Opportunist Pervert Landlord

by Salahuddin Rehmaan

Copyright© 2017 by Salahuddin Rehmaan

Sex Story: A couple too shelter from a person who rented his apartment for them. Later Landlord went pervert and forced the girl in a strange type of compromise with him. He took liberty over her body and fulfilled all kinky fantasy he had.

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Blackmail   Slavery   Cuckold   Wife Watching   MaleDom   Humiliation   Rough   Gang Bang   Polygamy/Polyamory   Double Penetration   Exhibitionism   Voyeurism   Public Sex   Indian Erotica   Prostitution   .

This isn’t my story but submitted to me by one of my reader, he mailed me the whole story and I’m submitting it on behalf of him, you can mail me on rehmaan .1994@gmail.com or contact him directly at his mail address vikas.david92@gmail.com. So his story goes in his word...

This is Vikas David, age 24, I’m married to a beautiful girl named Aradhana Singh David, she’s 20 of age, bit tan of complexion, average height, beautiful face with sharp feature, pointed nose, puffy lips, bright skin tone, 32 sized firm and pointed boobs, 28 waist, with 34 sized bums, thick thighs, thick calves. She has pity bit long hairs, usually covers her bums when left open. Over all she’s a beauty queen and everyone desires to sleep with her. I was in MA final when I first saw her. She was in second year BA. Everyone was crazy for her, usually tries to see her when she was in the campus, I was a silent spectator too but never got the chance to talk to her ever. She was week in studies so someone suggested her to get notes from me. I passed her as she asked and we started to talk. She wanted help in studies too so I offered her tuitions. She agreed immediately and I started to visit her house for tuitions. We started to talk on odd topics, first she objected later she started to like too. Accidently our hands touched or body crushed with each, she always felt uncomfortable but slowly she started to like it. Once I accidently crushed on her and she was sandwiched between me and the wall. I tried to get up but she pulled me back. Without prior notice she just kept her lips on mine. I was shocked but took the advantage, kissed her back. I crushed her boobs and bums too which she didn’t object at all. But it was her home, her family was very conservative. Love affair was prohibited and if any girl eloped in affair, people of the family usually find them and then cut them in pieces. This type of psychology is called Honour Killing. Aradhana was in love with me and so was I. But neither she neither me had the dare to ask family. We slept with each other at a friend empty home, I took her virginity and she took mine but still we didn’t had that dare to get married. Her family sensed something and they started to plan her marriage. She told me and finding no suitable option; we took cash and luggage from home and eloped from the city. We rushed to a big city and married each other. The church helped up, she became Christian, and we married each other. We tried to board the hotel but in the run we forgot to bring out documents. No hotel allowed us to stay. We were sitting on a road side and the road was isolated. I pulled my purse and was trying to search anything good and helpful for us. Just then a guy rushed to me, snatched my purse and run away. Before I could react, he vanished. Aradhana was shocked too; she looked at me with a sorrow face. How will we eat, how will we survive was her eyes asking. We sat on the bench and were thinking about it, she was weeping and tears were rolling from my eyes too.

