Lyon's Pride

by Ka Hmnd

Copyright© 2017 by Ka Hmnd

Science Fiction Sex Story: There were a few clans, old clans, ancient clans. Ours was one of the oldest and the most deadly. When we first left earth and settled here there had been a price we paid. Now the only noble or government we recognized was the emperor. He maintained our peace and kept the clan secrets and let us live in peace. Now that I was of age I felt a debt to serve and left the clan to seek his permission and my future.

Caution: This Science Fiction Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/ft   Consensual   .

My family or clan has always been very secluded and remote. Normally girls or women were chosen by the clan master. The children were raised by the mother but trained by the clan warriors and the father. In my case it was the master and all six of my mother’s brothers. I do not know what my father did to deserve my mother or why she still loves him.

At eighteen I qualified for a commission in the emperor’s marines. First I had to see him and kneel to give my oath. That was the way of our clan if we wished to enter the service. Our clan was one of the only ones allowed to enter his presence with weapons. I dressed in black clan warrior garb and put on the face covering last.

Even the screen covering my eyes kept anyone from seeing me. My hands were in tight black gloves and I made a last check of my weapons before I left the hostel. It was an hour walk to the palace but I had called and they knew I was coming. The guards looked at me with suspicion when I reached the gate.

I held out a black card and pushed it into a reader slot. The light turned green and the smaller personal gate slid open as guards looked at each other. It was not supposed to do that for anyone. I walked up the long drive and entered through the front doors. I ignored all the servants and sycophants as I made my way through the halls to the emperor’s outer office.

The guards moved to block the doors as I crossed to a desk, “I am Kelso Lyon of the Demon clan.”

The woman swallowed and used her intercomm and a shielded voice screen. She straightened and nodded and turned to gesture, “open the door and let him pass.”

I turned and started for the door as the guards looked at each other before opening it. The office was huge and another guard stood at the emperor’s shoulder watching me as the door closed. This one seemed to know what I was and smiled. I pulled the face covering down and lifted the eye screen.

I stopped short of the desk and went to one knee and bowed my head, “I have come to give into your hands my soul.”

That was the term the clan used for honor and it meant everything. The old man stood and moved around the large desk, “your name son of Demon?”

I did not lift my head as I relaxed, “I am called Lyon’s Pride my lord.”

I felt the guard shift and held still as the emperor put his old hand on my head, “I accept your soul as my own until I fade. Long may you guard and protect the clan.”

He lifted his hand and I came to my feet, “thank you my lord.”

He smiled before turning, “it is my honor to lad. Once your grandfather...”

I spun at the sound of weapons and glanced back, “you need to go to your safe room.”

I pulled the eye screen down and lifted the face covering. The door began to open and guards spilled into the room. I walked out and turned to walk down the hall. The firing was growing closer as people fled. At a intersection I moved to the side and leaped and let the special surface of the gloves catch.

I pulled as I used the toes on the mocs and crawled up and turned to press against the wall. It was not long before men in black strode into the intersection. One fired at a guard and I waited as they fired back and started down the hall. I pushed off and flipped while pulling the twin short swords hilt down at my waist.

I landed among the soldiers and slid in while slashing and stabbing. Men screamed and died as I began the very old dance our clan had created. I cut a throat here and slid aside to stab into the neck of another and ... I spun the wounded and dying men into the path between me and others with weapons.

The body armor and screens could not stop the swords and finally someone began firing into them with a tribarrel. I dove and rolled into another hall as the few men left alive were torn apart. I wiped my swords as I stood and slid them into their sheaths. I leaped and caught the wall and climbed up and then reached for the ceiling.

Whoever was using the tribarrel was moving closer and firing through walls. I waited until they walked into the hall before twisting as I dropped. There were six men but only one with the tribarrel. I landed on him and caught his head and twisted and yanked. I rolled away and moved to the closest man as he fell and began to spasm and die.

