Sounds in the Night

by Jack Spratt

Copyright© 2017 by Jack Spratt

Erotica Sex Story: Jayden was a young girl that learned about life and sex in a sensual manner. She appeared to enjoy every aspect of it.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including ft/ft   Fa/ft   Consensual   Anal Sex   Sex Toys   .

Special thanks to Pete ‘the old fart’ 2017 for his expertise in reediting and reproofing, he put a lot of time and effort in this story.

There was that sound again. My mom was moaning so loud it woke me. I now know what Mom and Dad were doing but when I first heard horrifying moans I was really scared something bad was happening to Mommy.

I was six the first time I recall it happening; it was the first time the sound woke me. Mom and Daddy were in their bedroom with the door closed. The sounds my mom made; they had me thinking something bad was happening to her. I ran to the bedroom door and banged on it.

“Mommy, Mommy, are you okay?”

My banging on the door pushed it open. It hadn’t latched. When I looked in, Mommy was pulling the sheet over her and Daddy. My daddy was on top of her.

“Mommy, are you hurt? I heard you scream. Daddy what are you doing on top of Mommy?”

“It is okay Jayden; Daddy is making love to Mommy. Sorry we woke you. You can go back to sleep now ok?”

“I want you to put me to bed Mommy.”

I watched as Mommy struggled from beneath my daddy. Her nighty was pulled up above her tummy. I stared as she quickly covered her damp hairy clump between her legs by pulling down her nighty. She walked me to my bedroom.

“What is making love, Mommy?”

“It is what a man and woman do to show how much they care about each other Jayden.”

Now I was confused. But Mommy tucked me into bed and left. I heard her close the door then I fell asleep, still wondering what making love was. When Mommy and Daddy said they love me they held me tight or kissed my tummy. I don’t make the noises Mom made. I wondered if Daddy kissed Mommy’s tummy.

Five years had passed. I was a bit wiser now. I know what Mommy and Daddy did and often watched them. Many times they don’t close their bedroom door tight. Mom still made her many types of noises when they made love. I was fascinated by the different ways they did it.

I personally had developed sexually. I discovered the great feeling that comes from playing with my little bud at a young age. It was by accident. Girls at school had talked about playing with themselves but I didn’t know what they meant. I just let on I was one of them. One day in the washroom, when I opened a stall door my classmate Avery was standing there with her panties at her ankles and her skirt hiked up with her fingers in her slit. I just looked at her, mesmerized.

“Stupid, get in here and close the door before somebody else sees me. I should have locked it.”

I did as I was told and continued to watch she rubbed the top of her slit. I had never seen anything so beautiful before. Her pussy was open and it appeared wet but not from pee. Then she held her breath and her body started to tremble. I thought she was having a convulsion.

“What was that Avery?”

“I just made myself cum?”


“Yes it’s masturbating. I do it all the time don’t you?”

I was embarrassed but admitted I don’t know what she was talking about.

“No. I don’t know what you mean.”

“I don’t have time to explain here. We have to get out before someone gets suspicious. Can I come to your place tonight? Tell your mom we have a project.”

“Ok I will call Mom and tell her you are coming over for supper and to stay over. We can stop at your place, after school and get your pj’s and stuff.”

“Okay I will meet you at the main door after the final bell.”

Avery left me in wonderment. She was the same age as me, fourteen, and was my very best friend. Her body was developing and she wore a real bra. Mom made me wear a training bra so my large nipples didn’t show. I walked to my classroom with my head filled with questions. Needless to say my mind wasn’t on my class work which resulted in two detentions for next week. The teachers don’t like monitoring detentions on Fridays. I met Avery at the front of the school. She was smiling and laughing with a group of other students. When she saw me she waved and walked towards me.

“You going to discover the joys of girl sex tonight Jayden. I found my little bud at ten. I have been rubbing it since.”

“How often do you rub it?”

“Lots, I get so excited at school I have to do it between classes. I am glad it was you who caught me. I likely could be in a lot of trouble if some girl wanted to report me.”