Suddenly from nowhere a guy in late thirties or early forties appeared from nowhere. He introduced himself as Prakash Chand Shethy. His family was rich and had major business of farming. But he was settled here in the city to live alone. Due to his personal reasons he was not interested in marriage. So to skip from family pressure he skipped the city. We told him our problem and he asked us to come along with him. We accompanied him and reached to a house. The house was double story and he was occupied in the ground floor. He told us to occupy the top floor. We told him that we didn’t have money. He asked for our house address and so we told him the issue that we had love marriage and we ran away from home. He assured us that he won’t inform our families and was just interested in checking details as it was very risky to keep strangers in house. We hesitatingly gave him the address. He said that his friends live in our city and he will get is checked in 2 hours. He showed way to the kitchen and ask Aradhana to cook something for all of them meanwhile. Aradhana cooked food and we all ate heartily in these two hours. Then a call came which confirmed our identity, his friend also told that he had talked with my family and collected all my original documents including certificate. He said that he’ll send them to Prakash Chand next day. After the dinner and the call Prakash Chand made us sit with an offer. He said that he don’t need room rent now, he will give me time for 6 months, till then I can search a good job and pay him in bulk later on, after 6 months. He passed me 20,000 bugs for food and other expense for six month. He said that the floor was well equipped with furniture and we do not need to purchase anything. He rent he declared was also reasonable but we were curious that why he was helping us so much. He said that he don’t stay here all the time, we will be staying here then he’ll get company as he stays all alone, and we would be guarding the house in his absence. We didn’t find his justifications accurate but he didn’t look harmful even. Addition to this we didn’t had anywhere to go. I and Aradhana talked alone for a while and she agreed to stay. So we accepted his proposal and went upstairs to check the room. The rooms were fine for us so we shifted immediately. A gas stove was been passed by him to us for cooking and he requested to cook for him too. Aradhana was comfortable with that so we agreed. He passed his part of raw food to us and we started to cook for him too. We had all three meals together in our floor. Just when he got any visitors he would eat on his floor.

I started to search for a next day itself but my no experience, temporary accommodation and failing of presenting permanent address proof was making it hard for me to get a job, good job was out of the question. Prakash Chand presented me a rent agreement with all the clauses he mentioned earlier. I didn’t want to sign it but his generous help forced me to sign it. Five and a half months and Prakash Chand started a new business and started to collect stock of few electrical items; it was costly items and seems that he started some supply work. Prakash Chand appointed two guards who started to stay out of the house all the time. As six months closed he reminded me my promise and the rent deed. I assured him that I’ll get a job soon. But he and I both were aware of the facts that it was false commitment. Six months crossed and we entered in seventh month but Prakash Chand didn’t ask anything. When the eighth month started he summons both of us. He asked us to meet him around 10 pm at his floor. We went on the specified time and found the door to be opened. Still we knocked the gate and Prakash Chand shouted to come in. Prakash Chand was sitting on a sofa and was having drinks; we had never seen him drinking. But he was drinking that time, even he was smoking. Whiskey bottle, few snacks, cigarette packet and water bottle was on the table. Hesitated we sat on the side sofa opposite to each other. Prakash Chand was sitting in the large sofa, in middle. We sat and the first question was on our face, when I will get my money. Immediately I started to explain everything but he started to abuse me with all hard words, telling us that we were misusing his soft nature and generous help. He tried to explain but he wasn’t listening at all. Ultimately he uttered himself that he can settle our bills by other means too. He skipped near Aradhana and placed his hand over her naked thigh. She was wearing a short pants and a t-shirt. We weren’t expecting this situation and so were dressed casual. He said that Aradhana was very beautiful and he was thinking about other means also. Aradhana started to cry immediately, I also objected about it. He skipped far immediately, and started to tell the options, jail, court cases, or even he could call our family to settle his bills. That was a shiver to us, he rings the bell and both guards came inside. He instructed them not to let us leave the house until our parents arrive. They nodded their head and went away. Aradhana repulsed, she said that she was a married women and cannot do anything like this other than her husband. Prakash Chand said immediately that he understands. This was like a hope to us but it vanished immediately. He said that he can marry her, I objected that how is that possible.