The next man tried to turn the rifle he was carry but I slid in and caught it while turning. He fired and the rounds struck the other four men as I pulled a knife and shoved it into his neck under the ear. I twisted and ripped it out as I yanked and threw him towards two of the men. I leaped and caught another and spun with him as the last started to fire.

The rounds struck him but his body screen and armor stopped it. One of my hands pulled his arm up and his rifle fired and sprayed the other man’s head. I shoved the knife into the gap under the edge of his helmet and twisted before letting him go. I pushed him to the man and followed and caught the barrel of his rifle and pulled.

I moved in as he yanked to keep it and turned so he was between me and the last two men. I slashed across his throat under the face shield and shoved before moving after the last two. One spun to flee while the other tried to dodge. Neither made it as I reached them and buried the knife in the second man’s neck and pulled a thin chain with a disk on the end.

I swung it at the other man and it wrapped around the helmet. When the disk slapped against it there was a subsonic burst and he dropped. I pulled the chain and knife free and turned to look at the carnage around me. I looked at several wary guards pointing weapons and bowed before I turned and moved to one side.

I knelt to clean the knife and put it away and then the chain and disk. I glanced up a moment later when guards surrounded me, “is my lord safe?”

The guards looked at each other and one cleared his throat, “the emperor is safe.”

I sighed and stood, “good. Please inform him I have killed our enemies.”

I turned and another cleared his throat, “you are not going anywhere.”

I looked at him and then the others before I gestured, “your comp.”

He hesitated and then pulled it and handed it to me and I accessed it and lifted it to whisper. I handed it back as the screen flickered and a flashing crest appeared, “that is my sign.”

They looked and one checked before they stared at me and he gestured, “you can go.”

I nodded and started walking down the hall. When I pulled the float into the gate of the fleet base the guards watched me and one came to sign me in. He looked at the comp and turned, “a vehicle is being sent sir.”

Five minutes and I was being driven across to the marine officer’s academy. There were nine weeks of classes and training including with the marine weapons. During the official giving of oath I stood to the side and remained quiet. When I was promoted to second lieutenant there were a lot of senior officers.

The emperor appeared and while they went to attention I knelt and bowed my head. He smiled and touched my shoulder and whispered, “stand son of the Demon.”

Six of the dukes were present as he put a ribbon with a medal around my neck. He touched it and nodded, “you are your mother’s son.”

I smiled, “she says I am my father.”

He snorted and then nodded, “yes you are like him in some ways.”

He stepped back and everyone saluted before the ceremony ended. As the officers left a captain appeared, “lieutenant please follow me.”

What followed was a private meeting with the emperor and my grandfather who did not speak and the fleet sky marshal and the marine commandant. The emperor handed me a set of orders and told me what to do. My grandfather gave me a scroll and looked into my eyes, “it is for the broken clan.”

Like all the other cadets I had already packed and pulled my float after me and took a fleet shuttle up to a station where I caught a courier ship. The hatch was closing when Kaira slipped in with a large bag over her shoulder. She was sixteen and not really my clan but close enough and partially trained.

She grinned as I looked at her and held out a scroll. I accepted it and glanced at the crewman beside the hatch. I looked at the clan master’s mating seal on the scroll before looking at her, “are you crazy?”

She gave my chest a pat, “you are mine.”

I sighed and turned and started for the bridge, “very well but you have to wait until we get under way.”

She walked beside me, “the clan is very proud. The clan master showed the recordings from the palace and we saw you.”

I glanced at her before we reached the bridge and I stopped, “you know where we are going captain?”

He nodded, “as soon as we finish filling the water tanks we will leave.”

He gestured while glancing at Kaira, “you have cabin four.”

I saluted and he smiled and returned it. A few minutes and I was locking the float to the deck in one corner of the tiny cabin. There was a set of bunks and Kaira was already lifting and stowed the top away. I checked the tiny fresher before I put a screamer on the hatch and turned to undress. Kaira was half naked and grinned as she watched me.

She finished removing her clothes and laid on the bed, “I have waited many years for this.”

