Journey Without Pants

by Salahuddin Rehmaan

Copyright© 2017 by Salahuddin Rehmaan

Sex Story: A lady drove with car and accidently got bottomless, but she kept on her journey. Situation took dramatic turn and she was been required to get out of the car, each time she came out in that state, she was been well ravished by stranges.

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Reluctant   True Story   Humiliation   Gang Bang   Indian Female   Exhibitionism   Voyeurism   Public Sex   Indian Erotica   .

This isn’t my story but submitted to me by one of my reader, she mailed me the whole story and I’m submitting it on behalf of her, you can mail me on rehmaan or contact her directly at her mail address So her story goes in his word...

Myself Bhama Chouhan, I am divorced due to some circumstantial situations, I’m 30 and have a four-year-old child, but he lives with my parents and I live all alone. It’s not so that my parents don’t support me, but it’s me who want to stand on my own feet. I have a perfect figure of 34 by 32 by 34, I looked ravishingly beautiful and no one could resist fucking me. I am a white beauty and sun usually turns me red. I got puffy lips, tight boobs, broad waist, broad thighs and up straight bums. My nipples are medium in size and pink in colour. I usually wear tight pants and tops all the time. Feel more comfortable it that but it also enriches my beauty in that and people’s eyes keeps on following me all the times. As I’m divorced and don’t wear any traditional ornaments now, no one even thinks that I’m married and a mother of four-year-old child. I basically stay in New Delhi in a rented Apartment, all alone, and work as a school teacher. As it’s a private school and that too of high grade it pays me enough not even to survive but also to build a savings.

It was October when an interstate competition was going to be held in Ahmadabad, Gujarat. Our school was being selected for that and three male students and three female students were selected for few competitions over there. A male teacher along with a female teacher were been selected to go there along with the students. I was a new teacher joined this year itself, less experienced so I wasn’t among the group. I didn’t want to go either so on desired day the trip was executed and we all went to the station to bid them good bye and best of luck. But dramatically or unfortunately in the journey the female staff went sick. She abandoned the train in the journey and came back by an ambulance. The staff meeting was being organised next day itself. All were being searching for an alternative and find none as trains were pack and Tatkaal tickets were even not so sure. The agents who arranged Tatkaal tickets surrendered due to festive rush. Our principal found a solution, he said that he owns a car and if anyone knows to drive then they can drive to Jaipur by road. He asked for females who could drive, I raised my hand and then immediately understood my mistake. I know several female staffs that could drive but no one raised their hands. It seemed that due to festive season, no one wanted to go. Our principal looked at me and asked me to go with another female staff. I reluctantly agreed as I didn’t find any excuse. But none of the female staff was ready to come along. The principal tried to convince several but they had strong excuses. I was fed up with the silly excuses so I told the principal that I can manage all alone. He looked at me and said that it’s quite dangerous to drive for a girl all alone. But I wanted to make my position in the school strong so I declared that I was fine. Principal gave me car keys and maps instruction and I came home. The whole journey was of 933 KM or more and he instructed me to drive in parts, not to try to drive constantly. It was Sunday that day and I was required to reach on Wednesday morning so I had sufficient time to drive and have rest in some hotels in the way.