Prakash Chand presented a ridiculous and kinky alternative solution to it. According to him he’ll marry Aradhana for 12 hours, from 12 PM afternoon to 12 AM midnight she would have to act as his wife, and from 12 AM midnight to 12 PM afternoon she’ll be my wife. This way she can take care of both of us. While being his wife, I cannot come in between them and while being my wife, he won’t come in between. While she is his wife she must be loyal and obedient to him and while she was my wife, I can decide her loyalty. Immediately he asked us to leave and think about it. We came to our floor dejected and Aradhana wept whole night. We discussed every possibility and every condition but didn’t found way out. Still we decided to request him again and went to him at 10 AM. We thought he was drunk that’s why he said that. We met him in morning and told him what he said last night, and asked whether he was serious about it or said in drunken state. He abused me again and said that he was absolutely serious. Aradhana said him to put us in jail but we are not interested. He pulled his cell and called his friend, he said to go to Aradhana house and tell her parents that her elope daughter and son-in-law was at his house and ask them to talk with him. Fear took over immediately, if her family arrives, we’ll both be dead for sure. Aradhana folded her hands not to do it and she’ll do anything for him. Prakash Chand immediately pulled her t-shirt up, and then pulled her bra down. He caught her both boobs and started to squeeze them hard. It all happened in front of me but I didn’t have that much dares to say anything. Prakash Chand said to marry him on his condition, he assured that this wasn’t permanent and I can provide him the fund and he’ll release us both. The day we settle his bills we would be free to leave. Aradhana to my horror nodded her head with tears on her cheek. He left her and asked to fix her clothes. He said that he’ll be back at 8 pm and she must be ready like a bride. He brought a packet and gave it to her. He told it contained all she would require. We came back to our room, I started to abuse Aradhana that why she agreed for it. Aradhana started to abuse me for not taking care of her needs after marriage. She was right in that term; I was responsible for this condition. We sat whole day discussing our escape options and found none. We came to the conclusion that we don’t have any escape options. Aradhana told me how much she loved me and her love won’t change for me ever. I consoled her that my love towards her won’t change ever even after she does this. Aradhana consoled me that she will be doing this just for our safety. She wished me to rescue her as soon as possible and then we will forget this forever, and start a happy life then after. I promised her that I’ll find the solution soon. We went whole day holding each other in arms.

Around 7 the door was knocked, Aradhana opened the gate to find Prakash Chand standing there. He asked roughly whether we were disobeying his requests. Aradhana said immediately that she wasn’t, she’ll get ready and come down in one hour. He passed her wax and razors, he asked her to clean herself nicely. He looked at me and asked me to help her too. Aradhana went inside the bathroom and I followed her. She went nude and started to wax her legs and hands. As she was done, she waxed her belly and asked me to wax her back. It took 30 minutes to wax her clean. Then she shaved her pussy and for perfection she shaved it thrice to make it hairless and smooth. She applied few lotions on it to make it super smooth. She took a bath and then wiped her with a towel. We came out and pulled the clothes which Prakash Chand gave us. To astonish both of us it was a Christian bridal dress, instead of Hindu bridal dress. Addition to this the dress was shoulder less and no undergarments were with it. We were deciding what to do when Prakash Chand was on the gate. He was looking at Aradhana nude state and was admiring her beauty. It was already passed 8 so he said to get ready soon. We were amazed with his presence and Aradhana tried to cover herself with a towel. Prakash Chand laughed and said that in a few minutes he will be having all of her. He asked the problem and I said that the parcel wasn’t having undergarments. He smiled and said that he didn’t keep them in the parcel. He continued to wear them without them. We didn’t object and Aradhana got ready in few minutes. She was looking stunning and we descended downwards toward Prakash Chand hall. A priest was standing there already but he was looking funny than actual priests looks. It was sure that he was some kind of actor instead of an original one. Before the ritual could begin Prakash Chand passed us a notarised bond paper and asked us to read it carefully. We read it and found to be a declaration of Aradhana and Prakash Chand marriage. It has clauses which stated the timing of authority of both husbands. It had declaration one husband won’t interfere in any legal or illegal activities of other if the time cycle wasn’t his. It had several more declaration which I and Aradhana read with sweating forehead. He asked both us to read and sign on three copies. We signed it and he also signed it and handed one copy each to all of us. He kept his copy in the locker fixed in the wall. The marriage ritual started and they exchanged rings and swear oaths. At the end of the statement the priest announced them as husband and wife and told Prakash Chand that he can fuck the bride. I objected that actual phase is that you can kiss the bride. Prakash Chand roared, that ultimately it meant the same. He asked that after we got married and the priest said that you can kiss the bride, did we only kissed and didn’t do anything else later. I didn’t replied so he said, you both fucked after that, so this guy skipped one step, what’s harm in that. He continued that Aradhana was already having one marriage and blossom it well, so if she skips few steps in her second marriage what harm was in it. I kept silent and didn’t utter anything. The priest took his payment and left immediately. Prakash Chand dropped his pants immediately and pulled Aradhana gown upwards from below. I requested him to move to the bedroom. He turned around and slapped me hard. He shouted at me and said not to come between him and his wife. He showed me the time which was 9 pm around. So he said that my timing will start around 12 am and till then I can’t say a word. He reminded me about the bond, I and he both know that it was an illegal marriage and court will sue him immediately. Issue wasn’t the bond but our dangerous families.

