t get off on that kind of stuff. If I get what I want and you try to be a good girl for me, I won’t need to punish you. Helping you feel pretty and sexy will be more helpful in getting what I want than humiliation and ridicule.

Jonnie: What do you want Uncle George?

Uncle George: You’ll know before tonight night is through.

Jonnie posed for me, and I took pics. She smiled at me and took off the bra. She posed for me in just her panties, and I took more pics.

Jonnie took off the panties and put them in a pile with the bra. She looked in the bag and pulled out a pale blue set. The panties were more transparent than the yellow ones. She squirmed into the panties and cradled her breasts in the bra as before. This time she did different poses. I clicked away as she displayed her teenage body to my hungry gaze. When I told her I had enough pics, she reached behind her back and unfastened her bra. She put it in the pile, then posed for me in just the panties.

She repeated the modeling performance with white lace, navy satin, purple satin, red lace and black lace bra and panty sets.

Jonnie put the black lace bra back on and modeled the sexy outfits I bought her. I had been hard for some time, but when she put on a white crop top and the tiniest pair of jean shorts imaginable, my cock jerked in my pants. Jonnie smiled and said, “I’m glad you think I’m sexy Uncle George.”

She walked over to me and touched my throbbing cock through my pants. She gently rubbed her hand along the length of my boner. She smiled up at me and whispered, “I guess you weren’t a good target to try to humiliate; at least not about the size of your penis.”

Uncle George: See how much more fun we can have when you are my good girl?

Jonnie: I hate to admit it, but it does make me feel warm inside to see you have a hard-on and know I gave it to you.

Jonnie left on the black lace bra and panty set when she modeled the last outfit. It was a copy of a school uniform, but the white blouse tied under her breasts to reveal her flat belly and the Blackwatch Tartan kilt barely covered her bottom.

Jonnie studied my face. “I really do like you lusting after me and I love showing off my body to you. Thank you for stopping me from being bitchy and mean.

“What was wrong with me that made me feel so mean and twisted?” Jonnie asked.

“You have had people let you down your whole life. Sometimes it seemed like your mom was always at work, but didn’t take the trouble to have food in the house for you. That affects a young girl. You came to the wrong conclusion that since you had to take care of yourself, you needed to use all the dirty tricks you’d ever heard about. That was the wrong approach to take with a man who has been kind to you and helped you for many years,” I said.

“Do I need to start calling you Master now?” Jonnie asked.

“If you need to, the right words will be the only words that will come to your lips. Your body and your brain will tell you the moment you actually belong to me. At that moment, you will know everything you need to do and say. However, I don’t have the kind of ego that requires titles. I’ll be perfectly happy if you give me what I want with your actions,” I replied.

Jonnie walked across the room toward me, and I stood up. She pressed her body tightly against mine and wrapped her arms around me. My arms pulled her even more tightly against my body. Jonnie tried to rub her vulva against my hard on. I was a little too tall for her to accomplish it, so she settled for humping my leg. She looked up at me and I bent down and kissed her.

Jonnie’s lips were slightly parted, and she slipped her tongue out to tease my lips. I darted my tongue out to caress hers with the tip of mine. That started a little game of tongue tag, first in my mouth, then, by invitation, in hers.

I could feel her pulse rate go up and Jonnie started breathing faster. I slid my hands down to her firm little bottom and pulled her tightly against me. She humped my leg faster, and then she groaned as she had her first orgasm. Her whole body shivered and her breath came in ragged pants.

Jonnie: How did you know?

Uncle George: I suspected more than knew.

Jonnie: Apparently, I’m a lousy extortionist, but I have this feeling that when I give you what you want, I’m going to be ecstatic and get what I really need instead of what I thought I wanted.

I feel really hot, my breasts feel heavy, my nipples are so hard they are throbbing, my clitoris is hard and it feels like I am white hot, not to mention dripping wet, between my legs. On top of that, I want you to kiss me for the next thousand years and make love to me for eternity.

I gently explored her mind and found the dark and cruel thoughts. I smiled and looked into Jonnie’s eyes. I invited her mean thoughts to leave, and she smiled back as she let go of her dark thoughts.

Jonnie got a startled look on her face.

