Snatched and Used

by ChrisCross

Copyright© 2017 by ChrisCross

Erotica Sex Story: A fourteen-year-old homeless boy is snatched from an underpass and taken home for a paid, bound ride--or two or three.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/mt   Consensual   Gay   Fiction   BDSM   DomSub   MaleDom   Rough   Spanking   Torture   Anal Sex   First   Oral Sex   Sex Toys   Prostitution   .

Craig pulled on the rope attached to the overhead beam in his basement “special” room, and the boy’s midsection was raised up. The fourteen-year-old boy, naked, his balls and hardened cock pointed at the ceiling, was attached by wrist and ankle restraints to the four corners of the wood platform under him, spreading his arms and legs. The pull of the rope had angled his head down to where it dangled off the end the platform. His genitals were raised high, the crease of his buttocks was fully exposed to Craig’s wandering hand. Craig ran his fingers up into the crease of the buttocks, stopping to thumb the boy’s anal opening, and the boy moaned.

The boy hadn’t said anything since he’d been trussed up. He had agreed to it--at least tentatively, without knowing what would be happening. He had taken Craig’s money. And he wasn’t being deflowered. Craig had already “first time” fucked him--or so the boy claimed and Craig was just as happy believing. The boy had taken money for that too.

The boy was given another chance to back out, although, bound as he was, there was no telling what Craig would have done if the boy asked for it to stop. “You willing to continue?” Craig asked.

“You said you’d pay as much again.”

“And I will.”

“Do it then.”

Craig had cruised the town, slowing down under bridges, looking for that special boy. He’d found the boy camped under the Wilson Street bridge. The boy had come to him, to the driver’s side of the car. Craig had pulled over to the side of the road under the bridge and hung his muscular, tattooed arm out of the driver’s window, patting the door panel on the outside. He was bare-chested, wearing only athletic shorts and a T.

There were four of them under the bridge, also just in athletic shorts. It was a hot day and they were homeless. The boy, later saying he was fourteen, was the youngest of the four. All four turned their eyes to Craig’s car. Any of the four of them would have gone with him for money.

Craig had raised his arm and pointed at the boy. He had two twenties folded in his hand.

When the boy came down the concrete slope and reached for the money Craig was holding in his hand, the man grabbed him, reaching out of the window with his other arm and pulling the slight figure of the boy through the window and across his body. He tossed the boy into the passenger seat. The boy’s head thumped against the passenger window and he looked dazed as Craig stomped on the gas and laid rubber in his spinout from underneath the overpass. The other three homeless guys came sliding down the concrete slope in surprised pursuit, but the car was gone before they’d reached the road.

He drove the boy down a dry, concrete-lined runoff channel under another bridge, stopped the car under the bridge, unzipped and freed himself, cupped the back of the boy’s head, and pulled it into his crotch. The boy gave him an expert, no-teeth, all sucking and licking blow job. He’d done this before. What was most gratifying is that Craig had released his hold on the boy’s head and his forced rhythm of the suck and the boy had continued giving him great head on his own. The kid not only had done this before, but he’d done it with relish.

Only fourteen, according to the kid, and he already was a submissive player.

The boy was good-looking, dark and sultry, some Hispanic, some not. Maybe five-four to Craig’s six-four. Maybe half the weight of Craig. He was slim, undernourished, his skin soft and pliable, though. He’d taken his own dick out and beat it while he was sucking Craig off. He was old enough to get hard. His cock was undersized, though. Craig had reached over and taken control of the stroking of the boy’s cock. He’d had to tease the boy’s balls down out of their sac, but when he did and rolled them, the boy groaned and came for him.

A fuck was included in the forty-dollar deal and that happened in Craig’s shower. The boy hadn’t bathed in a while, but he cleaned up nice. He took the fuck nice too, bending over and grabbing his ankles under the cascading water of the shower while Craig crouched behind him and ate out his ass. Standing behind the boy, Craig held the boy’s hips while he worked his cock in. The boy was tight, but it opened to the cock and made no objections in taking it. Craig was big, but several inches of him went in just fine. Then, as he stroked, pulling the boy’s ass back and forth on the cock, he went deeper. The boy panted and groaned, but all of his vocals were of the “Yes, like that, do me, fuck me” nature.

The boy claimed it was his first time for anal, and, wanting to believe that, Craig didn’t pursue the matter further.

After a bit, Craig laughed, realizing that the boy was rocking back and forth on the cock under his own steam. So Craig stopped thrusting and held steady, enjoying the kind fucking himself on the shaft. He reached around and grabbed and stroked the boy’s cock with one hand--he was able to cover the whole dick with the one hand. He held his own ejaculation, which he pulled out for and shot across the boy’s back, until after he’d milked the boy. The water from the shower rinsed his cum away from the boy’s back. The boy’s spine ran close to the surface of his smooth, unblemished, olive-toned skin.

It was only then that Craig discovered that the boy had the tattoo of a small lizard near his waist on the right side. Craig’s own wiry-muscled body, a construction worker’s hard body, was covered with tattoos. He pressed a thumb into the tattoo and was rewarded with a deep moan from the kid and a hoarse plea of “Put it in again. Fuck me again.”

Craig wished he could be barebacking the kid. The ass was sweet and tight. He would have liked the feel of skin on skin. The kid didn’t say anything about wearing a rubber, so Craig could have done him raw, he was sure. But he just couldn’t take a chance with a homeless kid--one who was willing to go down on him and open his ass to him for forty dollars. And the kid, even though he claimed only to be fourteen, had obviously done this before. Not the anal part, of course, Craig chose to believe.

He’d ripped the rubber off and didn’t have another one in the shower, so, while holding the boy’s waist with his right hand, his thumb rubbing the lizard tattoo, he invaded the kid’s ass with two fingers of his left hand, finding and giving attention to the boy’s prostate. The boy writhed in his grip, although not losing his hold on his ankles with his hands, and groaned to another ejaculation.

Forty dollars more and the boy let Craig fuck him on the bed, the boy on his back, his wrists tied to the headboard, his butt raised on a pillow, his legs spread and bent, feet flat on the bed. Craig crouched over him, knees between the boy’s thighs, and gave him a hard, deep, and fast missionary fuck. There was no objection from the boy--not even to being bound.

“You were OK with being bound?” Craig asked. He hadn’t asked when he’d done it, but the boy had objected while he was doing it. “I get harder with the feeling of raping you. Can you act like I’m raping you?”

“I like it. I like being controlled when I’m being fucked. None of it is my choice or fault then. Yes, take it from me. Rape me!”

And, indeed, the boy had been sobbing, writhing, and screaming out during the fuck, arching his head back and crying out, “Shit, you’re too big! You’re killing me. Mercy!” but at the same time putting his pelvis in motion to roll with the stroking in full-heat passion. Holding the boy close and driving, driving, driving inside him, Craig cried out, “Shit, you’re tight. Love stuffing your small hole with my big cock. Take it, take, take, it, bitch.”

The boy took it.

They both reveled in the rape fantasy, the boy just collapsing at the right time as he relaxed, head turning to the side, eyes glazing over, tongue hanging out of his mouth, and panting; his channel blossomed open; and Craig’s cock sank deep inside him, continued to stroke, and, finally, released in a flood of cum, filling out the bulb of the condom.

Hot damn, Craig had thought, his mind racing ahead to the various pieces of equipment he had in his “special” room downstairs.

“What would you let me do with you for eighty bucks more--twice what I’ve paid you already?” he asked.

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