I sat beside her hip and reached out to softly feel and caress her, “you have finished the neural training?”

She snorted, “learning about sex in my mind is not real.”

I gave one nipple a tug, “answer witch.”

She shuddered as her nipples became hard and she grinned, “yes. It was required if I wanted the clan master to give me to you.”

I nodded and turned and moved down and she spread her legs. I looked at her bald pussy, all women in the clan remove all body hair except the head. I opened her slit and licked through it and she shivered and seemed to relax. I kept licking her and nibbled on her inner lips and finally moved to her clit.

I flicked the tip of my tongue back and forth on it and she shuddered and moaned. A few minutes and she was twisting and jerking her hips up, “aaaahhhh!”

I moved over her and slowly forced my cock into her tight pussy. She groaned and clutched me as I buried my cock and settled on her. I began to grind and press and enjoyed her warm pussy grasping and squeezing. She started to struggle and buck and I pulled back and fucked her with long, deep thrusts.

She gasped and spasmed and then she was howling as she thrashed and bucked and twisted. It was like riding a real demon that pushed me away and then yanked me back into her. Her pussy was constantly clenching while I fucked her firmly. She continued to struggle and cling to me as she cocked her legs, “fffuuucccckkkkk!”

Several minutes and her eyes rolled up and I buried my cock. I held her under me as I gushed and spewed strong spurts of sperm. She jerked and her pussy kept grasping and squeezing the cum into her, “mmmm!”

When I was done I smiled and gave her a kiss, “welcome clan rider.”

She was shaking and shuddering and grinned while her pussy massaged my cock. I pulled out and moved to roll her over and lift her hips before I sank back into her. I fucked her a dozen times a day for the week it took to reach Hearson. From there we took a shuttle out to the strike carrier. I let Kaira put her bag on my float and pull it.

She followed when I walked off and into the bay. An ensign looked at us while crew went to remove the supplies on the shuttle. I turned to salute the ship Ensign and then him. He returned it, “you lost sir?”

I smiled, “I am here to see colonel Lyon.”

He shifted and turned, “you will find him in the team common room.”

I began to walk and Kaira followed. We took a lift up to the team deck and then walked to the team area. I put my hand on the scan plate beside the hatch and it slid open. I walked in and ignored all the men that turned to look at me. All except one, I crossed the floor while signaling Kaira.

The man looked me over, “we are not short men lieutenant.”

I stopped in front of him, “I brought orders...”

He growled, “get at attention lieutenant and salute.”

I looked at him and reached to my throat to touch the medal, “you first.”

He stiffened and then his eyes narrowed, “that does not...”

I stepped close and he shifted as if to strike and it was my turn to growl, “my name is Kelso Lyon father. You know where I was born and who my mother is. You know who trained me and what I am. Now my lord has given me orders and he has summoned you into his presence.”

He shifted and stepped back, “I...”

I moved after him, “it is time father. You will return to the emperor and you will answer his question. If he sees fit you will return to mother and the clan or you will renounce it and me.”

His face turned white, “I have...”

I growled again, “you have a choice father and you know what I will do if you choose wrong.”

He looked away and finally nodded, “I will go.”

I moved back, “I told the shuttle to wait. There is a courier at the station to take you.”

He sagged and nodded again and I turned and ignored him, “who is the senior man?”

The men glared and one spit, “if you think...”

I moved towards him, “let me be clear. Either you are loyal to the emperor or traitors. You will do what you are told or resign.”

They looked at each other and then past me at my father. He turned and moved towards the hall where the sleeping rooms were. I waited and the man I was facing glared at me, “what mission?”

I gestured and moved to a table, “one that could bring the empire war.”

They slowly moved around the table and I set a disk in the middle, “first you have to get me to this system...”

An hour later I saw my father pulling a float through the room. He slowed to look at me and smiled and bowed before he left. The men saw and looked at me but I continued to explain the mission. Finally I waited and the lieutenant colonel hummed, “it sounds like we are just your transport and a distraction.”

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