“Why would they do that?”

“They just like getting girls like me in trouble or for some brownie points with their favorite teacher. They are likely jealous.”

“What do you mean girls like you?”

“I am bi.”

“Bi, what do you mean?”

“You know about the birds and the bees don’t you?”

“Of course we took it last year.”

“Well the course you took was about boys and girls right?”


“Well, being bi means I like girls as well as boys. Now do you understand?”

“I think so.”

“I watched you watching me. Did you like looking at me between my legs?”

I knew I was blushing giving away I liked looking at her beautiful pussy. It flashed in my mind it looked so sexy. I whispered.


“Well I like what is between a girl’s legs too. I enjoy the soft feeling of a naked girl beside me in bed. I will show you tonight.”

To say I was totally confused was an understatement. All kinds of crazy things went through my mind. During the trip home Avery’s banter touched on all types of topics but none of them had my attention like the fact she liked girls. I had seen girls holding hands in the washroom before but just thought they were good friends like Avery and me. Now I was wondering if it was something more between the girls we saw.

Before we got to my house, we stopped and Avery told her mom she was sleeping over and went into detail about the mystical project we would be working on.

Mom was waiting for us when we arrived. She had supper ready and told me she and Dad were going to a movie.

“When you called saying Avery was coming over to work on a project your dad and I thought it would be a good time to see the movie we have been hoping to see. You don’t mind, do you Jayden?”

“No Mom. Avery has a number of things to show me about the project. She will be staying overnight.”

“Well that is nice. Maybe Dad and I will stop for something to eat after the movie. I will see you in the morning.”

There was a rush when Dad came home. Mom was yelling at him to shower and get dressed as the movie started in forty-five minutes. Avery was looking at me and smiling.

“Finish your dinner, Jayden. As soon as they are gone, we will shower together. Then I will show you how to cum.”

There was a pounding of feet on the stairs and Dad was still buttoning his shirt. He looked in at Avery and me.

“Hi girls, no time to talk your mom is on a rampage to leave for the movie. See you later maybe. I don’t know when she will let me come home.”

Dad was smiling. He left twenty dollars for us to order in if we got hungry. The door slammed and we heard the engine of the car start. It left our driveway and they were gone. Avery gathered up the plates and put them in the dish washer then grabbed my hand and guided me upstairs to the bathroom. Our bathroom had a large shower and a two-person tub with water jets. Mom and Dad used it often. I had heard Mom scream when they were together.

“Get undressed, Jayden.”

I did and watched Avery do the same. Her body fascinated me. I didn’t know how much difference in size we were till now. She had nice full breasts with big nipples. I loved the tuft of hair she had above her pussy; it was a magnet for my eyes. I had slight bumps for breasts and extra-long nipples that were sticking out. I only had a few dark hairs around my pussy. Fortunately the rest of my body had developed. My hips and bum were well shaped and my legs were long and well-muscled from running on the track team.

“Jayden, I like your body. Let me look at you. Please turn around.”

I did as I was told and turned around for her. She touched my bum cheeks and I felt her spread them.

“What a nice bum pucker you have Jayden. I will show you how to use it to feel make you feel extra good.”

My bum hole, she couldn’t mean that. That was where I pooed from, now I was concerned. When I turned around, she looked at me then dropped to her knees and touched my pussy. I was taken aback but also intrigued. She spread my peach and stared at me.

“Jayden I am going to love teaching you about girl/girl love. You are beautiful.”

And taught me she did. That night she spread my peach and licked me, to my first oral climax. I watched as she slid the hood from my small clitoris and just touched it with her tip of her tongue, my body flinched involuntarily. It felt so different. When she concentrated her attention on my little bud I lost consciousness and when I came to she was laughing.

“That was your first climax but you get more out if when you stay conscious. I will do it again. You concentrate on the feelings; just let your body flow with it.”