Jonnie: Would you really have raped me?

Uncle George: I might have if you were rotten to the core. Now I’m hopeful we will be making love with your full consent and enthusiastic cooperation. I hope you will give me your virginity rather than me having to take it.

Jonnie: I think I know what happened, but I need you to tell me if I understand things correctly. I think my body never responded because the right person hadn’t come along yet. I don’t think I was a rotten person, but my brain invented that scenario to find out if you were strong enough to be my partner. My libido was frozen until I was with the person who was strong enough, and knew the right way to help me if I get mean or bitchy. Now I feel like two or three times every day may just barely be enough. Then again, I’m still a virgin, so I have no idea what I’m talking about. Can you fix that for me Uncle George?

“It would be my honor and pleasure to penetrate your vagina, pierce your hymen, and relieve you of your virginity. It may hurt a little, but I can tell you it won’t hurt as much as you have been told or you are afraid it might hurt.

I started kissing Jonnie passionately. She really liked kissing, and our games of tongue tag evolved into tongue duels. Making out took her breath away and made her dizzy. That kept her from thinking clearly, and distracted her from what I was doing. The little romantic caresses evolved into full scale foreplay. Jonnie was getting more and more carried away as her body became more and more sexually aroused.

My plan from the beginning was to get her so hot, she couldn’t think or worry, and keep getting her hotter and hotter until she exploded. Jonnie didn’t know what to think. She had never had truly sexual feelings before. Now she was feeling arousal and desire so strong, it was approaching need. Her brain had turned inward, and her entire focus was on the fire burning in her pussy and the throbbing itch in her clit.

From my perch within her mind, I was gratified that my effort to take out Jonnie’s mental trash had been successful. She was thinking like an aroused woman, not like a whore. She didn’t care about me giving her anything but a pussy stuffed full of my hard cock and hot, sweaty sex until she had enough orgasms to make her brain shut down and her body function like a female animal in heat. Once she has experienced this kind of release and the satisfaction which results, she should be too addicted to sex to even think about demanding payment, since all her instincts will be screaming for her to beg me to fuck her harder, deeper, and more often. This experience should reveal her true personality as the sweet, soft girl, burning with desire, and eager to please her man with her body, that I hoped was just below the surface.

“Make love to me daddy,” Jonnie whimpered.

I knew it was too soon to satisfy her need. For her defloration to be memorable for her entire life, I needed to be patient and get the teenager so hot she was truly begging me to fuck her. Her need had to be so intense that she was suffering when I entered her and fucked her to the orgasms that would give her relief.

I licked and sucked her pointy nipples, making them hard as pebbles, crowning her perfectly sized tits. Jonnie’s B Cup breasts felt big and full in my hand, but they weren’t so big and heavy that gravity would make them sag. I was confident Jonnie would have a sexy, exciting figure well into her forties and that I’d lust for her as long as we were alive.

I pushed Jonnie back on the couch. I kissed down her flat tummy and when I kissed her inner thighs, her body trembled. I spread her legs wide and I slipped between her silky thighs. I kissed her smooth labia. Her vulva was topped with a thin fringe of black hair. The individual hairs were short and straight. Her labia were nearly hairless.

I kissed her pussy lips gently and then slipped both hands between her legs to gently spread her open so my tongue could reach all her most sensitive places.

I used my lips and tongue to stimulate her inner labia. Jonnie moaned and her hips squirmed under me as I ate her out. When I was sure she was hot enough to tolerate direct stimulation, I began licking her clit. I used the tip of my tongue to tease her bud of nerves; then I made my tongue wide and slurped from the bottom of her slit up to the top, and then down again. I could tell that it was most effective when I licked up, with the tip of my tongue coming up from under her clit. I experimented and tried swirling my tongue around the tip of her clit in a tight circle, licking the bud of erectile tissue from side to side, and teasing the erect nubbin with the tip of my tongue.

Jonnie came hard. Her hips bucked up off the bed and pressed her dripping cunt tightly against my mouth. I sucked her clitoris between my lips and sucked and licked her clit at the same time. The girl came again. I wasn’t worried about giving her too many orgasms, because a little voice in her mind was telling her she wouldn’t be completely satisfied until she was filled with a hard cock and fucked to several orgasms.

