Mountain Maiden

by Tony Tiger

Copyright© 2017 by Tony Tiger

Erotica Sex Story: Young Ozarks hill girl finds out about life and sex.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Mult   Romantic   Incest   Polygamy/Polyamory   Pregnancy   Water Sports   .

When it was hot out and I had my chores finished, I liked to go to the stream way out back and slip into a deep spot and cool off. I didn’t own a swimsuit or underwear so I just took off my t-shirt and shorts and got in.

One day I’d soaked awhile and was about ready to get out when I heard someone coming through the woods. Maybe they wouldn’t see me. The water was so clear that nothing could be hidden. Out of the brush stepped a boy who looked a few years older than me. I was twelve, almost anyway.

He smiled at what he saw and said, “Hi, I’m Bobby. Who are you?”

I smiled back, “I’m Nelly. What are you doing here?”

He squatted down by the edge of the creek, looking down into the water at my body, “I just moved here because my dad inherited the farm that this is on. I was just out exploring.”

Pointing, I replied, “I live back that way so we are neighbors.”

Bobby continued, “That looks real refreshing. Can I join you?”

What could I do but nod my head. He stood up and without even turning away took off his clothes, then slipped into the water across from me. I couldn’t take my eyes off his tallywhacker. It was big and sticking straight out, not like Daddy’s which was soft and hung down the few times I saw it.

We visited and found out he was sixteen and would go to my school. He had two younger brothers, fourteen and twelve. I don’t have any brothers or sisters and we have lived here all their lives. Our farm was my great-grandparents’.

It was finally time to get back home. I turned around and clambered out, realizing that he would get a good view of my small ass. I didn’t want to show off my beginning tits or newly sprouted pubic hair. It was a surprise when he got out after me and took the towel to dry me off. Mmmm, it felt good but I shivered in embarrassment.

“Your turn to do me,” he said gently but firmly. I felt a flush run through my body as I sometimes touched his skin when the towel slipped. “ALL of me,” he insisted when I got to his crotch. My eyes were riveted as that sausage swelled and rose up, pointing to the sky. And his balls were hanging down like the bull in the pasture. I gently dried both off.

“Haven’t you ever seen an erection?” he asked. I shook my head, unable to speak. He smiled, “Now you have. Will you be here tomorrow, say about this time?” I nodded and he dressed and walked away.

I shivered with some kind of excitement as I dressed and hurried home. My mind was whirling. Ma asked me if I felt OK and I said it must be the heat. It was “heat” alright, but not from the weather.

The next day I made sure my hair looked good and cut my toenails and fingernails. I didn’t even know what makeup was. Bobby was already in the water and I felt braver so I stripped while facing him and stepped down in. We chit-chatted a bit and then I asked him, “You have seen naked girls before, it seems like.”

He grinned a cute grin and said, “Sure have, and had sex too. Guess you haven’t.”

“No and I’m not really sure what it is.”.

Still smiling he moved closer, “It’s something really fun that boys and girls can do together. Men and women do it all the time.”

I interrupted, “Is it like what my Ma calls ‘making babies’? They go behind the curtain even in the daytime but mostly at night. I hear some noises and I peeked one time. Pa was on top of Ma and his butt was going up and down. They seem really happy when they’re done. When I asked Ma about it, that’s what she called it. But we don’t have any more babies after me.”

Bobby looked serious, “Most people call it fucking. I guess I’ll have to explain more about it. Are you interested?”


“I had a neighbor girl teach me about sex. She was older too. My parents were away and she was supposed to look after me. She had just broke up with a boyfriend and wanted to do sex. We did it about a dozen times before she found a new boyfriend her own age.

“OK, let’s get started. I’ll sit up on the bank and teach you about my parts.”

He named the parts of his boy thing and I touched them. He showed me how to grip it and move my hand up and down until some white creamy stuff shot out the end and some of it landed on my shoulder. He made some happy sounds when that happened and called it “cumming”. The white stuff was seed to make babies and it would take him just a little while to reload. His “cock” was drooping a bit I noticed.

It was my turn to sit on the bank and spread my legs. I had to pee and told him, so he said to just let it go. I had learned to tilt my hips and it landed quite a way out in the water. He’d never seen that before and was grinning like mad. He splashed a little water on my crotch to rinse me off.

Then he squatted down in the water, eye level with my parts. He reached out to touch me and looked closely as he said, “Hers was real hairy and I never got a close look. She was always just eager to get my cock in there.”

I was incredulous, “Your big thing would go in there? Where?”

Bobby Reached out and pushed a finger in just below my pee hole. I kind of jumped, partly because it was unexpected, and because it was so sensitive. “Right there!”

I protested, “I can barely get my finger in!”

He quickly replied, “That’s where big old babies come out of. It can stretch real easy. Do you want me to show you it will fit?”

I was aroused and very curious so I nodded. He raised up as I laid back and I was wide-eyed as he began slowly and carefully inserting his hard cock inside me with little pushes. Damn, it felt good as I was stretched wider and wider. Suddenly I got a thrill as the head popped inside.

