Fun With Dick and Jane

by Mystic47

Copyright© 2017 by Mystic47

Incest Sex Story: Bother and sister were grounded for stealing thier dad's car. In the dark hours of the night they found a way to keep each other amused.

Caution: This Incest Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including mt/ft   Consensual   Fiction   Incest   Brother   Sister   Oral Sex   .

We were bored, sitting in my sister’s room on a Friday night, both of us feeling dejected and alone because neither of us was allowed to leave the house. My sister and I stole our dad’s car and went for a joy ride together. We were gone long enough that dad called the cops and reported the car stolen. I had been driving at first but when we got pulled over Jane was behind the wheel so we both got grounded. It was fun cruising through the city but we got a month of house arrest and had to write our dad an apology on how wrong it was to steal his car.

I hooked up my PlayStation in her room and we were trying our best to kill each other with some stupid fucking game. After a couple of hours we got restless again and calling our friends didn’t help, they just told us what they were doing which only depressed us more. “Hey, I have a little weed, you want to get high?” Jane asked.

Our parents were already in bed so I knew it would be safe, “Sure, where is it?”

Jane rolled to her stomach on her bed and waved a hand toward her bureau, “In the bottom drawer, under my bras. Get it.”

I pulled open the drawer and felt under the stack of 34Bs and came up with a pint sized baggie half full of weed, “Jesus Jane, you could get the whole fucking neighborhood stoned with this much.”

She ignored my comment “Get the little pipe too.”

I fumbled under her tit binders but didn’t find the pipe so I moved a set of cotton panties where I felt something hard. I pulled it up but I wasn’t holding a pipe, I was holding a small torpedo shaped dildo. I heard Jane cuss softly “Oh fuck, I forgot that was there.” I swiveled my head in time to see her flush red. Next to the toy was the pipe so I grabbed both and with a huge teasing smile I went back sit next to my sister on her bed.

“What the hell is this? Double the fun in one drawer, you smoke up and get off at the same time? Jane, I’m shocked! I thought you were a good little girl.”

“Fuck you and give me that” she reached for her personal recreation.

I held it away from her while her fingers grasped air then I pulled my waist band away from my stomach and dropped the plaything down my pants where it came to rest in my pubic hair. Jane rolled her eyes to mine “Goddamn it Dick, give it to me!”

“Whatsa matter baby sister, embarrassed?”

She flopped her head to the bed and sighed deeply, “If you want to keep it in your pants fine, but at least you can share the pot, give it to me.”

Jane and I spent the next 15 minutes sitting by her open window blowing marijuana smoke into the night sky. We get high together once or twice a month and usually enjoy the bonding of the secret forbidden ritual. While I was staring at the stars flickering through the leaves of a big maple tree my sister’s dildo was pressed against my gut, it was uncomfortable but the pressure of it got me to thinking of what she used it for and I started to get turned on. My mind drifted on clouds of pot smoke from the twinkling stars to the dark shadows of her bedroom as I envisioned her using her toy. I looked at my sister sitting next to me, elbow resting on the sill and in my mind her clothes turned transparent.

Just as I was about to say something about her plaything she rose from her ass and went to turn on her small TV. It was after midnight so the only programs were Infomercials or old movies. She flicked through channels until we recognized a very young Jody Foster. “Stop, what it that?” She hit the Info button which told us that the movie was called The Hotel New Hampshire made in 1984.

“Fuck me, that movie is ten years older than me!” I told her.

Jane did a quick, first grade calculation “And eleven more than me.”

My sister and I settled on her bed, side by side with our backs against the headboard and watched the oddball antics of a super dysfunctional family. The movie was funny, made funnier by a second round of pot so my sister and I were having a good time together, I’d forgotten the dildo lying against my balls.

Throughout the movie Jody Foster was flirting with Rob Lowe and near the end they ended up in bed together. Jane sat up, her eyes widened in shock as she realized that Jody and Rob were playing brother and sister in the movie. She twisted her head toward me “She’s fucking her brother!” she exclaimed.

I wasn’t as slow, “Yeah, looks like it.”

“Oh-my-god! That’s totally rude!”

“Why, she looks totally hot, I’d fuck her too.”

“But she’s into the black guy, she can’t do that!”

“What’s the matter,” I asked, “you don’t think a little family fun would be okay?”

Jane tilted her head back, looked at me then asked, “Are you saying you would have sex with me? God, Dick, that’s totally gutter.”

I reached into my pants for her five inch plastic toy and pulled it out “This has been warming up for a while, lay back.”

My sister sat completely still, marijuana tinted eyes wide open looking at her dildo. She looked back to my face then fell back to a pillow as a small smile of approval eased into corners of her mouth. I stretched out on my side next to Jane and propped up on an elbow then checked her from feet to hair. My baby sister is about 5’3 and shaped like a Huge Hefner model. Some times I got itchy fingers when she wore short skirts, or tight pants and blouses. Her curves and form are very appealing and more than once she’s made my balls twitch. As I looked at her tits straining against the shirt she wore, my balls began to growl as if starved.

The first touch of the toy on the inside of her knee caused her to jerk. Her eyes were wary, she wasn’t sure if she should let me play with her but she didn’t protest or try to stop me. Even though she had pants on I could tell the tip of her dildo tickled her. “Close your eyes, don’t look at me, just relax like you want to go to sleep.”

Jane’s eyes were locked on mine but her lids slowly came down as she yielded to me and the thing in my hand. I drew the tip of it from the inside of her knee along her thigh until I touched the outline of her pussy, she shivered slightly and opened her legs a little more, I noticed a light flush across her neck and cheeks. I pressed the dildo down between her legs, caressing the form of her body. When she sipped a deep breath I knew she wouldn’t stop me from being so intimate. I began to rub her sex while watching her, she opened her mouth then licked her lips with the end of her tongue as a small moan escaped her throat. My cock swelled and thickened enough to cramp my balls in the tight confines of my Levis.

Jane was completely limp except that her hips were moving, small waves of her body in sync with my hand between her legs. I pulled the dildo off her then moved to my knees next to her. I put my hands on her legs and pulled them wider so I could get between them. She looked up at me and smiled then started to unbutton her blouse. As she opened blouse I opened her pants then pulled on them. Jane lifted her ass off the bed and let me pull her pants down her legs. She lifted them high so I could strip her then let them fall back on either side of me to the bed. She was looking up at me wearing only brief pink panties, open blouse, no bra. I picked up the plastic toy again and pressed it full length on the shape of her cunt lips under the panties.

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