As Jonnie came each time she became less inhibited and her passion sounds became louder, the hunching of her hips more urgent, and the muscle contractions much stronger when she came. I monitored her thoughts, and as she began to like sex, I loosened my control a tiny bit.

Jonnie put her hands on my head and tried to push my tongue away from her clit. “No more please daddy. I’m so sensitive it almost hurts when you lick me. I seriously need your cock inside me. Please daddy! Please fuck me now,” She said.

I could feel the intensity of her need, and so I loosened my control of her mind slightly. I began to run the head of my cock up and down through her wet, slippery slit. Jonnie gently grasped my shaft and began rubbing my knob over her clit. When she came, she centered the head in her hole. I pressed forward gently and Jonnie sighed with pleasure as the head of my cock sank slowly into her horny pussy.

I moved my knob slowly in and out of her entrance. She got wetter, and it let my cock penetrate her more easily. I worked my dick into her pussy slowly. I didn’t push hard until I felt the head pressing against her hymen.

“Shove it in me all the way daddy. Pop my cherry and fuck me. I need your cock all the way in me. I need the head pounding my pussy’s back wall as you stroke in and out of me,” Jonnie said.

I quickly checked her brain, and it was clear that sex was the only thing on her mind. Jonnie wanted to fuck and there were no ulterior motives. I released all the compulsions I’d placed on her and set a watch on her mind to trigger if she started thinking mercenary thoughts. Since there didn’t seem to be anything to worry about, I relaxed and let myself fully enjoy fucking the hot little fifteen-year-old Filipina.

“Oh, that feels so good daddy,” Jonnie moaned.

“Nail me daddy. Nail me to the bed. Hammer my clit daddy and make me cum for you. Pound your cock in my hot little hole. You fuck me so good daddy, I’m going to have to give you what you want, and I’m going to have to give it to you for free,” Jonnie moaned.

“What is it that I want?” I asked her.

“For me to love the way you fuck me. For me to get addicted to your cock and need you to fuck me every day. For me to really want it to be you fucking me, not just any old dick. For me to go out of my mind with pleasure and cum so good and so hard I can’t help myself, and fall in love with you. For me to need you every day and beg to live with you and take care of you. Of course, my mom’s the real professional mercenary bitch. You’ll probably have to buy me from her,” Jonnie said.

“That’s exactly what I want Jonnie. Even though you are too young, I couldn’t help falling in love with you. I need you so badly baby girl,” I said.

“I’m sorry I tried to extort money from you. I actually mean it Uncle George. It’s like those anti-drug commercials where they tell you that one fix can get you addicted, well one fuck and I’m addicted to your cock. I keep wanting to say ‘big cock’ because it feels big to me, but I’m afraid if I do, you’ll think I’m trying to scam you again. We haven’t even finished making love the first time, and I already know that when you cum in me, I’ll be totally satisfied, but at the same time, all I’ll be able to think about is, ‘When can we do it again?’

“I want to know what you did to my mind, but I’m too hot to think now, so just fuck me until I’m cumming all over your cock and promise me you’ll tell me later, please,” Jonnie said.

I fucked her hard and got the pretty teenager cumming again and again and again. We tried out cow girl and doggie, but she pulled me down on top of her in missionary position and whimpered, “Fuck me Uncle George. Show me you can handle a brat like me. Fuck me into the bed and show me you know how to deal with me when I act like a bitch. Show me how strong you are. Fuck me until I faint or something. Show me you are in charge and you won’t put up with any FemDom bullshit. Fuck my brains out and make it so all I can think about is pleasing you because of the pleasure you give me when you take me, fuck me, and make me cum until it shorts out my brain.”

Jonnie’s incredibly tight pussy clamped down hard on my cock as she came, and I shot her full of my hot cream. The first jet of boiling cum hit the opening of her cervix squarely and the entire first rope shot through and the force carried my semen half way up her womb. I could feel the vertical eye in my cockhead lining up with Jonnie’s cervix almost as if I could see through it, deep, deep inside Jonnie’s little body. The second stream of cum shot out of my dick like pressurized water from a fire hose. Most of that stream also squirted straight through into her womb.

