Dragon Blood

by Ka Hmnd

Copyright© 2017 by Ka Hmnd

Fantasy Sex Story: All my long life I have been a surf... a slave. I served and taught the rich and when I was old or ancient as they called me they wanted to sacrifice me. Even ancient I still knew how to kill and I did and tried to escape but a mage caught me. I was not the only one he was going to sacrifice. He drained our blood and replaced it with the blood of a dragon, it should have killed us but... but it brought youth and strength and a chance to kill the mage.

Caution: This Fantasy Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/ft   Consensual   .

I was a surf, from the time I was born to when my life changed I belonged to the Stone Military Academy. The empire was huge but in and around this city it had no power. The city had a hundred mages and other magic users. There was even a mage college where magic was taught to those with the gift for magic.

The Stone Military Academy was for sons of nobles and rich. They learned the ways of weapons, tactics, strategy and supply. There were main guild halls in the city that also taught the children of guild members. There were hundreds of temples and a thousand gods and all the priests kept their hands out.

At the age of six I began to work, first as a runner in the academy and then a helper. I learned weapons and how to use them. By fifteen I was a training assistant and paired and mated at sixteen. I never loved Gina and was not even sure the children were mine or one of the students she serviced.

At thirty I was a main teacher of the sword or knife. By fifty I was back to teaching younger children the basics. Gina died before I turned sixty which was very old for surfs. All the children and grandchildren were gone, sold or exchanged and moved away. I was seventy and back to cleaning up the armory and Salle.

I turned when I heard voices and shifted the dagger I had just picked up. I had swept and cleaned the Salle floor and placed all the towels in a hamper for the laundry. The new academy arms master and a arch mage called Darken walked in. The arms master pointed to me, “from the records he is at least seven decades.”

The arch mage nodded while looking at me, “yes he will do.”

All I could think was he needed a sacrifice and I had been chosen. The arch mage gestured as he opened his mouth and I brought the dagger up, back and threw. The arms master had not earned his positioned and was barely competent at best. He shifted but the arch mage yanked him across and in front of him.

The dagger slammed into his chest and he clutched it and then looked at me. I spun to flee and heard the arch mage shout. I screamed as my body was frozen and then darkness struck. When I opened my eyes I was on a narrow table looking up at a stone ceiling I did not know. I shifted and heard steps as I turned to look to my left.

A teenage girl was tied onto another table and I tried to move and found ropes holding me. The arch mage caught my jaw and turned my head, “you are very spry for being so old.”

I glared and he chuckled, “if it makes you feel better you did kill that moron.”

He glanced at the other table before looking at me, “I am afraid you are not going to enjoy my experiment.”

He turned and moved to a table with wheels and started moving it, “you see I am studying the effects of dragon blood. It does have healing properties but what else can it do? Can it regenerate a lost hand? Can it restore youth? What I am going to do is completely exchange your blood for a dragon’s blood, including your marrow.”

He moved another table beside the girl and then carried two large glass containers to each one. The containers were filled with blood and he brought two empty containers and set them on the floor on my other side. Next were tubes with needles and he pushed the tubes into the containers.

He moved around and set a tube in the empty container. He caressed the needle on the other end and whispered before grabbing my arm. He slid it into a vein while I tried to struggle but I could not move. He let me go and moved around to the container of blood and caught my arm. Again he slid the needle into a vein but this time the blood ran into my arm.

My blood was pouring out the other tube and into the empty container. The blood that went into my arm felt like it was burning. I struggled and yelled and the fire crept up my arm and into my chest. When it reached my heart I screamed and thrashed as the fire spread. It was not just like my blood was scalding and burning, it felt like my muscles were being pulled apart.

Before long the only thing I knew was the pain tearing through my body. I did not see the blood leaving my body slow. It felt like my bones were in a forge as the marrow boiled away and the dragon blood replaced it. Vaguely I heard a girl screaming beside me but all I knew was my own pain. It could have been hours or days before the pain eased.

I slowly turned my head but the arch mage was not in the room. The girl was struggling weakly and I tested the rope holding my wrists. My body almost felt numb but it also felt very light and I could see emanations all over in the room. I tightened the muscles in my right arm and lifted and felt the rope stretch and give.

I stopped when I heard the door and the arch mage entered. He crossed the room and looked at me, “aware?”

I glared, “you know I will kill you.”

He chuckled, “not in this life.”

I yanked and the rope broke and my hand snapped up and caught his throat. I squeezed and pulled him closer as he began to struggle, “I am going to take everything you have.”

I ignored my hand as it began to glow and squeezed tighter. The arch mage jerked and spasmed and then began to thrash. I felt extremely strong and something was flooding into me that tingled. I was getting flashes and seeing and feeling memories as the arch mage’s head glowed. He went limp and began to shrivel up and I let him go.

