Well Endowed Young Ladies

by uksnowy

Copyright© 2017 by uksnowy

Sex Story: Inspired by Vini Vedi's improper, filthy and implausible writings, I thought I'd let my dirty imagination run riot, limited by the same reason he wrote his Perfectly Acceptable Story

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Teenagers   Fiction   School   Incest   Exhibitionism   Voyeurism   Water Sports   Big Breasts   Hairy   .

Inspired by Vini Vedi’s improper, filthy and implausible writings, I thought I’d let my dirty imagination run riot, limited byIns the same reason he wrote his Perfectly Acceptable Story

Yu Smelly and Cissy Biggun walked home from school together as they always did. They looked a little dishevelled after a full day of class, learning, teasing, flashing and flirting. Tiredness had gradually seeped into their pristine smart morning appearances. Ties were loose, Cissy’s collar unbuttoned, Yu’s long pigtail had part seperated, one button of Cissy’s shirt had popped open but that was usual, both had white socks either fully up or wrinkled down and Cissy was struggling to keep her skirt smoothed down as she’d adjusted it getting the pleats out of line with what was beneath

Lol Prikker, a seventy four year old brick layer leered at them as they trotted by him on the pavement while he bent to build the next course on the low design front garden wall. He tried to stoop lower to see up the girl’s skirts, which once they left the school premises, had been hitched up several inches, rolling their waist bands. He was disappointed, but if they had known would probably given him a flash. Distracted by them as they chatted past, he resumed his ogling of the delectable MILF Mrs Diedre Cumjob, unpacking her Range Rover car in the drive way. She might have been scrumptious, forty year old, slightly plump with 45EE tits, but the two fourteen year old kids were prime jail bait for his evil eye.

“What’s that sort of rasping noise you’re making Yu?” giggled Cissy as she gave one of their class mates, passing on his bicycle, the finger after he made a filthy gesture at them. He shrugged, recalling the sights he had enjoyed during the biology class that afternoon. “Oh it’s just this,” answered the Chinese girl matter of factly, thinking her black friend should know by now, lifting her skirt to reveal her long straggly brittle looking pubic hair. “It’s fucking long isn’t it. Doesn’t it hurt?” said Cissy. “Your legs I mean, get sore, it’s nearly down to your knees.” “Nah,” replied Yu. “Only when I wear knickers and some of it gets stuck up my fanny. That pulls,” she told her school pal, dropping her grey pleated skirt. They wandered on.

Lol started to pack up for the day, putting his gear round the back garden and spotted Mandy Cumjob skipping rhythmically on the back patio, then stopping to toss the rope aside, pulling down her white panties, squatting and pissing on the slabs he had laid only a month ago. He stooped behind a row of shrubs and crept nearer, staring between her tender young thighs. Her face registered satisfaction as did Lol’s. Her steaming yellow urine splashed noisily on the solid Portland Stone slabs, then entering the courses, over the mortar grouting and dipping off the edge to the Hellebores below.

Lol used his calloused hand to catch the drips to savour the warm metallic flavoured liquid and gradually stood. Mandy saw him and gave him a cheeky wave and smile - still pissing. The sound of a car horn he recognised, drowning her merry tinkle, echoed down the side way, meaning his lift was waiting, so he left his evil peeping of the young girl’s ablutions and regretfully shuffled back round the house.

“Here she comes,” snickered Rasty Biggun hearing his twin sister slapping along the brightly painted hallway of the house. “Slaphappy Cindy,” he shrieked. The two children of Mave and Barry Biggun were like their parents – black as the ace of spades. “Fuck off Rasty, you’re only jealous,” Cindy retorted flinging her school bag at him as he lounged on a sofa watching YouTube video of extremely fat old white women being shafted by teams of Pakistani boys. “Bullshit Cindy! Jealous of those for fucks sake?” he scoffed, lifting her school skirt and pulling her labia making her wince “Ouch! Get off,” Cindy slapped his hand. “If you’re going to handle them do it properly ... Ooohh” she sighed as her brother’s fingers started to dance on her flabby minge. “Yeeess, that’s better. Go on do it for me like daddy does.”

Rasty shifted his position and dragged Cindy between his legs, while she held her skirt up. He surveyed her fanny flaps, relishing the smokey grey black rippling texture of her redoubtable collection of inner and outer labia. Fully six inches long and already leaking juice at the upper most fold which itself protruded an inch further, because of her expectant pleasure at his touch. As he had been taught by Barry and Mave, who couldn’t quite match her fourteen year old child’s fanny formation, Rasty lightly slapped the hanging flesh side to side, the noise nye on drowning the ooohs and aahhs sounds on the video. He then parted the main drapes revelling in the slimy smooth inner surfaces and the way her inch high clitoris popped up. It’s pink shiny heart shape wobbled as Rasty fondled it’s stout hood, then he spotted something.

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