Jonnie’s uterus was contracting as orgasms continued to wrack her body. The third and the half stream that came from my fourth set of orgasmic muscle contractions mostly filled her pussy and came oozing out to drip down on my balls and into her ass crack before dripping down and forming a large wet spot on the couch.

I helped Jonnie up and led her to my bedroom. I pulled her into bed with me, and she followed me willingly. I was shocked that I was already hard again, but it made me happy that my body was cooperating. I certainly hoped I could impress the lovely lady and make her mine.

We lay on our sides and Jonnie guided my cock inside herself again. I pressed my dick to full depth inside her. I began fucking her slowly and gently. I reached around her sexy body and caressed her beautiful breasts. Her nipples were hard again, and Jonnie sighed as I caressed her tits and rolled her nipples between my thumb and finger.

“Your last girlfriend must have been pretty feeble. You can squeeze my tits good and hard and pinch my nipples a lot harder. Really give it to me honey. I’m your fantasy come to life, so do me the way you always dreamed of,” Jonnie said.

I knew she was probably exaggerating because she felt so sexy right now, so I was careful to increase in small increments. Finally, Jonnie purred, “Perfect Uncle George. Keep squeezing my tits just like that. You can pinch my nipples about twice as hard as that, if you want to.”

I rolled onto my back and I pulled Jonnie with me. She straddled me and then impaled herself on my stiff prick. She rode me hard with a fast up and down movement, sitting up straight and tall, like a cowgirl in the saddle.

I pulled her down to me and kissed her breasts, sucked her hard nipples, and began to nibble on them with my teeth. As Jonnie’s pleasure purr turned into a moan of passion, I increased the bite pressure until it was about equal to what I thought she was asking for, minus the pain potential caused by the sharpness of teeth.

“Oh yes, drive me crazy Uncle George and fuck my little brains out. Bite my nipples just like that,” Jonnie begged.

I thrust up into her dripping cunt as hard as I could. It just didn’t seem to give me the leverage I needed to give her the hard fucking she craved.

Jonnie rolled onto her back, pulling me on top of her. I got my knees and elbows in position, and began hammering my aching dick into her even harder than before. I was amazed at how passionate this fifteen-year-old who had never been horny before today, wanted her lovemaking. That would undoubtedly be a misnomer, because what Jonnie seemed to need was hard, almost brutal fucking.

I think we fucked for at least two hours. Jonnie came around twenty times. From the pounding I was giving her, Jonnie’s body had become even more aroused. She came so hard, I felt like the muscle contractions that spread from her womb to her cunt might actually crush my pistoning cock.

Jonnie whimpered, “Cream me Uncle George!”

Her hot words combined with her clenching pussy sucked the cum out of me and I spurted into her so hard, I was afraid my balls would rupture.

Jonnie came again as my hot semen splashed against her cervix. The teenager writhed wildly under me, and it felt like her cunt was sucking on my dick to pull every drop of cum out of me.

We collapsed on the bed and wiggled into each other’s arms. I pulled the duvet over us and we both went to sleep.

When I woke up in the morning, Jonnie was studying my face intently.

I smiled at her and whispered, “Good morning beautiful.”

Jonnie whispered, “I loved you more when I woke up than when I went to sleep. That’s very scary for me. Are you making me feel this way?”

“I only used a light compulsion so you would want to make out with me. I figured if we were at all compatible, our bodies could make everything happen that needed to.

“Like you said yesterday, what I really wanted was for you to want me and fall in love with me on your own, free from influence or compulsion. If I had to MAKE you love me, then it would have been pointless.

“I could have done anything I wanted, but I didn’t want a slave. I wanted the intelligent girl I’ve admired all these years, to love me on her own. I know absolute power can corrupt absolutely, but all I wanted was to help you get rid of the mercenary ideas that were keeping you from being the best version of yourself.

“The reason I need you to fall in love with me on your own is because I’m in love with you Jonnie,” I said.

“What did you do to my brain?” Jonnie asked.