The feeling of wonder overcame me again and I felt my body fill with awe as the surges of strange feeling engulfed me. My hips had a mind of their own and pushed upward against Avery’s soft tongue. Then I felt the crescendo of emotions explode. I had never felt anything like this before. Avery was watching as I enjoyed the feeling. She motioned for me to roll over on my tummy. I felt her spread my ass cheeks and then started tonguing my anal pucker. I was astonished. She was licking my bum hole and it felt wonderful.

Later that night I got a taste of her pussy and then realized the magnetic attraction it had to me. I was a little leery of licking her asshole but I had to admit it really looked inviting. I knew I had to try after all she done to me. I closed my eyes, stick out my tongue and moved my face between her bum cheeks. I was surprised. It wasn’t dirty as I thought it would be. We both had a bath and were squeaky clean. I brought Avery to a number of climaxes as she had done with me.

In the morning Mom asked me how the project went.

“It went well, Mom, Avery showed me a number of things I never knew. She will likely stay over often so we can perfect our efforts. It is a very interesting project.”

“That is wonderful Jayden. It is good to hear of students helping each other.”

Avery excused herself from the table. She had a hard time keeping a straight face. At school Avery told me to meet her in the washroom at ten forty-five. When I arrived, we had the washroom to ourselves so we went into a stall and Avery raised her skirt and pulled her panties over to one side.

“Eat me Jayden I have wanted you since breakfast.”

I licked her to a climax. She tasted as she did last night with a little tang of pee mixed in. When I finished, she did the same for me. In the future we got this down to an art bringing each other to a climax in less than three minutes. That way we didn’t call attention to ourselves by being away from our home rooms. We used that ploy for months. It really helped the day go by quickly.

Over the next two months Avery introduced me to a number of her bi friends. I got to taste many different pussies. All were tasty but one girl seemed to taste better than all the rest: Brianna. Her black pussy and large clitoris gave me many an astonishing night of loving. When we were in a group and had to pair off, I always wanted to be her partner. She liked me too because she always seemed close to me. When her black luv lips were spread, it exposed a beautiful pink inner area. Brianna introduced me to a double-ended dildo and took my cherry. I hardly felt the pain. Brianna had eaten me for about twenty minutes and I was in total bliss when she shoved it in deep. I felt a sharp pain and then she slowly pumped it in and out of my pussy. The exotic feeling overtook the pain and I was lost to another climax. When she put the other end in her pussy and we started moving I had additional climaxes.

Brianna also taught me how to suck cock. Her brother Jason was the most willing volunteer. His black cock was nearly nine inches long. His balls were a big as eggs. When he came, he came in volumes; I had to learn to swallow his cum quickly.

That was part of my learning experience about sex. I enjoyed the company of girls and knew about guys. Brianna’s brother offered to fuck me but I didn’t think I could handle his large cock. Brianna could take all of it. She said she loved the feel of cum squirting deep in her body, especially her brother’s. I had sleep overs with her often. Many times she let me watch as Jason fucked her, filling her opening. I loved watching his cum seeping out of her beautiful pussy. I usually licked her dry.

Once I realized what Mom and Dad were doing I watched at every opportunity. I knew when they were going to have sex because they went to bed early and told me they were exhausted. By the time they actually got to sleep they were exhausted but by sex, not the events of the day. Many times I had watched my dad’s big cock as he pumped in and out of my mom’s willing pussy. When my daddy cums his body stiffens and he tries hard to get his cock in deep. I now know I won’t have a sister or brother because I found Mom’s birth control pills.

The most exciting part was when Daddy used Mom’s asshole. Usually she had her period because I could see the tampon string hanging out of her swollen pussy. My daddy’s cock was as big as Brianna’s brother’s but Mom could easily handle the whole nine inches up her anal opening with no problem. She seemed to really love it as she really yelled when Daddy came in her that way.

For the next few months I thoroughly enjoyed sex with Brianna. I really couldn’t get enough of her black pussy. It seemed every time I got to her place her brother took me aside and had me suck his cock. He kept telling me no one sucked dick like I did. I learned to appreciate his thick white cum as a treat and looked forward to sucking.

