Avery's Awakening

by Jack Spratt

Copyright© 2017 by Jack Spratt

Erotica Sex Story: Avery is a beautiful teen, who to this point in her existence has lived an asexual life. Sex was never discussed at her home. Avery was aware that her parents spent very little time during the act. Her mom, she later surmised, had never been sexually fulfilled in her married life. When Avery awakens from her asexual life, she vows to help her mom find fulfillment as well.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Consensual   Lesbian   BiSexual   Fiction   Mother   Daughter   Anal Sex   Masturbation   Oral Sex   Squirting   .

Special thanks to ‘oldfart’ for his expertise in editing and proofing.

As a result of my dad’s recent promotion, my family has moved to Abbotsville, where the head office of Daddy’s employer is located. So far it has been a very exciting year for me. The summer holidays have been prodigious.

Abbotsville is a beautiful city, my parents purchased a new home, and we now have an in ground swimming pool, for me that is been a great addition. The view from our pool deck and patio is fantastic. Overlooking Abbotsville is the Everett Mountain Range.

My passion is ‘volleyball’. I was considered one of the better players at my last school and am looking forward to hopefully playing competitively at my new school. This will be my first year in high school. I did some research on ‘Eastdale High’ and was overjoyed to learn they have a very competitive volleyball team. Last season they won the state finals, a great accomplishment in a very competitive league. Another thing I found out is the school has a dress code consisting of school uniforms; skirts, blouses, jackets, hell even the gym clothing have to be uniform. That is different from my last school which had no such restrictions.

But I’m bubbling over with excitement, hoping I will qualify for the volleyball team. The school calendar states that tryouts are in the second week of September, I can’t wait.

A little about myself, my name is Avery Crown, now fourteen, my birthday was three weeks ago. To this point in my life, it has been school and volleyball. My parents are very conservative, and have pounded those values into my head for years. I have yet to be involved with boys, mainly because of my parents, especially my dad; any of my potential suitors just didn’t want to face him. Dad is a very imposing figure; nearly six foot four; two hundred and thirty three pounds, very well built. The couple of boys, who were brave enough to ask me out, got their marching orders from Daddy. He told them what he expected of them; they were to act like gentlemen escorting his only daughter! Most didn’t want to live with the pressure of his guidelines, thus I’ve never had a real boyfriend or any second dates.

I have been told I am very attractive. I have long red hair which I usually wear in a ponytail and emerald green eyes that set off my complexion. At five foot seven, I have to admit I have a very well adorned body. I take after my mom; many people have asked if we are sisters. My bra is very full 34b. As a result of my physical activities, my body is very well toned, I have long shapely legs and a very perky bottom. Often, I’ve noticed many males, both boys and men, giving me the once over.

I am an only child. Mom had problems giving me birth, thus no additional children.

With the fact I haven’t had a boyfriend, my sex life is consists of my fingers and some instructive sites on the internet. At the early age of eight, I discovered rubbing my little bud made me feel really good. At that age I didn’t climax, mainly because I didn’t know about it. Without a best friend, I had no one to confide in, thus I remained ignorant about my sexual potential until I was ten. The major factor for my learning curve was my parents gave me a note book computer at that time and provided a high-speed internet coection; theoretically it was to assist me researching for my homework and school projects.

And boy did it help, I learned my bud was my clitoris and how good it would make me feel if massaged correctly. It wasn’t long after that, I realized just how wonderful a string of climaxes could make me feel. Before falling asleep each night, I gave myself the prolonged gift of at least two climaxes. They did help me sleep! Fortunately at that age I never squirted like I do now. Thinking back, how would I have explained the mess to Mom?

Being in a new neighborhood and not knowing a soul, I often rode my bike for exercise and looking for other girls that lived in the subdivision. There had to be more girls then me living in the area. After researching Abbotsville city site map online, I located a large park four blocks from our house. Perhaps that will help me in my goal to meet new friends.