“I invited your mind to take out the trash and get rid of ideas you don’t need anymore. Your brain agreed you’d be happier, and so you dumped the ideas about manipulating and blackmailing people to get money. When you agreed, and those ideas went in the dumpster, I took all compulsion or hypnotic suggestion off of you. Everything you are feeling now is 100% you,” I said.

“You are still in my mind though, aren’t you?” Jonnie asked.

“I have an alarm set, watching for thoughts that could hurt you. That’s all,” I replied.

“I guess if I were trying to con you, I’d object to that, but since all I want right now is for you to know I’m in love with you and I want you to feel safe with me and want to make love with me as much as physically possible, I think you knowing what I’m thinking will only help,” Jonnie said.

“Do you have any suggestions for dealing with your mom?” I asked.

“What do you want Uncle George?” Jonnie asked.

“I want you to live with me so we can make love every day. I’ll pay for your school, clothes, food, medical care. I need some sort of permission from her for you to live with me, for me to be able to sign things for you at school, and to sign forms to get you medical care. I’ll pay for the notary to make up the documents too,” I said.

“I think there should be something in the paper that says mom should check up on me every so often. I trust you, but just in case, she ought to make sure you aren’t beating me up or selling me as a prostitute or for organs. Just the fact that you thought to put something like that in the paper will make mom feel more comfortable with me living with you.

“Mom is probably going to try to find a way to get money from you without selling me outright. Let me deal with her about that. I’ll lay the guilt on thick and make her realize that you are going to be paying for everything for me, so she will have lots of extra money, and won’t need anything from you,” Jonnie said.

“What do you want Jonnie?” I asked.

“About the same thing you do, Uncle George, but I want you to be my daddy and my lover too. Would it be OK if I call you daddy instead of Uncle George?” Jonnie asked.

“I’d like that Jonnie. Having my daughter love me that much is one of my fondest hopes and deepest wishes,” I said.

“It was so exciting when I realized I went from loving you for taking care of me like a father, to being IN love with you. That has a lot to do with craving sex with you. The IN love feelings are what make my female emotions want to put my body in a mating and reproductive situation. Not with any available male, but only with you, daddy,” Jonnie said.

“I am in awe of you, my darling daughter. Your transformation from a little girl with no sexual thoughts to a provocative woman with a deep and rich variety of sexual thoughts and deep and powerful sexual desires; happened in one day, and yet you made this momentous transition as gracefully as the most educated, polished, and experienced professional woman,” I said.

“Thanks daddy. It means a lot to know you’ve noticed that there’s more to me than a pretty face and a sexy body,” Jonnie said.

“No matter how beautiful a woman is or how handsome a man is, they are not worth spending time with if they are empty headed,” I said.

We went to see Jonnie’s mom. I decided to take a back seat and let Jonnie take the lead. It turned out to be a good idea because Jonnie talked about how I could send her to a better school, and that because I was retired, I would always be home to cook dinner and make sure she did her homework. She talked about how speaking English at home would improve her language skill and give her an advantage when it came time for her to look for a job.

“So, do you sleep in the same bed now?” Jonnie’s mom asked.

“Mom, I have a very nice room of my own, and you know it. You’ve seen it more than once and slept in my bed with me,” Jonnie said.

“And if I show up unexpectedly, will your hair be on one of the pillows in Uncle George’s bed? Will your perfume be on the pillow and the sheets? Will there be semen stains on the sheets? Will everything in your ‘room’ be dusty and your bed obviously never slept in?” Jonnie’s mom said.

“That’s ridiculous mom. I’m fifteen. I have no reason to act like a grownup’s pretend wife. I want to go to a good school and have someone at home who cares about me and takes care of me by cooking me dinner or making sure I do my homework. I don’t know anything about romance or anything like that,” Jonnie said.

“So, what do you have to say for yourself Uncle George?” Jonnie’s mom asked.

“I think Jonnie has explained everything pretty clearly. I’d just like to point out that if I’m paying all her expenses, you might only need to work one job,” I said.

“So basically, you are challenging me to catch you two screwing, because I know in my gut that’s what you two are up to and why you want to live together,” Jonnie’s mother said.

“I can’t stop you from having delusions mom,” Jonnie said.