Today Brianna tasted as good as she did the first time I buried my face in her black pussy. Her asshole also had a strange attraction to me. Her bum was slightly bigger than mine and her anal opening was larger and tasty. After every loving with her I spent time between her cheeks licking her brown pucker while rubbing her clitoris. She really came hard when I did that.

I don’t know why but I started noticing a rapid change in my developing breasts. It could be the result of so much sex but I was up to a B cup. I noticed Dad looking at me with interest. I was developing into a duplicate of Mom. We had the same features but Mom had bigger boobs.

I made of a point of watching Dad fuck Mom at every opportunity. I know what he likes to do and what she enjoys. Her asshole really took a beating. They both enjoyed anal sex. I got a great view when Mom was on top. Dad’s big cock was like a piston that Mom bounced up and down on. After they fucked and went to sleep I had often seen cum seeping from Mom’s swollen cunt, gobs of it. In the following morning, Mom would be in the bathroom before me. I could smell my daddy’s cum because Mom had wiped her pussy with a face cloth, removing Dad’s and her cum from between her legs and left it in the dirty clothes’ hamper. Many times I had masturbated with a cum covered facecloth at my nose.

Now when I heard sounds in the night, I appreciated the opportunity to watch my daddy doing Mom. I kept wondering if I could take Daddy’s cock. It seemed so big. When I masturbated watching them, I felt I could.

I knew Mom and Dad’s favorite way to enjoy sex. I now was curious about trying it with a boy. But who would I trust to not blabber all over the school? It took me a while to locate a prime candidate. Bill lived down the street from me. He was kind of a nerd. He often walked me to school. We talked about many things, usually technical items to do with computers. He had repaired mine a number of times after I had screwed it up.

He was nearly six feet tall, gangly but handsome in his own way. I knew he didn’t have a girlfriend. I had a feeling I could trust him. During the week I had mentioned I was having trouble with my computer crashing. Of course he offered to help. I made arrangements for him to come over Saturday morning because I knew Mom and Dad would be gone for the day. Bill agreed like he had done many times before. My computer was in my bedroom. The plan was for me to be in my shear baby dolls. Unless he was gay, I should get his interest. My bush would be bristling and would show through the tight bikini bottoms. The top of my baby dolls were just held together with a small belt that really doesn’t do much of a job. My dad loved it because I allowed him see my growing boobs.

I got up early on Saturday morning and had a shower. I made sure my bush was perfumed and when I pulled on my bottoms I made sure a number of my pussy hairs were showing. In the right light you could see everything I had. I was ready when Bill rang the bell. He was so preoccupied telling me about the things he thought may be causing my problems, he really didn’t take a good look at me. That changed as he followed me upstairs. My pussy must have caught his attention because he suddenly became very quiet as he followed my swinging bottom.

“Aren’t you going to dress Jayden?”

“No, not right away, does this bother you?”


That wasn’t the truth as his sweat pants were tenting. He was well endowed if the tent was any indication. It looked good. I wondered if he would taste as good as Brianna’s brother. I had him sit on the bed, and then crowded beside him. My soft breasts were against him nearly all the time. I could see he was trying his best to ignore all the flesh I was bombarding him with. He was totally lost when the tie on my top dropped and my breasts and hard nipples were staring him in the face. He was breathing in gasps when I took his hand and cupped my breast with it then I placed my nipple to his mouth and let him suck. I slid my hand into his sweat pants. I dropped my top and wiggled out of my bottoms. Bill had a totally bewildered look on his face.

“Why Jayden; what are you doing to me?”

“I want you to fuck me, Bill. I have thought it over for days. I can trust you to keep it our secret can’t I?”

Bill was still bewildered trying to comprehend what was happening to him. He was not a guy that girls usually tried to seduce. He was very popular due to his vast knowledge of computer related information but not as a stud. However I was reconsidering since I had felt the size of his cock. He was in Brianna’s brother and my dad’s league. I had difficulty encircling the girth of his member with one hand. He could be a stud in disguise.

“You like me don’t you Bill?”

I stood facing of him with my legs slightly spread turning around slowly to give in the full effect of my developing young sexy body.