The park is massive. Riding the perimeter, I located two ball diamonds, two soccer/football fields, four volleyball courts, five tennis courts and a large park like area, with trees and walkways lined with benches and a couple picnic tables. The volleyball courts got my interest. There were a number of girls close to my age having a pickup game. Now in the bleachers, I watched. Some of the players were very good, others, not so much, but they were enjoying it. One of the girls had long blond hair, she had it tied in a ponytail, she glanced at me but continued playing, and I heard someone call for a break. The blonde looked at me, smiled and walked over to me.

“Hi, are you new to the area?”

“Yes, my dad just got transferred here a couple months ago.”

“Welcome to Abbotsville, I hope you and your family enjoy it. I am Jayden.”

“Hi, Jayden, I’m Avery.”

We touched hands.

“You play volleyball?”

“A bit, it’s good exercise.”

One thing I have never done is comment about my perceived talent. That will come out at the tryouts. But I would love to play with the girls today; it’s a good way to meet new friends.

“You will find the girls here are very competitive even in a pickup game. I have never heard anyone say they play volleyball for the exercise. I don’t know if you are aware of it or not, we, meaning our girls school volleyball team at Eastdale won the state championship last season.”

“Wow, you guys must be good!”

“Want to give it a go?”

“I’d like that, would the girls mind?”

“Hey, if they can beat you, they’ll love you.”

Jayden had a big grin on her face. And I followed her back to the court.

“Hey guys, this is Avery, she is new to Abbotsville, and she plays volleyball.”

There were numerous hellos, some girls giving their names but I didn’t grasp them all. For the twenty minutes, I played like I had two left feet, not the best showing in the world. But it was fun, and I was with a group of my peers that enjoyed volleyball. One of the girls, Tiffany was on the opposing side of the net; she made a point of spiking the ball at my head numerous times, three times bouncing it off my shoulder. I don’t think I am going to like her. Someone called for a time out. Jayden and I sat on the same bench.

“Don’t let them get to you, that is one way be won our competitions by keeping the other teams off their game, intimidation. Once you get to know Tiffany, you will find she is great girl.”

There was a general chatter of the girls, and then I heard someone make a challenge.

“Let’s have a little competition, put a few bucks on the line, winning team takes all. Tiffany and Jayden will be the captains.”

As it turns out, Jayden and Tiffany have been rivals for top dog on the volleyball team for years. From what I was able to glean, it was a tossup between them which girl is the best. The rest of the group was all for it.

One of the girls passed the hat around, and the bills started to pile up, apparently this wasn’t the first time they had a competition. As expected, I was the last one chosen, Jayden had no choice.

“Don’t worry Avery; I will do my best to cover you. These games can get kind of hairy. It’s Tiffany’s idea to play like we did in the Championship game, hard and forceful. She will be laying the ball at you, with all kinds of speed and spins because she feels you’re our weak link. Are you weak Avery?”

All I did is smile at her. Let the game begin. I lost my two left feet and returned the ball directly at Tiffany’s head four times. Then I heard Jayden whisper behind me.

“Me thinks, you may have mislead the group regarding your ability.”

“Who me?”

We were playing two fifteen minute periods. The first one was a tie. During the break, Tiffany looked at me.

“You’re not bad, actually you are very good. How long have you been playing?”

“Six years, just in school, nothing completive.”

“You are trying out for the school team?”

“Yes, if they will allow me.”

The result of the second game had Jayden’s team winning with the final shot off the top of Tiffany’s head, delivered by me. All the girls high fived me, I felt good. For my troubles, we all shared the pot. I had six extra dollars.

When the group broke up, it was announced that there would be another pickup game tomorrow. Tiffany made a point of telling all the girls to bring money as she wanted to win all of today’s prize money back tomorrow. There were the usual jeers and cat calls. I grabbed my bike and was planning to return home, when I heard.

“Avery, wait up.”

To my surprise it was Tiffany. Let me describe her, brunet, long well-toned legs, her shorts, didn’t hide any of her attributes; she has to be a boy magnet. Beautiful mouth comprising of thick heavy lips, her eyes just sparkle. Her breasts are a bit larger than mine, and her nipples are much larger, pushing against her very tight t-shirt.

“I think you live in the same area as I do. I saw what I think was your moving van a couple of months ago.”

“I live on Bayview Crescent.”

“I live on the next block. We are neighbors.”

