Freshly Fuckable

by Zipper

Copyright© 2017 by Zipper

Incest Story: Ben Ascot is an amible bloke who fucks off to Australia after getting his sister pregnant. Unrepentent he returns to check out his teenage daughter.

Caution: This Incest Story contains strong sexual content, including True Story   .

Ben Ascot had been a Plonker from the start: getting his sixteen year old sister pregnant before pissing off to Australia.

Shelia had been a bright girl at grammar school and had gone on to secretarial college with an eye on a managerial career: but then came the unwanted baby.

Her parents were furious and never forgave the pair of them; and Shelia never forgave Ben either for that matter.

As for Ben, with Australia to discover, the pregnancy was of little consequence to him.

But blood is thicker than water: so fourteen years later when Ben informed his sister that he’d had enough of Aussie and was returning to England, it was something Shelia gave a lot of thought to.

Shelia enjoyed her independence: and certainly aimed to keep it!

She had built up a life for herself over the years: even though she’d been stuck with Ben’s kid she had managed to hold down a decent job: and had some nice friends: one of them was a nice guy.

She had set herself up in this little two-bedroomed house: her chap drove a smart car: they often went dancing.

The only difficulty in her life was getting a child minder, especially when a week-end away surfaced.

A trust-worthy child-minder was a difficult and expensive item to obtain. Ben could just be the answer to that problem: as reliable live-in minder!

That would be just fine for Shelia: and it would put a roof over her brother’s head until he got himself set up again!

And so Shelia’s heart had softened: she decided to make him an offer.

Ben felt awkward as he knocked on Shelia’s front door after so many years.

Shelia, appearing slim and shapely: her auburn hair pinned up, showing off her white graceful neck, opened the door and welcomed him into the hallway, “Welcome back to England Ben!”

“Shelia! Its good to be back; you look wonderful!” sang Ben. Then suddenly hugged her with a full lengthy kiss.

But Shelia stiffened and pulling away, turned to the girl stood behind her, saying “ Well now Simone, meet your Uncle Ben and then bring him into the parlour.” Shelia left them together.

Stood there all wide-eyed, shy an slender was14 year old Simone.

Having outgrown her school-dress, her budding breast thrust against the bodice. Rich brown hair framed her freckled face and sparkling dark brown eyes gazed into his.

Ben stood perplexed, suddenly realising he was to play the role of “Uncle” to this freshly fuckable young female. So placing his hands on her shoulders he smiled saying, “ Well, does your Uncle Ben get a kiss?”

Simone’s had never kissed anyone and still awed by the kiss her mother had received from her uncle, expected the same: so as Ben lent forward her lips fell warm and lusciously onto his.

Ben responded, pulling her in closer; his nuts tightened: the kiss was indecently long. Both were a bit dazed.

Shelia called back, “ Come into the parlour Ben!”

Shelia sent Simone into the garden: then over a Martini spelt out her idea of Ben sharing some parental experience in Simone’s life as her Uncle.

The shameful past though was to remain buried.

Shelia made it clear that she had a full social life: which raised the opportunity for him to spend time with Simone. He could share the girl’s large bedroom which already had bunk-beds but it could be partitioned off later if he had a mind to do so.

It would be a mutually beneficial for all concerned.

If he agreed to that he would be welcome to move in. It was that simple.

An so it was.

Simone and Ben became cosy room mates in no time. Ben slumbered well in his alcove bed and in the morning she’d chatter away to him as he watched her get dressed; his very own schoolgirl striptease show. Hopping out bed she takes off her pyjama leggings with no sense of modesty; then rubbing her fuckable butt while she seeks out her knickers; glimpses of her snatch as she pulls them on to stand before him with her small tits on display.

Beneath his bed-covers he was stroking his hard shaft.

Simone guessed what he was doing and it excited her.

Ben ‘s cock pulsed and oozed; he simply had to grin and bear it!

Simone was neither a child nor a woman but a delectable sexual creature who was eager for her new guardian’s attention.

Another morning when she’d risen and slipped out of bed and stretched her body before him Ben had surprised her by also slipping out of bed naked!

Simone’s saw his erection which made her stop and stare.

