Pandora's Son

by Ka Hmnd

Copyright© 2017 by Ka Hmnd

Science Fiction Sex Story: The son of a famous holo vid star walks away and must find a new home and make a living. A chance meeting with a homeless girl leads to more than friendship. It also helps him find his way and create a future hunting those with a bounty. When terrorist take his mother hostage it is time to call in favors and take action.

Caution: This Science Fiction Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including mt/ft   Consensual   .

My mother became a holo vid star at a very young age. I guess she was following in her mother’s footsteps. I never had that problem and avoided it. Angelina Rachel Pandora was mother and she has been one of the most famous actresses in the human galaxy systems. She was also very ... easy.

She had me at a very young age and I was pulled around with her from system to system. I knew emperors and kings, princes and presidents. My teachers have been ... different than most. One was the best thief known, of course he was retired ... sort of. There have been professors and assassins, special operation soldiers and spies.

I even had a queen teach me to dance and a concert master teach me to play music. What I did not have was a real mother. She was really not there and most of my life I was alone. I did have the teachers or nannies when I was young. Once I was twelve that stopped and I had to take care of myself and either go places for classes or screen those coming to me.

I have stopped stalkers and crazy fans that broke into one penthouse or another. There were even a few con men and thieves. Plus the want to be boyfriends and self important men or women calling themselves producers. Since I turned sixteen I was always going to some wild party to bring my mother home.

My day started with catching a fan climbing onto the balcony of my mother’s suite. Then there was the stalker at noon that broke in through the front door. In the afternoon I had a tabloid reporter con his way past the building security. On the good side I finished a series of crash courses to earn a degree.

Mother came home early and announced we were going to a very fancy and expensive restaurant to eat. Of course the walk from the vehicle to the entrance had dozens of people taking vids and yelling questions, or in a few cases proposals. We were almost to the door when a young looking man strode to us with a bodyguard.

He gestured towards me, “get rid of the punk.”

The guard reached for me and my left hand snapped up. It caught the bodyguard’s hand and the thumb applied pressure and I twisted it. He shifted as I began to step and kicked across and broke his far knee. When the foot came down I struck out into his sternum. He went flying back and crashed to the ground and rolled.

I turned and took another step as the asshole looked at me with his mouth open before gasping, “I am...”

I caught his shirt and struck up and into his gut three times before yanking him to the right. I shoved and he went down, “a pathetic actor? Maybe you meant you are a drug addict with a couple of dozen regen treatments to many?”

I shook my head, “I do not know what is worse. Your lousy acting or all the directors that use that AI holo program to redo ninety five percent of your scenes.”

I glanced at mother when she hissed and gestured. I knew the newies would grab this and roast the asshole. She started walking and I went with her, “that was not called for.”

I snorted, “he sent his bodyguard after me so yes it was.”

From the first moment we were escorted across the room to a table I knew it was going to be one of those places. Anyone that was someone was here and just from the look of the food I saw I was not going to like it. My mother, like always ordered for me as if I were still I little kid. Like always she never asked about my day and started talking about what she did.

When the waiter brought the meal I looked at the four tiny pieces of something I could not identify on the plate, “what is this?”

He smiled politely, “your meal.”

I looked at my mother and she gestured but I growled and picked up the plate. I held it out and to the side before turning it over and dropping it, “I do not eat dog treats.”

The man stiffened and mother hissed, “James Pandora you apologize.”

I looked at the floor and snorted, “not for this. Whoever your chef is, they are incompetent or morons. Only an idiot would think that was a meal.”

My mother leaned forward, “you are going to pay for it.”

I looked at her, “I did not order it.”

She growled, “no I did and I expect you to act grateful. Do you know how much I gave up to...”

I sighed and stood and tossed the linen on the table, “you always remind me mother.”

I looked at her and ignored everyone around us, “perhaps it is time I returned the favor. I am not a doll or favorite plaything you can put back in the box. I am your child, not that you have any idea what being a real mother means. You are right that you have given me everything, including stalkers and other people that have attacked and threatened me.”

I smiled slightly as I straightened, “goodby mother.”

I spun and started walking and she stood, “James!”

I kept going and she yelled again as I walked out. I flagged down the first public vehicle I found. First I went home and tried to think of what I was doing and where I was going to go. When I got home I did not waste time and packed my travel float. I changed before I left and used the maintenance lift.