I twisted and yanked and the other rope holding me snapped like it was thread. I sat up and looked around before I bent to break the rope holding my legs and feet. I ripped out the needles and slipped off the table and caught myself before I fell. I felt a little dizzy and started around the table.

I pulled the needles out of the girl and then moved back to the arch mage and knelt to take his dagger. I stabbed him in the heart and then cut his throat and rolled him and began to remove his head. When I was done I stood and looked at the girl and knew I could not leave her. I dropped the dagger and moved around the table.

I untied the ropes and lifted her and was amazed at how light she felt. I turned and went around and moved to the door. I began to shift her so I could open it but felt something inside reach out and the door opened. I grinned as I walked through and found myself in a wide basement hall.

I started for the stairs at the other end and stopped at an open doorway. Inside was treasure in open chests and on thick wooden benches. I looked at the naked girl and shook my head, “clothes, food and then gold.”

I carried her up the stairs and looked around before heading to the back. I stopped in the door to a small Salle and then turned and went back the way I came. I took the next hall and the first room on the left was a library and study. The next on the right was a bathing room and I hesitated before I went in. I set the girl on a bench and started filling a large bath.

I was not really surprised one spout had hot water. I carried the girl to the very large bath and set her in and began to wash her and her eyes snapped open. She looked at me and I smiled and caressed her face, “it is over now.”

She whispered hoarsely, “the mage?”

I growled, “dead.”

She smiled and then looked around, “what are you doing?”

I blushed, “washing us. We ... um ... our bodies...”

She nodded, “of course.”

She slowly sat up and reached for the cloth I was using. She looked at my hard cock and then into my face, “you look younger.”

I touched my face and shook my head, “after we wash we need to find clothes.”

She looked at my hard cock, “um...”

I looked at her as she licked her lips, “what?”

She smiled and her hand wrapped around my cock, “perhaps you could put this in me first and then we could get dressed.”

I groaned as my cock throbbed and reached for her. I stood and pulled her out of the bath and gestured and brought a towel to me. I dried us and took her hand and pulled her out and started looking for the bedroom. It was not hard to find and the bed was huge with several large and elaborately carved standing closets.

I pulled her to the bed and turned her and helped her sit and then lay back. I looked at her body before I lifted and spread her legs. I bent and looked at her pussy before I captured her clit and started teasing it. My wife had at least taught me about sex and I had enjoyed doing this ... when she was clean.

The girl groaned and shook while lifting her hips, “ooohhhh!”

She wiggled and squirmed as I kept it up and finally she was spasming and tried to cover her pussy. I straightened and moved closer and bent my cock as I looked at her. I shoved into her and her eyes went wide as she stiffened. I pushed deeper until my cock was buried and bent to touch her temple and put my other hand on her mound.

I murmured the spell to heal and remove pain. She sighed and her extremely tight pussy seemed to relax. I smiled as I stood again and began to press into her and grind. She shivered and smiled as her pussy squeezed, “this feels nice.”

I pulled almost out and buried my cock again and her eyes went wide. Her pussy tightened and grasped my cock as she shuddered, “aaaahhhh!”

Her pussy gripped my cock as I pulled back again and started to fuck her with deep thrusts. A couple of minutes and she was writhing around while her very tight pussy constantly squeezed and clenched. She twisted and bucked and kept shaking, “yyyeeeesssss!”

Finally I was holding her legs up and spread while fucking her firmly. She jerked and spasmed and tossed her head, “fffuuucccckkkkk!”

After awhile I shoved into her and pushed to get even deeper. My cock erupted and I started to pump strong spurts of seed. She gasped and squirmed while her pussy seemed to milk my cock, “mmmm!”

When I was done I pulled out and turned her on the bed and moved over her. I pushed back into her messy pussy and she sighed and hugged me. I fucked her many times before I stopped and she had a satisfied smile. I thought of woman’s herbs and a spell from the mage came to me.

I helped her out of bed and we went back to the bath. I cupped her mound and put one of her hands over mine and the other to my temple. I murmured and felt the subtle magic enter her and shield her womb to keep her from getting with child. She grinned and kissed me before grabbing the wash cloth. After we were clean we returned to the room and searched for clothes.

I ended up using magic and a spell to change a couple of fancy silk robes into dresses for Mika. When she saw and felt what I was doing she was able to copy me and make a couple more. I made a few sets of clothes for myself and pulled her out and after me to the kitchen. It was almost like we were starving and ate as much as we could.

I slipped out and looked around the estate before I found a large, wide wagon and several horses. I knew we could not stay or we would be killed. Surfs that killed a free person did not die easily. First we went back downstairs and brought up the chests of gold and silver. After that Mika had me take the elaborately carved standing closets.

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