Mountains in Hell

by Ka Hmnd

Copyright© 2017 by Ka Hmnd

Fantasy Sex Story: After serving my time in the nightmare combat zone that was hell I just wanted to settle down. I had a plan created from watching a plant in hell. If it worked I was sure I could succeed at farming even if it was not normal plants. Of course the farm was in the steep mountains and still close enough for creatures from hell to show up.

Caution: This Fantasy Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/ft   Consensual   .

My two years in hell had been bad. Out of all the men I served with only three lived to leave. We patrolled the whole length of hell from the coast to the mountains. I have fought and killed every monster the mages have dreamed of. From water dragons to living plants and everything in between. I learned a lot about plants and animals too. My home had been a small farm in the mountains with eight brothers and four sisters. Besides the huge pile of furs and hides I had saved money and bought or traded for a few things. I went home with two large float sleds packed and overflowing. The farm I bought was seventy kilometer to the northeast of Hell in a mountain valley. It was still winter and there was snow on the ground when I arrived. The house was carved into the cliff on the east crest of the valley. Besides the door it had two large windows with thick shutters. It also had a large fireplace with a chimney drilled straight up to the top of the cliff.

What I liked best was the large cold room chilled by a mage decades ago. The home had eight large bedrooms and a bathroom and a bathing room. Above on the top of the cliff were two pools or tanks that had been cut and carved into the stone. I had to clean them before I could use them, one was for the house.

The other which was like a very large pond and for the terraces I was going to farm. I had brought mage pumps from the other end of Hell. Using fire hoses in the fast stream I washed and then filled both tanks. Next was to install the hollow spray tubes on and around each terrace for watering.

I put together the mage mule which was a heavy two wheeled contraption with a mage engine. With it I could hook up the plow and stand on the hitch and drive the mule to turn the sod. Of course I could also tie a fallen tree and pull it or a wagon or ... well it was going to be very useful. By late spring I was settled and the house was comfortable.

In one of the large barns I had been able to germinate seeds into tiny plants. That was when a neighbor stopped by. I was checking the terraces and they were free of snow and ice. I had killed a large white and black spotted cat that was stalking me. I looked up as he walked down the trail from the top of the ridge.

I had met him several times since I got here. Behind him was a teenage girl who did not look happy. I straightened and waved and they changed direction. They walked down the steep trail between terraces. He looked at the large cat, “another stray out of Hell?”

I nodded, “I have seen a few like this in the northern mountains of Hell during the winters.”

I gestured, “this one was stalking me.”

The girl shifted and moved closer, “why hunt you when there are goats and deer?”

I glanced at her and smiled, “like all mage created animals they have orders to hunt and kill people. There could have been a baby goat in front of it and it would have gone around to attack me.”

She shook her head and I looked at her father, “you need something?”

He grinned, “actually I was thinking of you. You are alone correct?”

I nodded and he turned and gestured to the girl, “Connie is sixteen and needs a man.”

I looked at the girl as she blushed, “she would have to want it.”

I blushed as I kept looking at her, “I have never been with a girl.”

She looked at me as her father grinned, “well let her stay for the summer and you two can decide after.”

I hesitated and nodded and she copied me, “you can go look in the house if you want.”

She blushed, “and if I want to stay out here?”

I gestured to the cat, “after I finish I have to drag the body away and then start plowing ... you can help if you want.”

She nodded as her father left and watched as I finished skinning the cat. I used the mage mule to drag the body. I went to hook up the new plow I had made down south. I let her stand on the shaft and talked her into driving the mage mule down to the lowest terrace. She was grinning as I jumped on behind her and turned to pull a lever to the side and then let the plow blade drop.

I put my arms around her and looked over her shoulder, “keep glancing back at the edge of the plow and follow the field.”

It was not long before the smell of freshly turned earth filled the air. Connie loved plowing and after the first terrace we moved to the next. At noon I had her stop and lift the plow blades before taking the mage mule up to the house. I shut it down and pulled her into the house and she stiffened.

I ignored it and pulled her into the kitchen and opened the shutters. I led her to the cold room where I pulled out stuff for a stew. I also got bread and cheese and started cutting while she watched. She bit her lip and I gestured, “you can fix a sandwich. Once I get the stew simmering we can go back to the terraces.”

She blinked and then grinned as she bumped my hip and reached for a knife, “two of us will get it started faster.”

It was a few moments before she began to talk and I let her. From the sound her childhood had not been happy. She was the only daughter and her brothers had been bullies and from what she did not say maybe more. I listened and bumped her hip once the stew was going, “tonight after our bath you can be on top.”