“Great, I was so happy to see you girls in the park today.”

“They are a great bunch.”

Tiffany stared at me for a few moments, I’m sure she licked her lips while looking at me. I felt a tingle go through my body. It was bit uncomfortable but exciting at the same time, I have no idea why! Tiffany jumped on her bike and slowly started riding; I followed studying her fantastic bottom. Her shorts were pulled deep into her ass crack, and for some reason, I felt a tingle in my pussy.

We stopped in front of my home, and made a date to meet in the morning about eleven to go to the park. Again we stared at each other, and again Tiffany licked her lips, making her lip-gloss shine. Once more, I felt a tingle. I watched as she rode off, my eyes concentrated on her beautiful bubble butt. Why am I thinking of her butt?

That night in bed, I masturbated, not once but three times. Each felt fantastic but for some reason, the surprising thing is prior to me climaxing, the image of Tiffany licking her lips and her shapely butt were first and foremost on my mind. I have never thought of any of my female friends in a sexual manner, but after one meeting, there was Tiffany. This is stupid!

Tiffany was waiting for me at the end of the driveway, wearing very short, shorts that had to be painted on her body. The way she was sitting on her bike saddle exposed one of the largest camel toes I have ever seen. When I looked at her face she smiled and again licked her lips. There’s that crazy feeling in my pussy again.

I wear baggie shorts, and there is a reason for that! All of the Crown woman, including my mom and grandmother have been blessed or cursed with a very wide gap between our thighs. Mine measures three and a half inches or more. If that wasn’t enough, our labia majora are massive, each lip nearly an inch wide, and to make matters worse my labia minora extends nearly an inch out of my labia majora, and when I get excited it is worse. Looking at myself in a mirror, it appears I have a large tongue sticking out of my pussy. I never know if I should be embarrassed or very proud of my size. Thus I wear baggy shorts to play sports. When I wear anything tight, I use a panty liner.

All the girls were at the volley ball court, this morning; we started out in a competition. Again, Tiffany and Jayden were captains, this time I went first, picked by Tiffany. We finally called it a day at two. We had played numerous games, the majority of the wins were by one point. When all was said and done, I was at loss of five dollars. But I had a good time with the girls.

“Avery, what are you going to do for the rest of the day?”

It was Tiffany.

“Not much, I may go to the mall.”

“Want some company?”

Shit, there’s that crazy feeling again. Every time my eyes look in Tiffany’s direction, they focus on her camel toe and every time Tiffany catches me, I blush. Why? Why?

“Sure, Tiffany do you have a list for the uniforms for Eastdale?”

“Actually there is a store in the mall that is a supplier for Eastdale, prices are good, and the quality is great. We can visit it if you like.”

“Mom and Dad gave me a credit card. Maybe you can help me pick out what is required.”

“Let’s go.”

The mall is large by any standards; many of the anchor stores are located there. Once our bikes were locked up, I followed Tiffany; or rather I followed her beautiful bubble butt. I just can’t believe the appeal her butt has to me. When did I become interested in girls’ physical attributes? Tiffany has a very well-shaped posterior and it had me licking my lips. Why? I haven’t got a clue.

“It is down here Avery.”

We were now side by side. I kept glancing at Tiffany, her side silhouette is very impressive, her boobs standout a good three inches and her butt from the side is to die for. Where the hell are all these thoughts coming from? There is that stupid chill again. Then it hits me.

“Tiffany, I can’t try on clothes, I smell like an armpit. Shit, I really need a shower.”

“You are right, now that you mention it, I can feel the stickiness.”

I felt disappointed but there is no way I would enjoy trying on new clothes in my current sweaty condition.

“Avery, I only live two blocks from here, we could go and shower and come back.”

“But I haven’t got clean undies. We will have to do it tomorrow before we go to the park.”

“I can lend you what you need; I bet we are the same size.”

The only way she would even come close to that statement, is she has been looking at me like I have been looking at her. Does she have the same crazy feelings about me? Thinking about that had me really feeling odd. I had a real throbbing feeling in my pussy. Why is this happening? I have only known Tiffany a couple of days, and the thought of her has me wound up like a tight spring. Where the hell are these thoughts coming from?

