Hilda's Housekeeping

by Tony Tiger

Copyright© 2017 by Tony Tiger

Erotica Sex Story: Housecleaning with a special bonus.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Heterosexual   Gang Bang   Orgy   Polygamy/Polyamory   Nudism   .

I’m a work at home single parent of an 18-year-old boy. Neither one of us is very good at housekeeping and our apartment shows it. When a date refused to stay overnight for that reason alone I knew I had to make some changes.

Looking through some online advertising services I called several possibilities but wasn’t impressed. Then one very simple ad caught my eye.

“Hilda the housekeeper specializes in bachelor dwellings. Respond with your phone number and best time to call.”

OK, that was me.

She called right on time and I immediately noticed a mild German accent on a very pleasant voice. We arranged for a visit in a few days.

Hilda was an attractive, though certainly not beautiful, woman about 40. She had long blond braids, blue eyes, and sparkling teeth in a nice smile. Good complexion so she didn’t wear makeup. Just what you’d expect in a German farm woman. Her snug jeans and sweater made it clear that her 5’6” body was built solidly with high and large breasts and only enough of a waist that you knew it was there. She was not fat, just sturdy, showing her farm heritage.

I showed her around the fairly large three-bedroom apartment that occupied the ground floor of a converted house. She then began to grill ME about details. This was different!

She concluded with the statement that I would be a good customer. Would I like a free demonstration of her work now or at a later time? I had nothing scheduled and opted for immediate. Hilda went to her van and returned with supplies. She did the main bathroom as I watched. She was both fast and thorough.

I was impressed and asked about the fee. It was a bit higher than I expected but the service quality seemed to be worth it. She added that she could come two late afternoons a week and the fee would include fixing dinner if I would buy what she suggested and she could take two servings home with her.

I looked puzzled and she explained that they were for her husband and herself. It was more efficient that way and they could eat earlier. We settled on Tuesday and Friday.

Because of the backlog of cleaning it took her two weeks to get everything current. They were a very enjoyable two weeks for me! On the very first visit she said that she had a special request. As a young girl she had learned to clean best if she was nude. Would that be alright? How the hell could I say no? She did remind me that there was no touching. This was NOT sexual. I thought to myself that it will be enjoyable for me and my son who might get home from work while she was there. He did and went to his room, I’m sure to beat off.

I tried to be discreet in my peeks at her body but when she came into my office and stood near my desk it was impossible not to stare. She seemed amused and made sure I got some real good looks several time each visit.

The first day of the third week she came to my office and pulled my chair back from my desk. Glancing at my bulging pants, she grinned and said, “I see you are enjoying my work.” She proceeded to sit in my lap and put her arms on my shoulders. I could feel the heat of her crotch on my imprisoned erection.

She looked me in the eye and said, “You are probably wondering about my husband. Most of my clients do when I am working nude. You have been a real gentleman so I will tell you more. I have been married for a few years to a man twice my age. He is a longtime family friend with no family of his own. I am his caregiver and companion and he will leave me his considerable estate. He cannot have sex so I have made other arrangements. I offer selected clients ‘VERY personal services’. There is no additional charge because it is for mutual benefit. I am not a whore. I have noticed no evidence of a girlfriend. Is that right?”

I nodded and said, “Since my wife passed I’ve had a few dates but not for a while.”

She wiggled her butt in my lap and I almost came, “Feels like you need some attention. May I examine what you bring to the event?” I nodded, of course!

She unzipped my jeans and pulled them down along with my jockey shorts. Her fingers caressed my shaft and balls then she bent over and did the same with her lips and tongue. I came without warning. She caught most of it in her mouth, swallowed, and laughed, “You sure did need that! Now it’s my turn for relief. Running around naked in front of an attractive man gets me horny too.”

She lay on the carpet and I was treated to the picture of a beautiful pussy, lightly framed in blond hair, inner lips protruding invitingly out from the full labia, and surrounding a pink canal glistening with moisture. I knelt down and explored this feminine treasure with my lips and tongue, eliciting pleasure moans from its owner. I sucked the inner lips into my mouth and nibbled on them lightly. The taste was sweet and musky.

My cock was ready for more so I rubbed it in the slot and steadily inserted its full length without hitting bottom. The warm velvet grasp rippled with her muscles adjusting to this new visitor. I now had an opportunity to contact her bountiful breasts. As I moved in and out of her velvety sex channel, my lips explored the stand-up beauties with their hard nipples. Just my tit work alone got her off again and then I speeded up as she humped back at me. When I spurted another good-sized load into her depths she wrapped her legs around me and shrieked with pleasure.