She looked at me as I covered the pot and caught her hand and pulled her out. I glanced at her when we reached the mage mule and gestured. She climbed on and started it and I walked ahead and down to the next terrace. I watched her and then looked around, if I was not watching I was standing behind her.

By late afternoon we were halfway done and I called it a day. I had her park the mage mule and we washed the tires and the plow blades. Once all the terraces were finished we would have to go over them again with the tines to break up the soil more. The last step was a plow with a set of curving blades that turned and rotated and churned the earth.

I grabbed my rifle and led the way into the house. I set the rifle in the rack by the door and went to wash in the kitchen. I glanced at Connie, “I have two cows and a couple of dozen chickens coming in a couple of weeks.”

She nodded and I went to check the stew. I made flat bread and she heated another skillet. It was quiet for dinner and then we cleaned up. I closed the shutters and looked at her and realized she had not brought clothes or anything else. I hesitated, “were you going to go get your clothes?”

She looked down, “no.”

I nodded and took a breath, “we can alter some of my old uniforms until we go to town and buy new clothes.”

She nodded and I caught her hand and pulled her to the bathing room. I let her hand go and started undressing, “in the winter we will have more hot water.”

She slowly began to take her dress off. She was not wearing under things and I took her dress and my clothes and set them beside the door. I gestured to the bath as I walked towards the handles on the wall, “the warm water tank is against the back of the fireplace so the water gets hot.”

I turned both handles and the large bath began to fill. I walked in and sat beside her, “we have a rain booth to but I thought we...”

I blushed and she looked at me and then down at my cock, “you wanted to see me.”

I nodded, “other men had girls or women when we were not patrolling. I ... I never did and...”

She smiled and reached out and wrapped her hand around my cock, “so I get to teach you.”

I grinned and put an arm around her, “no one is going to force you or bully you. We work together and...”

She leaned over and kissed me softly, “hush.”

She took my other hand and lifted it to her breasts, “go ahead and feel.”

I did and kept kissing her before I had to go shut the water off. The water was warm or at least not cold. I used a wash cloth and soap to wash her and then she did me. Finally I pulled the chain for the plug and helped her out of the water. I dried her and then myself before I took her hand and led her to our bedroom.

She climbed onto the bed and laid back and I stood beside it. I could see her trembling and sat and then leaned over to open her legs. I looked at her pussy and then bent to open it. She giggled and humped and I looked up and grinned. I bent and licked through her pussy and she shivered.

I kept doing it and wiggled my tongue and it was not long before she was moaning. She lifted her hips and opened her legs more, “mmmm!”

I nibbled on her inner lips and covered her clit. I sucked and started using the tip of my tongue. She shuddered and humped and I continued to work on her clit. I squeezed it between my lips and she gasped and jerked, “ooohhhh!”

She covered her pussy and I looked up and she caught my face and pulled. I moved up and over her and one of her hands guided my cock. I pushed into her and slowly buried it and settled. I looked at her as she shifted and squirmed and gave her a kiss. I held her and rolled and then rubbed her back.

Her pussy was tight, very warm and kept squeezing. She groaned and looked at me before she grinned and sat up. That let me see her wonderful breasts and I reached up to cup them. She laughed and began to roll her hips and rub her pussy back and forth. A minute and she was breathing hard and shuddering while her slippery pussy kept grasping.

She was dragging her pussy back and forth and twisting. Her pussy was constantly gripping my cock and she finally looked me in the eye. She spasmed and jerked and thrashed and yelled while her pussy clenched, “aaaahhhh!”

I pulled her down and rolled before I began to grind and press. I fucked her with deep strokes and she clutched me and continued to struggle. I buried my cock a couple of minutes later and grunted as I gushed huge spurts of sperm. She jerked and squirmed while hugging me, “mmmm!”

When I was done I relaxed and looked at her while she panted. I held her and rolled back and she laid on me. She wiggled and sat up and grinned as she shifted before she started thrusting back and forth. I pumped seed in her many times until we were both exhausted. I held her half on me when we went to sleep and she had a smile.

I woke to my timekeeper and looked at Connie before I moved out of bed. I went to wash and then go to the bathroom. I returned as she was sitting up and stretching and grinned, “that makes me want to start over.”

I gestured to the door, “bathroom and a wash while I find the old uniforms for you.”

She grinned as she got out of bed and I got dressed. I had to dig into an old duffle to find the uniforms. I added a soft undershirt and carried everything to the kitchen. I pulled out my old sewing kit and began opening up the waist seams on the pants. Connie came in a few minutes later and I gestured.

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