Tiffany’s family lives in a mansion, it is large compared to my home. After parking our bikes, I followed her to the front door. Then we were in the kitchen, her duplicate, a bit older was there as well.

“Mom, this is Avery, her family moved to Abbotsville recently. We want to go to the mall to look at uniforms for school, but we need to shower, we played volleyball all morning.”

“Welcome Avery, I am Rhya, Tiffany’s mom.”

Rhya offered me her hand. Both Tiffany and Rhya have the same attributes, beautiful breasts and very similar butts. I couldn’t help but stare at Tiffany’s mom’s bottom. She was leaning over the sink and her shorts were pulled deep into her bum crack. I wanted to reach out and touch someone. There I go again. I have never, never thought of other girls/females in this way. Has it something to do with the air in Abbotsville?

Tiffany’s bedroom is upstairs, it very large and has an attached bathroom with a large shower. The bathroom counter has a large assortment of beauty products. Tiffany started to undress.

“Avery, you can bathe or if you like, we can shower together.”

The shower was more than sufficient size wise for the two of us, but should I? I have showered at school after playing volleyball but there were always six to ten girls. Having just the two of us would be a bit intimate. I couldn’t help but stare as Tiffany wiggled out of her lacy blue thong. Tiffany is even more attractive naked. Her pussy had been recently shaven, as bare as a baby’s bum, and just as beautiful.

“Avery, get undressed, you can’t shower with your clothes on.”

Reluctantly, I undressed. I could feel Tiffany’s eyes on me. My back was to her and when I reached down to remove my panties from my feet, I heard her gasp. She’d seen my pussy and anal pucker.

“Avery, your sex is so beautiful. I have never seen anyone else so well endowed. You are so fortunate.”

“What do you mean?”

“Most of us girls have sort of a clam looking pussy, but yours, wow, I love it.”

I was sure she could see my blush; it started at my toes and gradually encompassed my body. My nipples tingling, I could feel the rush of blood to my pussy that caused my pussy to expand even larger with the blood flow! All my vaginal parts engorged. It was embarrassing. Turning to face Tiffany, my eyes targeted her pussy. Now I was licking my lips. It is very appealing; she must have noticed my interest and spread her legs enough to have her peach open showing just a trace of her labia minora. I still can’t believe my reaction.

“Come on Avery, let’s shower, we will still have plenty of time to go to the mall.”

We both got into the shower, and both bumped into each other. The feel of Tiffany’s skin on mine had me trembling. Once the water was running we slowly started to shower. The water did feel good. Our touching continued and that felt even better.

“Avery, let me do your back.”

Without waiting for an answer, I felt her hands on my upper back, massaging my muscles on the back of my neck. It did feel good. Her hands were now on the small of my back, rubbing the muscles, my mind in la la land. Then the surprise, her hands were on my butt, kneading my bum cheeks, then the shock, she spread my ass cheeks and I could feel her hand running down my crack, now her magic fingers massaging my pucker. Her finger ran back and forth over the rim. Stunned at this invasion, I said nothing, hell it did feel good. Tiffany must have taken my silence as approval, the next thing I felt was one finger entering my pucker, then sawing back and forth; I had to grab the shower bar to keep from collapsing. I never realized how much pleasure one could derive from one’s anal pucker. The tension was building in my pussy, then it happened, I had a climax, but with the climax came a large ejaculation of my pussy cream. I am a squirter. It was embarrassing.

“Wow, Avery, you are a squirter, how beautiful.”

To make matters worse Tiffany ran her hand over my pussy to collect some of my juice and I watched as she licked her fingers, then made a large production of getting more from the source, my pussy, and licking every finger.

“Avery, your pussy cream taste is enticing.”

The thought went through my mind, my taste is enticing as compared to what or who, and how often has she tasted pussy juice and whose? The next shock was her finger now deep into my pussy and to make matters worse, I was enjoying it!

“Tiffany what are you doing, I’m not like that!”

“Like what?”

Her finger was now working on my large extended clitoris that seemed to have its own agenda. I could feel my body working against my purest of thoughts, pushing hard against Tiffany’s hand and fingers. I just couldn’t help it, I came again, squirting but nowhere near the volume of my first ejaculation. Not that it mattered; Tiffany captured cupped handfuls and was now licking it like ice cream.

