We Have a Problem

by Pappy O

Copyright© 2017 by Pappy O

Incest Sex Story: A budding granddaughter discovers her sexuality

Caution: This Incest Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/ft   Coercion   Heterosexual   Fiction   Incest   Grand Parent   Cream Pie   First   Masturbation   Oral Sex   Small Breasts   .

“We have a problem.”

I was a step into the kitchen and my wife was at it again. “Oh. Now what?”

“Actually - you have a problem.”


“Like sitting in your boxers when you’re at the desk in your office.”

I opened the cupboard and scanned what was left of the cereal boxes. “What’s wrong with that? It’s my room.”

“Your granddaughter. Amy.”

“Why not ‘ours’? Didn’t you have a hand in making her mother?”

My wife put down her coffee. “Yours - when she’s bad.”

I thought back to six years before. Believing everyone was downstairs and I clicked on Pornhub. I was watching some cutie giving a blow job in the back of a moving van. I heard noise in the bedroom but missed on the first attempt to hit the minimize button. At least my dick wasn’t out. I know she saw it, but she quickly looked back at me and acted like nothing had happened. “So what does this have to do with my boxers?”

“Your granddaughter informed us that when she brought the mail up to you yesterday she could see pubic hairs sticking out of your fly.”

“And why the Hell is she looking down there anyway?”

“I don’t know. Guess that’s part of being fourteen these days. Which reminds me - we had to take away her cell phone.”

Yeah, fourteen and a vixen. She liked to run around the house in nothing but panties until she was nearly ten and starting to bud, forcing the women in the house to crack down on her. Now she was all filled in, spitting image of Vanessa Hudgens, and ready to be an eighth grade cheerleader when school stated in the fall. “Uh, porn?”

“Yep. Nasty stuff. Two girls, even. Maybe you can have a talk with her. I’m out of things to say.”

Not long after she caught me with the video, she was back in my office chatting me up about something when she looked in my eyes and reached for my crotch. My wife would’ve have freaked, but I didn’t ant to scare the girl. As calmly ly as possible I reached down to push her hand away. A few weeks after that a similar incident where she went for my zipper. Again, I covered myself and shook my head. I wondered if I could hold out for a third time, but she never did it again. “Like old Pappy would be able to convince her.”

Later that afternoon I was staring at some new spreadsheets when I heard a knock and Amy announcing, “Hey Pap, got your mail.”

Without looking up from the analysis I was struggling to complete, I said, “Um, Grandma told me about your phone.”

“That is so stupid and unfair.”

“Really? Pornography?”

“You watch it.”

“Not anymore.”

When she snickered, I looked up at her standing in the doorway to my office. Black lacy panties covering an ass that was so perfect and thighs to match. A little extra meat, but very firm from being so athletic. My eyes finally rose to meet hers. “Shouldn’t you put some more clothes on? This is what we’re talking about.”

She thrust out her arm out and pointed at my crotch, “You’re still in your boxers!”

“This is my room - and my house.”

“My house too. I just want to be comfortable.”

“Comfortable? That so called shirt barely covers your, um...”

“Boobs. Tits. Knockers. Take your pick.”

“Uh...” My breathing became labored as I gazed at the nipples that seemed to be hardening before my eyes. “Well - it’s just not appropriate, running around here barely dressed.”

“What’s the matter, don’t you like looking at me?” She gave a pouty face and pushed the bottom of her shirt up against the underside of her breasts.

“I’m your grandfather. I’m not supposed to be looking at you.”

“But we all do things we’re not supposed to do.” She lifted the shirt further, exposing herself as she cupped a breast in her hand and rolled it’s nipple between her fingers.

I said, “We can’t be doing this” but I had to squirm in my chair to keep my rapidly growing erection from popping out.

“Do you think my titties will get any bigger?” she mewed, gazing down as she squeezed them. Suddenly looking up, she asked, “Or do you like them small?”

“Please Amy, no!”

She backed up to sit on the edge of the bed, never taking her eyes off me. Tossing off her shirt, she asked, “Am I nicer than the girl in your videos? You know, the little skinny one with green hair?”

How the hell did she know that? “Oh God, you’re beautiful.”

Leaning back, she put a hand of her crotch. “You know, I’ve seen your curly hairs, but you haven’t seen mine.” She pulled aside her panties, exposing her slit as she squealed, “Oh, that’s right - I don’t have any! I shaved them all off!”

My dick was aching and my heart was pounding out of my chest as I gazed at her fingers massaging her hair less pussy lips. “No...”

“Do you need to take care of that? I don’t mind. I’ve seen my brother do it. Tell you what - we can do it together, and see who can last the longest!”

Hesitantly, I looked away from her and down at my own crotch. I reached into my fly with my left hand then pulled out six and a half inches of rock hard cock. “I don’t think it will take very long.”

“Oh, that’s nice. I don’t know why Grandma picks on you so much. Are you going to spit on it?”

I leaned back in the cushioned chair, then forced up a wad of mucous from my throat and used my tongue to spread the lubricant over my left hand. Amy was six or seven feet away, on the bed, fingering herself furiously. I gripped myself firmly, then started to move up and down the shaft as I used the thumb of my right hand to keep it propped straight up.

Amy watched me intently until she began to shudder, plunging her fingers up inside herself as her thighs spasmed together. Somehow she had been the first to cum, but the sight had me squirting only a few seconds later. She took a couple, deep breaths, huffing as she exhaled. “Wow, that was good.” Looking over at me, she saw a spent old man leaning back in his chair, shriveling cock still gripped in a hand coated with gooey white semen.

She stumbled to her feet and approached me, dropping to her knees at my side. “Look at all that. Do you need any help cleaning up?” She scooped up a finger full of the spunk and slid it past her lips. “Hmm, I could get used to that taste.”

When she went back for more I said, “C’mon, someone’s going to catch us!”

“They took Katie to dance class. Just you and me.” She leaned forward and dragged her tongue up the length of my recovering penis. Then her lips engulfed the head, sucking a few times to wipe off any remaining gunk before she pulled back. “I’m going to have to try that next time. Been waiting a while.”

With that she turned away, gathered up her shirt, and left the bedroom.

“Wearing pants to breakfast?” my wife asked as I ambled into the kitchen.

I reached into the fridge for the carton of eggs. “Yeah, maybe it’s time for a change. Like you said, the girls are getting a little too grownup for me to be running around here half dressed.” I honestly didn’t want a repeat of the day before.

Katie came down in a pair of gym short and announced she was going out for a run. Finished with my omelet, I passed through the living room to find Amy on the couch, with her cat curled up in her lap and purring contentedly. “Want to pet her?” my granddaughter asked.

I turned my head towards the kitchen and said, “Oh, I’m sure you’re keeping her happy. You don’t need me.”

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