Chapter 2

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Erotica Sex Story: Chapter 2 - Kevin has suffered a medical problem leaving him unable to have an adequate erection. His love for his wife makes him fashion a new life with his best friend as a surrogate lover.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Mult   Consensual   Heterosexual   Fiction   Cuckold   Group Sex   Double Penetration   Oral Sex   Petting   Safe Sex   Voyeurism  

I was afraid it might be awkward. I swung the heavy door of the bar open and spotted Bill on his usual stool, his back to me.

‘Hi. Can I have a beer?’ I said to the bartender.

‘Hi what’s new?’ he said with a crooked smile. That eased the tension of our first beer since he and Janet had their date.

I laughed silently as I climbed aboard the stool. We sat in silence for a few minutes. That wasn’t necessarily unusual. But we were having trouble figuring out who would start the conversation.

‘It was wonderful. Just like I thought.’ He said. ‘I’m not going to say much more than that. I adore your wife, I always have. You only have to tell me and it ends before it starts. We didn’t fuck, if you need to know.’

‘It’s OK Bill. Thanks for that, but I think she told me the rest. She loves you but there is nothing new about that. So, I’m good.’

‘You are crazy. She is the best of the best. Tell me to stay away from her!’

‘No, I’ve thought all these things through for a long, long time. This is the best. We are lucky to have a friend that we both feel this good about. Honest. I’m not going to change my mind.’

‘You know we have a date tonight?’

‘Yes. She’s very excited.’

He shook his head.

‘I may not be able to give you the same report after tonight, you know. I I well, I’m not made of wood, you know I might’

‘You will.’ I said. ‘You probably will and I am comfortable with that. I didn’t know it was going to go this way, but it has to be this way for Janet. She wants it to be openly comfortable that she is going to bed with two people she cares about, not a stick and a husband. That’s the girl thing I guess. But I’m OK with it. And I want you both to have a good time. I give you my permission to to do Janet and for her to do you!’

We drank our beer.

‘Did you see the game at the high school?’

‘No, missed it.’

‘Good one. This kid Sargent or Starling, whatever his name is pretty good.’


‘I’ll see you at 7, buddy.’ He slapped me on the back and his hand trailed around my shoulder as he walked to the door. I heard it close behind him. I finished my beer, deep in thought. I had another and lingered over it, so that she was mostly dressed when I got home.

‘Kevin? Can you fix me a drink?’ she called from upstairs.

I fixed her a Manhattan. It’s the one drink that makes her feel good and relaxes her inhibitions. We have used that drink for years as our personal aphrodisiac. I put it on her vanity. She smiled up at me, sliding her arm into a stocking, checking for runs. I love watching her do it.

‘Hi sweetie, how was your day?’ she waited for my kiss.

‘Did I ever tell you that I love watching you do that?’

‘No, you didn’t tell me but I know. Why do you think you catch me doing it so often?’ She grinned at me. She carefully rolled the stocking up her leg and rummaged under her dress for the clips of her garter belt. She stood up to fasten the one in back.

‘Seam straight?’

‘My god stockings with seams?’

‘Special night, you know. Do you think he’ll like them?’

She put the other stocking on and let me see the crotch of her pale blue panties.

‘OK?’ She faced away from me and hiked her dress up. The stocking seams were straight and the tops of the stockings looked perfect around her pretty legs.


We sat in the living room waiting for her date. She sat on my lap and I slipped my hand under her dress, fondling her stockings.

‘Don’t make me wet, darling.’ She whispered.


‘You didn’t think it was going to be all this complicated, did you? The dates, and all?’

I shook my head. ‘But your way is far better, dear. I understand that now. And I love you, more than you can imagine.’

‘I’m a pretty good imaginer, you know.’ She said and kissed me a light one to keep from messing her lipstick. ‘Saving my lipstick ‘ she said. She didn’t have to finish the sentence.

‘Oh, by the way, sweetheart. Did you buy us some condoms like I asked? I couldn’t bring myself to buy them at the drugstore. I went back on the pill, but it’s only been two weeks, so you know.’

‘Oh, yes. I reached into my pocket and opened the package. I handed her the loop of three single packets.