There wasn’t much of it in when it bumped up against something. “That’s called your ‘cherry’”, Bobby said. “I have to push through it and it will hurt for a moment but never again.”

I was pretty wound up by now and I said, “Go ahead!” He pushed hard and his cock suddenly went all the way in. There was a flash of pain but it was followed by a warm surge of something inside me which I later learned was him “cumming” again. Bobby said “Ooops!” He kept moving slowly and I saw that white stuff oozing out around his cock.

He kept moving in my now very slippery hole. My own tingling kept getting stronger and stronger until all of a sudden it blasted out from my crotch in all directions. That big thrill was called a “climax” or “orgasm” or “cumming”. I wanted more of them!

When I got home I was on a high, “Ma! Guess what! I learned about fucking today!”

I give my Ma a lot of credit for being cool. She sat me down and calmly asked, “So where did you learn this?”

I spilled my story and she just quietly listened until I finished. I’ve got to admire her for being calm. She realized she’d not paid attention to how I was growing up, apparently figuring that way out here I’d be sheltered. No matter, now it had to be dealt with. She didn’t get mad at me for my ignorance but moved on to educating me. She didn’t want me to think sex was bad either, spoiling God’s gift. And she wisely praised my sharing with her, keeping the door open to help me.

My dear Ma patiently explained what she knew about “baby making” and how to avoid pregnancy until you wanted it. I learned about monthlies and safer days. Mine hadn’t started yet but I needed to tell her when they did. She explained social rules and how the gift could be misused. I was not forbidden to see Bobby, just cautioned.

Bobby met me most afternoons at the stream and we fucked. He showed me some sex magazines of his dad’s and we copied what we saw in them. When we saw pictures of several men fucking one woman he asked if he could bring his younger brothers.

Bobby was officially my “boyfriend” because Ma had told me that was usually who you fucked before you were married. When I told Bobby that limitation, he asked if a girl could have more than one boyfriend? The ones in the magazine sure did so I made them boyfriends too.

Many days I fucked all of them. It was such fun. By the time the last one finished, the first one was usually hard again and I got to start all over. Even though their cocks weren’t as big as Bobby’s, my pussy would adjust just fine and it felt really good when they’d shoot the “love cream” again and again.

One time I had to pee after one of Bobby’s brothers fucked me. Bobby remembered our first time and said he’d read about something he wanted to try. I was on the stream bank like before so he stood in the water right in front of me. “Pee on my cock,” he asked. I let go and sprayed up and down it and on his balls too. He said it tickled. He dunked down to rinse off and stuck his cock into my already creamy pussy. When he finished he pulled out and rinsed my pussy with his pee. The other brothers copied him and that became one of the things we did at the stream.

Sometimes we fucked in the barn if the weather wasn’t nice. One of those times Bobby’s older cousin was visiting for a few weeks. He got to be a boyfriend too. His cock was longer than Bobby’s and he said real nice things about my body so I liked fucking him too.

Pa had been gone to the city to make money for a while. Ma was getting cranky so I asked her why. She said that she missed Pa’s cock. I got fucked so much I didn’t know you could miss it. Ma didn’t know I had so many boyfriends until I offered that she could come with me and get fucked.

We talked about it and she thought about it and finally decided that Pa was probably getting pussy in the city anyway so she might as well get her needs taken care of.

My boyfriends were surprised and were scared she’d come to be mad at them. They were even more surprised when she took her clothes off and went around inspecting their cocks. Her big saggy tits and hairy crotch were so different than me. She was SO old, probably about thirty. Their cocks stood up real hard though and she seemed pleased.

Then she asked the cousin to go with her back behind some bushes and we soon heard the noises that came though the curtain at home with Pa. After a while she brought cousin back. His pecker was wilted and he was smiling big. I was fucking the youngest brother right then on the stream bank and she watched for a bit then took Bobby back behind the bushes.

We both fucked each of them that afternoon. On our way back home Ma said she’d not been fucked by that many different dicks since Pa was courting her and she was trying out others to be sure he was the right one to marry. There had never been more than two on the same day. These cocks were smaller than Pa’s and they couldn’t use em as good, but it was a lot better than none. I told her I was happy for her.

Me and Ma got fucked every day from then on until Pa got home. Even then, Ma went to the stream or barn when she could. I know I wasn’t supposed to think it, but when I heard my parents fucking, I wondered what Pa’s cock was like and wished I could feel it too.

My monthlies never did start and a while after Bobby’s cousin left we noticed both of our bellies growing. Ma said she’d missed her monthlies too. We were both with child it seemed. A visit to the health clinic made it official. We had to tell Pa who said he was thrilled for Ma and disappointed in me. If he only knew!

Ma got kind of sick for a while and she told me that happened when I was growing inside her. She didn’t want sex but was worried that Pa would go a’looking.

I asked if I could give him some pussy. Ma said it was incest but since I was already knocked up maybe it was OK. She had an idea how to get it started too.

Ma had taught me how to suck on cocks to get them ready to fuck, so late one night she woke me up and said to go to her bed and start sucking Pa. He’d sometimes be fucking her before he woke up all the way when she did that.

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