Casually Ben had picked up her school knickers chuckling;

“Come on slow coach, step into these and I’ll get your fresh blouse.”

He’d bent before her, his face just inches from her snatch.

She obediently stepped into her knickers; her cheeks colouring up and for the first time Ben felt in control of her. He’d hoisted up her pants resting his hands on her waist and he felt her trembling.

In squatting Ben ‘s cock had sprung loose; It’s head glistening against Simone.

Her loins tingled strangely. She felt dizzy.

Ben eased her to him, “ A kiss before you go to the bathroom.”

She complied with parted lips and as their tongues twisted Ben lightly placed her hand onto his cock.

Simone’s turned away and going into the bathroom, locked the door. She had never felt so sexually charged up and needed something more that just her finger inside her. She took hold of the only thing she could lay her hand on and gave her clitoris a hard time with the toothbrush. Then she was climaxing; just as her father was in the bedroom.

On her thirteenth birthday Ben had taken Simone shopping. Together they chose her a new fashion dress.

Wearing that dress with high heels made Simone feel sophisticated and Ben had told her she looked a proper little lady; which thrilled Simone.

Just to prove it Ben said he would take her to the cinema to see an adult film but she had to keep it secret from Shelia or it could really be trouble for them. Simone was thrilled at the prospect.

When the evening came Shelia was pleased they’d set off together to see a stage show at Simone’s school. It suited Shelia because her chap was taking her to have dinner at the hotel where they would stay overnight.

During the bus ride Simone had slipped into her new stilettos and dabbed on make-up before the bus dropped them near the Troxy cinema in town. Ben ‘s cock had cranked just watching her.

He’d taken her hand as she got from the bus and she put her arm through his as they strolled along.

In the dark they were just another couple out on a date.

“Well I think we’ve time for a drink in The Crown before we go in? “ Ben suggested.

“Oh, go into a pub, that’s so cool! Simone enthused.

“Come on then, and just act like its normal for you being in there.” laughed Ben.

The Crown was busy yet cosy inside with after office workers enjoying that heady interlude before duty at home.

Ben seated Simone at a corner table and went to the bar and ordered from the barman:

“I’ll have large gin & tonic and give me a tonic with lemon slice for the girl.”

Ben knew that both drinks looked the same so at the table he handed Simone the double gin.

“Just sip it slowly OK?”

“OK I will,” she giggled sipping the gin; taking in her surroundings she sipped again confiding softly, “ Just fancy, I’m in a pub with a handsome man.”

For a moment Ben wondered if she was sincere.

Then her eyes had met his and he realised she was. This was like her first romantic date.

That’s just how it felt for Ben too: a fantasy date for any father with a daughter ripe for fucking.

Then he said “Hey we should get moving!” As Simone drained her glass she felt the gin scorch her throat.

In the foyer of The Troxy cinema Ben got seats for the upper circle.

Simone’s felt so excited. Ben took her hand and they climbed the curving carpeted staircase that led to the darkened circle. A film was running. An usherette greeted them with her torch shone on the ground. Ben murmured something to the lady.

She led them up to the rear double seats; hardly anyone there and Ben passed her a fiver tip.

Ben ‘s heart thumped nervously. He looked cautiously around. No one even near them.

His arm went round his daughter and rested on her far shoulder and the aroma of her perfume reached him. Had she wanted to entice him Ben wondered?

She did not react; her eyes were fix on the cinema screen.

Then his hand went beneath her arm with a suggestive squeeze on her breast.

Simone just watched the film.

Ben felt alarmed; had he made a disastrous misjudgement?

So much rested on this moment.

Suddenly Simone had rested her head alongside him.

Ben sighed in joy and relief. Then her head came onto his chest.

The danger-point was past.

Ben ‘s hand fondled her small breast and her head nuzzled against him.

His cock was bursting and needed a lot more room.

Simone’s too was feeling hot.

Her face came round to meet his; her lips were his to kiss; and he could smell the gin on her breath.

His hand lowered slowly over her breast down to her groin.

If she had been naked his fingers could have easily entered her her cunt.

She stiffened with pleasure; a small moan now escaping her lips.

Taking her lovely head in his hand he put his lips to hers.

It was a deep romantic kiss that took their breath away.

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