Semen Donor

by Billabong

Copyright© 2017 by Billabong

Incest Sex Story: Lucky young man gets the women in his family pregnant.

Caution: This Incest Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including mt/Fa   Consensual   Fiction   Cuckold   Incest   Son   First   Pregnancy   .

(The mid 90’s were a great time for incest erotica from incest magazines.)

I’ve been reading your magazine for about five years, and I’m finally getting around to writing about my family.

At twenty-eight, I am the second oldest and only son of four children. My sister, Bonnie Jo, is twenty-nine and looks exactly like my mom; Stacy is twenty-five, beautiful, and twice as smart as she is good-looking; and Mary, thirteen, is the youngest. My dad is forty-seven, strict and religious. My mother is forty-seven, and loves my father, but isn’t as old fashioned as Dad.

Everyone is on their own and married except myself; and Mary, of course, is still home and in school. Dad is employed as a welder for one of the auto plants and works all the overtime he can.

Sounds like the average family, and we were -- until I started to fill out. Dad didn’t explain anything about sex, but Mom did, especially when she caught me playing with my dick in the bathroom.

It was a summer morning when Mom walked into the shower. Stopping in just a brief second of shock at the scene before her, but continuing in, she closed and locked the door. Turning, she asked “How long have you been doing this, Mark?”

Embarrassed and half-naked sitting on the edge of the bathtub facing the toilet (where I would shoot my wad), I said, “Not long, Mom. I’m sorry. I won’t do it again.”

But at the same time, looking at my well-built mother in her thin cotton nightie made my cock throb all the more. Now, my mom is a hell of a good-looking woman. I had seen her naked many times, and you would never have known that she had three children. Her hair was long, blonde, and straight. She had well- rounded and slightly sagging tits, a gorgeous ass, and absolutely flat stomach. People always found it hard to believe we were her children.

Well, Mom put her towel on the sink and sat down on the toilet next to me. Leaning toward me with her elbow on her knees, she held my hand. This left me with a great view of her gorgeous tits through the top of her nightie. She said, “There’s no need to be sorry. Every man needs some kind of release when he’s horny.” She was so sweet.

I sat and trembled with young sexual excitement for fifteen minutes while Mom explained the birds and bees, most of which I knew but hadn’t yet experienced. In the end, Mom asked, “Have you ever fucked with a girl?”

I said I hadn’t, as the conversation -- and the view of Mom’s tits -- we’re actually making my dick leak pre-cum. It felt like a hundred degrees in that bathroom when Mom said, “I’ll teach you about men and women before you get the wrong information from your friends at school.”

With that, she let go of my sweating hands, stood up, and pulled the straps of her nightie off her shoulders and let if fall to the floor. I had a huge lump in my throat as Mom knelt in front of me and ran her hands from my knees up my thighs toward my bobbing cock. But before her hands reached their destination, I had my biggest and longest orgasm. Was after was of foamy young cum spewed out at Mom’s tits, chin and belly, and finally onto the cold tile floor of the bathroom.

Embarrassed, I didn’t have to explain because Mom said with a moan, “Oooh! That’s it. It’s beautiful! Look, it’s still hard. Look how hard you are!”

Mom started to rub my sperm into her skin with one hand and stroke my dribbling cock with the other. After a few minutes, I was trembling like an animal when he smells pussy in the air. I got my first blow-job from Mom that day, along with my first feel of hot, wet pussy and firm tits -- and they all came from my mother!

For the next three weeks I masturbated to the image of my mom at least three times a day, but Mom refused to bring up the subject of sex. Mom was definitely feeling guilty. I could see Mom’s guilt was fading, so I became more persistent and looked for every opportunity to see her naked.

Dad left for work at 5:30 in the morning, and I would usually hear him, but my sisters would sleep until ten or eleven every morning in the summer. So, summoning all the courage I could, I tiptoed downstairs to Mom’s room and slipped into bed with her in just my underwear. I snuggled up behind her in a spoon fashion and began massaging those incredible tits and pinching those hard nipples.

Mom woke immediately, and rolled over to face me. “Mark, we can’t. This isn’t right.”

I said, “Mom, I love you. You said you would teach me about sex. I won’t tell anyone.”

The massage I was doing on her tits was working quickly to get her horny. Finally, after some convincing, she agreed to show me everything, short of fucking. It would be “our secret.”

We spent three hours in bed that morning. Mom showed me how to French- kiss, and then how to lick her hot, wet pussy. Once I got the hang of licking that sweet little cunt, I made it my goal to get my dick in it. Mom sucked me off twice while I ate her pussy to three orgasms. Then she told me to get between her legs and rub the underside of my cock on her clit in dry-hump fashion.

Mom said, “Ooooh God, that feels good! My own son. I can’t believe we’re in bed together. I’m so horny.”

My cock was hard as a rock and wet from Mom’s pussy juice as I humped quickly on top of her pussy. Mom put her hands on my ass and pulled me tight against her sweaty body as she humped upward, painfully squashing my dick between her pubic mound and my belly. So, instinctively, I slid down a bit in between thrusts, and quickly shot my dick forward toward my ultimate target.

When Mom felt my dick sink into her warm pussy to the hilt and my balls hit her ass, she froze. Struggling successfully to get away, she said, “Nooo, Mark, don’t do that. I could get pregnant.”

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