‘Only three?’ she teased.

I reached again and took out another package of three.

‘Gotcha! Didn’t I?’ I said.

‘Yes I was kidding.’ She started to offer the package back, but then thought better of it and slipped it into her purse with the string of three.

‘Keep them.’

She closed her purse and sat on my lap again.

‘That was a little weird, eh?’ she said, smiling searchingly into my eyes.

I nodded. ‘It’s OK.’ I wasn’t sure how much of this was to torture me for having this surrogate idea, the seamed stockings, the rubbers. Maybe I was just dreaming it though.

‘It’s kind of sexy, handing rubbers to your wife.’ I’m not sure if that was said to torture her back either.

‘I imagine it is. You feel sexy and naughty?’

I saw his car turn in.

‘He’s here.’ I said, changing the subject just in time.

‘A date has to come to the door. Have you forgotten?’ she giggled and remained on my lap, I squeezed her breast, enjoying the feel of the silky dress sliding over a soft cup brassiere.

The doorbell rang and she nuzzled against my neck, making him wait a few more moments. Finally she went to the door and greeted him with a hug. We shook hands and I pretended to hug him too. He grinned and shoved me away.

They were away down the steps, laughing again with each other. I had to admit they were a good couple. If it hadn’t been for me, they would probably have married each other and lived happily ever after.

I had a few errands I could do. Time-killers. The hours dragged by. I had dozed and the phone jangled urgently at about 11:30.

Her speech was not exactly slurred, but it was different. Too many drinks.


‘Yes everything all right?’ I asked.

‘Fine. Yes, we are having a nice dinner. And we are in the bar dancing. He is so sweet!’

‘I know dear. What time will you be home?’

There was a long silence. My heart felt heavy in my chest.


‘Yes, dear.’

‘Kevin, honey. Bill has gone down to get a room.’

‘Oh’ I couldn’t think what to say. I hadn’t thought it through, or didn’t expect a call to announce it. ‘Well, I’m glad you called. I’ll sleep better knowing where you are. I hope it’s a nice room.’ I gasped it all out in one long sentence.’

She was quiet.

‘It’s the Marriott, so the rooms are nice.’

‘You’re having a good time, Janet? I love you.’

‘Yes.’ She said in a small voice. ‘Is it’ she didn’t finish the sentence.

We were, perhaps, both crying.

‘It’s all right, darling. Have’ I couldn’t finish either.

‘What time do you think you might be home? Doesn’t matter, though’ I tried to cover.

‘Well, honey That’s the thing. We have both been drinking a little. Maybe maybe we should might stay all night come home in the morning?’

I waited. I thought about that.

‘That’s fine, darling. That’s a good idea than driving I hope you feel wonderful in the morning, too. Good night, baby. I love you.’

‘I love you.’

ÔOh, here he comes now. Talk to you in the morning, honey.’

This was all working out in a very strange way. A little more stress than my simple idea for a surrogate lover. I nodded my head and told myself that it was all going to be worth it. You can have a lot of ideas in a situation like this. Wish I hadn’t had the idea. Wish I had not had have the operation. Wish I had told her not to stay the night. Wish I had not let her go tonight to fuck my best friend. But in this life, you must play the hands you are dealt, and don’t look back. That’s my story and I’m stuck with it. My knees were a little weak when I stood up from the phone.

It was a long night. Pictures of what they might be doing together bounded through my brain. I don’t think I slept, but perhaps I fell off about the time the sun came up. I was up for breakfast at 8 and went down to my usual Saturday breakfast haunt.

‘Where’s your buddy this morning, hon?’ It was our usual waitress and she knew Bill and I as big tip regulars.

‘Oh he had something else on this morning.’ I said idly.

That took my mind back to that damned hotel. ‘They are probably doing it one more time a lovely lazy morning fuck.’

‘What was that, hon?’

‘Oh, nothing.’ I grinned at her as she put down my stack of pancakes and crisp bacon.