He asked me to leave his place and while going shut the main door. I looked at Aradhana who was standing there little terrified with Prakash Chand having her gown raised to her waist. Her pussy was clearly visible now. Prakash Chand erect dick was also visible as he was standing without pants. I turned around and went to the main gate. I closed the door and was about to leave upstairs when found the window side to main door open. I tried to peep inside and found Prakash Chand pushing Aradhana towards the dining table. He forced her to deposit her butts on the table edge and pulled her one leg upwards. He got inside her immediately and the light scream from her lips told me about it. He kissed her immediately with full mouth and started to move his ass, to and forth. He was fucking her now; he was pushing his dick hard and brutally. He managed to draw away her entire gown and started to fuck her hard, while he was pressing her firm boobs and sucking her nipples. He was not young man and didn’t have that much capacity to hold so he just washed out in few minutes. He flooded her pussy with all his loads and then drew his dick out. Aradhana complaint immediately that he shouldn’t had filled her inside. He replied being his wife even she gets pregnant he’ll take care of the kid. He said that he doesn’t like using condoms and if she was so concern, she can go on pills. Aradhana was about to grab her gown when he said not to as he will have her once more. They went to dining table and both had their dinner, he had already ordered little stuff and they had that. After the dinner was over he sat on the sofa and asked her to get on her knees and suck him up. Aradhana complaint again that she hadn’t done this before. Prakash Chand said, so what start toward, so unwillingly she started to suck him. In 10 minutes his dick was back to life. He asked her to stop and then got up. He pulled her to dining table, curved her on the table, so that her stomach and boobs were on the table. He was about to get inside her when he thought something. He came to the front gate locked it from inside. Then he locked the window from inside. Now there was no way I could see inside, but still I waited there. Two minutes later Aradhana voice came out, not that way, even Vikas never tried it. Prakash Chand roared that he’ll do anything he likes. Then a light scream came from Aradhana followed by weeps and crying sound along with humping sound of Prakash Chand. Slowly the voice reduced and vanished completely. I waited there for 20 more minutes but as no voice was coming out, I went upstairs.