“Jayden I have loved you since I started repairing your computer. When I masturbate, it’s you I think of. I never thought a nerd like me would have a chance with you. You are so beautiful.”

I leaned over and kissed him. His strong-arms circled me and his weight pulled me down to the bed. He maneuvered me to my back. When he undressed, I was surprised by his well-conditioned muscled body. He didn’t get into that shape playing with his computer. He should be a football player. His member was sticking straight out from his body. It had to be nearly nine inches and nearly five inches thick. I wondered if I could ever get anything that big in my mouth. All the dildos my girlfriends had used on me were much smaller them Bill’s love tube.

“You must work out Bill, your body is beautiful.”

“My dad has a gym in the basement. I work out daily to get rid of my frustrations. Masturbation helps but I have so much energy to burn off.”

As I admired his tool, I mentally planned to help him relieve some of his excess energy on a regular basis. I wondered if Brianna may want to help as well. I knew Brianna could easily accept his man meat. I was going to find out how much I could handle Bill’s cock this morning. Bill looked at me lying with my legs spread wide, opening my pussy to his view. My luv lips were spread and I had to be dripping. I was surprised when he kneeled on the floor and motioned to me to move towards him with my legs spread. His mouth kissed me on my luv lips and I was lost in pleasure. His tongue soon discovered my clitoris and I was quickly brought my first climax of the day.

If Bill was a novice, I hoped I was on his list when he became experienced. He managed to bring me to three climaxes. He was so gentle if I don’t know better I would have thought it was one of my girlfriend’s tongues. I felt weight beside me Bill was looking at me.

“The guys have been teasing me about eating pussy. Yours is the first, now I know what I have been missing. You are fantastic Jayden. I hope this is not a onetime thing.”

“I can guarantee it won’t be. For a first timer you have a natural talent. If you like I will try and get you one of my girlfriends. They will never believe me.”

Bill guided me to the top of the bed. The head of his cock was dripping precum. He gently cupped my breasts and softly massaged my nipples. I did so feel good. I watched as he maneuvered between my legs and his man-meat was lining up with my open pussy.

“Are you sure you want me to do this Jayden? I certainly do.”

“Do it Bill.”

I watched the head of his cock enter me and then disappear. Slowly his length was swallowed in the depths of my body. Brianna’s dildo was good but nothing to compare to the real thing. Bill applied some of his weight into the thrusts. I wrapped my arms around his body and pulled him closer. The feeling I was experiencing was totally new and so exciting. Bill’s hard body felt so good, his hard cock felt enormous. Slowly he started the natural movements. The heat of his cock spread throughout my pussy channel. My body took over and met his every thrust. What a stunning sensation.

Bill appeared to have great self-control as he continued to pound me with deep strokes. I could feel a climax building up. It felt so different from what I had experienced. Then it happened. I was pushing against him so hard I was sure the bones were breaking then it happened. I must have driven my nails in his back but Bill continued pumping as I came.

“Jayden did you cum?”

“Oh yes Bill it was great you are one helluva guy.”

I guessed that was what he wanted to hear as he continued to pump then his body froze. I could feel the first surge of cum deep in my body. Surge after surge pumped strings of cum, I could feel the warmth of Bill’s ejaculations. Then I felt his body relax and he lay on top of me with all his weight and slowly rolled over bringing my body with him still embedded in me.

“Thank you Jayden you have no idea how many times I did that to you in my imagination as I masturbated.”

We lay together locked in each other’s arms. I felt wonderful. Now I had an idea of what Mom felt when she and Daddy were making love. For the rest of the morning and most of the afternoon I sucked Bill to get him hard so we could fuck again. Late in the afternoon he left. When I got out of bed, I could feel cum running down my leg. Bill had an endless supply. My pussy was sore from so much use but the feeling was astonishing. When Mom and Dad came home, I was watching television.

“Did you have a good day Jayden?”

“Yes Daddy. I learned a lot about my computer. Bill was over and fixed a problem I was having.”