“Hell, Avery this is great, the girls will really like you!”

The girls, now what is she talking about? Nothing like this has ever happened to me. I have tasted myself, but never thought anything about it, but of course I had nothing to compare it to!

Tiffany had lathered my pussy and bumhole and was now rinsing all. I was exhausted and thoroughly embarrassed.

“Tiffany, I don’t know what came over me, I have never...”

“Hey, don’t sweat it, if I had what you have, I would make a point of making sure all the girls knew about it. As I said before, your pussy is beautiful, and you should be proud.”

I know I was blushing when we went through the kitchen, again greeted by Rhya, Tiffany’s mom. She looked at us both questioningly, a smile on her face very similar to the one Tiffany had since I met her. In a bid to divert my blushing, my eyes targeted Rhya’s camel toe, now prominently displayed between her legs. In my mind, Tiffany and her mom’s camel toes could be book ends, they are so similar. Does Rhya have the same interests as Tiffany concerning sex! What did I get into?

With Tiffany’s guidance, I now have a complete wardrobe for Eastdale High. I can’t wait to get enrolled and try out for volleyball. I have to admit, I enjoyed my time with Tiffany. I now realize I should have taken a few liberties with Tiffany during our mutual shower. What would shoving my finger deep into Tiffany’s pucker feel like? Would Tiff enjoy it as much as I did? Shit, just thinking about it has me blushing.

We continued our morning games until the end of August. Twice Tiffany suggested we go to her home for a shower, both times I declined, not that I didn’t enjoy it, but I kept telling myself I didn’t have any lesbian tendencies. Ya, who was I kidding? I found myself sizing up every girl playing volleyball, and determined I was interested in seeing every one of them naked! Hell, for the last couple of nights while masturbating, I thought of Tiffany and her mother Rhya. What would it be like with a mature woman?

It was two days before the start of school, Tiffany and I continued to enjoy each other’s company after the games. Today once again she suggested we shower at her house. For some reason today, I agreed, ya, I know why I agreed, I wanted more of the same. It was nearly two when we arrived at her home. In the kitchen, her mom was baking.

“Mom, we are going to shower and then go to the mall.”

The look on Rhya’s face was priceless, like she knew something I didn’t. Today, I was going to discover just how it felt to plunge my finger deep into Tiffany’s asshole. I have been practising with my own pucker ever since Tiffany initiated the feeling.

“Not a problem, I will make some ice tea.”

Just as we were about to leave the kitchen, Rhya wanted to chat to Tiffany. Tiffany advised me.

“Avery, you know where my room is, you get started, and I will be up shortly. You know where my clothes are. You will need clean undies.”

As I left the kitchen, Tiffany was in a discussion with her mom, oh if I only knew then what I know now. Would things be different? Not likely.

In Tiffany’s room, I started to undress, boy did I smell. Now undressed, I headed to the shower. After adjusting the temperature, I enjoyed the feeling of the warm water cascading down my body. I don’t know how long I was in the shower when I felt a slight movement of air. It was likely Tiffany in her bedroom now getting undressed. In my mind I could see me spreading her bum cheeks admiring her rosebud then running my finger over the rim before entering her. My pussy was tingling. The shower curtains opened and closed.

“It is about time, if I stayed much longer, my skin would look like a prune.”

“Sorry to keep you waiting.”

What the hell, that wasn’t Tiffany’s voice, it’s her mom. Opening my eyes, I was staring at a very naked Rhya. Her body is fabulous, showing a set of very interesting boobs, topped with large ruby nipples, an attractive plump tummy, and a short racing strip just above her very prominent clitoris presently out of its hood.


“Don’t be afraid, it is just my curiosity, Tiffany told me about your beautiful sex and your ability to squirt and I just had to see for myself.”

I just stood there mesmerized, staring at Rhya’s body. Her nipples were larger then Tiffany’s, long and hard. Her pudenda were now spread; her clitoris seemed to have grown even more. Then she surprised me. She kissed me, her arms around my neck pulling me too her. The shock of our lips touching was short lived as my body told me it was enjoying the phenomena, my mind said this isn’t right. Her nipples are pushing against my breasts, her hands now spreading my bum cheeks, her finger tracing the crack and now concentrated on my rosebud rim.