I reached home by car and then packed my goods. I put them in the car luggage set and locked it back. I locked the flat and then moved out. I took the car and started to drive. I drove constantly until I reached Neemrana, it was around 4 pm then and the weather was cloudy. I was praying that it shouldn’t rain but to my dismay it rained. The road was hard to see and so I stopped the car on a side. I waited the rain to subside. So after 30 minutes of good shower the rain stopped. I moved on the road again but on a point I stopped. As the rain had washed away the pollution and dust the scenes were looking great. So I stopped near such a scene and was enjoying the weather and the pleasant nature. I viewed it for few moments and then walked back to the car. But before I could reach the car, a truck passed by and splashed the mud water collected near the road side with his tyres. I was drenched in the water till my waist. My pant was all wet and water even reached my panty. I cursed the driver and went to open my luggage to get spare clothes. I opened my purse and immediately realised my mistake. I forgot to bring the keys of briefcase. I cursed myself and started to think options. There was no way I could keep driving in wet pants. And any option of breaking lock was only possible at reaching my destination only. I stood there thinking for 15 minutes and then a foolish thought came in my mind. I say it foolish because I regretted it afterwards but that time it looked brilliant. I sat inside the car and got out of my pants. I pulled it out along with my panty. I sub sided the back door window and placed them on the left side back door window. My plan was while driving it will get dry due to air flow. I didn’t want to hang it on right side as lots of peoples may notice that and on right side it was very less chance that someone notices it. I smiled at my brains, even I considered myself genius then, but I know it was a foolish decision.

So I started to drive, after a good drive and while I was about to reach Behror, I decided to wear them back. I stopped the car and turned back, I nearly screamed in terror what I saw. My pants and panty were not on the window. It seems it flew off somewhere in the way. As it was opposite side to my driving seat I didn’t notice when it happened. Now I had nowhere to go, how will I move on without pants and panty, just in my tops? I decided to get a rock somewhere and break the briefcase. It was the only option left. So I started to drive again looking around to see big rock that could break the briefcase. While looking for rock I completely forgot that I was on a road and must keep an eye on the road. A guy in a bike was taking a turn to left side. He was too slow but I didn’t see him. My car bonnet hit rear of his motorcycle and he fell on the road. I panicked and looked at him; he was wearing a green shirt and white pant. Instead of slowing down I hit the accelerator. I speed up the car until he was out of sight and then slowed my car down. Then another shock hit my mind, I forgot to bring the driving license too. Usually I take public transport for school so I don’t carry driving license always. I started to feel like crying and started to drive slowly. About 10 minutes later the road seemed blocked by two bikes. I stopped the car as soon I reached there. I looked around and saw a guy in green shirt and white pant coming towards me. He was accompanied by another guy who was in t-shirt and jeans. I was dumb shock, seems that they both took any shortcut and reached here before me. They came to the driver’s window and knocked the window. I was thinking what to do, should I drive the car and smash the bikes. But I then realized that if anything happens that it will be a serious issue. Addition to this I wasn’t carrying my driving license and this car wasn’t mine. I lowered the window glass. The guy in green shirt was on fire and started to abuse me for rash driving but the other guy was soft and was instructing my mistake. He was telling me that I should have stopped and at least see that he was fine or not. He asked me to come out of the car. There I panicked again, I started to beg them for forgiveness and I don’t even remember that what else I told them.

The other guy asked me to get out of the car. He wanted to pay them the loss to the bike and then I was free to go. He promised that they won’t hurt me. But I had a different problem, my pants were not on me, I was all naked below my waist. He requested few time to come out then pushed his hand inside and unlocked the door. He opened the gate and nearly pulled me out of the car. I was dragged out of car and was feeling so shameful. As soon as I crossed the door and the door closed they were shocked to see me in that state. Immediately like a tape recorded I elaborated the whole incident. While I was telling them what happened they were constantly looking at my thighs and pussy. I was so terrified that I realised it later. I covered my pussy with my palms and was looking towards the ground. They started to whisper between themselves and asked me to look at the bike condition. They pulled me by my arms and took me to the bike. They showed me the bike which had few breakage and few scratches on the side. My hands were on my pussy but as they were behind me now, my naked bums were open to view. I turned around to catch them read handed admiring my back. I asked the amount to compensate the damage and they said 20,000. I hadn’t got repairing works till date but I knew it was too much than normal. I argued to reduce it down but they rejected and were asking either to pay them or come to the police station. They wanted the police to decide the money. Police was another panic attack to me. I didn’t have my driving license so I joined my hands and asked them to reduce it a bit as I wasn’t carrying that much amount with me. Doing this my pussy was back to view. They came near and asked me to follow them to car. They parked the bike to the road side and removed the obstacle on the road. I started to walk towards the car and then I was about to get in the front seat when the other guy started me. He asked to get inside the back seat as they both will talk there. I hesitated, so he notified me about my condition. He said that I could draw unwanted attention standing on the road, if anyone passes. I nodded my head and opened the back door to get inside. As soon as I got inside from right door, the guy in green shirt entered from left door. The guy in jeans got from the right door.