Six blocks and I was in a side alley and looking for someplace to rest and think. Homeless people were all around as I stopped beside a wall. I smiled at a teenage girl and looked at three nasty looking guys moving toward me. They spread out and one grinned as he looked at the travel float, “we will take that off your hands.”

I shook my head, “no.”

He flicked his wrist and I saw the blade of a knife, “I think we will.”

I took a step, “you just made a mistake.”

He laughed and that was when I struck. I slid in and caught his knife hand in my right hand and twisted. I brought my left down and he screamed as I broke his arm. I let him go as I stepped and snapped a kick straight out and into the groin of another man. He folded as he went back and down and rolled around on the ground.

I turned and moved to the last man as he shoved a hand into his pants and started to pull out a pistol. I caught his hand and pushed as I twisted, “pull the trigger.”

He struggled and I shoved and pushed, “at this range it will blow your balls off.”

He yelled and released the gun and I brought my knee up. He was lifted off his feet and screamed before I pulled the pistol out. I let him fall as I turned and pointed the pistol at the first man. He was pulling another pistol and froze. He licked his lips as he let the pistol fall, “we can...”

I lifted it and aimed, “I aim going to count to three and then shoot you. One ... two...”

He rolled, leaped to his feet and started running. I kicked the other two and they struggled up to follow the first man. I bent to pick up the other pistol and set both on my travel float, “morons.”

I looked around to see everyone looking at me. I blushed and caught the leash of the float, “I think I will find someplace else.”

Before I reached the mouth of the alley the girl was walking beside me. She looked my age or maybe a little younger. She grinned, “so where are you going?”

I looked up at the dark clouds, “someplace dry.”

She snorted, “good luck.”

I stopped and looked around as I kept thinking. With all my teachers ... I grinned, “I know where I am going and it will be dry and warm.”

I started towards the next tram station and she hurried to catch up. We went down and I stopped at the tram token machine. I used my comp and blocked the vid as I hacked and two plastic cards were spit out. I handed one to the girl and kept the other, “it is an unlimited travel card.”

We used them to enter the station and go down to the platform. She glanced around as we went to stand by the edge where the tram would stop. Ten minute later it arrived and we boarded it and took it into the center of the city. I still had to pull the travel float a block before I went into the lobby of a business.

We took the maintenance lift to the basement and then used the underground walk across to the public parking. From there I led Tyra to another set of doors into the main court building for the city. I led her down instead of up and hacked the lock into the sub basement. From there we went to one of the four maintenance and utility rooms.

I hacked the lock and closed the door after we were in. I used the maintenance comp to add both of us to the building access off the books. Next I showed Tyra how to use the comp to locate all the maintenance workers in the building. We used the maintenance lift all the way to the top floor.

From there I had to climb a ladder and then pull my float up and into the attic. I led the way around to the only bathroom up here and parked the float. I looked at Tyra and my cock got hard before I pulled her into the bathroom. I pointed to the shower, “strip and get in the shower.”

She looked at me with wide eyes, “with you here?”

I caressed her dirty face, “you know I am going to fuck you. Wash and I will lick your pussy first.”

She grinned and began to strip, “well if you are going to lick my pussy...”

I laughed and sat to watch and then went out to my float. I found soap and a towel and came back. She kept looking out at me and I gave her the soap and held up the towel. It was a long time before she got out and I dried her. I wrapped the towel and picked her up and left her filthy clothes on the floor.

Outside I caught the leash and struggled to pull the float and carry her through the dark. We came to an outside room and I let the leash go and set her down. I opened the float and pulled out a light and moved to the outer wall. I pulled extremely thick pads off the wall and started making a bed. When the pads were removed we saw the wall of glass.

I pulled out a blanket and spread it out before picking her up and laying her on the bed. She was grinning as I undressed and shut the light off. I moved onto the make shift bed and over her and gave her a kiss. I kissed down her body and sucked on one nipple. When I reached her pussy she spread her legs wide.

She sighed as I started to lick her pussy. I kept it up and covered her clit and started teasing it. I sucked and nibbled and she gasped and shook as she lifted her hips. It was awhile before I moved up and kissed her. I lifted and pushed and sank my cock into her very tight pussy. She clutched me and groaned as I slowly buried my cock.