“OK, I’ll go along with this. I’ll sign a permission or custody or whatever you need kind of document. Don’t get her pregnant and don’t break her heart Uncle George. Obviously, she trusts you and wants to be with you more than with her own mother. If you hurt her, karma will punish you more than you can ever imagine,” Jonnie’s mother said.

We got the document notarized and then went home. I started researching schools, and we visited several. We finally decided on a school in Makati. It was further away from where Jonnie’s mom lived, and would make it more difficult for her to drop in on us. We also moved to a building in Makati that had security and the elevators required a resident’s ID card to operate. I did get a three-bedroom apartment. We make one the teenage girl’s bedroom, one an office for me to use for my research and writing and Jonnie to use for homework. The master bedroom was setup to look like it was the bedroom of a single retired man.

I got fiber internet so we could both work and not lose too much speed. We put all of Jonnie’s clothes in her bedroom and all her hair and skin care products in the second bathroom.

We slept in my bed, we were just careful. Jonnie didn’t wear perfume, and her sheets always got a shot of her preferred scent. We sometimes put a bowling ball on her pillow to mash it down, and we always pounded on the mattress and pillows in my room to get the imprints of Jonnie’s body smoothed out so there was no substantiating evidence that Jonnie slept in my bed.

Of course, we made love every day. Most days our schedule let us make love three times; once in the morning, once as soon as Jonnie got home from school, and once when we went to bed.

Sometimes Jonnie’s homework kept us from making love at night, and if she had to work late on a project, we might skip our morning love making session so we could sleep an hour later. On the weekends, we sometimes made love all day and all night. On her vacations, we often tried to see how many times Jonnie could cum in twenty-four hours. On her school breaks we also took trips, and had fun making love in nice hotels.

Jonnie’s mom apparently got tired of trying to catch us in bed together. After the second year, she only came by once a year. We were still careful just in case she was trying to get us to be careless, then swoop down on us.

I had prostate cancer before I came to The Philippines. I had the cancer killed with High Intensity Focused Ultrasound. The way the process worked back then, it killed all the cells in the prostate, one at a time. Because the specialized prostate cells that make semen were all killed, there was no semen to wake up the sperm cells. My doctor told me there was no way I could get a girl pregnant.

Since I was having sex with a fifteen-year-old girl every day, I decided I better get things checked out and make sure nothing had changed. As far as the tests available at Makati Medical Center were concerned, I was effectively sterile.

Jonnie finished Senior High School at the top of her class, and went on to college. She decided she wanted to go to college in the U.S. so after she got accepted at Stanford, we did all the Immigration paperwork and got her a student visa.

We were lying in bed in the hotel in Palo Alto. We were looking for a house close to campus that we could move into before school started. We had just made love and I was feeling very mellow. Jonnie kissed me sweetly and whispered, “Daddy, I’m going to do pre-med for my undergraduate major, and I’m going to get into Stanford Med School. I know I’ve never talked to you about having ambition or goals before, but I definitely want to be a doctor.

“I know you have enough money so I never have to work, but I can’t see myself just being your companion and bed partner. That income will let us provide free care to poor people in The Philippines after I get my license.

“This is totally unfair of me, and I know it’s going to call for a big sacrifice from you because a lot of the time I won’t be there to make love with you, especially when I have to do my intern and residency programs. I’m really sorry daddy. I was just afraid that if I told you, you’d let me talk myself out of the hard work. I hope you know I’d really rather be making love with you daddy,” Jonnie said.

“Wow, talk about taking me by surprise! I had no idea you were thinking about medicine. Well, I suppose it really shows what kind of person you are. When we have the good fortune to have more than we need, we need to find a way to give something to people who don’t have much. I like your idea of us financing your own charity practice. I’ve been so proud of you the whole time you were in high school. This is a big goal, but I’m sure you can do it if you want to badly enough. I’ll do my best not to sabotage you,” I said.

It was difficult for both of us, because once Jonnie’s sexual desire was awakened, it was almost impossible for her to ignore the gnawing, aching, empty feeling in her pussy when she wasn’t getting frequently fucked. She loved getting nailed for two or three hours at a time, but we had to learn to be super-efficient and cram as many of her orgasms as we could into the thirty minutes or so that became all the time she had to spare.

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