“Good for him, I like that boy. He seems so level headed.”

Tonight Brianna was sleeping over. First we were going to a movie then would enjoy each other in bed. She always brought her double-headed dildo. Today would be a memorable day. When we finally got to bed, she spread my legs to kiss my luv lips.

“Jayden what did you do to your pussy? It is all puffed up.”

“Well I fucked all morning and most of the afternoon. I feel so good.”

Now Brianna had a look of disbelief on her face she knew I don’t have a boyfriend. She was waiting for me to say more.

“Ok Jayden who was the guy? You have been holding out on me.”

“You are not going to believe me when I tell you. It was Bill.”

“You’ve got to be kidding, Bill the nerd? I didn’t think he even knew girls existed, well maybe in his wet dreams.”

“I can tell you from personal experience Bill the nerd could be called Bill the stud. He is big, really big.”

“How big, bigger then Jason?”

“I won’t say bigger but in the same class and at least five inches in circumference? That is why I am so puffy. I never knew a cock could feel so good. He must have cum six times. I had to shower after he left because so much cum running down my thighs.”

“You have to be joking. He doesn’t seem that type of guy. He is so shy.”

“Honestly Brianna he is really a good lover mind you I have no one else to compare him with but I did cum several times before he let himself cum in me.”

“Jayden you need to go on the pill or you must insist the guys use condoms if you plan to do this regularly. Hell when was your last period?”

“I finished two days ago.”

“Good, you shouldn’t be in your fertile period. You know you can get pregnant.”

“I never thought of that.”

“That is what a few of my girlfriends said before they delivered their babies.”

“Are you on the pill?”

“Yes ever since Jason and I have been having sex. I told Mom I was having period cramps and they really hurt. She took me to the doctor and she prescribed the pill. I have been on them for the last two years.”

“I will have to tell Mom the same thing because I want to do it again.”

That night we talked for hours about sex. I asked Brianna if she would like to get fucked by Bill. She hesitated for a while then admitted I had her curious about Bill the Nerd. I told her I would try and arrange it during the week when my parents were out or working late. My computer was about to crash again. We fell asleep with our faces buried in each other’s pussy. I was a mess in the morning covered with a crusty residue of Brianna’s cream.

During the week I complained to Mom continually that I was having stomach pains due to my period just ending. Finally she told me she was taking me to the doctor.

The doctor gave me a full examination something I was not expecting.

“Do you have a boyfriend?”


“A girl friend?”


“You are not a virgin Jayden how did you lose it?”

“My girlfriend’s dildo.”

“You are very beautiful between your legs Jayden, what else have you done with your girlfriend?”

The look on my face was a dead give-away that Brianna and I were more than just friends. I could feel the blush starting at my toes and worked up my body. Since she was looking between my legs, I was sure my pussy was getting wet. I watched as the doctor removed her gloves and slowly caressed my open pussy. I flinched when she touched my exposed clitoris.

“Jayden we are going to have to have a follow-up. Would an appointment Thursday after school be convenient?”


“Ok I will give you a prescription for your cramps. You will have to take them for a long time.”

Dr. Eritrea Tekie gave me a knowing smile then she whispered to me.

“They are birth control pills which I am sure is the reason you are here. You will have to wait till your next period to start them. The instructions are on the package.”

I left the office with a prescription that would keep me out of harm’s way but I would have to be careful until my next period. Mom gave me her credit card and told me to get the prescription filled. It was a good thing too as they were the same type as she was using. I couldn’t wait till the end of the month. While at the Pharmacy I picked up a twelve-pack of condoms. I hoped it will be enough for Bill till the end of the month.

Today was my next appointment with Dr. Eritrea Tekie. I was wondering what would happen for at the follow-up visit.

As I walked to the doctor’s office, all kinds of things were going through my mind, most of all, my mom. She had always been there for me. Then I realized I was at the office. The reception desk was empty. I could hear movement in the inner examination room. Then the doctor came into the room.

“Good afternoon Dr. Tekie.”