I did some errands, wanting to stay away and not standing around waiting at home. By the time I got home the noon siren was blowing. The house was empty, but there was a note:

‘Hi Sweetheart, off on your Saturday errands, I bet. Had a wonderful time. Library board meeting this morning. See you at about 2PM. I’m so eager to see you and hug you close. Love, Your Janet! XXOOXX’

In spite of the lump in my throat, she made me smile happily with just a simple little note.

That’s love.

I opened the hardware bag and went upstairs to change a faucet gasket in the master bathroom. I couldn’t help seeing her clothes scattered hurriedly around. I couldn’t help looking in the clothes hamper. Her panties were not on the top. I dug a little deeper. She had hidden them down a few layers. I felt like a heel searching for them. They smelled like Janet. They were stiff in the crotch, smelled like Janet and someone else.

‘You should not be doing this’ I said it out loud. ‘What did you expect?’

I tucked the little blue panties back where she had wisely hidden them. The matching brassiere was on her vanity bench, the cups still looking like they were full. Her little night ‘on the town’ purse was there on the dresser, shimmering beads, silver and gold. I had to look inside ‘Ultra Thin Ribbed comfort for HER’ Ñ one empty condom package and one with only two condoms left.

‘Four rubbers! They did it four times?’ I said aloud. I closed the purse and tried to remember how it was sitting so she wouldn’t know I had been snooping.

I was in the basement when I heard the garage door open around two o’clock. I went upstairs and out in the garage to find that she had walked down to the mailbox. She was at the end of the drive looking through the mail. She looked gorgeous in the sunlight. She was wearing my favorite of her dresses, tailored look, and sea-foam green stripes vertically, made her look slim and her breasts large. When she looked up and saw me, she began running, the light coat flowing behind her like a cape.

‘Darling! ‘ She certainly knows how to make me feel good in spite of the situation. It was like one of those commercials with the two lovers running toward each other across a field of tall grass. Corny, but nice if you are part of it. We caught each other and I swung her around and then let her land clinging to my body.

‘I love you!’ she said as she kissed me a few times on the lips, cheeks, and ears, everywhere.

‘Me too.’ I agreed.

Arm in arm we went though the garage.

‘What time did you get home?’

‘Must have been just before ten, just in time to change and dash off for the meeting.’

‘Good time, then.’

She nodded her head and stared into my eyes. She blushed and a smile lighted her face.

‘Yes, dear, a nice time. Billy is such a dear. He made it all beautiful for me. For us. All three of us, I hope. If that’s what you still want. I’m sorry about calling and staying over. I didn’t even think of that possibility. I don’t know why. Next time I’ll take a nightie.’

‘Next time?’ I thought, but didn’t say it.

‘Tell me about it?’

We were in the house now.

She looked into my eyes. ‘Sure? Sure you want to hear these things about me being with someone else? I don’t know if I want you to feel jealous or to feel OK with it. Not sure which emotion is the stronger.’

I nodded and smiled at her.

‘OK. Could I have a Bloody Mary or something? And are you going to hug me a lot while I tell you of my scarlet lady adventure?’ She was trying her best to make it light, but she knew it wasn’t light.

‘I’m starting to feel better about this, Kevin. I’m starting to think that it will be all right, especially with Billy. And that means that I’m as crazy as you!’ she laughed and pointed her finger into my chest firmly.

‘Tell me about the date.’ I said, handing her a Bloody Mary in a heavy cocktail glass.

She curled up and pulled my arm around her shoulder. Her body felt good against me. For the first time I noticed that there were dark rings under her eyes. A sue sign of staying up all night having sex. Maybe I was having trouble with this, after all. Everything reminded me of them in bed together. I looked at how pretty her breasts looked in the demur tailored dress buttoned from hem to her neck. I reached and unbuttoned a couple buttons. It made her grin and look away. She knows I’m crazy about her in this years-old dress.

‘I don’t think you’ll love me if I ever get too fat for this dress!’

‘I will. But it is so nice on you!’

‘I like having two men to tell me things like that.’

‘That son of a bitch liked your stockings, didn’t he.’? I snapped with a laugh.

‘He SURE did!’ He couldn’t keep his hands from sliding up my stockings all night long. Wouldn’t let me take them off, either.’

‘Now you are being boastful!’

I was glad this was going along easily.

‘So you did it?’ I urged her on.

