Applegate Resort

by Ka Hmnd

Copyright© 2017 by Ka Hmnd

Science Fiction Sex Story: As the son of the owner I mostly run and control the resort security. When things begin to happen I step in and I do not have to play by the rules. From finding a lost diver to a bomber I hunt the one attacking the resort and those I felt responsible for. It was all about following the money and those sent to hurt us and they would provide the answer.

Caution: This Science Fiction Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/ft   Consensual   .

My father had been a mercenary and I think a pirate. The peninsula was a hundred thousand acres of evergreen trees, ferns, wild flowers and green moss. To the north were deep waters full of large game fish and even large predators. To the west were the beginnings of the reefs and semi shallow rocky ocean floor. To the south were thousands of colorful reefs and fish.

I finished growing up while the resort was being built and learned all the hidden secrets no one except my father knew. He named it the Applegate and brought in people to work here. They lived in underground or hidden homes that were almost as luxurious as the resort. I was sixteen when it finally opened and the rich, famous and nobles came in huge groups.

Following or sometimes sneaking in with them came the human sharks. Men or women with a single purpose, to take credits from the wealthy. My father was prepared for these and had his own constables to police the resort. We had a detention facility underground and even a first class medical facility.

I was using an electric sled and glided over the reef and rolled and turned to slip between it and the next. The gill pack was only a whisper as I searched for a lost diver. I had been underwater fifteen minutes after being dropped out of a flyer. The rest of the dive group were already on the way back to the resort.

I turned to go over the next reef and stopped as I saw a flash. I left the sled and dove and swam down and turned as I pulled myself into a pocket under the reef. The diver stared as if he did not believe I was there. I gestured and he looked around like he was looking for another way out. I pulled my knife and he froze and nodded and I backed out.

He swam out and I gestured and after he began to swim up I put the knife away. I used the waterproof keypad molded on my left forearm and sent in a text. I followed the man and once we broke the surface I pulled out my mouthpiece, “what do you think you were doing?”

He glanced around and moved toward me. I shifted, “come close and I put my knife in you.”

He frowned and looked around again and finally spit out his mouthpiece, “it was just a joke.”

I looked at him sharply, “I am not laughing. You are going straight to the constables for a full truth scan.”

He swallowed, “okay I was paid to go missing. They were going to splash it everywhere to make your customers go elsewhere.”

I nodded as I trend water, “who paid you?”

He shook his head, “they will kill me.”

I smiled, “and do you think we will let you live now that we know?”

He looked at me hard and I shook my head, “there is only one way out.”

He was frowning, “you can not...”

I snorted and turned as I heard a boat, “want to bet your life?”

As soon as I saw the boat I turned and gestured to the man, “you tell them everything.”

The boat slowed and a rescue diver grinned as he waved. The boat stopped and the man swam to it as I moved to the side and told the diver what the man had told me. I put my mouth piece in and dove and swam down to my sled. I brought it to life and turned to start up and saw another boat beside the rescue boat.

I surfaced as the body of the swimmer fell into the water and I spun to look at the other boat. Men were firing guns and I left the sled and swam for the back of the strange boat. I caught the ladder and started up as I pulled a strange looking gun from my right thigh. I peeked over the back as three men kept firing at those in the rescue boat.

I aimed the strange pistol and fired and a ten centimeter dart flashed through the air and struck one of the men in the neck. He screamed as his neck bulged before exploding. I had already shifted to aim at another as the two men spun. I fired and the dart streaked across the deck and slammed into one’s chest.

He grabbed his chest as it bulged and then his stomach burst. The last man was staring in shock as I put another dart in his left eye. He grabbed his head and screamed as I climbed the rest of the way onto the boat. His brains exploded out his eyes as I moved to the pilot house. I glanced at the other boat to see those alive looking back.

I stepped in and lifted the gun and the man behind the wheel looked back as he reached for a pistol. I fired a dart into his chest as he spun and he dropped the weapon and grabbed his chest. I turned away and went to search the boat before I came back onto the deck. I looked at the rescue boat, “get the body and my sled.”

The diver nodded and I moved to the pilot house as I put the gun away. To say dad was not happy was an understatement. The constables ran the men and they were all wanted. They were doing a search of their contacts and accounts. When someone brought up the missing guest we started looking at them.

We sent out a public text that the guest had left due to acuate embarrassment for getting lost. I cleaned up and went to do a few of my own checks including at one of the newest clubs. I watched from above as a new cleaner attached small packages under tables. I used my comm, “I need constables at the Sapphire Reef.”

I moved to the stairs and went down and the man looked at me and started for the door. I growled, “keep moving and I shoot you.”

He turned and his face was white, “I was just...”

I gestured, “bring me one of the packages.”

He licked his lips, “I...”

I walked to him as I pulled my weapon, “bring me a package or I shoot you in the balls.”

He swallowed, “they are bombs.”

I stopped and gestured, “turn around.”