“Tiffany mentioned you had a beautiful anal rim. It is open and feels like a circle. You should be using anal beads, to get all the benefits of your pucker.”

Anal beads? She moved her hand away but only for a moment. Rhya soaped her fingers and was now driving one deep into my rosebud.

“Avery, please lean over with your hands one the shower rail. I just have to see it.

It, being my bum hole.

“Avery, it is so well defined, the coloring is fabulous, I can see why Tiffany was enthralled. Can you lean over more; I want to see your beautiful pussy that Tiffany was so excited about.”

I did as requested, it being a bit awkward. Rhya’s finger was still sawing back and forth out of my pucker. Why was this happening? I know this is not right! I shouldn’t allow Rhya to do things with my pucker, but my body continued to betray me, it really felt so good. Anal beads? Will look them up on the net.

“Avery, wow, it is beautiful. I am jealous, mine is small. Yours is open like a tropical flower, so stunning. Tiffany also told me you are a squirter. That I have to witness. Come sit.”

Rhya removed her finger from my pucker, and from somewhere a shower chair appeared. Rhya guided me to the chair, with my mons at the edge. She guided my legs over the chair arms, spreading my pussy wide, exposing all my secrets.

“Humm, it is so beautiful, so tasty looking.”

What’s with this tasty thing? I have read about girls and guys eating girls out, but Tiffany’s mom couldn’t mean that? But I watched as her head leaned towards my pussy: then it happened. Her tongue was now massaging my pussy, from the bottom to my clitoris that betrayed me, my body trying to lift itself to get additional contact. Rhya sucked my clitoris like it was a nipple. Rhya’s finger slipped deep into my anal pucker, slowly sawing back and forth, then I felt the second finger joining the first. My mind was reeling from the sensations. A little voice deep in my mind, was advising all that would listen that my body was going to experience a very memorable climax, and with the climax there would be a flood of my pussy juice.

“Rhya, I am going to cum.”

Rhya placed her mouth over the opening. As the first ejaculation hit, I could actually feel the volume of liquid flow out of me and into Rhya’s willing mouth. Her lips were glued to me like a suction cup. After the third mild ejaculation, my body turned into a jelly, surge after surge of tremors running their course.

“Thank you Avery, I haven’t tasted so much girl cream since I was in high school. My girlfriend, whom was a squirter, let me enjoy her cum. She gave me a daily treat, but no where’s near your volume. Thank you Avery.”

My mind was in overflow, Tiffany’s mom Rhya just ate me out. My body was still pulsating from indescribable pleasure; my mind still trying to come to terms with what just happened. Girls do not like girls, that fact has been pounded into me for all my life ... But why does a girl eating me out feel so good?

I have no idea how long I was sitting in the chair, my mind was calculating in hours, actually it was only minutes. Opening my eyes, I was greeted by Rhya’s smiling face, licking her lips. She leaned forward and kissed my pussy. The emotional thrill ran up my back bone to my feeble brain. Brain to Avery, you enjoyed what just happened. Look at your body; it is straining forward wanting more from Rhya. Then a shock, Rhya put pressure on my legs pushing upwards, this caused my body to move down on the chair, my butt now right at the edge. Rhya’s fingers were all over me. My cheeks were spread as wide as possible. Rhya enjoyed a very close look at my pucker. More pressure was applied to spread my pucker, actually opening it. Then a real shockwave, a very moist projectile in my asshole, Rhya’s tonguing my pucker. It felt odd, but I couldn’t help myself and attempted to push my body forward to get it in deeper. Her moist tongue moved back and forth in my asshole, and my body reacted, actually enjoying every stroke. The sensation caused me to climax once more, this time my ejaculation hitting Rhya. Her face and hair got covered with my love potion. I passed out.