She nodded, looking down and fiddling with a button. ‘Yes.’ She said quietly and burrowed her head against my chest. I squeezed her breast. And she hummed against my chest. She nodded again. ‘Yes. We did it.’

I hugged her and slipped my hand up under her skirt, fondling he outside of her thigh. I slipped my fingertips under the tiny elastic of her sensible panties.

‘You make me feel so safe.’ She murmured.

She stayed curled up in my arms. I was glad she wanted to be there. It made me patient to wait until she wanted to tell me more.

‘You have your sensible panties on.’ I said quietly.

‘You can tell? Just touching them?’ she giggled. ‘Well, sometimes a girl needs to feel the security of wearing sensible panties.’ She looked up and gave me a crooked little smile. I loved her more in that moment.

I nodded, as If I understood. But I didn’t really. We stayed curled up together, sipping our tangy drinks.

‘It was a very nice date, darling. Very nice. I’m so lucky to have both of you men in my life. We knew that we were probably going to do it before the night was over. So that was different. But we had a nice talk during dinner Ñ not too heavy, but not too light either, just normal like we have always done, but now we were touching more while we talked. You know? He put his hand on my knee and it felt good. I moved it higher until it was on the top of my stocking and just held his warm hand there where it felt good.’

She stopped there.

‘Like my hand now?’

She nodded. ‘Yes, just like that, a lover’s hand under my skirt, just caressing me and making me feel loved.

I nodded.

‘And we danced and pressed against each other and I felt him again against my tummy, so hard and stiff.’

‘Bigger than me?’

‘Well. Not two inches.’

No matter when it is said, for a man it always hurts a little to hear a woman say that someone else has a bigger cock. It is silly, because lord knows that girls have to hear that all the time from their mammary obsessed mates. The little twinge passed.

‘He’s a good dancer. He fondled my bottom again, too. I like that from Billy. He traces my pantyline and I know that he’s thinking what it will be like when he gets to take my panties down. And this time, that is what I thought, too, Kevin. Honestly, I thought about how he would take my panties off. And I thought about how that big dick was gong to feel when he finally pushes it into me. Will it hurt? Will he be gentle? Will he just shove it in all at once? And this time I thought about all those things and I got so wet I couldn’t believe it. There I was dancing with his hands all over me, thinking about being naked with this man I have well loved as a friend. And now he was about to spread my legs, and look at me, look at my pussy, honey. And he was going to look at my breasts and his eyes were going to be more excited than when he saw them at a party with them covered mostly. And I was going to feel his big dick and pull it against my tits and feel him going lower and lower all down my body until it touches my pussy. I even wondered if he would like it when my hair touches the head of it and tickles him. You know? This time all those thoughts were in my mind and I made him squeeze my breast like you are doing. My knees got a little rubbery with it all.’

She stopped and took a breath long enough to kiss me and suck on my tongue.

‘And then he took my breath away. He said ÔI’m going to get a room, sweetheart. I want you so bad I ache.’ And it came over me that we were going to do it. And all it means came over me. And the thought that you wanted it for me came over me. I just had to talk to you. That’s why I called. I wanted to talk to you. To hear your sweet voice. For you to know. For you to say it was not just all right, but to say it was right, like you did. I love you.’

‘I love you too, darling.

‘And we left the noisy bar, arm in arm. I leaned against Billy and he held me close, like he should. And we kissed all the way up in the elevator. He felt good and right against me, his hands just right on my bottom. No one else got on, so we smooched and made out all the way to the top floor.’

When he opened the door and I went inside, I turned around and knelt in front of him immediately. We didn’t turn the light on at all. I unzipped his pants and found his cock. ‘ She paused and smiled up at me and kissed me again. ‘ And I took it in my mouth, Kevin It was so big and he was a little bit hard from all the loving we did at dinner, I can’t describe it. And, Kevin, it felt right in my mouth it was warm and firm. And I felt him get harder in my mouth.’