I was sitting in middle of both of them. They closed the door and turned towards me. I know there was something fishy but I had very little options then. They turned towards me and looked towards my thighs. They both kept their one hands on my thighs and said, “Madam, you look great and we are interested in something else then money.” He started to raise my top and said, “We can have some fun here and then you can move to your way and we’ll forget everything.” I grabbed his hand which was trying to raise my top. He looked at me and said, “Else we can go to police station also, your choice.” Sex wasn’t new to me, I wasn’t a virgin at all, but it was disgusting to have it this way. I thought about all possibilities and knew I had none. So I left his hand, considering it as approval he raised the top up and out of my head. I was sitting in a staples bra and the other guy released it off. I was all naked now and they gulped my nipples each in their mouth. They started to lick it and suck it and meanwhile their fingers were playing with my pussy and thighs. I started to feel moisture in my pussy. As it was an open road and it was not a bedroom to play so they soon decided their sequence. The guy in green shirt stayed and the guy in jeans went outside. He stood on the door covering the window with his back. The guy in the green shirt dropped his pants immediately. He pulled my legs above the seat and then spread them apart. In a fraction of second he was inside me. He pushed his dick inside and it took me few second to adjust, as I was having sex after a long time. He started to pump his dick in and out and was sucking my pinks nipples, squeezing my boobs hard and was kissing my lips all the time. He kept on pumping me in and out for 20 minutes constantly and then flooded me inside my pussy. I panicked and whispered, “Why the hell inside?” He smiled and said, “Didn’t want to mess the seat and car.” He smiled and pulled his pants up. He opened the left gate and got out. He went to the opposite side and the next guy took the indication. He came inside from left gate itself. Before getting in he dropped his pants, and as soon as he was inside the car, he was inside me also. Same routine, same posture, same sucking squeezing and kissing went on for another 20 minutes, until he finished inside my pussy. He pulled his pants and said, “Madam, we are even now, you are free to now, drive properly now.”

They started their bike and vanished. I was thinking to ask them to help me with the briefcase to but it was of no use now. They vanished immediately, I got up, cleaned myself with a handkerchief and wore my bra and top again. I came to the front seat and started to drive again, this time more carefully. After about good drive of two hours I heard a police siren. I panicked again; it was a bike following me and the guys over it was asking me to stop. I looked around and immediately understood my mistake; I was inside a one way. Anyways I stopped the car, dropped my window and covered my pussy and thighs with the handkerchief. The officer came along to the window and asked for driving license. I pretended to search my purse and then said that I forgot them. He asked to side the car in the next turn. I started to drive following him. On the next turn as soon as I turned the car I saw two more officers sitting on another bike. The first officer went to them and talked with them. I knew I was in serious problem now. He came back and asked to come with them to the next check point. They’ll seize the car and I could get it back from the court. Now this was going in more serious trouble. He went to his supervisors and made hand movement to come. I decided for a second, they were in mid-thirties, not that bad looking and offering them myself didn’t seemed a bad decision then. I decided to seduce them to get out of the situation. And beyond this as soon as I will be out of car without pants, they will get seduced immediately. So I got off the car and walked towards them. They panicked immediately, terrified that I was bare bottom. I moved to them and they were constantly looking at my bottom. I asked the senior that whether there was any other way to settle this. They were dumbstruck and didn’t know what to reply. I understood that they were shocked so I walked back to my car and in between opened my tops along with my bra. I turned around and pleaded them to see any other option. I turned back and then deposited myself on the bonnet of my car. By boobs, face and stomach was on bonnet and my legs were on the ground. I decided to act like a cheap whore and so I spread my legs wide. They were whispering and murmuring between them for few minutes and as the sound vanished I found a thick dick making his way inside my pussy.