When I came back to the living, I was in a bed, actually Tiffany’s bed, naked, Tiffany cuddling me to her breasts, a stiff nipple at my lips. Tiffany was stroking my hair; I could feel her kissing the top of my head. Again, I had no choice but to admit, I loved the feelings. Does that make me a lesbian? Not realizing what I was doing, Tiffany’s nipple ended up in my mouth; I was sucking her like a baby. Where were these feelings and urges coming from?

“Welcome back Avery, you had us concerned when you passed out. Feeling better?”

It was hard to answer with her nipple in my mouth. It was actually enjoyable sucking. Tiffany and I were now eye to eye.

“My mom has a great tongue doesn’t she? It is so long. Did you enjoying the feeling?”

Tiffany had to be referring to Rhya’s anal penetration. And I did enjoy it; I never realized that my anal pucker could provide such a remarkable climax.

“Did she do it with you?”

“Mom taught me to enjoy my body at a very young age. Her motto is nothing is taboo if both parties enjoy it. Did you enjoy it?”

“It really shocked me at first, but yes I did. Shit I can’t believe I said that. Two days ago my views regarding sex were very puritan, not only that, sex between two girls was unthinkable.”

“And now?”

“I am still mulling it over in my mind. I hate to admit it but I did enjoy all of it.”

Tiffany moved towards me and kissed me, a kiss I will remember forever.

Needless to say I never made it the mall that day. At home, the events of the day still burst in my mind: “I like girls, I like women”. What happened? I was in the kitchen drinking ice water when my mom came in.

“How did your day go? You look a little tired.”

“I was at Tiffany’s, talking with her and her mom.”

“I am glad you are making new friends.”

Mom busied herself in the kitchen and I couldn’t help but look at her. When I say look at her, I mean look at her as someone else other than my mom. She has a great body, since we have the pool she has been swimming every day. She surprised both me and my dad when she purchased a bikini. It is emerald green and doesn’t cover much, but it does match her eyes.

Today she was wearing shorts that accent her beautiful butt. Shit, I was looking at my mom as sexual person. Her shorts were deep between her cheeks, it had me wondering if she had ever had her pucker used as a sexual focal point. Before Tiffany, I would have never had such thoughts but after Rhya, I have great respect for my pucker. Has Mom ever thought of enjoying a woman/girl, maybe her daughter?

Sex isn’t a topic of discussion in my family. When I had my first period it scared the shit out of me, after a frantic discussion with Mom, she talked me through it. She tried to explain, I could become pregnant. What’s with pregnant, hell, I was still trying to get my head around my period. She had never thought of having that discussion with her daughter before the inevitable.

My dad doesn’t show any outward emotion to me or Mom. I am sure they have sex, usually Friday or Saturday night. The telltale is about eight o’clock, Mom would tell me she and Dad were tired and retire. A couple of times I went upstairs and listened at their door. I never heard Mom scream in passion like in the movies or the books I read. All I ever heard was umm, umm then it would stop. At that point I returned to watching television. A number of times Mom would show up fully dressed and do work in the kitchen. Talk about passion.

Now looking at Mom as a possible sex partner, in my mind, I was certain she has never had anyone spread her butt cheeks and demonstrated that her pucker could be a strong source of pleasure. Hell I didn’t realize that until meeting Tiffany and her mom.

I am willing to bet my dad has never eaten Mom. I know she has the same large sex as I have but no one has shown her the pleasure it can produce. What a waste, maybe I can remedy that oversight. I had a plan!

I was still feeling mellow and now on my bed with my notebook, I did a search on anal beads, wow what a selection. I stared in wonder at the length and width of many of them. Another toy that got my attention was clitoral stimulators that I would love to try. Ten minutes later, my order was confirmed, shipping today. Three days later, they were in my bed stand drawer.

Over the next two months I made a point of joining Mom in the pool. Gradually I introduced some horse play, pushing and shoving her, then trying to dunk her. It took about a week before Mom started to push back, just what I wanted. From that point on, I took every opportunity to actually touch and feel my mom’s body. Many times I would grab her from behind, using her massive breasts as handles. She got excited as her very hard nipples would attest. With her bikini bottom deeply entrenched in her ass crack from all the exertion, I was able to feel her soft pliable butt many times. I envisioned spreading those cheeks many times, examining her pucker. If Mom’s is like mine, hers will be super sensitive. Many times while swimming underwater, I would make a point of attempting to swim through Mom’s legs, each time making sure I bumped into her mons. The thin material of her bikini showed her sex, which is a duplicate of mine. Each evening after our bouts in the pool, all I could think about is getting Mom naked and doing what Rhya did to me. I bided my time.