Around 12 am Aradhana came upstairs. Her body had few scratches, bruises, her pussy was leaking with white liquid and so was her ass. Her hair was all messed up, with lipstick spread over her chin and cheeks. The eye liner was also spread up all over her face and she was carrying a pack of birth control pills. She was all naked and I just grabbed her in my arms. She started to cry but didn’t say anything. I carried her to bathroom and we had bath together. After the bath I wiped her with clean towel and made her recline on bed. She pulled a blanket and immediately went to sleep. I was feeling sick now for not able to do anything. It was sure that Prakash Chand was a pervert and an opportunist too. He had bad eye on Aradhana from day one and he planned all this so carefully. But we were in trap now, thinking that I went to sleep again. I woke up around 10 am while Aradhana was cooking food for me. He kept the food on table and asked me for breakfast. We had breakfast together, around 11 am. We had few talk among ourselves when the clock ticked 12 pm. Aradhana told me to have lunch and dinner on time. She rushed inside the bedroom and came out in a small towel. Nothing was on her except the towel and she bid me good bye and rushed downstairs. After 15 minutes I got ready and came down, the main gate was open and I could see Prakash Chand reading newspaper. Aradhana was busy cooking food in the kitchen. Prakash Chand saw me and smiled and then came to me. He said that he had called some guests tonight around 8 pm for dinner and I should attend the dinner too. I nodded my head and went off the city to search the rescue options. Dejected at 7:30 pm I marched back home and reached home around 8:15 pm. I was about to climb upstairs when Prakash Chand called for me. He reminded me for small party and dinner. I came back downwards and we entered the main gate. On the sofa there were sitting three guys about the same age to Prakash Chand. Seems they were close friend of Prakash Chand and looked like they just reached there. They were carrying gifts with them and were still holding in their hands. Prakash Chand asked me to sit on the side sofa and went inside the house. After 5 minutes he came back to the hall and sat on the sofa. After 5 minutes Aradhana came to the room, she was carrying few glasses, whiskey bottle and few snacks in a tray. She came and kept all the items on the table.

Surprisingly she was wearing a white coloured semi transparent blouse deep neck Velcro blouse. It didn’t have buttons in the front but a Velcro, that too on the bottom only. Her nipples were clearly visible from the thin fabrics; below she was wearing a five inches length pleated mini skirt which was hardly covering her modesty. She served drinks and then went off inside. After the snacks and drinks his friend asked to introduce them to his wife. Prakash Chand nodded his head and another friend asked how many times he cherished his wife today. Prakash Chand laughed loudly and said three times since afternoon. I was sitting keeping my head down and Prakash Chand was looking at me smiling. He called Aradhana and as she came, he pulled her to sit on his laps. Aradhana didn’t object and did as he wanted. One of his friend commented that she has nice set of tits, and he would have felt quite lucky if he could have seen it. Prakash Chand looked at him in annoyed manner as I was looking at him in same manner. He said that he was so openly asking to show his wife tits to him. That guy laughed loudly and asked whether he was having objection. Prakash Chand to my dismay said not at all and pulled the Velcro apart. Aradhana boobs came to view immediately but instead of objecting she behaved normal. All three guys had a good view on them when Prakash Chand said that he didn’t mind showing at all. One o them commented, “And the other one.” Prakash Chand pulled her skirt up and spread her thighs apart. Her pussy was on view and she sat there looking elsewhere. Prakash Chand announced that he won’t mind even if they all touch them. So they took it as opportunity and touched Aradhana boobs and pussy for few times. Then Aradhana got up and arranged her wares, they handed her the gifts and the party was over. They left immediately but I was sitting there only, Prakash Chand was talking about my job hunt and etc. Aradhana came back in 5 minutes, all naked. She stopped for a while then dropped her eyes and came to Prakash Chand. Prakash Chand pushed his pants and underwear down and asked her to climb on him. As she took the first step I just got up and went off the floor. I was in no mood to see my wife being fucked by her second husband. I even turn and closed the main gate to see a peak on Aradhana ass, jumping on Prakash Chand dick. I went to my floor and Aradhana came on time. She had a quick bath and then placed dinner on the table. We had dinner and then she swallowed a pill. I understood it was a birth control pill. We went to bed and slept immediately.