But he picked me up in his arms and carried me across the room and we looked out over the city lights and kissed some more. We told each other we loved each other, like we always have. He put me down and sat on a chair and made me stand in front of him. He unbuttoned my dress and took it off my shoulders and looked at my breasts. I was glad I had on a pretty brassiere for Billy. He just stared at my breasts and I fondled his hair, his neck and stood up straight so they stuck right out there for him. Girls do that, you know, show their tits to their lovers. I even leaned forward so he almost had to touch them. He squeezed them and pressed his face against me, and then unbuttoned the dress until it would come off my hips and let it fall to the floor. And there for the first time, Billy looked at me standing there in panties and bra, garter belt and hosiery. His hands roamed all over, touching everywhere. He turned me around and looked at my bottom and put his hands on my waist and caressed over my hips and traced my little hip hugger panties. I jumped when he slipped his fingers right between my legs. He was so gentle, touching the lips down there under my panties.’

And I undressed him. Then we stood there together, me still in my underwear, him in his boxers. Finally, I touched him again and led him to the bed by my hand grasping his dick, honey. I got my purse and tore open a rubber and slipped it in my bra.’

He sat on the bed and made me stand up so he could look at me more. He touched between my legs and I thought I was going to faint when he pressed his lips to my tummy and played with my pussy.

‘ÔYou are so wet.’ He said. It is going to slip into you so eeeassssyyyyyy!’

‘I was embarrassed to be so wet down there, but Billy made it all right, without even knowing he had done it.’

‘We both put on the rubber. He started it and then I rolled it on. I felt so interesting. Even though it is rubber, it had a lubricant on it and ribs. I had to giggle. I didn’t know they made them with ribs.’

‘And then, he put his fingers in my panties and just slipped them down over my hips. Then he touched me there again. And he kissed me there again. And then he guided me to straddle him and I looked down and there was the glistening head of Billy’s cock. I took it and guided it along my slit and if felt soooo good there. He kissed my lips and then looked into my eyes and nodded his head. I lowered myself and guided it in.

She took a deep breath and a sip of her drink.

‘Did he eat your pussy?’

She looked at me carefully. ‘No I was thinking I would keep that just for you.’

I smiled into her beautiful eyes and took her hands in mine and kissed her a lingering kiss.

She smiled and then continued her story. ‘And, Kevin, I slid down on to Billy’s cock. I felt a little stretched, but so wet that I kept going and then it was all in for the first time I had it in my vagina. The whole thing!’

I tensed a little with her words, and I noticed the furtive glance toward me. Her eyes had turned down toward her lap as she said the last few words. Her voice quiet and tense with emotion. Now she glanced quickly to my eyes before continuing. I don’t know what she found there, but she continued.

‘I felt his curly hair right against my pussy. And I felt him, all of him inside me. I remember squeezing it a little. Ohmigod, I felt so full! Even now I feel a slender thrill through my body, just talking about it. Can you understand that?’

I just sat there, ‘ she gasped. ‘With it with his prick deep inside of me, I leaned over until my breasts, I remember this especially, my breasts felt so naked against his hairy chest against his chest and his arms clasped around me and he said: Ôjust just hold still just let me feel it ohhhhh I can remember every word he said I can hear him saying, -yes, baby just let me enjoy how soft and tight you are how warm oh god!’

We sat there for the longest time, just hugging each other. It felt so good filling me, like that. And he felt hot it felt so very hot. I felt like it should stay inside me forever, it felt so good. I started moving on his lap, just moving my hips a little and rotating my pelvis I could feel the big head of it roaming around in circles, touching me all around my vagina and I shivered thrilled by the feeling. We moved together and Billy came quickly. I felt an added rush of warmth and then felt him jerking and spasming under me well into me! I kissed his face all over while he orgasmed and wrapped my arms around his head so he was trapped against my breasts and, I don’t know why but I have to say it this way, I SHOVED my pussy up and down Billy’s cock.’

But, you know, I don’t like those rubbers. I can’t understand how people can use them all the time. It is so ugly afterwards we took it off and it spilled on my thighs he wrapped it in a Kleenex and handed me some. But it was all right we were all right just not as nice, you know. Billy just hugged me more and I felt so tenderly for him after he came inside me. He just kept moaning and saying nice things to me. He was so sweet! So it was our first time and we both enjoyed it and then I knew what a nice big dick he had. Are you OK hearing all this, Kevin?’