The feel was amazing and I wanted to stay right where I was. I rubbed and pressed and ground and her pussy gripped my cock as she shuddered. It was several minutes before I pulled back and then buried my cock again. We both gasped and hugged each other and Tyra grinned. A moment and I was fucking her with long thrusts.

She was lifting her hips each time I slid my cock into her. A few minutes and we were fucking each other firmly. She thrashed and bucked while her pussy grasped, “fffuuucccckkkkk!”

I rode her and tried to grind when I buried my cock. It was not much longer before I shoved into her and held her as I pumped spurts of cum. She jerked and clutched me and squirmed, “mmmm!”

She wiggled but I held her until I was done and then relaxed. She grinned and I shifted until she was on me. She sat up and moved her knees and began to rock and slid her now messy pussy back and forth. It was a long time before we stopped and I held her. After a minute she began to talk about her father who had molested her and then given her to three other men.

That was when she ran away and she had been on the street ever since. I continued to hold her while she slept and tried to think of what I was going to do. I kept thinking of jobs and then all the men that had been my teachers came to mind. I could hack or be a thief or an assassin or a mercenary or...

All of them had one thing in common. People, normally the law wanted them and that was when I had the perfect job. I was going to use what I had learned to hunt and find wanted men. Not just anybody, people that were very bad and had a large bounty on them. I fell asleep thinking of what to do.

I was up with the sun as it shone through the glass wall. I pulled Tyra to the bathroom and after we had gone we took a shower. She watched me as I felt and caressed her amazing body and then kissed my cheek, “maybe tonight.”

I grinned as I pulled her out and dried her off, “okay.”

Back at my float I got dressed and put on several non lethal weapons. I searched for an old suit that was to small and dressed Tyra. Of course we still had to use pins and make it fit. Next we left and went down and I plugged into the building comp system. It took me minutes to find the list and thirty to narrow it down.

I led Tyra out and we went through the parking area and crossed to the building we had entered the night before. I had a few credit sheets and when we reached the street we went to a coffee shop. I ordered and we sat in a corner as I used my comp. What I was doing was not illegal ... yet.

I had the file on a wanted man. He was or had been the leader of an extreme cult. The bounty was forty five million credits with a dozen private companies adding another million apiece. He was wanted for mass murder of several thousand people. First I read the file and then I started a few restricted and non standard searches.

By our third cup of coffee I had a possible match. I paid and pulled Tyra after me and headed to the tram stop. After the tram we had to walk a dozen kilometers. The huge estate had patrols and armed guards and even attack dogs. First we walked and I located the security vids. We left and went to a small park and sat to wait.

We were both hungry and finally walked to a small store. I used the last of my credit sheets to buy food and a cord and we returned to the park. It was a long day as I planned and told Tyra what we were going to do. Finally the sun went down and we moved to some bushes. We laid down together and snuggled and I set the alarm on my comp.

An hour before dawn I woke Tyra and we headed back to the estate. The spot I picked to climb the wall was not in range of any vids. The patrols were not moving and the dogs were probably asleep. I led the way across the huge lawn and through a fancy garden. I did not even have to pick the lock on the kitchen door.

My heart was pounding as I led Tyra and started searching. More than once I peeked into a bedroom to see people. Finally I found the master suite and we slipped in. A man and woman were asleep in bed and I had Tyra wait as I moved closer. A simple bio scan using my comp confirmed who the man was.

I pulled a neural sleep patch my mother always used and touched it to his temple. He shifted and then sighed and I carefully rolled and lifted him to my shoulder. Tyra had the door open before we reached it and led the way back to the kitchen. I was more than a little surprised no one saw us, not even the dogs.

Tyra was over the wall even before I struggled with the cord to pull the man up and then lower him. By the time we reached the tram station I was staggering. I put him in a seat once we were in the tram and grinned at Tyra. When we walked into the main constable station they were all staring at us. I lowered the man to the floor, “we brought in a wanted man.”

A bio scan and his name and we had a dozen officers helping to put him into restraints. They woke him while a lot of calls were being made. I left my name and account number with the constable captain and got a receipt. We slipped out before even more people arrived and returned to the main court building and our hidden room.

We stripped and fell into bed and did not wake for hours. When I used my comp and accessed my account we stared at all the credits. I grinned and bumped Tyra, “first we eat and then shop for new clothes for you.”

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