The morning was as usual and around 12 she went to Prakash Chand floor. I was expecting what to happen and so I just went outside the house without peeping inside. Around 6 pm I was back to home and found both the guards were missing from the outside gate. I opened the gate and found both of them standing on the main gate of the 1st floor peeping inside the hall. As soon as they saw me they saluted me with an ugly and unhappy face and went to the outside gate. Confused I myself peeped inside and saw a horror. The furniture arrangements were changed of the hall. Dining table was removed and was replaced with a bed. Aradhana was all naked lying on the bed with a young guys fucking in her pussy. He head was hanging from the edge of the bed and a guy of the same age was fucking her mouth. Another guy was sitting on his fours and was sucking her both nipples one by one. Prakash Chand was sitting on the sofa masturbating and drinking. I knocked the gate immediately and Prakash Chand opened the gate. I got inside the hall and roared at him that what was happening with Aradhana. All the guys stopped and started to look at me. Prakash Chand slapped me hard, he roared at me and said, “She’s my wife and I can do anything with her, who the hell are you objecting for this.” He roared at Aradhana that why she stopped. He roared to guys to continue too. Aradhana started to suck the guy on her head and they started what they were doing. Prakash Chand slapped me again and said that he was feeling like cuckold and wanted to experience the same. And I shouldn’t interfere next time else he will go with his secondary plan of calling our families. I came out of the room and Prakash Chand locked the room after me. It was around 6:15 pm then and Aradhana was expected to arrive after 6 hours. I very well knew that she was being fucked by three unknown bastards along with Prakash Chand but didn’t have that much dares to go and stop them. The fucking marathon went on and I came down three times to see what was happening. The three guys actually changed places and kept on fucking Aradhana all the time. Once I saw Prakash Chand making her sucks his dick while two were fucking her in ass and pussy and one was sucking her nipples.

Around 12 am Aradhana came back to room; she was all nude, fully exhausted & unable to walk properly. Her way of walking was telling how much she was been fucked by those guys. I busted in anger and enquired about it, even shouted a little on her about the event and why didn’t she object. She busted in anger too, shouted at me. She said to find a solution to get out of here, instead of accusing her for that which she can’t control. She said that if I have no solution and no hope then she can ask Prakash Chand to let me go. She will remain with Prakash Chand as her permanent wife for 24 hours and will be free to serve me then. This way I’ll be free from guilt and can go and marry another girl of my choice. I can leave her on mercy of Prakash Chand. I settled down, said sorry to her and hugged her. She started to tell what they all did with her, how rashly she was being fucked. But both of us knew that there could nothing be done immediately. Even if I manage a miracle then also she’ll have to go with this torture for few days at least. Next day as usual Aradhana went with her daily routine, as it was Sunday I had nowhere to go today. I stayed in the room and went sometimes to the roof. Around 3 pm I saw Prakash Chand kicking his bike and was going somewhere. Seemed he had some work and so he went out immediately. I stayed there for a while and saw both the guards discussing something. They came inside the outer gate, locked the gate from inside, placed a big lock on it and moved inside. As it was not possible to see Prakash Chand main gate from there I assumed either they were staying at main gate of Prakash Chand or maybe they have entered the main gate. Curious I got off the roof and then remembered my mobile is been left on roof itself. I went back to collect the mobile and then came back to my floor. I came downstairs and found both the guards missing from the main gate too. I went to the gate and found it shut but as I pushed it the door opened. It wasn’t locked from inside. The hall was empty, Aradhana wasn’t in kitchen either. The bathroom gate was open and she wasn’t in the bathroom also. Now the only possibility was her to be in bedroom. I walked quietly towards the bedroom. The door was shut but little voice was coming out. I pushed the door and it open widely. A guard was lying on bed all naked; Aradhana was above him with his dick inside her pussy. Another guard was trying to enter her ass which she was been objecting or some sort of argument was going on.