I struggled to rise above the feelings I was having. ‘Yes OK I’m glad it was nice uh for both’

‘Oh, good!’ She kissed me and we played with each other’s tongues for a while. ‘It’s just because it was so new and all you know feeling Billy’s cock inside me so new and all? And it must have been the same for him, I imagine you know, him feeling well feeling how I am, inside? And, seeing me seeing me naked. Seeing my breasts,, my nipples the hair down there my body not just a peek like in the past but all of me naked’

‘Is there more?’ I had to ask. The words naked breasts nipples and especially the triangle of hair covering her sex all sounded unusually sensual, sexy, from my wife’s mouth.

She nodded. And I wondered, just for a moment if the details she was telling me were a bit of a punishment for me having put her in this position. I felt myself shudder a bit at the pure eroticism of this scene.

‘He apologized for being so quick, you know for not lasting longer for me, that he had been so excited to be with me, that he just couldn’t help it and came right away. He got the hotel robes out and we put them on and sat on the bed together and he ordered ice cream sundaes from room service.’


‘Yes.’ She laughed. ‘Wasn’t that cute? And they came right away, and there we sat in our robes with a man not my husband and the attendant set up the table with white linen and set our sundaes there so beautiful and put silverware and napkins along side. He lighted a beautiful tall white candle. And wished us a good evening and left. We sat and fed each other our sundaes, one chocolate, one fresh strawberry, and looked out over the city.’

I shook my head with a twisted smile that my best friend had been so goddam charming. But in spite of that, I was glad that he was so disarmingly nice to my wife. I guess.


‘Isn’t that enough?’ She knew better and continued, ‘We moved onto the couch Ñ no wait ‘ She giggled and pushed her fingers into my chest. ‘First he made me put on my panties because he thought I was so cute in them!’

‘That sonofabitch!’

‘Ohhhhhh, no that was very sweet. And we curled up together in those big fluffy robes and talked and hugged and talked some more. And then I happened to notice that he was hard again.’

‘You happened to notice?’

She giggled.

‘Well, I was hoping. Anyway, I excused myself and went into the bathroom because I needed to pee. And then I washed myself a little bit to be fresh for him, you know and when I came out, he was lying on the bed waiting for me and had a rubber all opened and ready. We put it on again together that part is nice. But, first he let me lie down beside him and look at it. Beautiful and I told him. I was holding it and it kept growing a little at a time. I kissed it, too.

‘I was so excited I left the robe on and lay beside him in his arms and we kissed a lot. Billy reached inside the robe and squeezed my breast and I know I moaned in his kiss. He played and played with my breasts and my robe fell completely open. I looked pretty nice in my panties and bra and garter belt. He helped me off with the robe and I asked him if he wanted me to take off my brassiere. He just smiled and shook his head, so I let him play with them some more. I knew it was making me wet again. I was self conscious you know afraid I would not smell good with a stranger. He put his hand on my pussy and soon had one finger inside me. He brought the finger up to our mouths and we sucked my juices off his finger. I felt his cock nudging my pussy and I was really ready for it. Sorry, but it’s the truth, honey.’

I admit my stomach was in knots with all these details of the taking of my wife.

‘Well, you know the rest.’

‘No no I don’t’

‘Well he spread my legs and knelt between my legs and just stared at me I covered up with one hand, but then that was silly so I took my hand away and let him look he just stared, then came closer. Here’s an embarrassing thing I reached down, pulled my panty aside and spread my lips for him. He actually gasped can you imagine? I could feel that I was wet and anyway he stared and then he looked up into my eyes with that little puppy dog look he gets when he gets emotional! It just melted my heart, and I said something like Ôoh, sweetheart come to me’

‘Ohmigod!’ I said.