After some quiet time holding each other, she stirred, disengaged herself, and said, “I think I made a good choice. Now I’ve got to get some more work done.” My cock juice ran down her leg for the rest of her time so we showered together before she left.

She gave me a hug and hot kiss as she left, “See you Friday!”

Over the next few weeks I learned a lot more about her personal life. She was the child of an American serviceman and a German farm woman. Born in Germany but came here as a teenager. Started sex on the farm when her tits appeared which was pretty early. The farm hands did things to her that she didn’t know they weren’t supposed to. Having a man’s hard organ inside the part of her body that was made for it seemed very natural, and it sure felt good! Actually, any man felt good. Her mom caught them and got her on contraceptives. She came to the States in later high school and kept on screwing a bunch of fortunate boys.

She then lived with a succession of men while working low level jobs. Got knocked up by one and had a bad abortion that left her infertile. Finally in her early 30’s got hooked up with a better class escort agency and learned more social skills. Made good money but was longing for a more stable life. Then the husband opportunity came along.

Since she was opening up I had to ask, “Do other clients get these special services?”

She replied, “Not all of them. I only work part-time Monday through Saturday so I have one like you each of those days. That meets my needs nicely. And yes, they shoot seed in me too. Does that bother you?”

My cock started swelling again as I thought about what she just said. Since it was soaking in her wonderful cunt she noticed and began humping me. “I’m glad you think it makes me sexier. That’s how it makes me feel about myself. Oh, I’ve been meaning to ask you something about your son.”

“What might that be?”

“Does he have a girlfriend? I’ve cleaned up plenty of evidence that he’s masturbating and he really likes looking at me.”

I replied, not sure where this was going, “As far as I know he’s still a virgin.”

She gripped my rod strongly with her cunt, “Oh my, I haven’t had one of those in years! How would you feel if I taught him about sex?”

My cock blasted off and she thrashed in orgasm right after.

I fucked her early her next day here and left before Todd got home. He was quiet during dinner and then went to his room. I returned before Hilda left and asked how it went. She smiled and simply said, “One less virgin in the world. I had a good time and I know he did. I’ll give you details the next time we are naked together.”

Todd tried to act like nothing had changed so I decided to let him choose when to tell Dad that he’d been laid. Hilda fucked me when she arrived and did Todd before dinner. After the third time she told him that I knew and it was OK. We had a man-to-man talk after dinner. I treated him to some bourbon.

He asked if I was fucking Hilda and I nodded. He said that freaked him out a bit but he’d have to get used to it. I smiled and said we both had some getting used to with her, but we sure could enjoy the situation.

Hilda said she’d only done one other father/son before and that was a one time in her escorting. She loved getting it twice in a row and wondered how we’d feel about some serial screwing. She didn’t think we were ready for threesomes yet. As she put it to me, “Todd’s been getting sloppy seconds. Have you ever had any?” I shook my head. “Well then it’s time you found out what they are like. I’ll be here tomorrow mid-morning after I see my Saturday client and we’ll find out how many times you each can fuck!”

Todd and I looked at each other and grinned.

About 10:30 our hot woman arrived and promptly stripped. She put a towel on my bed and told me to climb on. I slipped in extra easily and she grinned at me as she said, “Feels like silk, doesn’t it?” I nodded. “That’s my morning client’s juice you are sliding in.” I shot my load right then. “Send Todd in.”

He didn’t last much longer dipping his dick into two loads. He’d never been sure about that special slippery feeling before. Now he knew! I was summoned again.

“Feel your son’s seed in me like he felt yours. Every time a man unloads in me I feel like a fulfilled female. Having several in a row like right now is the ultimate. Give me another one plus a climax this time.” I did.

I screwed her three times before she left and Todd managed four with the power of youth. Hilda was delighted and offered to do it again. I broke out the bourbon even though it was the middle of the afternoon and my son and I got a bit lit.

We eventually graduated to the occasional Saturday threesome. My son and I were pretty happy campers although both of us would happily take more of her good loving anytime.

Hilda’s husband had a major stroke and died in her arms. We consoled her since she really had no family or other friends in the area. The attorney confirmed that she would receive the house and a trust to look after her but it would take a while for all that to settle. She decided to keep working as the best therapy for the loss. She really did love the old guy.

One evening at supper she asked if we would consider moving into her big house since it was very lonely now. We could help keep it up too which would save money. Todd and I looked at each other. Our wishes had come true!

The move was easy and I got out of my lease since they could rent it for more now. Todd and I each had our own bedrooms. Mine was huge and could hold my office too. The biggest practical issue was who would sleep with Hilda in her bed. She decided that for starters, it would be me on Sunday, Tuesday, and Thursday, and Todd on the other nights. Saturday night it would be both of us.

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