I roared what was going on and they all turned towards me immediately. The guard trying to enter her ass objected. He asked what my concern was, they were fucking their boss wife and it was none of my business. I asked whether Prakash Chand gave them permission to fuck his wife. The other guard said that it wasn’t my concern either, Prakash Chand gave permission, didn’t gave permission, we are raping his wife, or we are seducing his wife, it’s none of my business. He said it’s better for me to stay out of their business. I asked Aradhana about it on which she seemed little annoyed. She said me not to interfere in those things which I couldn’t control. She suggested me to go and find the solutions to our problem instead of complicating it even more. The guard came to me, guided me out the bedroom and then out of the main gate. This time he locked the main gate from inside, I saw him from the window walking fast towards the bedroom and shutting it behind. I went to my floor and waited in balcony. Two hours later both got out of the main gate. Saw me in the balcony and saluted me up. They went to the steel gate and then opened the lock. They were back in position in 10 minutes. Prakash Chand returned around 7 pm. He went inside the house and locked the door behind. Aradhana came back on time. This time we didn’t had any conversation about the event of today. Next day as a daily routine Aradhana went to Prakash Chand place. Prakash Chand came to my floor immediately and inquired about my staying back. I told him that there was nowhere to go today. He paused for a moment and then called me closer. He said that did I remember his three friends whom I met that day. I nodded my head and he continued. He said that they will me coming to house in about an hour. Actually they will be fucking Aradhana today but she hasn’t been told about it. Thought it will happen with his permission but Aradhana will feel like a rape. Those guys wanted it to happen this way only. He suggested me to go out somewhere or if I stay back then how much Aradhana calls for help, I mustn’t go for rescue. I nodded my head and he left, in 30 minutes he instructed the guards and went away. As expected all three of them came on time. As soon as they entered the main gate I was able to hear the fight and Aradhana screams. She was fighting them and even shouting at them but slowly within 10 minutes all sound vanished and I came down to see about it. I peeped in the hall from the window and found all of them fucking Aradhana. She was all naked and one was fucking her and rest two were holding her.

I couldn’t see the resistance from Aradhana, yet they were holding her tight. She was weeping a little and lying like a log. I went back to my floor and they all came out of the house in few hours. As they went away within 15 minutes Prakash Chand was back in house. It was around 5 pm then; he locked the main gate and went inside. Aradhana came back around perfect time all naked like always. She went for bath but didn’t mention the event to me at all. Seems she didn’t mention to Prakash Chand as well, or maybe Prakash Chand had told her about it. I didn’t dare to ask her and assumed it like that. Next day as regular event she went to Prakash Chand on time, and I went to job hunt. I returned home around 8:30 pm when a guard asked me to meet Prakash Chand before going to my floor. I nodded my head and moved to main gate. I knocked the gate and Prakash Chand shouted to come in. I went in to see Prakash Chand sitting all naked on the sofa and Aradhana was on her knees sucking his dick. I hesitated but he said to come and sit. I went to the sofa and sat beside him. He asked me to wait for few minutes and then he’ll talk. I nodded my head and he started to play with Aradhana hairs. He exploded immediately in her mouth which she pushed down from her throat. She got up and went inside the kitchen to prepare dinner. Prakash Chand asked me whether I got any job, I nodded in negative. So he said that he don’t think I’ll find job soon. So he suggested me to work for him, he was doing supply business and he need a supervisor type person. He wanted me to accompany his trucks for supply job, do some work chores and for this he’ll pay me nothing. He said that one month job will be considered as 2 months bills, and in 6 months he’ll consider that my bills are settled completely. After that both of us will be free to go. I didn’t understand that offer was good or bad; maybe he wanted to keep away from job hunt and make sure he could use my wife as a slut for himself for six months. Anyways this was still looking like a hope so I accepted. He was delighted and called Aradhana. She was still naked and walked to us. He asked whether she has ever sucked my dick. She nodded her head in no and so Prakash Chand asked her to suck my dick. She made and ugly face, yet she sat on her knees and pulled my pants down. She gulped my dick inside her mouth immediately and started a blowjob. She was good with that, learnt every quickly and Prakash Chand was telling me how good she was with it. He told me that he always loved her blowjob the most. I couldn’t hold for long and flushed in her mouth and she swallowed it completely. I pulled my pants back and came back to my floor.