“Jayden, don’t call me Dr. Tekie. I am Eritrea to you. Come in. We are here alone. Let me lock the door to make sure we are not disturbed.”

I walked into the examination room and she called out to me.

“Jayden, please get undressed.”

I looked around for a hospital gown that were usually available but see none.

“There isn’t a gown here Eritrea.”

“I didn’t think there would be a need as we are the only ones in the office.”

I was standing, before the examination table, totally nude looking at the stirrups wondering what was next. Her footsteps alerted me to the fact she was in the room.

“Please get on the table Jayden and put your feet in the stirrups.”

I did as I was told realizing everything between my legs was in full view of the doctor. For some reason I felt a bit excited and became conscious that I was getting wet. This could be embarrassing. Finally Eritrea came to the table and sat on a stool between my legs staring at my open pussy. Then I felt her hands on my inner thighs slowly but firmly pushing them wider and wider apart. My muscles were straining then I felt her lock the stirrups in position. I watched her looking at me. When she leaned forward, I figured she needed a closer look but when I felt her tongue touch me I nearly jumped out of my skin. She was concentrating on my clitoris. I could feel the desire for me to climax. Then she actually stuck her tongue in my spread pussy I nearly fainted it felt so good.

“Jayden I wanted to do this when I first saw between your legs. You do taste good. I hope I didn’t guess wrong about you. You are bi?”


My voice was just a peep. I was still lost in what was happening to me. Eritrea then continued to tongue and lick me. My body started to tremble I knew I was going to cum. Then it hit, I had never felt anything as strong as this. When I finally opened my eyes, I noticed Eritrea was standing dressed in a lacy bra and a thong. The bra cups were large and full and her thong was molded to her luv lips. Her scent filled the room. I could feel my blood rushing to my pussy for more of the same. My eyes were like saucers as I look at her.

“Do you like what you see?”

“Yes Eritrea you are beautiful.”

“Great, it is my turn now. Would you like to finish undressing me?”

I nodded my head yes and after she released the stirrups I was down beside her. The first thing I undid was her bra and it fell, revealing the largest areolae and nipples I had ever seen. I was fascinated at the size of her nipples. They were larger than my thumbs and stuck out over an inch. I leaned over and mouthed each one. Her exotic scent filled my nostrils and I could feel my pussy getting wetter. My hands were trembling as I lowered her red thong. Eritrea’s outer labia were the largest I had seen. Actually Eritrea was the first mature woman I had seen up close in a sexual manner. Her clitoris was the size of my small finger and was protruding out of its hood nearly an inch. I wished mine was half her size. Her sexual scent mixed with her perfume had my head reeling. I knew I wanted to taste her.

“Would you like me to get on the examination table or use the large sofa in my office?”

I walked as in a trance to her office and motioned for her to sit. I fell between her legs and inhaled the intoxicating scent emanating from her open pussy. My first target was her clitoris. I felt her body tense as I sucked and licked. I still couldn’t believe its size. Then I looked into her face and noticed her eyes were closed as she enjoyed my manipulations. Leaving her clitoris, I enjoyed the flow of elixir from her open lotus blossom. Her juice was thick and plentiful. The taste was unique. She moved slightly giving me better access to her luv lips and as she did it exposed her large anal pucker. The opening was surrounded with ripples of stretched skin, some protruding nearly a quarter inch. It was obvious she planned this; perfume had been dabbed on her thighs and her bum cheeks ... Eritrea had showered and prepared herself before I came. She was confident of her assessment of me.

Bringing her to her first climax, her body trembled and then slowly she came down from her high. I indicated with my hand I would like her on her knees and she responded as in a trance. With her ass fully exposed to me I spread her cheeks and enjoyed the view of her pucker. As I licked her asshole, Eritrea let out a moan and pushed back for more. The ripples of skin surrounding her hole must really be sensitive as she continued to moan and sigh. Then her body tensed and she came again, only this time from oral anal stimulation. Then she sat up and brought me into her body for a hug.

“That was wonderful, Jayden, you are mature way beyond your years. I have never felt so fulfilled. I think you will have to have return checkup weekly, don’t you?”