Five minutes and the constables were there and at three other places he had hidden more bombs. I got a single name and left while the constables worked. The suite I approached had two guards outside the door. I pulled my weapon and they started to react and then froze as I aimed. I gestured, “against the far wall.”

I searched them and took the pistols they were carrying and dropped them. I stepped back and looked at the resort constables as they arrived, “lock them up and run them for warrants.”

I walked to the door and used my master key to unlock it. I walked in and a bodyguard started to pull his weapon as I lifted mine. He stopped as another man that was half dressed glared. I gestured and the bodyguard turned and I took his weapon. I backed up, “so why did you hire someone to plant bombs?”

The half dressed man snorted, “prov...”

I shot him in the knee and he screamed as the bodyguard shifted. I growled, “I will ask again. Why did you hire someone to plant bombs?”

The man was clutching his knee and did not answer. I nodded and aimed, “you will not need to walk after this.”

His head snapped up, “wait!”

He swallowed, “Herold Geangilo paid us to close your resort.”

I looked at him as my eyes narrowed, “this is twice someone has tried to do that. Why?”

He shook his head and I aimed again and he stiffened, “I do not know!”

I moved to the side, “come get them!”

Resort constables came in and put the bodyguard in restraints before pulling the other man up. They brought in a float and restrained him on it and I moved closer, “bombs in public are acts of terror. You and your men are looking at a death sentence and everything you said is admissible. The court will compel you to testify under a truth scan so...”

He glared as I stepped back and gestured. They were taken out and I started searching the place. When I walked into the next room it was to see a naked girl on the bed. She looked like she was in her mid to late teens. She was sleeping but when I shook her she did not wake. I looked around and saw a med injector.

I opened my comm, “I need a med response at my location for a possible drug induced coma.”

I watched her and it was a couple of minutes before the med response team rushed in. They moved to the bed and started checking her before glancing at me. I nodded to the med injector and one moved to it with a scanner. A moment and he turned and opened his kit and bent to inject something into the girl.

She groaned and shifted and the team relaxed and one nodded to me, “she will be fine.”

I gestured and they collected everything and left as the girl opened her eyes. She looked at me and then around the room, “what happened?”

I smiled, “you tell me.”

She looked down at her naked body before looking at me, “are you my new owner?”

My cock was hard and I grinned, “I would love to be.”

I sat on the edge of the bed, “who are you and why did they use a drug to put you to sleep?”

She shifted and sat up and crossed her legs, “I am Allie Norris. My parents abandoned me a year ago and ... I was living on the street and...”

She looked at me as she bit her lip, “I sold myself. I do not know why they drugged me.”

I thought of the things they had done. She could have been the next part, perhaps a dead girl in a pool or something worse. I stood, “lets find you some clothes.”

They were wadded up in one corner and after she was dressed I led her out. First I called to check with my father and he had Herold Geangilo added to the system terrorist list. After that I led Allie to a small restaurant and ordered a late lunch. I took her shopping and then through a back hall and into what looked like a storage room.

I used a special key to unlock the door and once the door closed the back wall slid to the side. Behind it was a private lift that took us all the way to the top of the resort. When we stepped out of the lift it was on the edge of my sunken living area. I led her around and down a hall and stopped at a door, “you can stay here for now.”

She shifted, “you do not want me?”

I smiled, “very much.”

She pressed against me, “now?”

I stepped back and caught her hand and turned and started to pull her after me. In the large master bedroom I stopped beside the bed and began to undress. She was grinning as she dropped the shopping bags and stripped and jumped onto the bed. I moved after her as she rolled onto her back and spread her legs.

I kissed her and then began to kiss down her body. I covered her clit and started to wiggle the tip of my tongue. She sighed and lifted her hips while spreading her legs more. I sucked and nibbled and used my tongue and she kept moaning and shuddering. Finally I moved up and over her and forced my cock into her.

She groaned and shifted as she tilted her hips. I gave her another kiss and began to press and hump and grind. A few minutes and her pussy was slippery and I was pulling back and sliding into her. I began to use long thrusts and she hugged me and shook, “aaaahhhh!”

She struggled and her pussy constantly gripped my cock. It was not long before she was thrashing around and bucking as she wailed, “fffuuucccckkkkk!”

I kept fucking her and used deep strokes and tried to hold her under me. She howled and yelled as her pussy grasped and squeezed. Finally I shoved into her and kissed her while gushing strong spurts of cum. She jerked and spasmed and her pussy kept clenching, “yyyeeeesssss!”

I kept pressing until I was done and relaxed before I held her and rolled. I helped her sit up and she shifted her knees. She grinned and started to rub her messy pussy back and forth and I reached up and cupped her breasts. It was awhile before we stopped and she had a satisfied smile as she snuggled.

We got up and I pulled her into the fresher and then my large shower. I washed her and she was almost purring. After we dried off I grabbed a robe and took her to her things. I found the new robe and helped her into it before leading her to the kitchen. She helped as I pulled out what I needed and made dinner.

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