Next day Prakash Chand went off around 2 pm and called me around 2:30 pm to pay a visit to a site. I was about to leave the house when I saw Aradhana running out of the main gate all naked. Both the guards were after her all naked. They went to the corner of the boundary and both caught her. One of them entered in her pussy and other one entered in her ass. They started to fuck her immediately. When I came down Aradhana called me, I looked at her so she said to shut the steel gate while I leave. I didn’t say anything and left, reached the site and Prakash Chand was there. He introduced me as manager instead of a supervisor. He told everyone that I was like a home boy and everyone must follow my orders like Prakash Chand himself was giving it. He showed me and told me everything about work, we went to few places to visit and he introduced me with everyone. We returned home around 11 pm. He dropped me on a departmental store with a list and asked me to get the stuff. He asked me to give it to him before going to my floor. He said that he’ll leave the gate open and I can come inside directly. I nodded and after purchasing goods reached home in 15 minutes. As directed I went inside straight, Aradhana was standing bowed down and Prakash Chand was fucking her ass that time. He asked to keep the things on the sofa and then leave. I looked at Aradhana while she was looking elsewhere. I placed the goods and went off. Aradhana returned around 12 am. Next day as soon as Prakash Chand left, I too came out immediately. He had passed me a new bike keys for my travel purpose. It was brand new avenger with full tank. I got out of the steel gate and as soon as I came outside the gate, both guards went inside the gate. They showed me thumbs up and moved inside Prakash Chand floor. I knew what was going to happen but I didn’t pay head to it. Instead I moved to the site where Prakash Chand was still waiting for me. Then I and Prakash Chand worked there till 3 pm and had lunch together.

Prakash Chand passed me an address; I asked him whether to drop some supply items over there. He smiled and said no something else. I asked about it so she said to drop Aradhana over there in one hour. I looked confused and so he said to take Aradhana over there around 4pm. It was a house and he gave me keys of the house. I needed to get her inside the building, then I need to collect Aradhana all clothes and come back leaving her naked there. Around 9 pm I was required to go back there with Aradhana clothes and bring her back to the house. I didn’t say anything just nodded my head. He asked me to go and call him back from home, as he needed to talk with Aradhana. I went home and entered Prakash Chand floor. Aradhana was lying in bedroom while one guard was fucking her. The other guard was getting in his clothes. Aradhana looked at me confused and I said Prakash Chand wanted to talk to her. She said to wait 5 minutes and asked the guard to finish soon. I was about to go outside when Aradhana asked to stay. The guard increased his speed and flooded inside her in 2-3 minutes. He hurried to get dress and left. Aradhana called Prakash Chand and had a little conversation, that wasn’t a conversation as all the time she was listening only. She cut the phone and said me to wait 10 minutes outside. I waited and she came out in sari in 10 minutes. We rushed to the address and reached there around 4 pm. We entered the house and then Aradhana got rid of her clothes. She packed it in a bag and then handed it to me. I came outside and came back to the site as instructed. Around 9 pm I reached there and got inside, Aradhana was sitting on a sofa, and she was all messed up. She took clothes and went inside the bathroom and came out dressed in 10 minutes. We headed home, as we reached home, she moved inside Prakash Chand floor and I went to my floor but within 5 minutes Prakash Chand called to come down. As I got down and went inside, I saw Aradhana all naked and trying to slip away from Prakash Chand. Aradhana was telling him that she’s quite exhausted and her pussy is paining a lot and she cannot let Prakash Chand to fuck her now. Prakash Chand asked me to help in holding her and then reclining her on the bed. He wanted me to hold her until he enters her pussy. Aradhana looked humiliated and I couldn’t take a step. Prakash Chand thought and said that if I was having any problem then I can go and send both the guards inside. I took a quick decision and immediately went to Aradhana. Caught her and deposited her on the bed. I pulled her both hands over her head and stayed there. Prakash Chand spread her legs and got inside her immediately. He asked me to leave and shut the door. I did as directed, and Aradhana returned at assumed time. Neither she said anything about my action nor did she say anything about that house.

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