The arrow hit the bull’s eye and the guy grabbed my boobs from back and started to fuck me in my pussy. I don’t know who he was and I didn’t care either. Primarily I just wanted to get out of the mess. The guy kept on fucking me for 20 minutes when he just flooded me inside and went off. The next guy replaced him immediately, the entire fuck was raw one, no foreplay just raw fucking. He managed to flour my boobs and fucked me until he too flooded me inside. It took a second to replace my pussy by the third guy, same identical session of 20 minutes when he finished and left. I turned around after a while to see them dressed properly. They passed me a challan for not carrying driving license with a note that my driving license was been verified. It also mentioned that the papers of the vehicle were verified. They told me to stick the paper on windscreen from inside and no traffic people will stop me anywhere. I took the note and then wore my bra and tops. I moved back to my and took the driving seat. I was back on the road driving slowly this time and concentrating fully to the road. After 20 minutes’ drive I realized my mistake again, I should have taken the help of those officers for my briefcase. I ignored that thought and moved forward. In a small span of time I was been fucked by 5 guys, I don’t say that it was by my will but wasn’t against my will either. I didn’t enjoy is completely lie, not even I enjoyed but even orgasm one time with the two guys and two times with the three officer. I was being fucked after a long time but I enjoyed every bit of it thoroughly. It was getting dark now, and the road was getting isolated. Suddenly I came across to a maintenance work going on. The road had diversion on both sides. And further city names were written on both boards. Now it was confusing to take the diversion. I consulted the map and found that the road goes and meet at Shahpura. Shahpura was on my map so I decided to go from left side, if the road was wrong also then too I’ll catch the right road from Shahpura, I thought.

So I turned the car to left hand side, but after few minute’s drive, I realised that the road was more isolated than normal. Anyways I kept on following the signboard until I reached a toll booth. It showed Shahpura bypass, the toll barrier was closed and three young looking guys were sitting near the both. I blew horn of the car and they sat on the chair side to both. One of them opened the register and started to write the car number. I horned again and the other guy directed me towards the price road. It said thirty bugs, so I pulled my bag and pulled out thirty bugs and then pushed my hand out of the car. But no one came to collect the money. I horned again and this time one of them asked me to come and collect the receipt. Going out of the car without pants was again a problem but I was having no options now. So dreaming about what will happen next started to soak my pussy. I wanted it or didn’t want this was a question but in 30 seconds I made my mind. Another round to be started and it will be fun this time too. I opened the car door and exited the car. I started to walk towards the booth, they didn’t catch on my state in the beginning but as I neared up they were excited. They started to stare me to full glance and I shamelessly smiled. I reached to them and gave them 30 bugs. They ripped the receipt and gave it to me. They were constantly staring at my pussy and I took the receipt from them. I turned back and walked towards the car, giving them full show of my naked ass. I was walking rather slowing than normal, pretending to be looking at the receipts. I reached to the car and sat on the driver’s seat. I blew horn of the car again but the barrier didn’t open. A guy came to the car window and asked me whether I was new to this place, I nodded my head. He said that I could come with him to the booth and he can guide me to the rest of the roads. I understood his intention along with his hesitation and smiled. I got out of the car and he directly looked at my pussy. He asked doubtfully that why I wasn’t wearing any pants below. I told him that I like to drive more comfortably without them. He looked at my tops and I smiled back at him. I lifted my top and got out of my head, and then I placed it inside the car. As I was about to move, he looked at my bra. I smiled again and did the same for it. Now I was naked and I started to walk towards the booth. He was following me admiring my beauty.