I can confirm that anal beads really work: I can’t believe the feelings they produce. The clitoral stimulator, wow, my climaxes are strong, and continuous, why didn’t I know about these toys sooner?

Tiffany and I spent a lot of time together, often naked in her bedroom. She did enjoy licking between my legs, always giving me an explosive climax, her finger or often fingers deep in my anal pucker. One day as I was recovering from a climax, I felt the bed move, when I opened my eyes; I was looking at Tiffany’s very excited and very wet pussy. To this point I had touched but never eaten pussy.

“I got a treat for you Avery.”

I watched as she lowered her body and pussy. The only thing I could do is lick. I had tasted myself a couple of times but tasting Tiffany’s pussy put a whole new light on the subject. First, I wasn’t disgusted as I thought I would be. My preconceived perception of eating girls was it was gross. Not so! By the time I was finished enjoying the fruits of Tiffany’s ample secretions, I couldn’t get enough. While eating her pussy, my finger found her pucker, and disappeared deep inside of Tiffany. When she came I could feel the contractions on my finger. I can confirm she came many times that afternoon.

School started. With the guidance of Tiffany and Jayden all went well. We were the three musketeers. The day of the volleyball tryouts was hell. Both Tiffany and Jayden told me not to sweat it as my talent was better than most of their peers. But they weren’t the coaches. As it turned out I didn’t have to worry, I was accepted on the competition team.

My plan with Mom was moving forward. One change was after our adventure in the pool, we started showering together and actually it was Mom who suggested it. As she showered, I could appreciate her well-toned, beautiful body. Mom must have felt a bit of the excitement, because every time we were in the shower, her large nipples stood out like diamonds, hard and screaming for attention. But what to do? I wanted Mom so bad. Then an epiphany. I had pulled a back muscle during volleyball practice and it hurt like hell. Mom noticed me squirming in the shower after our fun in the pool and offered to bathe me. It is funny, even during the pain my mind went clunk, an opening. I accepted. It had been years since Mom bathed me. When she did my bum cheeks, I tried to spread my legs and cheeks so she would have to touch my pucker. Not only did she wash it, but I felt her finger on the rim, not just a swipe but a concentrated amount of time. She didn’t penetrate but she did push against it. I moaned loud enough for her to hear me. Then she was in front of me, doing my breasts and very hard nipples. Each time she touched those sensitive nipples I moaned. My eyes were closed but then I opened them to watch her expressions. Mom was hard to read. She washed my nipples at least four times and each time I moaned.

When her hands moved down my tummy, cleaning my belly button, I didn’t moan but I did squirm. Opening my eyes, Mom surprised me; she was on her knees, seemingly staring at my pussy. My clitoris was out of its hood, likely pointed straight out. I am willing to bet this is the first time my mom actually ever stared at a mature pussy. I just stood still and watched as she studied what has to be a spitting image of her sex. My labia majora had to be swollen to its fullest, and my labia minora extended to its maximum, like a large tongue protruding from my pussy. My body was betraying me, shivering with excitement. Finally Mom lifted the cloth and started to bathe my sex. Yes, I did moan in appreciation of the feeling I was receiving. When she was done, Mom surprised me once again. She ran a finger through my slit three times. I know it had to be coated with my elixir. Another surprise was she brought her finger to her nose smelling it. I know my pheromones were emitting at super full strength. I could smell myself. I was waiting for Mom to taste her daughter but she disappointed me. She stood up. Mom had a funny grin on her face.

“Done. I was glad to help.”

“Thanks Mom, now I am going to do you!”

“Are you sure you feel up to it?”

Now to that comment I wanted to scream YES!

“I want to try Mom; you made me feel so good.”

Mom looked at me with a whimsical smile; I think she enjoyed exploring her daughter. I know her daughter is going to enjoy examining her mom.

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