“Yes Eritrea being with you once is certainly not enough, same time next week?”

“Yes I think that would be great. Perhaps we could meet at my apartment on the weekend if you are interested?”

“Oh I would be interested. Mom is in the hospital so you can call me at home. I would love to hear from you.”

For the next month I was feeling good about my life when something drastic happened. I didn’t know then what the final result would be but it changed our family forever. When I returned home from school, Dad was rushing about.

“Jayden your mom is in the hospital, she fainted at work today. I am going there now. Do you want to come with me?”

“Yes, Daddy, just let me change.”

The ride to the hospital was quiet. Neither my dad nor I could imagine the severity of my mom’s condition. She was an example of good health. She worked out three times a week and with all the sex she had with Daddy she had to be in good shape. I was thinking it must be exhaustion.

When we finally were allowed to see Mom, she was attached to a number of wires and hoses with the room full of monitors. I was overwhelmed. This couldn’t be my mom. I watched as the doctor took my daddy aside and talked to him at length. Mom opened her eyes and smiled and reached out to me. I took her hand.

“Don’t worry Jayden I will be on my feet in no time at all. The doctor is going to do some tests tomorrow.”

We looked at each other hand in hand and I felt that wasn’t going to happen. I could feel a tear roll down my cheek. Mom lifted her other hand and wiped it away.

“Don’t cry Jayden you will have to look after Daddy until I get better. You know how useless he is around the kitchen. Make sure he eats regularly and eats right.”

That night on the way home I questioned Daddy about what the doctor had said. All he would tell me was it had something to do with her heart. He told me not to worry. I knew something was not right. Once home I did my best to make Daddy a meal. We had spaghetti and a large green salad. I made sure Daddy ate. Later that night I thought I could hear sobbing coming from his bedroom but I was not sure.

I was up early to make sure Daddy had some breakfast before he went to work. Mom was right; dad was useless in the kitchen.

School was hectic Brianna stopped me in the hall.

“I heard about your mom, how is she?”

“She wasn’t too good last night, the doctor is running a large series of tests today and I will see her tonight after supper. I got the prescription by the way.”

“Good for you. I know you will put it to good use. When am I going to meet that stud of yours?”

“Do you want to?”

“Yes the more I thought about the more curious I got. I can’t imagine Bill-the-Nerd as a stud. Let me know when you can arrange it.”

“With Mom in the hospital it may take more time as I need to visit her often. I hope she will be okay.”

“Just do what you can. Say hi to your mom for me. I will try and visit with her as soon as you say it is ok. I like her.”

When I arrived home, my dad was in the kitchen making a big mess. I rescued the appliances and sent him to have a shower as we were going to visit Mom after dinner. Dad helped me loading the dishes, a job that he couldn’t really screw up. As we went to the hospital, he confided in me that he really missed Mom and hoped that there was good news from the tests.

Mom was bright and cheery when we arrived she was really happy to see us. Dad took off to talk to the doctor. Mom and I had a chance to talk girl to girl.

“How are you, Mom? What are the results of all the tests?”

“Well the good news is I am going to get better.”

“And the bad news?”

“I will have to be in hospital for a couple of months for rehabilitation and to track the progress. It seems I am going to be a Guinea pig. What I have apparently is very rare.”

“Dad will go ballistic. He is moping around the house like a lost person. He really misses you, Mom.”

Dad returned with a big smile on his face and leaned over and kissed Mom. I was embarrassed when I saw his hand go under her blankets and I watched as the blanket movement stopped at Mom’s pussy. His hand was cupping her and I imagined his finger was where his cock wanted to be.

“I heard the good news; you are going to have full recovery. I don’t want you to worry, Jayden and I can survive.”

Mom was laughing, so good to hear.

“I know Jayden can survive but I am not sure about you. You will starve to death it you have to feed yourself. Thank goodness for fast food.”

“Jayden has been in the kitchen for every meal. I will have you know I have been eating well. Jayden won’t let me eat junk food.”

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