I reached the booth, it was 6x6 feet’s booth and only a table was inside. The table was of 4x4 feet’s and it had small gaps of feet on all sides. He pulled a map and spread it on the table. One guy was standing in my front and one was just on my side. The third guy opened the barrier so that all vehicles pass off without stopping. He also came inside; the guy front to me was telling me about the directions, shortcuts and about roads in the journey. I was pretending to listen to him keenly. Meanwhile I just kept my elbows on the table and curved down. My boobs were hanging on the table and were just above my arms. They were telling me the way and were indeed fools or hesitating. A solid nude girl was standing between them and they just were passing time. The man instructing suddenly stopped talking. He kept silence for a while and started to stare at my naked boobs. I knew his attention but ignored him completely and kept on staring the map closely. He took a step with his hand and caught my both boobs in his palms. He started to press them gently, but I ignored him completely. Just then someone from back kept his hands over my both bums. I ignored him too, they both started to play with me and I was already moist in pussy. After few minutes I rose up and turned around and as soon as I turned around I was being pushed on the table, over the map. I reclined easily spreading my legs widely. One of them shredded his clothes and was inside me in a second. The rest two climbed on the table and were busy sucking my nipples. I was indeed enjoying it. The guy fucking me was holding my thighs tightly and was bucking me in full go. He didn’t take too much time and flooded me inside. Soon he was off and next guy replaced me inside pussy. He started to fuck me with his full speed and rest guys were entertaining my rest of body. He was off in prescribed time and third one took his own time to get the maximum out of me. As he too was finished I got up, took a rag lying there to clean myself and then came outside. This time I asked them to help me with the briefcase. They came out with hammer and screw driver. I opened the car and pulled out the briefcase and handed it to them. They kept it on the bonnet and tried to open the knobs of the briefcase. I opened immediately, oh my god it was never locked, just I forget to bring the keys. Hell I was being fucked in such situation just due to the fact that I didn’t tried to open the briefcase. I thanked them and pulled a pant from inside. I kept the briefcase back and wore my bra top and pant on.

I started to drive as it was already dark now. I drove few kilometres and stopped on a Dhaba or tea and snacks. Then I resumed my drive, and after driving about 3 hours I stopped at another Dhaba. The Dhaba was isolated and as I went inside, the manager welcomed me. It had only three staff I think the manager, a waiter and a cook. I ordered few things and it went to kitchen for preparation. I started to talk with the manager. I asked him whether his Dhaba always remains isolated, on which he just smiled back. He told me he got rush at lunch only, dinner remains isolated. I asked him to guide me for freshen up. He looked confuse so I asked him that I needed to go to washroom. He took me to back side of the Dhaba and showed me a tank full of water. I understood that they didn’t have bathroom facility. I smiled at him and he went off. I took a mug of water and went few yards in the field. As the back light was on so the field was clearly visible. I dropped my pants and started to pee. I was sitting 90 degrees from the back of the Dhaba when suddenly I saw the manager peeping. I smiled at his out of control behaviour, but didn’t make any sign of discomfort. He was expecting me to show my ass to him but I was sitting in wrong direction. As I pulled my pants up he was off from the place. I came back after washing my face. The Dhaba had Charpai to sit on; its typical Indian cots weaved with jute ropes. I asked them to pull one in the shade. It was like a hall and front side didn’t have any shutters. The Charpai was pulled inside the hall and I asked him what time it will take for meal to get ready. He said it will take an hour. I asked whether I could change and get a sleep for a while. He smiled and passed me a cushion. He went off the place maybe to smoke or pee and the rest two were in the kitchen. I thought for a while, isolated place, I needed a place to rest. This was a perfect place, food, sleep and a good bedtime fuck. So I thought for a while and then shredded my all clothes. I went to the car naked and kept all my clothes inside the car. I came back to the Charpai and reclined over it comfortably. I was indeed tiered with the drive and fucking in the way. In a short span of time I was turned to a shameless creature so wasn’t feeling awkward at all. I relaxed and sleep took me over.

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