‘Well I did and then he was in more of a hurry. I reached between us and rubbed it along my wetness. ÔMmmmm mmmmm.’ Ohhh, wow! And he came closer and I guided him I held that big cock and guided it right where I wanted it. He put it in an inch or so and made this face of pure pleasure and lust just stayed there just the big head inside and held himself up on his arms. ÔLook Ô He said. And I looked between us as he pushed a little more inside. I gasped and moaned in pleasure the pleasure of feeling it and the pleasure of watching it disappear slowly into me and push itself in, pushing the walls of my pussy apart. My god it felt heavenly, just sliding so nice into me. He told me I was beautiful. And then I began moving under him and he pushed it in and out and soon we had a nice rhythm going between us. We did it for a nice long time that way; he just fucked me so beautifully it couldn’t have been more perfect. It was hard and long and hot as anything. Sometimes I felt it nudge my G-spot and I almost screamed with pleasure in fact, I guess I did scream. It happened when he moved at just a certain angle and when he was half way in it was delicious. And then I felt really lustful everything just felt ready; Ôshove it in! Shove it in!’ I remember saying loudly, can you imagine? And then I could just hear him slapping against me; his body and his balls against my ass. Then I just lost control. I spread my legs wide, wide, wide. He took hold of my ankles. I remember my nails clawing at the bed sheet and dear Billy slamming into me harder and harder until I screamed and orgasmed on his beautiful prick.’

‘Now, what do you think has become of your quiet little wife, Kevin? And can I have another drink, please?’

‘And then we decided to take a quick shower. ÔBesides, now I want to see those beautiful breasts’ he said. And I stood there in front of him facing the big wall mirror in the bathroom. He unsnapped my brassiere and we looked at each other in the mirror. I was blushing. I nuzzled his face and he slowly let my brassiere slip down my arms and let my breasts sway in front of me. Imagine, me almost naked, in that huge bathroom, steam starting to roll out of the shower, a strange handsome man taking off my underwear and then cupping his nice big hands under my breasts and moaning pretty things into my ears. And when we got into the shower together he washed them with big swirls of the sponge and then with his hands all soapy. Ohmigod, it was lovely.’

‘After that, we laid down together naked and fell asleep. One of us woke the other in an hour, it may have been me. In fact it was probably me! I woke up and he was spooned against my bottom and that big dick was prodding me. I backed up to him real tight, and his arm was around me between my breasts, in fact. He woke up and, honestly, just slipped into my moist slit. I moved a little and it slipped into my vagina. There we were, half asleep, just rocking on his cock, honey. He came and I came and we just lay there and became sticky between my legs.’ She looked wistful.

‘No rubber?’

‘Ah no no rubber it was just spontaneous love it just slipped into me so nice no rubber. I hope nothing’

We looked at each other seriously, and I kissed her reassuringly and cuddled her close.

‘Then you did it five times?’

She sat up immediately and stared at me. ‘How do you know?’

I slumped in front of her. ‘I’m sorry I found only two in your purse I’m sorry, very sorry.’

‘Oh, honey I’m surprised at you didn’t you trust me to tell you?’ she looked hurt.

‘It was sort of an accident. Forgive me.’

She smiled and kissed my cheek. ‘OK, I guess so but we have to trust each other if this is to work.’

‘I know, I know.’

I didn’t need to hear the details of three more sex acts, especially ones that were so idyllic. We lay down on the couch and I pulled a comforter over her and she fell asleep in the failing life of afternoon. I went to the back yard and lay down in the hammock strung between two large Oak trees. My favorite place for thinking.

I felt a little drained by the experience of listening while my wife told with obvious pleasure the story of a night of sex with my best friend. It was remarkable, that it was I who had led them to it, who had essentially forced them over their protests to try this scheme of mine. So now, they had sampled the offered joy, enjoyed it, and were prepared to continue it with the three of us in a single bed, all of us involved in making love to one degree or another.

I thought the whole process over again in my mind. I still decided that it was better to do this with a best friend of both of us, than to wait in fear and trepidation that my wife’s normal body would someday lead her to take a secret lover with the attendant possibility of falling in love with that person and out of love with me and my debilitation.

And yet, there were surely complications with my scenario. The immediate issues alone boggled my mind. How do three people well, what do they do when and with whom? Longer range, what if it does become a regular part of our lifestyle successfully and Bill meets someone else with whom he wants to get married. What then? How often would we be together? Three times a week, three times a month? What if one is in the mood and the others are not? How to keep the men from touching each other which will be a turnoff for both of them? How to avoid moments of jealousy or feelings of possessiveness?

