Getting What You Asked For

by Tony Tiger

Copyright© 2017 by Tony Tiger

Drama Sex Story: Be careful. This guy wasn't.

Caution: This Drama Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Romantic   Fiction   Slut Wife   Hispanic Male   Pregnancy   .

I was the typical teenage pussy hound. Mostly frustrated and getting frantic, thinking I’d never get laid. When my buddy invited me along on his date with Evie because she wanted a three-some, I should’ve enjoyed that first wild piece of ass and never looked back. But my little head took over and I asked her first for one date and then more.

I knew from the word around that even though I was screwing her each time we got together, there were others in between our dates. I didn’t really care, I was getting what I wanted. How much I was hooked on her wasn’t apparent until she disappeared for a while.

When she came back, something had changed besides her bigger tits. She was a lot easier to get dates with because not so many guys were trying, and she was not quite as quick to take off her panties. I didn’t inquire further, being just happy to dump my stuff again when she let me.

I remember the first time I got her naked and started sucking on those big boobs. I got a mouthful of milk! That’s when she told me she’d had a baby and gave it up for adoption. She also said she got better birth control now and that made me a happy fucker.

We’re both a little older by now and a relationship gradually developed when we found out there were a couple of things that we liked the same. After a while I asked her if she would officially be my girlfriend but wasn’t specific about what that meant, therefore I really couldn’t complain when I found out that I still wasn’t the only one pounding her pussy.

Finally, that started to bother me and I didn’t know what else to do besides ask her to be my wife. I was through trade school and had a decent job so figured it was time to take that step. She was reluctant but finally said she would although she did not want a formal engagement. We decided to save money by just having a simple family-only wedding, nothing fancy.

The honeymoon wasn’t very fancy either, simply spending a week at an affordable motel by a lake. She enjoyed parading around in a little tiny swimsuit even though her stretch marks showed. The guys only looked at her big mommy tits anyway.

I was in testicle heaven, bouncing on her body at least twice a day. She decided to get a part-time job as much for being bored hanging around our little apartment as the money. Her mood seemed to get much better on the days that she was working. I figured it was just because she wasn’t bored until one day when I got sick at work and came home early without calling her like I usually did.

My plan to slip in quietly and surprise her worked the other way around. I heard the rhythmic thumping from our bedroom and knew exactly what I’d see when I peeked around the corner. She was riding a big brown dick which I could clearly see was all juice covered when she rose up off of it and slammed back down. I backed off quietly and sat down on the couch. My crotch swelled and I groped myself in my pants as I heard the sounds of her orgasm followed by male grunts.

When she sashayed out on the way to the bathroom and glanced at me, she gave a little shriek and turned to the big guy right behind her. “You better get out of here quick. That’s my husband.” He didn’t waste any time.

After Evie peed she sat down across from me, “How long have you been here, and why?”

“I got sick at work and was here long enough to see what you are doing. Why?”

She gave me an almost smirky smile, “You know damn well I fucked around a lot before we married. I was so used to that it’s been very difficult for me to give it up. There’s not been a lot to do around here and so I figure that if I only stuck to guys who had already fucked me it wouldn’t be wrong. I don’t know if you noticed but a few words were left out of our wedding ceremony so I’ve never really promised to only share my body with you. Is that enough explanation?”

I was angry and aroused as I pulled off my clothes, dragged her to the bed her down and jumped on her. I fucked her furiously, spurred on by the feeling of fresh other man’s juice in her twat. She wrapped her arms and legs around me and squealed happily as I pounded. She came twice before I blasted, probably as hard as I ever had.

“Oh my God honey, if it gets you to fuck me like that, I’ll find a strange dick every day!”

Although that startled me, it actually resurrected my pecker which was still soaking in her slimy slot and I began moving more slowly. Wordlessly I sucked on her tits and shoved my tongue down her throat before I shot another load. She didn’t cum again but was clearly fucked out.

We didn’t talk about it again until the next day and while I was at work I wondered if she was serious about what she said last night as we screwed. When she put supper on the table she said, “You cut short our session yesterday so I’d like to go out with Frederico tonight. He’s my favorite.” I got the idea that since I hadn’t beaten her up, she figured I was okay with her fooling around. I had very mixed feelings about that that I hadn’t sorted through yet.

“Your favorite? Does that mean... ?”

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