I had no answers to these. I had envisioned myself as the puppet-master, moving these players to my whim. That idea lasted not even the time it takes to read it. That is, my wife, once decided, also decided immediately that it would require her to have a few dates with Bill to determine if she and he really wanted to be involved in this limited way. She could easily have decided to ditch me and go with Bill. A chill ran down my spine at that thought. Anyway, you get the idea. Once launched as an idea, the participants began setting new directions almost without regard to the feelings of the puppet-master.

‘Long live the idea, the puppet-master is dead!’ I muttered to the wind in the tree above me.

I walked to Bill’s house and rang the bell. ‘Let’s sit on the swing.’ I said. He has an old style porch swing that is very comfortable.

‘Let me get a couple beers.’

We sat and sipped.

‘Janet is a wonderful lover.’ I said.

‘W w wonderful! Yes’ he stammered.

‘This was all very simple in my head, ‘ I said.

‘I imagine’ he said quietly.

‘But all of life is complicated. Important things are worth it so we’ll play it by ear, yes?’

‘OK sure she is my friend. Nothing must happen to my friend, to our friendship.’ He almost gasped as he spoke.

I nodded my head. Maybe a dinner? Sometime when the next day is open you know, just in case it becomes all night?

‘OK, yes.’

We sat quietly, each with his own thoughts,

‘You OK, Kevin?’

‘I am.’ We had a nice loving talk about last night. She had a wonderful night. She feels as you do. I love you both. We’ll see how it works. I’m OK, I really am.’

We were able to have some further conversation about more mundane ordinary things. I helped him move a large table saw in the basement. It helped things return to normal between us.

We were in bed, lying close together.

‘So are we really going ahead?’

‘If you are comfortable with it. Do you want to?’

She was quiet for a bit.

‘Well, I don’t want last night to be my last night in bed with Bill.’

‘I can understand that, I guess. What about sharing?’

A long moment or two, staring at the ceiling and then at me.

‘I think I can do that. Yes, I guess so. Yes. But how would that work?’

‘It was easier when it was just in my mind. I think we have to just see how it develops, what seems good to us. Hopefully to all three.’ My throat was tight.

‘Maybe dinner and then two bedrooms at first, run before you crawl? She said quietly.

Again, her idea was completely different than my lurid imagination.

‘And you would move back and forth?’ I asked.

‘Maybe. And if the door was open, you could watch as little or as much as you want?’

Good grief, I hadn’t even thought of there being private sessions with me lying listening to the two of them banging against the headboard and mattress sounds.

‘Errrr not sure no, I think we should just leap into the deep end.’ I said, hopefully.

She nodded. ‘Perhaps the hot tub first nude together.’

‘Maybe so ‘

It was a couple weeks before we were able to get together for dinner. Janet called and invited Bill and the date was set. I am sure we were all a bit nervous and wondered if we had made the right decision. Right on time, Bill arrived at 7:00 PM. Janet was still dressing upstairs and dinner smelled good wafting from the kitchen.

We talked small talk, a little nervously.

‘Let’s have a drink, shall we?’ I mixed rather heavy Manhattan’s for the three of us and Bill and I leaned against the kitchen bar and sipped and waited for our mutual date. Bill was facing the staircase and looked startled when she came down the steps in a brilliant blue wrap-around cocktail dress, high heels, long dangling earrings with her hair piled high on her head. Beautiful.

‘Oh Janet how beautiful, ‘ he said.

I turned and agreed.

Janet came to us, smiling radiantly and kissed Bill first.

‘Hello Sweetheart! Welcome! ‘

And then me.

‘Hello Sweetheart!’

‘You do look beautiful, darling!’ I added to Bill’s comment.

By kissing both of us with the same greeting, she had eased the nervousness significantly.

She took her drink and raised her glass in toast:

‘To my two lovers and two favorite men.!’

‘To the three of us! ‘ I said.

‘And to Cathy, who can’t be here.’ Bill added.

‘Yes, to Cathy.’

It was just like dinners together over the years, we were soon laughing and reminiscing with stories we had all told frequently over the years.

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